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Card Games

Chapter 3—Huge tracts of land

She turned in my arms so she faced me and threw both arms up around my neck. She gave me a big hug and buried her head in my chest. “Please be nice to me tonight, David. I promise I’ll do whatever you tell me to, but don’t make it hurt. I’m scared it’ll hurt.”

“Don’t you worry, you sweet thing. I wouldn’t hurt you... much.” Jenny shuddered in my arms as I said that. “I’ll be nice to you, and you’ll have a good time. Carla’s having a good time. Aren’t you, Carla?”

Carla was standing there with her huge tits staring straight out at us and had on only panties, black, opaque tights and makeup. As attention focused on her, she crossed her arms over her tits and said nervously, “Sure. I’m having a good time.” Then she winked at us and said “I can’t wait to see what Dave has in mind for you, Jen.”

I’m not sure whether she really was turned on by the thought of me fucking my sister, or if she was just trying to divert attention away from herself, and the prospect that she might get fucked. A little of both, I suspect.

“You’re having a good time. Aren’t you Erin.” My words were half question, half statement and when we turned to look at Erin she nodded quietly, though she still kept her eyes down. She looked gorgeous, too, wearing only tights and her top (plus panties). I didn’t know where to stare.

I turned my attention back to Jenny now and ran my hands up and down her back. I grabbed her hair from the back and pulled back lightly to get her to turn her face up at me. Then I leaned down and gave her a long, horny kiss, as I held her head in my hands. I even slipped her a little bit of tongue. I held it for about fifteen seconds or so, then I pulled away. Jenny was confused and horny. She obviously wanted the kiss to continue, but didn’t know how to take an active part in it. I figured that was O.K., though, since I’d teach her as time went by.

“Are you still afraid of me, kiddo?”

“I’m not afraid of you, dummy. It’s ... you know... your thing... that I’m afraid of.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine. My dick won’t hurt much, even the first time. And you’ll like it after a while.”

“Promise?” she asked.

“I swear,” I told her. “But I want to play another round, now that you’re even with the rest of us.” I pushed her back into the circle and sat down myself. “Come on you two,” I said to Erin and Carla as I motioned for them to sit down. “Take your seats.”

As I pushed Jenny away from me, I noticed something that I hadn’t picked up on earlier. Jenny’s tights were not as opaque as Carla’s and Erin’s. Her’s were actually slightly transparent. I couldn’t see through Carla’s and Erin’s at all, though.

I dealt out five more cards to everyone, again watching the bottom of the deck for anything that looked useful. The girls warily picked up their hands after I’d finished dealing and I watched their faces as each of them looked their cards over. Erin’s face fell when she looked at her hand, so it was obvious that she had nothing. Jenny’s, by contrast, lit up, while Carla’s face stayed quite still. I had a low pair and drew three cards. Jenny casually drew two, while Carla and Erin both drew three. I kept watching Erin’s face as she pulled up the three new cards I’d dealt her. She looked crushed, again. I think this was the third hand in a row she was going to lose. I didn’t draw anything to improve my hand, but at this point I wasn’t really worried about anything, since I was so far ahead, and the girls were obviously mine to command, whatever the results of the card game were.

Sure enough, Jenny had three-of-a-kind, and Erin had nothing at all.

Jenny was suddenly excited to play, since she wasn’t on the losing end of things this time and she jumped up and reached her hands out to Erin to pull her up. Erin allowed herself to be pulled up to a standing position, but didn’t look terribly happy about much of anything.

“What’s it going to be, Erin?” asked Jenny. “Tights or top?”

“Tights I guess.”

Jenny looked over at me. “Is tights O.K.?”

“Yeah. Go ahead and take her tights.”

Jenny knelt down in front of Erin and put her hands on Erin’s hips. She grabbed the waistband of Erin’s tights and slowly pulled them off her hips. A couple of times she snagged the waistband of Erin’s panties along with the tights, but she carefully pulled that away from the tights, so she didn’t strip Erin of that item early.

She pulled Erin’s tights down her legs and had Erin lean on her as she lifted each foot to pull the tights off. Then she ran her hands up the back of Erin’s legs, just as she’d seen me do earlier. When she got to Erin’s ass, she didn’t really cop much of a feel, instead slapping her lightly on the ass as she stepped back from her.

