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Capturing the Spies: Chapter One

Lisa Fairchild vaulted the steel fence and tucked into a roll, keeping out of sight of the security cameras as she advanced on the office building. She ducked out of view of two security guards who ambled past. No doubt they wouldn’t have been too happy to see a brunette in a tactile black stealth suit intruding on their property. Hiding in the shadows she carefully pulled out her stun gun, aiming at their backs and waiting to see if they noticed anything. Trying to infiltrate the corporation without detection was typically easier if the security wasn’t already tipped off by two missing guards, but if they caught her there wouldn’t be much point to discretion.

A guard wearing a gray uniform and a beer gut pulled out a flask, his partner laughing at some joke they just made. Well, at least they didn’t see her, but they were still blocking her entrance.

“No, seriously,” beer gut muttered, “last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was great. Especially when…”

Lisa turned on her earpiece and whispered “I’ve got two guards loitering on our point of entrance. Sara, I need you to make a distraction.”

She cast her eyes to the building, spotting the lithe figure scaling a ledge two stories up. If you didn’t know she was already there Sara would’ve been impossible to spot. Moving with a quickness that always made her dizzy Sara maneuvered over the narrow ledge to a maintenance breaker.

“Sure thing, Lisa. Let me get this chip installed so Betty can knock out the alarms. Once I’m set I’ll lead them to…” The chipper voice broke off suddenly before she exclaimed “Are they talking about Game of Thrones?”

“What?” Lisa hissed.

“I can hear the guards on your channel. Shut off your radio, I don’t want spoilers.”

“Sara,” Lisa replied quietly but clearly strained. “I am not turning off my radio during a live operation because you care about some TV show. Just get to the other side of the building and make a distraction by—”

All of a sudden Sara’s tiny frame fell from the ledge, plummeting towards the stoop of the rear entrance. Lisa gasped and nearly broke from cover, but at the last second Sara’s tethered line went taut and she swooped gracefully through the air. All the guards saw was a black blur as she sailed between them, seamlessly unclipping her life line and kicking one of the guards in the face. Beer gut gaped and dropped his flask as the blonde woman landed on her feet like a cat, standing up and staring him down while his partner crumpled to the ground behind her. With her flat build wrapped in a black stealth suit the guard easily had a weight advantage, but Sara had been up for the Olympic gymnastics team before she was recruited by the Agency.

The guard barely got his gun out before Sara kicked it from his hand, spinning into the air to strike her other foot across his chin. Pivoting quickly she delivered a powerful blow to the back of his head that knocked the man out cold. Sara grinned and surveyed the two unconscious guards, clearly pleased with herself. Lisa stepped out of the shadows and holstered her stun gun, clearly pissed.

“Did you really endanger the mission, not to mention risk your life jumping off the building like that, just because you didn’t want them to spoil a show?”

The blonde pointed righteously and replied “If you watched Game of Thrones you’d understand.”

“Don’t call her bluff on that,” a bored voice suddenly cut in on the radio. “I heard she broke Bret’s arm in the breakroom for talking about the show too loud.”

Lisa sighed as she dragged one of the guards over into the shadows. “Betty, would you mind working on the alarms before you get into office gossip.”

“First of all it’s not gossip if it’s true. Second, I just took out the alarms so you don’t have to keep harping on it.”

The brunette agent rolled her eyes and dumped the guard on the ground, watching as Sara struggled to pull beer gut over to her. She debated on helping but since the blonde gymnast decided to knock the guards out Lisa supposed it was only fair she dispose of them. How the hell had she managed to get stuck on a mission with the two problem children of the agency anyway?

She tried to remember if she had done anything to insult her boss lately but came up blank. That afternoon she’d suddenly been tossed the case file for the Marron Corporation and told that it was high priority to break in and investigate, and that she’d been assigned command over Sara and Betty to make matters worse. Sara wasn’t so much the problem, though as the two unconscious guards prove she tended to improvise when she felt it was necessary. The main problem was the redheaded tech expert who seemed to delight in torturing anyone with authority over her. To say she had a prickly personality would be an insult to porcupines and cacti who were perfectly loveable by comparison.

