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Card Games

Chapter 2—Not much of a name for a wizard

“The game, girls, is strip poker. The winner of each round takes off one piece of clothing from the loser of each round.”

I was looking at Jenny since I expected her to be the most likely one to voice a protest. She shifted around a bit and looked up at me and started to open her mouth. I just looked straight back at her, as expressionless as I could manage and just sort of stared her down. After a couple of seconds she looked back down and went for her drink.

“Umm, Dave?”

I turned to look at Erin, and tried to give her the same look I had given my sister. “Yes, Erin?”

“Umm, . . . . Do we have to play s... strip poker?”

“Absolutely. You girls will enjoy it. Trust me.”

I pulled out the cards from the pack and shuffled on the floor. I dealt everyone five cards, taking a surreptitious look at the bottom card. I figured there was nothing wrong with dealing from the bottom of the deck as long as no one noticed, and in their condition I didn’t expect anyone to notice. Dealing from the bottom of the deck gave me a slight advantage, and it paid off on the first hand. I won and Carla lost.

“Stand up, Carla.” She seemed quite willing at this point to continue. “What’ll it be?”

Carla stood up and said “Sorry to disappoint you Dave, I think it’ll be my shoes first.”

“Ohh, I’m not disappointed at all. Have a seat on the couch.”

Carla stepped back and sat down on the couch. As I knelt down, she parted her knees slightly so I could look up her skirt. I wasn’t sure if she was still teasing, or if the drugs and alcohol I’d been feeding her were having the effect of making her very horny. I couldn’t see much between her legs, of course, since she was wearing black tights. I picked up one leg and lifted it into my lap. I ran my hand along the top of her leg and then underneath her calf to her heel. Then I pulled off her shoe and threw it into a corner. Now I ran my fingers up and down the bottom of her foot and tickled her foot lightly. She shifted around a bit but didn’t pull her foot away. I played with her calf and foot for about a minute, then I repeated the process on Carla’s other foot.

Erin and Jenny had been watching this procedure and didn’t seem to find it too objectionable. Carla and I then went back to the floor and sat down at our places.

I dealt another hand around. This time I got junk and the bottom of the deck didn’t help me at all and I didn’t draw anything useful. With King high, I thought I’d lose for sure. When everyone flipped their cards, though, Erin had ten high. Carla won the hand and was quite excited. She jumped up and motioned to Erin to move over to the couch. Erin said she’d lose her shoes (big surprise). Carla made a big show of feeling up Erin’s leg (even bigger than the show that I’d made taking off Carla’s shoes). It took her about five minutes to take off Erin’s shoes.

By the time they were done, they were both giggling wildly. It was obvious that neither of them was taking it seriously. As they stood up, though, I said “O.K. Carla, you made me kiss Jenny sexy. I want to see you give Erin a sexy kiss.” Both of them looked slightly shocked, but after a moment of indecision Erin turned toward Carla to receive her kiss. Carla, though, started to back away.

“Stop that Carla! Go on and give Erin a kiss.” To my slight surprise, Carla did stop and stood there, shaking slightly. The drugs were obviously having their effect. “O.K., go on and kiss Erin.” Both of them suddenly seemed serious, but Carla did lean over and kiss Erin on the lips, but it was just a quick peck. “Come on, Carla, I want to see a real lezzie kiss. You made me give Jenny a big kiss. I want to see the same.”

Carla started to tear up and said “do we have to?”

“Yup. Go on.”

Carla leaned over and gave Erin a longer kiss. It still wasn’t very sexy, but it was better. Then they came back and sat down. Both looked more somber and, just before I dealt the next hand, Erin said “do we have to keep playing?”

Carla said, “don’t be a spoilsport, Erin.” Even if Carla didn’t look entirely comfortable, it looked like I had her on board.

I said, “We’ve started this, we’re not going to stop till everyone’s naked,...and more.”

All three of them looked over at me looking shocked, but I stared them down and then started the next deal. As they all stared at their cards I said “Go on, pick up your cards and lets go on.” As each of them picked up their cards they were suddenly much more serious. It was clear that these pills were having the effect I was praying for, though, since they all continued.