Erin was wearing a lovely pair of black panties, that were thin and slightly lacy. Her panties covered a small triangle in the front of her crotch. Then they came up on either side with a thin band of lycra-like material, that got thinner and thinner as it went ‘round her back. I told Erin to turn around so I could see her pantied ass. Well, in truth, it wasn’t very pantied at all. The two thin bands came around from her front to meet at the top of the crack of her ass. The material then descended down her crack, though it didn’t disappear in it. It wasn’t quite a thong, but it also was designed to never show underneath tight clothes, no matter how far she bent over.

“You know, Jenny. I think you enjoyed running your hands over Erin’s body.”

“Well, I did, sort of. Erin’s got a nice body, you know.”

“I can see that very well. I think you need to spend more time on it, though.” Erin, once again, did not seem to react at all. She was quietly looking down, waiting for sentence to be pronounced. I said to Jenny, “You remember what I did when I pulled her skirt off.”

“I did the same thing,” Jenny asked, “didn’t I? I felt the backs of her legs as stood up. That was what you did.”

“That’s true. But I also kissed her.”

“Well, I’m going to, but I hadn’t gotten to that part yet. You interrupted me when you told her to turn around.”

“O.K. then, go ahead and kiss her like I did.” Jenny had obviously forgotten exactly what way I had kissed Erin, when I took her skirt off. Erin, by contrast, had not forgotten. Erin took a step back, as Jenny came toward her. “Steady on there, Erin. Let Jenny kiss you the way I did.”

Jenny was looking confused at all this talk of ‘the way I did,’ since she thought she knew exactly what to do. She walked up to Erin and put her hands on Erin’s shoulders and leaned up and gave her a long sexy kiss on the lips. She actually relaxed enough to slide her arms down Erin’s arms and feel her body up slightly. Finally she broke away from Erin. “Well,” she said to Erin, “you could help you know. You could kiss me back a little,” as though a sexy lesbian kiss were the most natural thing in the world.

“That wasn’t what your brother meant, you know.”

“What do you mean? He wanted me to kiss you. That’s the best I know how to do.”

Erin looked up at me, actually hoping that Jenny was right. “Actually, sis, if you remember, that wasn’t exactly the kind of kiss I gave to Erin.” Picture Jenny looking confused. “Remember something about my telling Erin she should be shaved?”

Now the light dawns. “Oh God. That’s gross. I can’t kiss her there.”

“Now, now. Sure you can. You just kneel in front of her, put your hands on her hips, pull her toward you, and kiss. It’s easy.”

To my surprise, Jenny didn’t put up any more resistance. She walked over in front of Erin, again reached up and kissed her on the lips, then slid her hands down Erin’s body as she knelt down in front of her. She ran her fingers along the line of Erin’s panties, down to her crotch, then ran her hands down the front of Erin’s legs as she sat down at Erin’s feet. She stared at Erin’s crotch for a second, then kneeled up again and put her hands on Erin’s hips. As instructed, she pulled Erin’s panty covered crotch toward her face, as she leaned forward at the same time. She brought her lips experimentally toward Erin and kissed her softly at the spot where the lace met the lycra (probably about at the top of Erin’s modest hair line).

“Remember,” I said, “I nibbled at Erin’s panties through her tights.” Jenny, who was still staring, fascinated, at Erin’s crotch, nodded her head. She leaned forward again and bit at the top of Erin’s panties and pulled them away from her body. When Jenny had pulled them back about an inch, she let them go to the sound of the light ‘snap’ they made when they bounced back against Erin’s body. “Did you see her pussy hair?” I asked my sister. “She nodded her head without ever taking her eyes off Erin’s pussy. “Erin,” I ordered, “open your legs for my sister to see.” Erin shuffled her feet apart until they were just outside Jenny’s knees. “Now walk forward a bit.” As she did so, Jenny had to lean back on her feet and then further. Also, Erin had to spread her legs apart further as she got over Jenny. Now Jenny was leaning back on her hands to keep her balance.

“Now, sis, kiss Erin between her legs: right where her panties get thinner.” Jenny leaned forward and held on to Erin’s ass cheeks to balance herself. Erin had to grab hold of a chair to keep from falling over. Jenny didn’t even notice, though, as she pushed her face upwards into Erin’s pussy and gave her a kiss right on the pussy lips. She didn’t offer any tongue, of course, but it was clear that she was fascinated by what I was making her do.

I walked forward and put my arms on Jenny’s shoulders. “That was great sis. Wasn’t it Erin?”

Erin was actually looking quite flushed, but she managed to stammer out “Yes. ... It was very nice.”

“O.K., then. Next hand.”