Right on cue Betty came sauntering through the now open security gate, tossing back her bright red hair and acting in supreme confidence that she’d taken out all of the cameras in their area. “So are you two coming or not?” Betty whined as she opened the rear entrance. “Or am I supposed to do this whole mission myself?”

“I’m sure you could take out the whole evil corporation single handed,” Lisa muttered as she followed the agent into the dark corridor, Sara right behind her. Betty sneered at her but thankfully the darkness blocked out her face so Lisa didn’t have to see the dirty look. Even though she was bad with all of her superiors Lisa had discovered that Betty especially hated her since she happened to be the most, well, endowed agent in the Agency. Lisa had always been the subject of office gossip with her large chest and Betty, with her considerably more manageable B-cup breasts, had always been jealous. Well, let her be jealous then. As long as she did her job taking out the security Lisa couldn’t give a damn what the others thought of her. She only wished she knew what the Agency had heard about this company to make it seem so dangerous.

The three agents snuck through the hallway, keeping to the shadows as they slid further into the building. Deactivated security cameras caught nothing as they headed to the basement, but then those were the cameras any intruders were meant to find. Unknown to Betty as she was hacking the system was a secondary set of cameras on a separate grid, zooming in to study the three agents as they advanced.

At her impressive computer station sat Cora Marron, smiling to herself as she took pictures of the three women. A sour looking redhead with a decent enough ass. A graceful blonde who hardly seemed to have any curves to speak of. And the tanned skinned brunette who was clearly in charge, with a rather ample chest. Cora smirked as she slid her fingers between her legs, finding the way the woman’s breasts bounced in the tight black suit delightful.

“And here I thought I’d have another boring night. I think this is a perfect opportunity to test out some of the new merchandise.” She tapped at the keyboard with her free hand, redirecting the guards away from the lab and opening any sealed doors that would have delayed the agents. She couldn’t wait to see how the agents would react to all the special products her dedicated team of scientists had created for her.

* * *

“So what did the Marlon Corporation do anyway to warrant a snatch and grab?” Betty asked, making Lisa groan. Not that she didn’t want to know herself but they were supposed to be sneaking in, not chatting.

“It’s the Marron Corporation,” the brunette leader answered irritably. “Taken over by Cora Marron three months ago in a hostile takeover that seemed to come out of nowhere. Since then their profits have quadrupled in only one quarter.”

“So she’s good at business, is that such a crime?” Sara asked as she jogged alongside them.

“Well, being successful isn’t a crime,” Lisa explained. “But since her suddenly becoming CEO Miss Marron hasn’t made any adjustments to the company’s business model. In fact from the numbers in the report it almost seems as if productions has shut down entirely. So if they’re not actually selling any products for the last three months…”

“They must be doing something lucrative to be making so much money,” Betty finished.

Lisa nodded, hoping that was the end of the subject. “And from how urgently the bosses threw us on this case I’m guessing something major.”

They’d reached a sealed bulkhead door marked Laboratories, a selection of work equipment and vialled chemicals on display through the window. Betty connected her wrist mounted computer to the lock and got to work, Sara and Lisa keeping an eye out for guards. Not that it was necessary, they hadn’t seen anyone patrolling since they’d arrived. Lisa was starting to feel anxious, getting that sixth sense that things were too easy, but then she should just be thankful for any luck after having to deal with Betty all night long.

“I hope they’re making nukes,” Betty said from her monitor, still typing away into the security system. “I’ve never had a mission with nukes before.”

“Trust me, it’s not as glamourous as it seems. You’ll be doing radiation tests for weeks to make sure you weren’t poisoned.”

“Wow, you really just have to spoil everything, don’t you Lisa?”

“Shouldn’t you be opening the door?” she groaned back.