This time I got a pair and when I drew, I ended up with three of a kind. Carla lost again and I decided to take control. “I think I’ll take your dress, Carla. Stand up.” Carla stood up and turned around to face away from me. Her dress was very low cut both in front and in back. It was zippered down the back all the way down to her ass. I ran my fingers down Carla’s back from her neck down to the top of her zipper. Then I lowered the zip all the way down and reached my hands into her dress and as far around her waist as I could reach (which was barely to her sides). Then I walked around to her side and reached one hand down her back to feel up her ass; with my other hand I reached into the top of her dress and cupped her tit. Her ass was still covered by tights, of course, but she had no bra on and her tits were perfect. Then I walked around to her front and pulled the dress off her shoulders. The dress was so tight, though, that even with the dress off her shoulders and the zip all the way down, it still didn’t fall off, though the top came off her tits and slid down to her waist. I stepped back and looked Carla over now. Her tits were perfect, those lovely things that I was convinced that I’d never get to see. I could not believe the way they stood out, proud as marines. Her nipples were little dark things that were as tight and wrinkled as a girl’s virgin ass hole and as erect as my cock at the moment. Her tits were huge and perfect. Like I said before, they had to be at least DD. At her age, they can’t have been enhanced, and she swears that they are natural. If they are, they have to be the eighth wonder of the modern world.

I pulled the dress the rest of the way down her body and let it fall to her feet. As I came back up I kept one hand behind Carla’s leg and felt up the back of her leg. When I was standing up all the way, one of my hands was cupping Carla’s ass. With the other I reached behind her head and pulled her face toward mine. I gave her a deep, long kiss with plenty of tongue. She didn’t really resist or help me.

I stepped back and took in the view. Carla has a very small waist and below that, her hips flared somewhat. Her tights were quite opaque but the shape of her lower body was lovely. I walked back up to her and ran my hands over her body for at least a couple of more minutes. I was sure to take in all the relevant details, feeling up her tits, ass, and even sliding my hand over her mound and slipping a couple of fingers between her tightly clenched legs.

As I let her go, Carla was very subdued. Jenny, though, started laughing quite loudly. She was leaning back while she was laughing and pointing at my crotch. I had the biggest hard-on I’d ever had. My pants looked like a pup-tent and Jenny apparently thought this was quite funny. Erin chuckled too, when she saw what Jenny was pointing to. “See what you’ve done to me, Carla?” I asked. Even though Carla was quite nervous, she still found a way to smile at me. As I looked back at her, though, my hard-on got even stronger. She looked so gorgeous, wearing only black opaque tights and nothing else. She was thin enough that her ribs showed slightly and her tits, as I said, were perfect.

We all sat down again, I readjusted my dick to a more comfortable position, and dealt another hand. Again, I figured this was my time to lose, but when the cards came down, Jenny had the low hand. This time Erin had the high hand. Jenny went and sat down on the couch and Erin took her shoes off. Erin made a little bit of a show, since that was obviously what was expected of her, but it was quite tame. As they got up, I said “What about the kiss?” Without either one of them complaining, Erin gave Jenny quite a nice kiss. It lasted for probably 20 seconds and was quite sexy.

Next hand, same result. Jenny lost and Erin won. Jenny stood up and Erin walked over to her. Erin said “I’ll take your jacket, I guess.”

Jenny nodded and said “O.K.” fairly expressionless.

I wanted a good view of the (limited) action so I told Jenny to face me. “Turn this way kiddo. I want to see what your body looks like under that jacket.” I nodded to Erin and told her “Stand behind Jenny, so I can get a good view.” Erin got behind Jenny and slowly pulled her jacket off her shoulders. Then she pulled her jacket down and off. As she did so, she pulled Jenny’s hands behind her, and forced her to arch her back and thrust what little she had by way of tits forward. “Hmmm, I never knew that you had such a nice bod, kiddo. I’ll enjoy it more as I get to see more, and more than see too, huh?”

I think, given the alcohol and drugs, that Jenny was having a hard time dissecting that sentence. She just looked sort of confused. “I mean, I can’t wait to have my way with you, kiddo.” When I said that, Jenny blushed bright red and looked down at the ground. She started to walk forward to sit back down when Erin grabbed her by the hand and pulled her back lightly.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Jen?” and Erin made a smooching gesture with her lips. Jenny nodded and leaned forward to kiss Erin. Things were getting better and better. Again, this one was quite a kiss, lasting probably 20 seconds.

As they stepped apart and started to come back to the floor, I stood up. “Hang on there. I want a kiss too.”

“You can wait till you win a hand, like you’re s’posed to,” piped in Carla.

