The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Capturing the Spies

Chapter 3

Cora laughed over the speakers, making the black metallic limbs spin Cynthia around like a puppet so she was facing the panting Julie, giving her easy access. The blonde wasted no time unzipping the stealth suit to reveal Cynthia’s bare chest, instantly sucking on her breasts. Cynthia bit her lip but knew she could fight this easy. Then suddenly another metal arm slid into view in front of her arms, a small nozzle opening at its tip. The spy immediately held her breath, just in time as a stream of pink mist sprayed out from the metal arm, the cloud of drugs slowly spreading before her face. It wasn’t as powerful a dose as Julie got, she practically took a bath in the drug. But even Cynthia could see this was just supposed to slowly tease her into the same state as her friend.

Julie sniffed the scent of the drugs took the thin nozzle into her mouth like it was a hookah, inhaling eagerly. Her eyes rolled back as she drank in the drugs and completely lost herself to their effects. Cynthia thought of trying to catch a breath but she could still see a faint mist of the drugs lingering in the air. Even a tiny amount of it in her system would make her as horny as Julie. Then having a beautiful and horny girl trying to fuck her would become impossible to resist.

Julie slipped the shining metal nozzle from her mouth, putting it back in its place in front of Cynthia’s face. Cheeks full she blew a thick cloud of the pink drugs into her friend’s face, grinning as if it were some impressive trick. Cynthia held in her breath, glaring at Julie angrily for not being strong enough to fight. But slowly she was already starting to twitch. She’d never been a great diver and could usually only hold her breath for a minute or two if necessary.

From the way Julie smiled she seemed to be well aware of that fact as well. She dropped to her knees, ripping Cynthia’s suit at her crotch and stripping away the rest of the black suit so that her bare pussy was on display.

“Cyn, you look so delicious,” she heard Julie mutter before a slick tongue slid over her pussy lips, making her buck and moan. But she held onto the diminishing air in her lungs, she wouldn’t give in. On her wrist she could make out the small tracker they’d been following, the red dots of Lisa and their friends getting closer and closer. Just had to wait until they saved her.

“You have no idea how good this feels, you really should just give in,” Julie moaned before returning her tongue back inside the other girl, eagerly eating her out. Cynthia whimpered but kept her mouth shut. She’d had others go down on her before but none of their tongues had ever felt this good. It almost felt as if Julie’s tongue were vibrating, her pussy trembling with pleasure wherever she touched. Was it the drug still laced on the girl’s tongue? Was it seeping into her system all the time?

Cynthia suddenly shook from a powerful wave of pleasure, a moan trying to escape while her vision began to blur from the lack of oxygen. She must already be drugged then from how the pleasure was spiking, nearly overriding all reason. Oh god did she need to be touched. Is this how Julie felt when she was begging earlier? No, Cynthia knew she’d drank in so much more of that pink mist. She’d probably been a hundred times hornier and more desperate than Cynthia was feeling now. How could she be so selfish not to get her friend off?

The restrained blonde shook her head, wondering where the thought had come from. But the answer was clear. She was running out of oxygen and would pass out soon, and the drugs were already clearly filtering into her blood stream. But if she was affected already, then why not give in completely? Cynthia whimpered and shook, holding on for dear life as Julie continued to worship her pussy, giving her friend the greatest pleasure she’d ever felt.

Cynthia opened her eyes, vision watering as she knew she was at her limits. Then suddenly she saw the hazy sight of Lisa burst into the room, Sara slung over her shoulder and Betty right behind. Her eyes went wide with relief, watching as Lisa instantly took in the situation and slid Sara to the floor, pulling out her stun gun. She’d free Cynthia, they’d get Julie help. It was all going to be-

Then Julie’s tongue found that hidden, buried spot in her pussy, the place that once any lover found she’d be reduced to a melting puddle in seconds. Her friend’s tongue slid over the spot and the drugs seeped in, amplifying the pleasure impossibly and as simple as that Cynthia came hard, head rolling back as she moaned loudly, forgetting to hold her breath.

Cynthia tried to hold on but she was panting, breathing heavy as the orgasm rocked through her, taking in deep breaths of delicious air that crisply left her skin tingling as she inhaled it. Just as the orgasm felt like it was fading the drugs hit her system, Cynthia crying out in ecstasy as her nervous system went into overdrive. It felt like she’d been struck by lightning, pure sexual electricity coursing through her as Julie continued to fuck her with her impossibly gifted tongue.

Lisa and Betty fired their stun guns expertly, taking out the robotic arms that were holding Cynthia in place. As they shut off and fell away Cynthia collapsed to the floor, shaking and drooling from the intense orgasm. Julie fell back, staring at her friends with a look of relief. Some small part of her recognized the rescue, but the drugs still coursed through her system and she couldn’t help but imagine how delicious the two women must taste as well.

