The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Capturing the Spies

Chapter 2

Lisa slung the unconscious Sara over her shoulder as she marched towards the lab exit, the spy trying to avoid staring at her massive breasts hanging next to her head. She reached out for the door when a light above the door suddenly flashed into existence, white strobing light flaring angrily. Betty was following behind and instantly tensed, staring around for any sign of guards approaching.

“I thought you shut off the alarms,” Lisa hissed.

“I did!”

“Well clearly that’s not the case.”

Betty held the case of samples under one arm as she brought up her small computer, trying to find what might have set the alarms in the lab off. Had to be a sensor with the chemicals being taken, it couldn’t be a mistake on her part.

“Check your computer later, let’s just bolt for it.” Lisa stepped toward the door but instantly the strobing alarm changed to a bright red, flashing before her eyes like a flickering flame. Lisa took a step back, wondering if she’d done something to set it off again. But after a moment the flickering light shifted to bursts of blue light.

Lisa rubbed at her eyes, still seeing spots of crimson light dancing before her eyes. Now the red afterimage was swirling with the flashing blue light into shifting waves of purple. The agent took another hesitant step back as the light turned to a beautiful shade of green, somehow seeming more tranquil than the angrily flashing red light. Her vision shifted from purple to green, but quickly shifting back to white light as the alarm changed again.

Colors began flashing more rapidly now, bursts of red and green and yellow and pink surging faster and faster. The colors were alternating and mixing, so fast that Lisa almost couldn’t follow. Why was she following the light? It felt important to know which colors were flashing. The red light made her anxious but warm, instinctively associating the red light with danger. The green was better, felt so calming. But the pink and blues were good too, even making her feel light headed. But now the colors were changing faster, lifting her mind up and down so rapidly she didn’t know how she felt.

Lisa’s mind felt light, dreamy, but her body felt so heavy, as if heavy weights were pulling her down. Distantly she realized there was a weight and she let it fall, barely taking notice of the groan as Sara hit the ground. Yet part of her did notice, wondering why she’d let Sara go like that. They were supposed to be-

The alarm flashed to all green, bathing her in emerald light as Lisa relaxed and smiled. This was the best color, so rewarding like hearing a soft voice praising her over and over. Clearly she did something good. Slowly other colors filtered back in and Lisa became disoriented again, lost at sea in her own mind.

Betty was cowering behind a desk, desperately typing at the computer on her wrist to try and access the lighting system. Thankfully when the flashing alarm activated she’d been so worried about her mistake that she’d turned away, typing at the computer to try and shut it off. By the time she glanced up she was greeted by the sight of Lisa staring blankly, body painted by the flashing colors and swaying as if she were completely hypnotized. Betty had instantly ducked behind the desk and hid her head next to her computer. Couldn’t risk seeing a reflection or she might be caught up in it too.

The secret agent never would have considered hypnosis as an actual threat on the mission, but then she’d never expected to face a drug that turned women into huge breasted horny sluts. Must be some kind of visual stimulation in the flashing colors, like Morse code telling your mind to sleep. Even if she hated to admit Lisa was better than her she honestly would have expected Lisa to have a will strong enough to resist. But then they didn’t even know a trap like this existed, she would have been staring at the alarm completely unaware the light was filtering into her mind to paralyze her.

“Lisa!” She shouted desperately. “We’ve got to leave!”

Lisa turned her head to the side, face bathed in lovely shades of pink and orange and blue. Was there a voice? She strained to think through the mind numbing colors, which seemed to surge brighter to keep her docile. The alarm was soothing her mind, her thoughts slipping away with each lovely pulse, but she recognized Betty’s voice and struggled to consciousness. She managed to catch the words “We have to,” filtering through the strobing colors and pouted.

We have to…? Then there was something she should do… but what?

Suddenly the strobe flashed bright red, a sparking flare that absorbed her thoughts, demanded her full attention. For an instant she tensed, fearing the light for some reason. But then she felt the light entering her, heating up her body. Oh, but that felt good. Why didn’t she like this color?