“Well, apparently I don’t have to. Looks like they left it open.” Suspiciously Lisa pulled the heavy door aside, stepping into the pristine lab. No alarms going off yet, but the gut feeling that something was wrong was only getting worse. She didn’t believe in luck in the field and was nearly ready to call the whole operation off, but then she’d have to explain to the higher ups why she’d cancelled a sensitive mission on nothing but a hunch of hers.

So Lisa kept quiet and led her two follow agents into the advanced laboratory. With the way Betty went wide eyed at the impressive computer equipment Lisa knew it must be top of the line. Even if she didn’t know the first thing about chemistry she could tell that this lab was right out of a science fiction film. Before Cora Marron took over as CEO the corporation had been making printers for office buildings. Just what was she up to down here with all of this equipment?

“Alright, let’s search for evidence and make it fast. I want to be out of her in under three minutes. Betty, check the hard drives—”

“As if I didn’t already know to do that,” the redhead griped.

“Sara, check through what chemicals they’re using. If she’s using this company as a front for a drug operation I want to know exactly what kind they’re selling.”

“Got it, Lisa,” Sara replied happily and ran off to search through the endless shelves of vials. Lisa carefully began sifting through the desk drawers, hoping it wasn’t too impossible that some lazy scientist would leave out blueprints for their evil plan.

While the other two got to work Sara began trying to categorize the different chemicals but realized instantly it wouldn’t be an easy task. Some of the containers held standard chemicals and mixtures found in any lab, but the rest possessed nameless vials of solutions she couldn’t even recognize. One mechanical container was filled to the brim with a purple fluid that almost seemed to be faintly glowing. She’d never come across anything like this before.

She turned to give Lisa the bad news, hating how useless she felt on the team, when all of a sudden the mechanical container rose up and spun to stare up at her with a nasty looking nozzle. Before she could react it shot a cloud of the purple solution into the air, blasting her right in the face. Sara leapt backwards and slammed hard into a desk, the ultra-sweet taste of the chemicals seeping into her mouth as she breathed it in.

“Sara! Are you alright?”

Lisa rushed over to help but stopped short as the mechanical container spun around to aim at her. The agent quickly drew the stun gun and fired a metal dart that electrocuted the spray gun on contact, shorting out whatever was controlling it. She snatched up the gagging Sara and dragged her away, keeping an eye out for any more hidden traps.

“What the hell happened to her?” Betty said as she ran over from the hard drives, kneeling next to the shaking blonde girl.

“I don’t know, it sprayed her with some kind of chemical. Must be a trap left for intruders.”

Sara was shivering in her arms, eyes shut tight as she spasmed uncontrollably. Just as Lisa was reaching for the radio to call off the mission and get help Sara began to relax, breathing out a sigh of relief as she went limp and the seizure seemed to stop.

“Sara? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I- I feel fine,” she mumbled, opening her eyes and trying to give a reassuring smile.

Lisa nearly collapsed from gratitude. Thank god they hadn’t filled that spray gun with a deadly chemical. But then, what did they fill it with?

“Do you have any idea what that purple stuff is?”

“No clue, I could barely recognize any of the chemicals there. They must be custom making almost all of it. The stuff they shot me with though, it was…”

“Does it hurt?”

“No. No, actually, it feels kind of good? It got in my mouth but its super sweet. I’d almost swear they squirted some kind of candy at me.

Lisa backed away to study the blonde girl, lips forming a tight frown. “I really doubt the Organization sent us to investigate a candy store. Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

“I swear, I feel fine. Well, I do feel kind of…compressed. Like my suit feels really tight all of a sudden. Especially in my che—” Sara was motioning to her flat chest when she stopped short, eyes going wide when she discovered her chest could hardly be called flat anymore. The B cup breasts pressed inside her tight suit would barely be called huge, but considering she had almost nonexistent boobs all her life it certainly was shocking. She groped at them without thinking, certain it had to be a hallucination from the gas.