The nerdy blonde tried to shake the perverted thoughts away. She needed help, just look at what she’d done to Cynthia. “Li-Lisa… please… she drugged me… couldn’t… couldn’t fight…”

“It’s alright, Julie,” Lisa said with concern, checking out the naked girl to make sure she wasn’t injured. “Sara got hit with something similar. We’re going to get you out of here.”

The small tiny sane part of Julie’s mind smiled, knowing there might be some way out. Then out of nowhere Cynthia slid on top of her, the other blonde kissing and writhing against her. Lisa and Betty backed away in shock, watching as Cynthia pinned Julie to the floor and immediately locked her pussy against the other’s girl’s leg, Cynthia humping her frantically.

“Oh fuck, you were right Julie. Feels so good… don’t want to stop…”

Julie struggled to hold onto consciousness, the sight of her identical double getting off on top of her so hot that she felt the drugs trying to take back control. “You-you’re not mad?”

“Nooo, I loved it. I feel it in me… so hot and wet… you can’t fight it… I can’t either…” Suddenly the drugged blonde grinned at her, licking at her neck and whispering “If it was me… would’ve fucked you so much harder… threw you down… rode you… never let up…”

It was Julie’s turn to moan now, picturing Cynthia forcing herself on her and wanting nothing more. Slowly Julie’s hands slid over the other woman’s body, groping her as her own pussy slid against Cynthia’s leg, the two grinding their wet cunts against one another. “Mhm… sounds so good…”

“Then fuck me…” Cynthia whispered, picking up the broken robotic arm from the floor. Even disabled it was still leaking out the pink mist which she eagerly inhaled, just as Julie had before. She sucked in a deep breath of it and kissed Julie deeply, the two blondes surrendering to the drugs and their lust, wildly grinding against the other as they began to fuck roughly.

Lisa could only stare in horror, watching as two agents who normally hated one another gave in to the drugs coursing through their systems. If Cora’s drugs could reduce two of the Agency’s best agents into horny lovers what the hell would it do to her.

Suddenly Lisa realized that there was another voice moaning besides Julie and Cynthia’s, a husky voice panting and moaning from the speakers around the room. “Oohhh fuck yes. Good girls, give in and serve me. I’ll make you my horny slaves and you’ll love it.”

The two women fucking on the floor both went into a frenzy, imaging the other as a mindless slave and only getting turned on more. Lisa turned away in disgust, the sound of Cora cumming over the speakers unbearable.

“Come on, Betty, grab Sara. We’re finding a way out of here.”

“There’s no way out,” Cora panted, still coming down from her successful orgasm. “But I want to watch you try. Struggle and fail, it’s so much hotter that way. And by the end of the night, Lisa, you’ll be lapping at my cunt and calling me Mistress.”

“Mistress…” Julie and Cynthia moaned in unison, the word now hardwired into their minds. As soon as they said it the two blondes came hard, writhing and drooling as they fucked for their Mistress.

Lisa and Betty were ready to run when a whimpering voice spoke up behind them.


They spun to see Sara on her knees, rubbing at her tits. She couldn’t control her arousal, waking and instantly wanting to cum. But she stared longingly at the two blonde agents fucking, and the lovely voice calling out to her was sending warm shivers through her cunt.

“Want… mistress…”

“Sara, you have to get a hold of yourself,” Lisa started, but the girl’s dazed and empty eyes told her there was no one to speak to. The drugs had reduced her to into a horny animal and it was pointless to try and reason with her.

“No, Sara,” Cora’s voice sang through the speakers. As soon as the exquisite voice spoke her name Sara was panting. It was as if she’d been hardwired to be turned on by this voice. “You should join the others, Sara. Become a slave to your lust just as they have. Fuck them and become my slave.”

The horny thing that was once Sara broke into a broad grin, drooling. “Slaaaave…” she moaned and crawled forward, trying to move as fast as possible on her hands and knees. Lisa watched sadly, wanting to try and hold her back but she knew it was pointless. Cora’s laughter was booming through the marble room as Lisa lost another agent. Lost another friend.

Julie and Cynthia fell back on the floor, making room for Sara to leap on top of them. They tore of the remains of her suit and set on her greedily, kiss and licking and biting across her enormous breasts.

“We have to get out of here,” Betty said as she tugged at Lisa’s hand.

“But… Sara…”

“There’s nothing we can do for her here. We should just be thankful she isn’t trying to drug us anymore.”

The team leader watched the orgy sadly, knowing how she’d failed the girls. They’d been reduced to a life of mindless sex and drugged obedience. The worst was how they all smiled and moaned blissfully. They weren’t even aware of how their lives had been ruined, instead they acted as if this nightmare were a dream come true.