“I can’t wait. I at least want to kiss my sister. You guys want to see that too, don’t you!?” The last was more a statement than a question.

Erin didn’t really venture an opinion, she just looked to Carla to see what she would say. Jenny didn’t even do that. She just stared at the floor, as if waiting for sentence to be pronounced.

“Yahh, go ahead. I want to see you two kiss. ... But make it good, Dave.”

“Don’t you worry, Carla. It’ll be good.” I didn’t walk over to Jenny. Instead I motioned for her to come over to me. She had her hands clasped in front of her, and didn’t look up as she walked over. “Hands down kiddo.” Jenny dropped her hands to her sides. Then I reached one hand down to her chin and pulled her face up to look at mine. When she was looking into my face, I moved my hand down over the body she was wearing to feel up the (physical) body that I’d dreamt about for so long. I kissed her for quite a while on the lips, though it wasn’t a terribly deep kiss. As I was kissing her, I ran my hand down her front to cup her left tit, not that there was much to cup. To my surprise, she was wearing a bra under her body.

I knew Jenny was uncomfortable about the size of her tits, especially compared to Carla’s incredible headlights, and I was trying to break Jenny down. I thought I’d have a stronger long-term prospect on my hands if Jen was dependent on me for affirmation.

As soon as we broke our kiss, I said “A bra for those tits? I think that’s a little unnecessary, don’t you kiddo?”

Jenny looked on the verge of tears after being, first felt-up by me, then criticized. “What do you mean?”

“Well if Carla can get away without a bra with those huge hooters, you surely don’t need a bra for your little lemons.”

“That’s not fair!” cried Jenny, as she twisted away from me. “Just ‘cause Carla’s got huge ones. Mine are the same size as most girls in my class. Besides,” she said, now facing away from me (and happily toward the closet videocam recording all this), “Carla’s a year older than me.”

I actually started to laugh. “Come on, kiddo. You’re never going to have boobs that fantastic. Look at those things. They’re the most gorgeous tits I’ve ever seen.”

I actually saw Jenny look up and to her right to glance at Carla’s naked tits. Carla was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed and her nipples were still hard as rocks. Carla’s tits stood out perfectly, in defiance of all expected physical limitations.

“Well it’s still not fair!” offered Jenny. “Just ‘cause I didn’t get tits like hers, she gets all the boys.”

“Well that’ll change tonight, little sister,” I told her. As I said that, I saw a shudder mover through Jenny’s body, but she didn’t say anything else. She seemed resigned to that happening. “In any event,” I said, “that doesn’t change the fact that you’re wearing a bra when you clearly don’t need one. That means that the next time you lose, you lose two pieces of clothing, so you’re even with Carla.”

I turned toward Erin and asked “How about you, Erin? Are you wearing a bra?” Erin, you’ll remember, was wearing a tight tube top.

“Don’t be silly, Dave. How could I wear a bra with this outfit.”

“Well, I just wanted to be sure. Now we’ll all be in the same boat. No bra’s allowed. Now let’s get back to the game.”

I dealt another hand and, again, all the girls seemed afraid to pick up their cards. “Well, go on. Just staring at them wont change anything.” The drugs I had given them were just incredible. They weren’t even thinking about not doing everything I told them to do. Although it was clear that they didn’t want to do what they were being forced to do.

I still hadn’t gotten a change to feel up Erin, but that changed with the next hand, when Erin lost and I won (with the help of the bottom two cards from the deck).

“Well, Erin, I’ll let you choose, would you rather lose your top or your skirt?”

“My top, I guess,” she said. Then, as I stepped towards her, leering at her tits she said “No! Wait!” ... “Take my skirt, instead.”

“Well seeing as how I don’t care, since I’ll get to take it all eventually, I’ll take whatever you want to lose first.”

“O.K., ... take my skirt I guess.”

I walked up to her and felt her waist up and down, from the bottom of her tube top, to the top of her skirt. Then I put my arms around her and kissed her on the lips deeply. At the same time, I dropped my hands down to the top of her skirt and pulled the zipper down. Erin wasn’t helping me or hindering me with the kiss, but she did try to pull away from my hands as they pulled down her zipper. Happily, this had the effect of her pushing her hips into my crotch. I also had absolutely no effect on my ability to unzip her skirt.