As soon as she laid hands on her breasts Sara broke into a moan, shivering as purple waves of pleasure washed over her mind. She’d never felt anything so perfectly satisfying in her entire life. Sara slid her hands over the tight black material, grunting happily as she examined her new curves.

“Oh fuck, this feels so good. But- but probably not good I’m hallucinating. It looks like my tits are growing.”

Betty took a step back now to where Lisa was gaping in shock. “Um, Sara? Your tits really are getting bigger.”

The blonde did a double take at her chest which had already nearly doubled in size. It wasn’t possible and yet her hands felt the swell of her breasts increasing, the tight material of her stealth suit slipping against her skin as it was pushed to its limits. The friction it made sliding over her nipples was like purple sparks of pleasure tracing across her skin, making her moan uncontrollably. With a final rending rip the suit split down between her breasts, nearly exposing her gigantic new tits. For a moment it almost held, shamefully displaying her cleavage but at least hiding her nipples from sight. Then a final wave of chemical pleasure coursed through her blood and her chest hit the last growth spurt, shredding the black suit to the navel and leaving her impressive rack on display for her teammates.

Lisa stared at the impossible breasts that had grown in a matter of seconds before turning to regard the broken machine suspiciously. Just what the hell was this company making down here?

“Holy shit,” Betty said in an awed whisper. “You’re stacked.”

“Oh my god,” Sara whimpered as she got to her feet, nearly losing balance with the added weight to her chest. She clamped her hands to her tits but the soft flesh spilled out between her fingers, impossible to completely hold in her hands. “Oh my god. This is awesome!”

“Awesome? Do you realize what they’ve done to you?” Lisa couldn’t believe Sara was trying to find any bright side to being transformed to have a porn star’s body. But that excited smile didn’t falter for a second as the blonde eagerly explored her new curves.

“You mean finally give me tits? This is like a dream come true. And they’re enormous too!” She caught her nipples between her fingers and pulled experimentally, instantly buckling and mewling happily. “Fuuuuck, they’re sensitive too.”

“Well, guess we found out how Miss Marron made all of those profits.”

“You mean rigging devices to fucking transform intruders into sluts?” Lisa asked angrily.

Sara suddenly giggled uncontrollably. “Booby traps,” she gasped between bursts of laughter. Lisa shook her head, barely able to hold back her anger. This had happened to one of her agents on her watch. It was her fault Sara had been turned into this.

Betty ignored the blonde’s childish joke. “No, I’m talking about the chemical itself. Do you have any idea how much breast enhancement surgery costs? If they made some kind of instant boob job drug they’d be billionaires. The money they’ve been making is probably advanced payments from rich dicks wanting to give their wives tits like Sara’s.”

“If that’s all it is why did the Agency make this such a high priority mission?”

The redhead shrugged, eyes still glued to Sara’s melons as she kept toying with her new breasts. “Who knows? Maybe the Director’s girlfriend has a flat chest and he wants a vial of it for himself.”

“Why aren’t you angrier about this? There’s no way this stuff is approved by any medical agency, what if it has side effects we don’t know about? Just look at her.”

“I am looking at her and she seems happy enough with it.”

Lisa hated to admittedly but Sara certainly didn’t seem angry in the slightest about being bathed in the purple chemicals. In fact she hadn’t stopped fondling herself, breathing becoming shallow as she got visibly turned on. Suddenly Sara opened her eyes and turned to Betty, finally letting go of her tits which bounced perfectly without her hands holding them up.

“Wait. How do you know how much boob jobs cost, Betty?”

The tech specialist suddenly flushed a shade of red that matched her hair, crossing her arms defensively over her B-cup breasts. “I- I just happened to read about it,” Betty lied terribly.

Sara giggled and walked over to corner her friend, letting her huge breasts bounce freely as she approached. Betty’s eyes bounced along with the blonde’s breasts on each step, glued to her perfect rack as it bounced up and down. The newly well-endowed Sara smirked at her. “You want big titties too, don’t you, Betty?”