“Come on, Lisa. The best thing we can do is escape so we can get help for them.”

Lisa nodded, turning and heading down the hallway with Betty by her side, the lewd moans of her friends calling after her.

Charging down the dark hallway Lisa knew she had no idea where they were or even how to escape, but she knew it would be madness to stay still and give Cora time to close in. Suddenly loudspeakers activated in the hallway, that bitch’s voice echoing around them.

“Aww, are you two leaving the fun so soon? Why not turn back and join your friends? You could have some lovely orgasms with them instead of trying to fight.”

“And end up some perverted slut for you?” Lisa shouted, suddenly full of rage. “Fuck that. We’re getting out of here.”

“Well if you two don’t want to play nice,” the voice crackled from the speakers. “Then neither will I.”

Suddenly an electrified dart shot past Lisa’s head, the agent barely ducking it. She spun to see a female guard bearing down on them. The uniformed woman had a stocky build, definitely muscle, with a blue plastic visor over her eyes. As the two agents ducked down another corridor they saw that the guard had a stun gun similar to their own. Lisa frowned and rolled to a crouch, ready for a fight. Being captured by the enemy was always a concern, but she knew Cora wouldn’t be after information. She’d have something much worse in mind.

The guard slid fast around the corner but Lisa was readying, fire a high voltage dart from her own gun that dropped the guard instantly. She bent down to check the stunned woman when Betty suddenly grabbed her from behind and pulled her back just as another volley of darts flew past. Lisa spun around and caught two more guards coming after them. Raising her gun she tried to fire back but these two were much better shots, forcing her to duck behind a small filing cabinet for cover. Betty slid behind a potted plant, trying to lay flat as darts shot through the leaves of the plant, singeing them with the electrical bursts.

“Fuck, we’ve got to keep moving before we get pinned,” Lisa shouted as she returned fire.

“Got it,” Betty replied, thankfully not dragging her feet for once. The prospect of becoming some drugged sex slave must be just as terrible to her. Betty pulled a flash grenade from her belt as Lisa fired her stun gun, the two guards falling to the sides of the hallway to duck the shots. Betty took the chance to get up on one knee, arm pulled back to throw the flash grenade to blind the guards.

Then suddenly the walls of the hallway burst into color, red and orange lights flashing in a spiraling pattern so bright Betty almost thought the walls had caught on fire. Before she could respond the lights built into the wall changed to pulsing blue, thin bands of green flashing past like waves. Betty caught on immediately to what it was, the same kind of strobe light trap that had ensnared Lisa. Only this wasn’t one single alarm. Now there must have been over a hundred lights in the hallway hidden in the walls, filling her vision with psychedelic light from all directions.

Betty told her body to run, but found it wouldn’t respond at all. The lights were swirling and pulsing, assaulting her eyes as visual information overloaded her mind. Already she could feel herself drifting and becoming light headed just as Lisa had described.

Lisa was still firing when the hypnotic light display flared to life, engulfing the hallway like they’d been struck by technicolor lightning. She instantly peeled back around the filing cabinet for cover, not sure if her prior exposure to that kind of trap would make her more resilient to its effect, or make her mind more susceptible. She glanced up and saw Betty frozen on one knee, shaking as she struggled to free herself. And in her hand was the flash grenade, still primed.

The lead agent leapt to her feet and quickly slapped the grenade from her hand towards the guards. Only she supposed they wouldn’t be a problem with the light show-

A dart just grazed her arm, making a thin tear in the suit while a hefty dose of electrical current shot through her muscles. Lisa cried out but managed to shove Betty into the wall, knocking her free. The spy threw herself back behind the filing cabinet but inadvertently got a glimpse down the hallway. Instantly the shimmering waves of color tried to suck her in, just as before. But amid that tantalizing light were the two shadows of the guards, standing and firing as though the colors weren’t even there. No doubt they would have had her dead to rights but the flash grenade burst, catching them by surprise. Lisa had already been turning to shield herself from the neon flaring colors and was saved from the bright flash.

Lisa slammed into the wall and dropped to the floor as two darts pinged off the top of the filing cabinet, hoping to catch her in the neck. Landing on her ass Lisa still felt her head floating, the after image of the colors promising such sweet pleasure if she only kept staring longer. The brunette slammed her head back against the metal cabinet and groaned. At least now her head was only ringing with pain.

“Betty,” she cried out with eyes nearly shut. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, they almost got me. I couldn’t move at all. It was like—”

“I know exactly what it was like,” Lisa said, reloading her stun gun. “The problem is it doesn’t seem to affect the guards at all. We’re practically helpless if we can’t see.”