Lisa moaned quietly, soaking up the red light that turned her on so much. Barely aware of her actions Lisa’s hands trailed up her sides, caressing the tight material of her suit. In the storm of pleasing red there was a fleeting flash of rewarding green, making her gasp happily as her arousal spiked. She’d done something good. Something she was supposed to.

The brunette let out a heaving sigh and cupped her breasts, rewarded with three surges of green light before it shifted back to that teasing red, the crimson color only turning her on and making her want more. She needed to do what the green light wanted, something she had to do, and it only came when she touched herself.

Lisa’s hand slid down her stomach, massaging her crotch as she moaned happily, the alarm bursting to life as green and red alternated perfectly. She ground into her hand, wishing her suit weren’t in the way.

“Have to touch…” Lisa said absently, gazing up at the alarm. Using her other hand she fumbled for the zipper at her neck while her fingers rubbed at her pussy faster, finding the natural rhythm of the green light. She finally found the catch and started to unzip her suit. The alarm flashed rewarding green and white and she smiled.

“Have to touch… have to be naked…”

Green light washed over her, digging her words deeper into her mind. That’s what she needed to do. Lisa had to be naked for the light. Had to touch herself as the colors took her. Lisa moaned and tried to pull the zipper down faster. She would cum to the light, do what it wanted. And deep inside, some part of her knew that if she came under their bright glare she’d be lost forever. Pressing her fingers into her clit she pulled the zipper down all the way. Lisa couldn’t wait to live in the colors forever.

Then all at once the alarm chirped and the lights faded, the colors dying away softly before vanishing all together. Betty cheered from behind the desk but Lisa cried out in anguish. The colors, where had they gone? She had to get them back. Betty sprang up from behind the desk, somehow expecting Lisa to have taken control of herself back instantly.

Instead the brunette was panting as her hands slid into her open suit, humping the air desperately as her eyes remained on the alarm, almost like she was trying to will the colors back into existence.

“Lisa?” a voice said from miles away. She ignored it and kept fucking herself, staring ahead. The alarm had stopped but the bright lights still danced before her eyes, the afterimage burned into her mind. She’d cum for the colors, lose herself. ‘It’s what I want’, she thought as green light floated through her thoughts.

“Lisa!” Betty slapped the spy across the face hard, the harsh stinging pain slowly bringing her back to reality. The half-naked woman blinked rapidly as she stumbled back, hands sliding out of her suit.

“Fuck, what happened?”

“Almost the same thing that happened to Sara,” Betty answered, concerned.

Remembering how Sara had been transformed Lisa stared down, almost expecting herself to have massive breasts. Well, more massive than normal. She saw only her naturally impressive tits and gave a sigh of relief, before realizing her suit was open with her breasts bared in front of Betty. She shrieked and pulled her black suit closed, desperately fumbling at the zipper to try and regain her modesty.

Betty just laughed at the embarrassed display. “Yeah, you’re back to normal. I don’t know what I would have done if you’d both ended up hypnotized sluts.”

Lisa zipped her suit up as far as possible, giving her a weird look. “Hypnotized? What do you mean?”

“You don’t remember? The alarm was flashing some weird colors that totally knocked you out and made you start masturbating. Must have been some kind of subconscious programming being delivered by the bright lights.” Lisa stared at her in disbelief, but suddenly finding herself nearly stripped fairly solid evidence. “You started muttering at the end, it really freaked me out. You were saying stuff like ‘Have to be naked,’ really crazy.”

A pulse of swirling green colors flashed over her mind and she let out a sigh. “Have to touch,” she said absently, hands rising to her breasts. But just as quickly as the strange reaction took hold it was gone, Lisa clapping her hand to her mouth instead of her tits. “Holy shit, where did that come from?”

“Now you understand why I was freaked out. Let’s grab Sara and get out of here.”

The two spies worked together this time to lift the still unconscious Sara off the ground, the blonde moaning happily as she felt hands grabbing at her sensitive body.

“Some kind of porn star serum and a hypnotizing security light. I’m starting to sense a pattern here,” Lisa said absently.

“And I get the impression they didn’t decide to stop their weird experiments there,” Betty agreed, casting a suspicious eye on the huge selection of unknown chemicals stacked against the lab wall. She held the stolen samples in the secure box under her arm, wondering what effects any one of them might have on her.