“N-no,” she stammered. But in her head she recalled all the hours she’d spent studying procedures, trying to find specialists, and how each time she’d given up as her confidence failed her.

“You should try some of that drug,” Sara gushed, eyes wide with excitement. “It tastes really really sweet but it’s good, I promise. And feeling your tits grow, mhm, it’s better than any sex I’ve ever had. You’ll love it.”

Betty failed to say anything in response, too busy fighting the temptation to have breasts as big as Sara’s. But then she was already a few cup sizes bigger than how the blonde used to be, so would hers be even more full and luscious?

Suddenly Lisa pulled Sara away, given her a hard glare that snuffed out her excitement. “No one else is taking any other unknown drugs. We’re going to take the samples as we were ordered to and get out of here ASAP. Not to mention find you a cure when we get back.”

Sara whined. “Please, no, I love my new titties.”

“No, you don’t. Clearly those drugs seeped into your head too. You’re talking like some kind of shameless bimbo. Since when did you say things like… like titties, anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Sara mumbled as she stared down at her breasts, the beautiful sight of them cheering her up a little. “They’re just so fun to have and make me feel so good that it only makes sense to call them something really fun. Like titties. Or jugs.” The blonde broke off into a giggling fit, thinking of all the fun new names she’d give her breasts.

Betty watched her with concern, really seeing now how different she was acting. She’d been too blinded by her envy for those huge tits she hadn’t even realized that Sara never used to curse or say anything as juvenile as that. Sure, she was naïve and optimistic, but not an airhead.

“Sara, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m great, Betty. Really, I feel amazing. It’s like I can still taste that sweet purple, but the yummy taste is just leaking everywhere. Like my brain can taste how sweet it is like candy and it’s making me feel so so so happy.” The blonde suddenly fixed Betty with a hungry gaze, licking her lips. “You’d love trying some, I just know it.”

Seeing the predatory way Sara was staring at her Betty backed away, thinking to herself that trying some of the drug might not be a great idea after all. “Let’s get on with the mission, like Lisa said. She’s in charge after all.”

Sara nodded but that sheer need in her eyes didn’t fade as she began following after Betty, though it felt more as if she were stalking her prey.

“And hey, maybe after they run some tests on it I can try some,” Betty said hopefully, hoping it would appease Sara. But the blonde picturing Betty drinking down the purple fluid, shaking and melting in orgasm the same way she had, all it did was get her more turned on and eager to see it happen.

“There’s so much of it here. No one will notice if you have a little sip, Betty. And Lisa you’ve got big titties already but they’d always look better bigger. Or maybe they have stuff that can make other fun changes too.” Sara broke into an excited grin and teased her nipples, shivering in bliss. “We can try em all, see what they all taste like and watch all the fun things they do to us.”

Betty turned to Lisa for help, the agent in charge not failing to notice how she no longer questioned her authority now that she needed help. But she was in charge for a reason, stun gun already hidden behind her back. The drugs had gotten into Sara’s head to the point that not only did she easily accept how she’d been changed but she even felt compelled to make others like her. Was that just Sara being irrational, acting out of control from the pleasure? Or is this slut drug actually capable of planting the idea in its victims to spread it’s corruption to others?

Without warning Lisa whipped out the stun gun and fired an electrified dart, aiming for the enormous target of Sara’s breasts. She’d assumed that her heavier chest would slow Sara down, or at least throw her off balance, but the agile agent neatly side stepped the dart and flipped to her hands before Lisa could fire another shot. The blonde gymnast launched herself at Lisa and wrapped her legs around her head, crushing the brunette’s face against her crotch. And with the chemicals help Sara’s pussy was wet enough that Lisa could practically taste it through the tattered black suit.