Betty hissed and checked her own stun gun, only two darts left. Why hadn’t she decided to bring more ammo with her? Eyes nearly shut from the light she could hear the two guards approaching slowly, taking the time to stop and duck Lisa’s blindly fired shots.

Even with her eyes barely open she saw that the world was painted in shifting shades of reds and purples and blues, but at least it was bearable. She caught sight of the guard she dropped earlier, her body coated in swirling green light. If Betty could get to her gun she’d be able to return fire, but that still didn’t help-

She nearly opened her eyes wide as it hit her, so obvious. “The visor!”

“What?” Lisa yelled.

“Those stupid looking scifi visor the guards are wearing. It’s shielding out whatever’s in the light that paralyzes you.”

“If we take out the visor then they’d be stuck like us. But that would be a difficult shot to make even if we could see.”

Betty bit her lip then shouted “Cover me!”

“Betty, wait!”

But Lisa saw the dark blur of her teammate leap up out of cover and dive for the fallen guard. Cursing under her breath Lisa slipped out of her own cover and shut her eyes tight, firing wildly down the hallway at where she thought she heard the guards.

Betty didn’t open her eyes as she landed on top of the unconscious guard, feeling her body until she snatched the visor off of her head. Completely blind she realized she had no clue where to even hide, and stuck out in the open Betty decided to take the only option left. The redhead put the visor in place and opened her eyes, wincing against what she knew would be an unstoppable tidal wave of bursting color.

But looking around she only saw the world as a steady shade of light blue, warped slightly from the glass visors. A small sensor in the corner of the lens told her that the defenses were running at optimum capacity. With the shielded visor she could easily make out the two guards approaching, both focusing their fire on Lisa’s hiding place and were nearly upon her. Betty flashed an angry grin as she snatched up the fallen guard’s stun gun and aimed for the guard on the left.

The two female guards didn’t see the shot coming until the two darts struck the left guard in the chest. She groaned as the electricity hit her system and knocked her out cold, falling to the ground with a heavy thud. Betty leapt to her feet as the last standing guard turned to face her. They ran at each other firing, trying to duck and weave the others shots while aiming at where their target was running.

The guard cried out at a glancing shot that hit her leg, making her stumble into the wall. Betty cheered and raised the gun when the visor on her face suddenly beeped.

“Unidentified user,” a cheery voice said. Then a star burst before Betty’s eyes, filling her mind with every color of swirling light in existence. The lightshow from the hallway was nothing compared to this. The visor had her trapped, filling her mind with soothing light as her thoughts drowned in the endless sea of colors.

Lisa still had her eyes barely open, trying to follow the fight when she heard Betty cry in surprise, but the noise instantly cut off. She peeked out from her cover and saw the dark shape of Betty fall to her knees. It was hard to see what was happening but she heard Betty’s voice moaning, muttering quietly.

“I…I… yesss… so good…”

“Betty? Betty! You have to fight it!”

With her eyes shut she could only hear the defeat in Betty’s voice, though by the sound of it the redhead would be drooling and vacant. “Can’t… fight… don’t want… to fight… Just watch… love… obeeey…”

“Dammit,” Lisa cursed. She rose up to try and help her when she heard the soft click behind her. The agent ducked on instant as the stun gun fired, the guard just missing her target.

“You’ve already lost your friend,” the guard shouted as she charged, trying to pin Lisa to the ground. “Just give in, bitch. Maybe she’ll let you be a guard like me if you’re good.”

Lisa countered the guard as the two slammed into the wall, each grabbing a hold of the other’s gun to stop them from landing a shot. They grappled back and forth while Betty remained on her knees, undressing herself as she obeyed the beautiful words being written across her mind, flashing in the hypnotic light of her visor.

“Strip. I will strip. For Mistress. Mhmm. Yes. Want to please Mistress Cora.”

Lisa kept her eyes shut, knowing she was at a disadvantage as the guard struck her with elbows and threw knees, only Lisa’s training allowing her to blindly block most of the shots. But she’d lost another agent. If she lost this fight then none of them would be saved. Which meant she didn’t have time to play safe.

She felt the guard’s body against her, turning to throw another elbow and Lisa pulled away, planting her back against the wall as she lifted her feet and kicked out hard, connecting with the guard’s gut. The woman was thrown back against the other wall, but the guard didn’t mind the distance. After all, she could still see, while the spy was blind.

The guard prepared to charge at the spy, already imagining all of the fun things Mistress Cora would let her do with such a lovely slave. The brainwashed woman smiled at Lisa, who aimed her gun blindly and opened fire. She unloaded every dart she had, firing wildly as the guard swore and twisted from side to side, contorting and stretching as she tried to follow the gun and dodge the darts as they were fired. She tried to raise her own gun in response but Lisa was relentless.