“Let’s not stick around to find out.” They started for the door when a pneumatic hiss whispered through the air, the lab door sliding shut and locking itself.

“Well, that can’t be good,” the redheaded Betty muttered.

Suddenly the lab was filled with noise, computers booting to life as machines began to grind and whir. Lisa stared back and watched as small mechanical arms began to stretch out of the desks, reaching for chemicals on the shelf. The brunette spy snatched a small metal orb from her pouch and pressed the red button in the center.

“Fuck this, we’re out of here.”

She tossed it at the lab door, the small device latching magnetically to its surface. The mechanical arms began to load up on ammunition against the girls but they ignored the machines, hiding behind a desk. With a tiny click the orb burst into an intense explosion, rocking the lab as the sealed door was launched out into the hallway. Betty took hold of Sara and dragged her to the door as Lisa turned to the lab, stun gun in hand.

Two mechanical arms reared back, orange vialled payloads ready to be thrown when Lisa fired two electrified darts, frying the robotic limbs. They fell limp to the lab floor, the vials shattering and releasing a crowd of orange mist that seemed to glitter in the light. Lisa imagined what erotic horrors that mist would unleash on her and bolted, quickly catching up with Betty as they hauled Sara to safety. They heard more glass beakers and vials shattering behind them but they were already out of range. Who knew what traps lay ahead, but they’d managed to escape the lab.

* * *

Cora Marron slapped her work desk, cursing bitterly. How had they managed to get away? Who the fuck carried explosives on their belt anyway? She’d thought watching her lovely machines make short work of the two women would have made for a fun night in, but clearly she’d underestimated them. It was no longer about catching two fun new playthings but stopping spies who had evidence of her mind control experiments. She couldn’t let them escape now.

Her fingers danced over the keyboard, bringing up security video of a white van parked outside the building. Two heat signatures inside with enough tech inside to support a raid like this. Cora smiled as she typed at a second keyboard, bringing up the recording program on another screen.

She hit a key and Lisa’s panicked voice shouted “We have to get the hell out of here.”

Cora played at the keyboard and the voice came back, this time Lisa calmly saying “Taken over by Cora Marron three months ago in a hostile takeover—”

The naked executive grinned and used a hand to tease her wet lips while she typed expertly with a single hand. Time to get the other two spies in on the fun as well.

* * *

“I hate being stuck on the sidelines,” Cynthia whined as she toyed with the radio, trying to find a good station. She’d stay with a station for a moment before changing again, getting each song in four second bursts. In the back of the van at the large computer systems Julie strangled the stress relief ball, nearly ready to hurl it at Cynthia’s head and figuring that would certainly help relieve some stress.

“Would you mind turning the radio off? I haven’t heard any transmissions from them in a few minutes and I don’t want to miss it if they check in.”

Cynthia kept her hand on the knob, her first reaction to crank the volume to teach the nerdy brat a lesson. But then she didn’t want to miss Lisa’s distress call if it came in. Anything to give her an excuse to burst in and have some fun kicking ass. So she shut the radio off to Julie’s relief. Then the blonde spy instantly pulled out her phone and filled the van with ringing bells and jackpot playouts as she loudly toyed with her game.

Julie slammed her head into the desk, wondering why she was always thrown on missions with the musclebound idiot. Well, the answer was obvious. They were the Agency’s famed Twins after all, couldn’t break up the set.

In almost every physical way Cynthia was Julie’s twin, sporting athletic bodies with decent breasts, small noses and high cheekbones topped off with long golden hair. But while Julie was the MENSA certified strategist Cynthia was the ruthless muscle. Seeing how perfectly they balanced each other out the Twins were always paired up on assignment. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that Lisa had discovered the two blondes weren’t even related, just some freak coincidence of genes. Though there was still a secret pool in the Organization that they might be clones in some top secret experiment.

Julie checked the van’s communication equipment for the tenth time since the mission started, unable to discover any faults in the machinery. Lisa really hadn’t checked in since entering then, unless the office building was somehow jamming all of her distress calls. But the Marron Corporation had no clue they were coming and no one could be that paranoid that they’d shield an entire building.