After I had her zipper all the way down. I pushed my hands inside her skirt and felt up her ass and hips. At the same time, I pushed her skirt down her legs with the backs of my hands. I couldn’t get too far, though, since I was so much taller than Erin, and I already had to lean down uncomfortably just to get her zipper down. I broke the kiss and kneeled in front of Erin. I kissed her on the belly, as I ran my hands up the back of her legs, under her skirt and over her ass. I’d only managed to push her skirt down to her hips from her waist, so I now grabbed hold of the hem of her skirt and tugged it down over her hips and to the floor. I had her step out of her skirt and I threw it over to one side. Then I ran my hands back up the backs of her legs and over her ass. I now lowered my mouth from her belly to the level of her mound. I pulled her hips toward my mouth and almost caused her to fall over. She maintained her balance, though, by putting both hands on my shoulders to steady herself. I moved my mouth over her crotch and bit at the fabric of her tights. I pulled the material of her tights off away from her mound with my teeth and let it snap back.

As I pulled the material away from her body, though, I must have caught a couple of hairs from her mound because she yelped “ouch, ow!!,” as I did so.

“Sorry, darling,” I said, “but you should have your pussy shaved, or at least clipped short, all the time.” As I said that, I leaned back and patted her between the legs. “I can’t wait to really taste your pussy, though.”

“Eww, gross,” I heard Carla say.

“Don’t worry, Carla,” I said. “You’ll get your chance, too.” I looked over at Carla as I stood up to gauge her reaction. I realized that my wording had been ambiguous as to whether she’d be receiving or giving. She looked confused for a moment, then frightened, but she obviously didn’t want to ask for a clarification, since she might be giving me ideas that hadn’t occurred to me. So, in the end, she just chose to nod and keep quiet.

The beauty of all this was, not only wouldn’t she be giving me ideas, but I knew before this week was over, she’d be doing things she’d never dreamed of, the least of which was giving cunnilingus.

All the girls had now lost twice, while I had yet to lose. Carla was now down to tights and (presumably) panties. Erin still had on her top, tights and, again I suppose, panties. Jenny had lost twice and, even not counting her bra, still had the most clothes left with a body, skirt, tights, and panties, plus the bra she wasn’t going to be allowed.

“You know,” I said, “I don’t think it’s fair that Jenny has so many more clothes than the rest of us. I haven’t lost yet and I’ve got shoes, socks, a shirt, jeans, and boxers. So I started with five things. Carla started with shoes, her dress, tights and panties, four things. Erin had shoes, tights, panties, her skirt, and her top: five things, too. But Jenny started with shoes, tights, panties, her skirt, a body, a bra, and a jacket.” As I ticked off each item, Jenny sort of flinched. “She started with seven things. I think the most she ought to be allowed is five, like me and Erin. I think that she ought to lose three things next time instead of two,” I told them.

“Yeah,” said Carla. “That’s not fair. I already started down one, since I only had four things. Seven for Jenny is way to many.”

“It’s not my fault. You guys told me what to wear,” she said to C & E.

“Yeah, but we didn’t know we were going to be playing strip poker with your brother, did we?” Carla blazed ahead: “In fact, I think you ought to lose two things right now, instead of waiting till you lose another hand. You might not lose again all night.” Then Carla turned to me, “What do you think, Dave?”

“Yeah, that’d be O.K. But I want to do it. I want to strip her.”

“David,” Jenny cried, “that’s not fair. I ought to just be able to take them off myself, since I wasn’t s’posed to have them on the start with. ... C’mon”

I pretended to think about it for a moment, then said “No, I don’t think so. You started out this way. I don’t think it’s unfair to make you suffer the consequences.”

“C’mon, David, please? It’s really not fair. Just let me go upstairs and take off my own clothes.”

“Hmmm,” I said as I looked her up and down. “What do you girls think?”

“I guess it’d be fair,” said Erin, uncertainly. “It seems like, ... well, I guess she didn’t know ahead of time. ... I guess?” The whole time she was saying this, she was looking at me, trying to gauge my reaction. The very last was said almost as a question instead of a statement.

“What do you think, Carla? Do you think we ought to let her?”

“I dunno. I want to see her strip, since she’s gotten to stare at my tits this whole time.”

“O.K.,” I said, as if I’d just come to this conclusion. “You can take off your own clothes, sis, but you’ve got to lose your most valuable assets. You’ve got to lose your bra and panties, and you’ve got to do it in this room, while we watch.”