The barrage only lasted a few seconds before Lisa’s gun clicked empty, the spy breathing heavy and listening intently for the sound of an unconscious body hitting the floor. Instead she heard a deep laugh.

“Really? That’s the best you could do?”

“Well, no choice now,” Lisa said defeated as she opened her eyes.

The guard sighed, almost disappointed that the girl had taken the easy way out. Still, better being hypnotized by the lights than taking a stun dart. And Mistress Cora had promised that the guard who brought her one of the agents would be allowed to keep the new slave as a pet for a week. She took in the brunette spy’s lovely body and thought of plenty of ways they could have fun.

Then she caught sight of Lisa’s eyes and realized she still seemed very much awake. The guard raised the gun but Lisa was faster, punching her across the jaw. The guard spun around, only then seeing what had happened. The wall behind her had been shredded by the bombardment of electrical darts, the hidden strobe lights sparking and destroyed. The rest of the hallway was still pulsing out hypnotic light but that one dark patch was all the chance Lisa needed.

She struck the guard in the back of the neck, knocking her unconscious the old fashioned way. Lisa shut her eyes and tried to focus on getting a grip on her thoughts. Knocking out some of the lights had helped but the vibrant colors were still dancing at the edge of her vision, spiraling around the rest of the hallway and threatening to pull her back into their addictive embrace. Blindly she scooped up the stun gun, knowing she had to escape before more guards show up. She just prayed that this hallway was a special trap and that the rest of the building wasn’t rigged like this. Otherwise she’d be in for some serious trouble.

“Betty, can you hear me?”

“Yes. Lisa. I can hear you.” Her voice was blank and monotone, making Lisa shiver. The rest of the team had spoken in the same entranced voice once they’d been reduced by the mind-bending drugs. Definitely not a good sign. Lisa reached out to her voice to help her up but felt nothing but blank space. Lisa furrowed her brow. She was certain Betty was right there when she spoke. So where was-

Suddenly Betty leapt on her back from behind, arm’s wrapping around her head with a forearm under Lisa’s chin to cut off her air.

“Don’t fight it, Lisa,” Betty said peacefully as Lisa jumped back and slammed them against the wall, the hypnotized redhead barely registering the hit. “It’s so nice just to give in. I shouldn’t have taken you away from the lights back in the lab. I see now how much better it would be for you if you had let the colors into your mind.”

“This isn’t you, Betty,” Lisa struggled to say, barely able to pry the girl’s arm away to breath.

“No, it’s a better me. And Mistress can make you better too.”

Lisa struggled blindly and tried to flip Betty off of her, but the brainwashed agent was ready. As she flipped over Betty spun and grabbed hold of Lisa, using the momentum to toss her into the air and slam her down hard on her back.

“You shouldn’t fight,” Betty said calmly. “Mistress doesn’t want her new slave harmed.”

Lisa groaned as she saw stars flashing before her eyes. She tried to sit up but her body felt too heavy to move. Or too light. It was hard to tell. Distantly a voice in her head told her to make sure her eyes stayed shut. Suddenly Betty was standing over her proudly, the glowing blue visor over her eyes as her body was bathed in a storm of swirling colors. Then Lisa realized she wasn’t seeing bright lights from the knock to her head. She must have already opened her eyes.

“There you go, Lisa. Just let the colors fill you with joy.”

Lisa shook, struggling to close her eyes, but already she felt the same as before. It was like staring into the strobe light at the lab, as if she were tuned to its frequency and it was impossible to turn away. Now that she was finally able to watch she could see the round dots of light that were hidden in the walls, softly turning from one color to the next. This time it felt gentle, not like the sharp blasts of colored light she’d seen in the lab. Lisa felt herself sagging to the floor, eyes starting to focus on nothing so that she could take in everything.

There must have been dozens of lights playing above her, all moving in some strange formation. The ceiling flowed into a deep pool of blues mixing with green and Lisa felt as if she were staring into the sea, watching the waves flow past. She sniffed the air and smelled fresh sea salt, could almost hear the call of distant birds. Always used to walk by the beach as a child. Used to be so nice to just stare into the waves, think of nothing else.

Lisa shook her head to try and scatter the traitorous thoughts but it was impossible to shut her eyes. The sea whirled above her, red streaks of light trailing over the walls like a meteor shower just for her. Staring wide the lights bloomed into a lovely shade of pink and Lisa felt her toes curl, licking her lips as she tasted sweet sugar. Pink like cotton candy she thought absently and giggled to herself.