Julie was nearly about to call headquarters for assistance when the radio suddenly crackled to life, picking up heavy static. Cynthia shut off her phone and leapt out of the driver’s seat, hoping for any excuse to get called in.

“What’s going on? I don’t hear anything.”

“Must be interference. Or their radios were damaged,” Julie muttered.

Then in a burst of static Lisa’s voice came through.

“Need to… get out. Marron- hostile…”

Cynthia snatched up her gun while Julie frantically tried to clear the signal.

“Lisa, are you there? I can barely hear you.”

“Get in- here. Intruders- hostile. Get the hell- in- here.”

Julie shook her head, something was wrong. It was Lisa alright but the cadence of her words just felt off to her. Suddenly the van door sprang open as Cynthia leapt out, her giant gun over one shoulder and ready for a fight.

“Cyn, wait. I think somethings wrong.”

“Yeah, Lisa and the others are pinned down and they need the cavalry to come to the rescue.”

“Let me at least call into headquarters first.”

Suddenly the radio burst to life, the clear sounds of struggle and Lisa crying out in pain. “Need- help,” her voice cried out in that awkward way again, as if jumping from high to low unnaturally between words. But that’s all Cynthia needed before she went charging off to the building.

Julie desperately rang up headquarters, trying to think up some kind of plan. It rang longer than normal, typically there was an entire team of operators to back up agents. Then it finally connected.

“Control? This is Juliet One Six. We have a distress call from our leader.”

“Understood, we’ll have backup in route to your location,” a smooth voice answered, sounding out of breath and almost sexual, like a phone sex operator. “Head into the building to secure the other agents.”

“Are you sure? Cynthia’s charging in but shouldn’t I stay behind and monitor?”

“It’s a potentially dangerous area,” the voice warned. “Do you really trust Cynthia going in alone?”

Julie nodded, pulling out her own weapon. “Alright control, I’ll back her up. Just get us whoever’s available to help.”

“Don’t worry Juliet One Six,” Cora Marron purred. “We’ve got help incoming as we speak.” The line hung up and naked CEO watched as the other heat signature ran out of the van to join her partner, sneaking into the buildings rear entrance. And to think she almost didn’t want to waste the money on all of this high tech communication equipment. Thankfully with some pulses of friendly light the government agency was more than willing to make them a great deal on their top of the line equipment.

Now inside the building she saw the two blonde agents charging in. “Ooh, twins,” Cora said delighted. “I haven’t had any twins before. This deserves something really special.” She tapped at the keyboard, preparing the next room for the two blonde guests. This was certain to be a good show.

* * *

“I told you I don’t need backup, not from some mousy egghead like you,” Cynthia griped as she charged down the hallway, weapon held at the ready. Julie was keeping pace behind her, checking every doorway for anyone trying to sneak up on them.

“You know for a fact I’m combat certified,” Julie snapped back. She broke into a Cheshire grin and said “In fact last I checked I rated higher than you in combat skills.”

“The nerd did good on a test, big surprise,” Cynthia said, laughing dismissively. “But you don’t have what it takes to take out your opponent. You need to be ruthless. You need—”

Suddenly a gun was against her head, the guard appearing out of nowhere. For a split second Cynthia blinked, amazed that someone had snuck up on her. And in that same split second Julie fired the stun gun and the guard crumpled to the ground, shivering from the high voltage current that knocked him out.

“You need to watch where you’re going,” Julie said concerned. Cynthia threw her a sour look and ran on, ignoring the fact she’d almost gotten herself killed and choosing to be angry instead. Julie sighed and ran after her. She really hated always being thrown on the same team as Cynthia, and it was clear she despised it just as much. But that didn’t mean she’d let the blonde get herself killed.

They rounded the corner into a large entranceway, the enormous room carved from marble and decorated with potted plants. They even had a large fake waterfall flowing serenely out of the far wall. No doubt this room was filled with businessmen during the day but now it was deserted, not even a guard in sight. Silently the two agents advanced, following the tracking signal they got off of the suits from the others. Lisa and the other two were somewhere deeper in the building, but at least they were altogether and all alive. Well, Sara’s suit threw off some strange vitals but she had a pulse which was good.