Jenny looked confused by this result. “How can I take off my bra and panties without taking off the rest of my clothes?”

“That’s the point, dumb-dumb,” said Carla. “That way it’s fair.”

“You can put on your body, tights, and your skirt again when you’re done, kiddo,” I told her.

“I guess... I guess I’d rather you took two pieces of clothes, David, instead of having to strip everything.”

“Sorry, sis,” I told her, “I think it’s a little late for that. You know what they say, ‘Be careful what you ask for, because you may get it.’”

“But that’s not fair! I never asked for this!”

“Too bad,” said Carla. “Your brother’s spoken, now get stripping.”

The look on Jenny’s face showed how surprised she was to hear that from Carla instead of me. I didn’t mind though. I think it was just a reflection of the level of control that I now exercised over the girls. Carla wanted it because she perceived that I wanted it.

Speaking of which, Jenny now realized that she was going to have to strip. She turned away from us (which, once again, was also toward my videocam) and hid her face in her hands. She just stood like that for a minute, before finally straightening up and starting. First she reached behind her back and undid the zipper on the back of her tight, lycra skirt. She then pushed in down to the floor and stepped out of it. Then she slid her hands under her tights on either side of her body and pushed her tights down her legs to her knees. At this point, though, she realized that she had nothing to lean against or sit down on to take her tights all the way off. She had to turn back towards us and hobble over to the chair and pull her tights the rest of the way off in front of us.

She got her tights all the way off, then she stood up and resumed her old place facing away from us. She reached between her legs and unsnapped the crotch of the body she was wearing, then pulled it up her body and off.

I was glad I’d told her she was going to have to lose the panties, because these were truly unspectacular. Her bra was a skinny little affair, that also did nothing for me. She reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra, then let it fall forward and off. She was just standing there for a moment, obviously thinking about something, and I took the moment to appreciate her lovely body from behind. Her behind was lovely. You could make out the exquisite shape of it underneath her panties. Her back was equally beautiful: thin, but muscular enough that she didn’t look like she never ate. Her legs, as I’ve described, were fantastic.

“David?” she asked.

“Yeah, kiddo?”

“Can I keep my panties and not put my tights back on?”

“I don’t think so. You’d better lose the panties, too.”

“Please, David. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“C’mon, sis. You’ll do whatever I want anyway. And I’m going to have your panties, ... and everything underneath them soon enough. You might as well do it the way I want you to do it. It’ll make things easier for you later.”

“O.K.,” she sniffled. “I’ll do it how you want.” And with that, she put her fingers under the waistband of her panties and pushed them all the way to the floor.

As quickly as she could she grabbed her tights, sat down on the floor and pulled them onto her legs. She had to lie on her back in order to get them up to the top of her legs, then she pushed her hips into the air, her weight only on her feet and shoulders to pull her tights all the way up to her waist. As soon as she had them on, she rocked back up to a sitting position and stood up. She then grabbed the body, which was lying on the floor next to her, and pulled it over her head, slid her arms into in and pulled it down her body. Then she passed the rear crotch strap between her legs and snapped the clasp closed. Now she relaxed slightly and more calmly reached down, grabbed her skirt and pulled it up her legs. She had to wriggle her hips back and forth a bit to get the skirt up over her hips. Finally, she reached behind herself and zipped up the back of the skirt.

During this whole process, I’d only gotten glimpses of her naked body. I’d gotten a pretty decent view of her ass, between the time she’d dropped her panties and the time she’d pulled her tights back on. As I’d suspected, she had a fine, tight ass, with muscles in all the right places. Then I’d gotten a quick view of her tits (such as they were) when she had to lie on her back to pull her tights on. Finally, I’d also gotten a quick view of her pussy hair at the same time, when she’d pushed her hips into the air to get her tights all the way on.

Since she’d started out facing away from me, though, she was facing directly into the dark closet that hid my video cam. I knew it was getting a great view of her stripping through the partially open door. I was pretty sure that when she’d pushed her hips into the air and had her pelvis facing directly into the closet, she had given my camera a fantastic view of her pussy.

She now finally turned back around to face us. Her eyes were red and she looked on the verge of bursting into tears. I motioned for her to come over to me, and, when she got to me, I put my arm around her shoulders and rubbed her belly with my other hand. “Don’t worry, kiddo. I promise you’ll be O.K. You’ll enjoy tonight. I’ll make sure you do.”

End of Chapter 2