Quickly she scolded herself for laughing, but then realized she didn’t know why she shouldn’t laugh. Lisa knew she was doing something important but staring into the lights made her feel drunk and light, riding the waves of colors as they went past. Something about the sea, she remembered, so happy watching the waves. And cotton candy, the taste so sweet on her tongue. It was like a carnival, Lisa thought suddenly and smiled. Staring at all of the bright lights swirling and dancing, marveling at the displays just like when she was a kid.

Betty knelt beside Lisa and lifted her head into her lap, allowing her a better view of the hallway. The hypnotized redhead stroked Lisa’s hair, helping to soothe her just as she’d been commanded to. She couldn’t explain herself the magic of the lights and colors but it simply felt so right to do what they said. Mistress knew how the colors captured their will, she’d created the beautiful lights. It simply felt too right to just off her mind and obey to think of doing anything else.

“Yes, stare into the colors. Aren’t they so lovely, Lisa?”

“Nnugghhyeesssss,” Lisa moaned quietly.

“They’re as perfect as you told me. I’m so sorry to have taken you away. But now we can both sink into the colors.”

Impossibly the pulses of color seemed to be moving in sync with her words, the lights heightening the power of her words. As Betty said the word ‘sink’ the lights above her flashed bright green, blooming out over the ceiling like a flower. Lisa felt the lights entering her eyes, crackling over her thoughts as her body released a rush of pleasure, just as it was being programmed to.

Lisa stared into the endless green. “Siiink…”

“Sink into the colors,” Betty repeated, mindlessly.

“Sink in…to the… colors,” Lisa said quietly, the last of her thoughts shutting down.

“Obey the colors.”

“Obey the colors.”

“Touch for the colors,” Betty said breathlessly.

“Tooooucchhhh…” Lisa moaned, her hands unzipping her suit.

Betty’s visor flashed rewarding beams of light into her mind, putting the pleasure centers of her brain into overdrive. The redhead let out a surprised moan, knowing she’d served her purpose. Words flashed across her eyes. «Remove the visor and wait for guards. Touch for the colors. Touch for Mistress»

Betty moved like a puppet as she took the visor away, laying it down on the floor delicately as she said “Touch for Mistress.”

Lisa had rolled onto her stomach, sliding the black side down past her hips as she stared down the hallway, eyes never wanting to turn away from the beautiful ocean of colors. But she heard Betty’s voice and stopped, her suit caught around her legs.

“Touch… for Mistress…”

A drugged smile formed on Lisa’s face as she rolled onto her back, gazing up at the swirling lights as she let her fingers slide into her wet slit. Lisa groaned and arched her back, using her free hand to grope her breast. She was putting on a display for the swirling colors, showing them the pleasure they gave her. But somewhere deep in the endless color and light was someone else. Mistress. And she wanted to touch for her so badly.

Cora watched from the security cameras as Betty stripped and joined Lisa on her back, leg spread and hands teasing at her body. The two women were bathed in the psychedelic display of color, each new burst of light making them moan longingly.

The young woman fucked herself in her chair, staring at her two new lovely acquisitions as she felt the orgasm suddenly blossoming inside her. Wildly she slapped her hand out at a button, turning on the PA system.

“Cum with your Mistress!” She shouted desperately, her voice echoing through the building.

In the large marble hallway Julie and Cynthia felt the command flow through them, exhausted but cumming powerfully at her voice. Sara was underneath them, face buried under Julie’s ass as she ate her out, but still Cora’s words reached her and she was trembling, cumming hard.

The guards walking down the hallway towards the two captured spies suddenly fell to their knees, the women crying out in passion as their pussies dripped, soaking their suits. Scientists hidden away in labs heard the command and automatically placed down their chemicals and tools, as they’d been programmed, before clutching at their bodies and cumming as well. All throughout the building Cora’s slaves came and cried out in gratitude.

In her office Cora heard them all, the chorus of enslaved voices coming through dozens of speakers. Cora bathed herself in their thanks, their oaths of devotion, their wordless moaning. She came incredibly hard, pussy dripping like a waterfall and puddling down to the floor. The CEO collapsed in her chair, exhausted but smiling broadly. She loved knowing that this building belonged to her, that everyone inside served her will. That the corporation itself was cumming in unison with her.

And now Lisa was cumming, that voice echoing in her head over and over. She’d tried to fight it, couldn’t even explain why. The lights had all but fried her brain, drowned her in the rich colors and tastes. Betty was beside her on the floor, moaning and crying out happily. Lisa stared in awe, rubbing at her needy pussy as she watched the redhead cumming. It was as if the colors had opened new depths within her, instilled new tastes without her knowing.

Lisa’s eyes stared wide as Betty pawed at her tits, fingers scratching lightly at her love figure as they slid over her pink nipples. Her hands slid down that soft, kissable stomach and down between her legs, Lisa licking her lips as she imagined what Betty must taste like. What flavor she was.