“Don’t you think it’s weird we haven’t seen any guards?” Julie whispered.

“You mean besides the one you stole from me?”

“Yes, the one I took out to save your life.”

“Whatever, but the next guard is mine,” Cynthia snapped.

“Can’t you take this seriously for one—”

“Girls, can’t you two be civil?” A voice suddenly boomed through the massive room, echoing off the marble walls. “Don’t you know sisters shouldn’t fight like that?”

Julie looked puzzled while Cynthia angrily shouted “Son of a… We’re not related!”

There was a beat of silence while the person behind the voice did a double take. “You’re…you’re not?” The woman almost sounded disappointed. “Oh well, I suppose you’ll still be just as fun. Almost.”

It was the soft way she purred into the microphone that finally made it click for Julie.

“Shit. Cynthia, before I came in I called for backup.”

“You would, complete wuss,” Cynthia snapped.

“Cynthia, that’s the voice I spoke too,” she hissed. “It means she intercepted my call.”

Even if she wasn’t particularly gifted at school even Cynthia understood that. “So we’re trapped in here and the Organization has no clue.”

“I’m afraid so,” Cora’s voice echoed as she laughed. “But don’t worry, girls, I’ll keep you company. Who knows? You might have so much fun you’ll never want to leave.”

Cynthia grinned wide and hefted her gun, clocking every possible entrance to the room and more than ready to face down the ambush. “Then send in your guards. I’ve been looking forward to some action tonight.” Cora’s amplified voice laughed brightly at her poor choice of words.

Julie put her back against the blonde, lacking her enthusiasm for the fight and only focusing on how completely exposed they were.

“Oh, I’m afraid I don’t have any guards to fight you. Besides, I wouldn’t want to harm those pretty faces of yours.”

Julie raised her stun gun, wondering what they would be facing down then. Sniper fire from above? But the voice seemed eager to capture them alive. If she had tech advanced enough to intercept their messages she’d no doubt have access to stun guns as effective as their own. The quick thinking blonde had her mind working overtime trying to analyze every inch of the room to intercept the attack, but trying to split her attention across the enormous room she didn’t see the small grate opening beneath her.

A hissing stream of pink mist burst from the floor, swallowing the unsuspecting Julie as if it were a geyser. Cynthia screamed in surprise and rolled out of the way, only able to watch as her partner was engulfed in the billowing pink cloud. Cynthia cursed and waited for the sound of Julie to hit the ground unconscious, knocked out from whatever drugs were being pumped around her. But there wasn’t a thud. She could make out the dark shape of Julie swaying slightly in the mist but still very clearly on her feet.

Tilting her head in confusion Cynthia called out. “Julie? Can you hear me? Are you alright?”

It sounded weak but Julie answered quietly. “I- I feel… weird. Cyn… help me…”

“Hold your breath!” Cynthia cried as she ran to the side and leapt over a reception desk. Using all her strength she shoved the desk quickly across the room, the sturdy wood scraping harshly over the tiled floor. The blonde held her breath and with a final burst of strength pushed the desk into the pink cloud until it landed on top of the grate. The gas hissed angrily as it was sealed away but Cynthia didn’t stop until the hissing vanished, the pink cloud dissipating quickly. She threw herself back and still held her breath, not wanting to take the chance of finding out what this gas did.

“Julie, it’s alright. I shut off the—” She stopped short, catching sight of Julie now that the pink mist had cleared. Her twin had managed to stay on her feet and stay awake, but it was what Julie was doing that froze Cynthia in confusion. The nerdy blonde had stripped off her stealth suit almost completely and was pawing at her tits like a desperate slut, moaning softly as she groped herself.

“What are you doing?” Cynthia asked in shock.

“Can’t… can’t help it. So horny, Cynthia. So fucking horny.” Julie collapsed against the desk, taking the opportunity to slip her black suit down past her ass. Her pussy no longer covered the blonde eagerly began to finger herself, shivering on the desk as she bucked happily. “Ohhh, it’s so good. You have no idea how much I need it.”