Before Lisa could react Sara followed through on her flip, using her momentum to pull Lisa with her and toss the agent across the room, colliding against a file cabinet in an undignified heap. Betty fumbled for her own weapon but Sara had already straightened up, smiling at her with manic glee. Knowing this was her friend, standing half naked and eager to turn against them, Betty couldn’t bring herself to fight back.

Sara had no such worries as she grabbed Lisa and slammed her into the worktable, jumping on top of her to hold her in place. She used her giant breasts to smother Betty, trying to drown the redhead in her cleavage. Betty fought for breath but was kept completely still by Sara’s surprising weight. Then just as suddenly Sara pulled her tits away, Betty gasping for air. Her eyes opened and took in the large flask of bright purple fluid that Sara held above her, slowly overturning the glass.

Betty fought with every last ounce of strength, but Sara had her pinned completely. The blonde only smiled wider as her friend fought, turning the glass sideways so the chemical was just about to splash down all over her face. Seeing the flask precariously over her Betty froze, not wanting to struggle and accidentally splash it down on her. If the drugs had down this to Sara with a small misting of it, what would an enormous container like this do to her?

“You can go ahead and fight, Betty. I’m so wet knowing you’re fighting me so hard. I really think I like this, forcing others to be like me. But it’s okay too,” she said grinning. “Because I know how much you’re going to love it after. Then you can help me make Lisa drink. Not to mention Cynthia and Julia outside. And all the other girls back at the Agency. Mhm, we’re all going to be so beautiful.”

The stun gun delivered a powerful charge into Sara’s back, the electrical current locking up her muscles as she became a shivering statue. She held the flask outstretched, the shock making her jerk slightly and dropping a splash of the purple chemical down to Betty’s face. The redhead screamed and pulled to the side, the drops of bright chemicals missing her skin by barely an inch.

Lisa took the flask away and released the trigger on the stun gun, catching Sara as she collapsed into unconsciousness. Betty gasped for air, heart racing uncontrollably. “Holy shit, that was close.”

The brunette laid Sara out on the floor, groaning from exerting her sore back. Sara was one hell of a fighter after all. Lisa turned to Betty, concerned. “Did any of it get on you?”

“No, but she almost doused me in that stuff. I- I saw it in her eyes, Lisa. She was getting off on it. Like pouring those chemicals on me was the hottest fucking thing in existence.” The redhead cast an uncertain glance at Sara’s limp body, nearly expecting her to leap back up like some horror movie villain.

“Well, now we know why this corporation is so dangerous. Let’s grab Sara and the samples and get the hell out of here.”

“With pleasure,” Betty said as she began securing vials of the different chemicals, naturally leaving the job of carrying their unconscious friend to Lisa. The lead agent brushed it off as she hefted Sara over a shoulder. Anything to get out of this place faster.

“I’ll tell you one thing. I can’t wait to bust the bitch responsible for all of this,” Lisa muttered as they headed towards the door.

* * *

In her sealed white office Cora moaned pathetically, watching as the two agents hauled off her new plaything. Nothing but a tease, but it had promised to be such a good orgasm as she rubbed her pussy, raptly watching as the enhanced girl held down the redhead. She’d tried to time her rapidly approaching orgasm to hit just as her chemicals spilled all over the agent’s pretty face, corrupting her to become just like the cute blonde.

Then the other one had to spoil everything by saving the day. Cora pouted and pulled her hand away from her wet cunt, typing at the keyboard rapidly. She’d specially coated her equipment long ago to work with her normally cum soaked fingers. She may have been denied this time but that didn’t mean the foolish girls were free. She’d just make them suffer even more when she did capture them. Especially Lisa, the one in the ponytail who’d stopped her fun. Cora couldn’t wait to get her collared and kneeling before her, begging for the right to give her Mistress the orgasm she denied her.

Cora set the security systems in place and sat back, grinding her naked body into the leather chair. Normally she only got her fun playing with some of the unsuspecting employees or scientists she happened to expose to her traps. But real spies needing to be captured? This was going to be one hell of a show.