She’d never been attracted to women before. Not to mention the fact that Betty was always such a bitch to deal with. But now Betty’s mind was gone. She was nothing but a pliable slave, horny and eager to please. And to Lisa she seemed the most beautiful thing on the planet. Which meant she was brainwashed to. So it was alright that she was crawling, climbing on top of the orgasming girl as she forced her legs wide.

Lisa smiled as she accepted that the colors were in her thoughts, rewriting her into a lesbian slave. Which meant it was alright for her to give in and taste. She didn’t have a choice in the matter. Lisa slid her tongue over the other girl’s wet pussy, eyes staring at the floor as the lights bathed it in a rich red color. She lapped at Betty’s juices and tasted delicious cherries, her favorite flavor. The lights shifted to a lovely pink and Lisa licked again, nose wrinkling happily at the sweet, sugary taste of cotton candy.

By the time Cora arrived before the two naked slave Lisa had been tasting Betty’s pussy for over ten minutes. The former lead agent never hurried despite the greedy appetite the subliminal programming had given her. Instead she forced herself to wait, tongue panting an inch away from the delicious cunt, waiting for the colors to change. The hallway shifted to a deep orange and Lisa dove her tongue in, moaning at the taste of citrus. Betty shivered and whined as the tongue slowly slid along her lower lips, so excruciatingly teasing but to brainwashed to even think of requesting more.

Cora reached out a hand and pet Lisa’s head, smiling delightedly at her transformation. So clearly mindfucked by the colors and yet still retaining will enough to restrain herself. She really would make an excellent asset.

“Slave Lisa,” Cora said loudly, the naked girl going rigid. Impulses of pleasure flashed across her mind, that particular voice already deeply imprinted. “Stand up, dear.”

Lisa whimpered, wanting another taste so badly, but she knew it was time to obey. She stood and gasped as she saw Cora, eyes wide. Just like her voice Cora’s very appearance had been programmed into the pleasure centers of the slave’s brain. Lisa didn’t see the naked young woman with the punk style green hair: she saw a Goddess created of effervescent light, skin shining marble and hair a lustrous green. The Goddess smiled down at her and Lisa nearly came from pleasure at being in her present.

“You feel it, don’t you Lisa?”


“I’ve turned myself into your sexual ideal. Sure I made you a lesbian and you’ll be fucking plenty of women,” Cora said slyly as Lisa licked her lips, tasting the pussy juices dripping down her chin. “But I am the greatest women you could ever hope to see. You’d do anything just to please me. Serve me in any way I ask. And you will obediently worship my body. Won’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, anything for you,” Lisa answered quickly, unable to keep her hand from going to her clit. Finger massaging the sensitive bud she found herself floundering. “I’ll do anything you ask. Please, control me, use me, I want it. I’ll obey. I’ll enslave others for you. Make them so happy like me. I’m so sorry for fighting, I didn’t know. Didn’t know you were so beautiful. Please Mistress I want to obey be a good slave serve and fuck obey I’m your slave I’ll obey obey be so good obe—”

Cora planted her hand on the slave’s mouth to silence her, but she was grinning broadly. It always was the toughest women to enslave who became the most eager servants.

“You’ll do anything for me, would you slave?”

Lisa nodded. Mistress had silenced her so slave should remain silent. This slave knew she would obey.

“Would you go back to your agency as my undercover agent? Convince them all that you’re still a normal woman and not my slave? Tell them my company isn’t up to anything suspicious, and report all of their investigations back to me?”

She didn’t need to wait for a response, Lisa was eagerly nodding her head before each question was out.

“And once you brainwash a few more of their sexy agents into serving me,” Cora said huskily, making Lisa shiver in anticipation of enslaving her friends. “Then you can find a way to quit your agency and come work for me instead. To help your Mistress with her plan to take over the entire world. Now what do you say to that, slave. And be honest.”

“I’ve never wanted anything more in my life, Mistress. I know all of the women at the agency and will immediately create strategies to get them alone and enslave them all to your will,” Lisa was shaking as she spoke, unable to hide her excitement. She truly could not wait to turn on the agency she’d believed in all her life, the thought of spreading Mistress’ will to the other agents giving her such a perverse thrill. The idea that she’d become so corrupted, nothing but a puppet for this women to use, it gave her the greatest sense of fulfillment. “I will corrupt my former friends. Train them to corrupt all other agents. All women should be your slaves, Mistress. And I shall eagerly help you take your place in ruling this world.”