“Get a hold of yourself,” Cynthia said as she reached out for her partner. But as soon as she got close Julie grabbed her hand and pulled her in with unexpected strength, making her topple into the naked girl. Instantly Julie’s mouth was kissing at her neck, body bucking up to grind against her. Still holding Cynthia’s wrist she shoved her hand against her crotch, crying out in ecstasy at the other girl’s touch. Cynthia struggled to escape but Julie had wrapped her legs around her, grinding into her hand desperately.

“Snap out of it, Julie! It’s got to be the gas that did this to you!” She tried to curl her fingers away but it was too late. Julie shoved her hips down and Cynthia felt her fingers slide effortlessly into the other girl’s pussy, her hand drenched as she continued to leak. God, how could she possibly be so wet this fast?

Cynthia knew she had to escape and get Julie help before she was completely lost to the strange drug in her system. But Julie had clamped down on her too tight for the other blonde to slip away, too desperate to cum to let those amazing fingers slip free. So Cynthia tried the opposite approach. Instead of pulling away she pushed in closer and get as best a hold on her with her free hand as she could, scooping the drugged girl up and holding her in the air before slamming her down hard against the wooden desk. Julie released her and cried out, though it was clear she was moaning with lust far more than pain.

The athletic spy ran back to a safe distance, grimacing at how her pussy juice still dripped from her slick fingers. She shook her hand and studied Julie, surprised to see her already sitting up on the desk and fingering herself.

“Mhm, fuck yes… love it rough…”

“This isn’t you, Julie.”

“I know… sooo much better. But not as good as your hand,” she muttered, staring at her own hand in disappointment before licking one of her fingers clean, purring from the taste.

“That’s an effect of the drug I’m very proud of,” Cora announced from the speakers around the room. Cynthia cursed, realizing this bitch was probably watching and enjoying the entire time Julie was using her hand against her will.

“I got my scientists to study the reaction in the brain caused by fucking someone else versus self-simulation, and even though your libido has been enhanced those sensations are greatest when you have a partner involved.”

Cynthia blinked dumbly, and even Julie seemed to have trouble keeping track of the strange woman’s words, too busy focused on trying to get herself off. Cora sighed and said “You’ve been made incredibly horny, but even though fucking yourself feels great it will feel so much better fucking someone else. You felt how amazing your friend’s hand felt compared to yours.”

Julie stared at Cynthia and shivered, licking her lips hungrily. Shakily the naked girl slid to her feet and began to advance, dripping down her thighs. Cynthia readied her stun gun and held her ground.

“Julie, I know you’ve got some kind of drug in you but I’m not going to fuck you so just back off.”

“Please, Cynthia? I need it… so fucking bad I need to cum… You’re so beautiful, won’t you help me?” It was the honest need in her eyes that got to her. Julie didn’t seem drugged or changed, just incredibly horny and willing to say anything to get off. But Cynthia knew she wasn’t in her right mind and had to do what was best for her. Even if the stun darts did hurt like hell Julie would thank her later.

She leveled the stun gun and slid her finger over the trigger, trying to ignore the puppy dog stare of devotion on Julie’s face. Suddenly Julie blinked in surprise and Cynthia thought maybe she finally understood. But then the drugged blonde broke into a huge grin, her eyes trailing up above Cynthia. “Wooow, so pretty.”

Cynthia kept her eyes forward, refusing to fall for that trick. Then she heard the clinking of mechanical parts and spun, already too slow. Crawling up out of the floor where mechanical arms, sleek black metal making them appear more like enormous tentacles. They had reared up above her but instantly dove as she spun, Cynthia firing the stun gun desperately. The high voltage dart struck one tentacle on the left and disabled it, the metal limb shaking and collapsing to the floor. But the other four robotic arms struck to avenge their fallen brother, slapping the large gun from her hands and slithering around her arms and legs, gaining a hold on her before she could even really fight.

She cried out in frustration and fought with all of her strength, but the metallic arms had too strong of a grip on her limbs. They flexed out and Cynthia felt her arms and legs spreading out to leave her completely exposed and at their mercy. Soft hands snuck up around her, Julie’s voice moaning in her ear as her hands groped at Cynthia’s impressive breasts. No, she was at Julie’s mercy now. And it was clear what her drugged partner was after.

“Don’t worry, Cyn. I’m going to make sure you feel just as amazing as I do.”