Cora smiled in approval and Lisa fell to her knees, overcome with joy at pleasing her new Mistress. She’d caused so much trouble for this beautiful women and Lisa knew she would have to work hard to make it up to her. Lisa noticed movement behind the CEO but nothing mattered to her except her Mistress. It was only when Cora stood aside and waved her hand for Lisa to observe that she looked away. Couldn’t disobey a command from Mistress.

Her heart soared as Lisa saw her friends coming to join them, Julie and Cynthia walking with arms interlocked and kissing passionately. Behind them Sara was wavering unsteadily on weak legs from the threesome, and her enormous tits no doubt made it hard to walk as well. Lisa giggled, fully letting herself enjoy the view. What was possibly damaged in her head that she would want to save Sara from having such an amazing rack? She was so glad that Mistress had fixed her now.

“Sara, I’m so happy to see you,” Lisa said as she got to her feet. Sara shied away for a moment and Lisa couldn’t blame her. After all she’d spent most of the night trying to take her away from the pleasure of being a slave. To show that she was fully on board Lisa gently took the well-endowed slut in her arms and kissed her passionately, which Sara quickly reciprocated.

“Looks like you’re not worried about me being a slut anymore,” Sara teased as the kiss broke.

“Nope, Mistress took care of that. Now I want to be her slut too, remade in any way she desires.”

“You two really are quite a sight,” Cora cooed appreciably. Lisa and Sara moaned in gratitude and began making out again, wanting to give Mistress more of a show. Besides them Cynthia pinned Julie to the wall, the nearly identical blondes still insatiable for one another as Mistress Cora had programmed them to be. Their mistress took in the lovely view of the corrupted agents giving in to her desires, a hand sliding back between her legs. Cora let out a soft whimper as her fingers found her clit, still sensitive from before.

She heard a whine below her and glanced down to see Betty on all fours, dripping with need as her eyes pleaded for more. Cora smiled and pet her head as if she were an obedient pet, which honestly was the truth now.

“Sara,” Cora called. “Why don’t you come play with Betty here? Seems Lisa teased her for so long the poor thing can’t even think.”

Sara flashed Lisa a playful look, making the former lead agent blush.

“I- I went under and just kept licking her. Don’t even know for how longer. She tasted so good, so many different flavors from the colors.” Lisa caught herself drooling and wiped her lip, Sara laughing.

“So that delicious taste on your tongue was from Betty’s cunt?” She said winking.

Lisa nodded and Sara eagerly got down on the floor to join Betty.

“Mhm, then let me get another taste of you Betty. I think I’m addicted.”

The two girls rolled on the floor, kissing and licking playfully while Lisa watched in amazement. Knowing these two used to be highly trained operatives, some of the most skilled in the world, and now they were reduced to horny fucktoys. Lisa slid a finger into herself and trembled. God, thinking about how much they’d been transformed got her so wet now.

“As for you, Lisa,” Cora said, catching the slaves attention. “I believe I promised that you’d end the night begging to eat me out.” The thin punk Mistress spread her legs wide before using her fingers to spread her pussy lips as well. Lisa drank in the sight of her perfect pink pussy and licked her lips, tasting sweet sugar.

“I want you Mistress Cora,” Lisa said as she dropped to her knees before the perfect woman. “I’ve never wanted anyone as much as you. I’m so sorry for fighting you, for trying to resist. Now I know how right it is to be your slave, your play thing. I’ll give you anything you desire.”

“Yes you will, slave,” Cora replied, making the naked girl shudder with pleasure. “I’ve taken your mind from you, and soon I will take everything else. I’ll take away the life you once had. Take away the agency you served. I will take the entire world simply so I can have more toys. And you’ll eagerly help me every step of the way, won’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” Lisa couldn’t answer fast enough.

“Soon I’ll own everything of value to you. But for now, give me your tongue and worship my cunt.”

Lisa crawled to her and dove her tongue into the pussy of her Mistress, the sheer blissful taste of the woman sparking pleasure in her mind. She knew serving Cora like this was reinforcing the programming. That the more she tasted the less chance she’d ever have of escaping Cora’s control. Lisa realized all of this and only ate the dominant woman out faster, tongue diving deep into her pussy to taste every inch of her. Lisa would drink her juices and addict herself to the taste. She’d let the taste of her Mistress wash her mind clear of all resistance.

Lisa had always been such a devoted agent, and now she found someone to give her full allegiance to. Cora’s hands were suddenly in her hair, pulling her in deeper as the soft walls of her pussy begin to tighten, trapping her tongue. She felt her Mistress cumming and found herself suddenly cumming as well. She came and surrendered herself entirely to Cora and her corporation, to become nothing but a tool in their evil plans. And somehow Lisa knew she’d love every moment of her new life as a slave.

The brunette licked her lips and gazed up at the naked Goddess above her. “How else might this fucktoy please you, Mistress? I exist only for you now.”