I dealt out four hands again, again cheating with the bottom of the deck, but I didn’t get anything. The girls picked up their hands quite willingly. This time the exception was Carla, to my surprise. She stared at the cards in front of her for quite a while after everyone else had finally picked up their hands. Finally, she did look at her cards, and when she did, she was obviously quite satisfied.

I, on the other hand, was not satisfied at all. I’d gotten shit so far and, when I drew three cards, I’d gotten more shit. Carla drew one, and Jenny and Erin both drew three. I decided that, given the state of the girls, I could safely draw three again. True to expectations, no one noticed. This time I did manage to draw a pair of jacks, and I hoped it would be enough to get to see more clothes come off. As I’d hoped, I was not the low hand. Jenny had a pair of sixes or something, and Carla had two pair (not counting the pair she always had with her).

“Time for the skirt, sis,” I said. “Go ahead, Carla.” Take her clothes the way I took yours.”

Jenny stood up and straightened her skirt out, then waited for Carla to come over. Carla just looked at her for a second, then stood up and walked over. She had to kneel down behind Jenny to get a grip on her zipper, since she was so much taller than my sister. She undid it in one quick motion, Then pushed the sides forward and down to get it over Jenny’s hips, then down to the floor. She ran one hand over the back of one of Jenny’s legs as she stood up, then wrapped her arm around Jenny’s waist and leaned over and kissed her quickly on the lips. When she pulled away, Jenny actually grabbed her and pulled her back. “C’mon, Carla. That was hardly a kiss. I want a real one.” My sister took the initiative and pushed up against Carla’s body. The nine inch height difference meant that Carla’s tits were pushing into Jenny shoulders, even though Jenny was standing on tiptoe. She pulled Carla’s face down to hers and kissed her deeply on the lips. She even tried giving Carla a little tongue, as I had done to her. She also ran one hand down Carla’s back to her ass. She gave it a good squeeze, too, while she was kissing her. My kid sister was learning fast.

“Don’t forget the other kiss, Carla. You’ve still got that to do.” Carla nodded, though she’d obviously hoped I’d forgotten that, and knelt down in front of my sister and kissed her right at the top of the crotch. It wasn’t quite what I wanted, though.

I still wanted to see Carla really sex my sister somehow. “You know, Carla, it’s not really the same, since Jenny’s still got her body/top on. A kiss down there isn’t much of anything as it is. I want you to feel her up under the crotch of her body.” Carla didn’t even protest. She knelt back down in front of Jenny and started to reach her hand between Jenny’s legs. She looked up at Jenny and sort of pushed against her crotch. “I think Carla’s asking you to spread your legs for her, Jen.”

Jenny mumbled “Sorry Carla,” as she opened her legs. This was such a bizarre tableau, though. Jenny was obviously feeling mixed emotions about the whole thing. She didn’t spread her legs until I’d told her she had to, but she talked as though she wanted Carla to feel her up. Also, when she did spread her legs, she got a deeply red blush, and just stared straight ahead.

Carla reached up with her hand between Jenny’s legs to her ass. She then quickly slipped her hand underneath the crotch of the body Jenny was wearing and pulled her hand forward, under Jenny’s body.

“Be sure you’re feeling the crack of Jenny’s ass and pussy, Carla,” I said. Carla just nodded. She obviously was doing just that based on the effect it was having on Jenny. I had thought she’d been red before, she was really turning red now. This had turned from a blush to a flush.

After about twenty seconds, I said “O.K., girls. Time to come back to the game.” Carla pulled away from Jenny and sat down on the floor again.

Again I dealt. Again I cheated. This time, I won. My sister lost for the second time in a row. Though Jenny had been quite happy to be stripped and felt-up by Carla, she seemed much more unhappy about having to lose to me. Whether it was because she was afraid of me or because she was afraid to lose her body/top, I still don’t know. In any event, I told her to stand up and moved her over to the “stripping ground.” Everyone seemed to take their clothes off in this spot, and the spot happened to be exposed to the dark closet wherein my video cam sat, whirring away.

I turned Jenny to face inward, toward Carla and Erin, then I knelt down in front of her. I ran my fingers lightly over her tits and belly, which had the effect of tickling Jenny terribly. She pushed my hands away in self-defense, so I concentrated on her legs now. I ran my fingers up the front of her shins, over her knees, and up her thighs to her crotch. I slipped my fingers under her body and ran them along the line between her upper thighs and her crotch. Finally I reached between her legs and unsnapped the crotch of her body. I pushed the body up to her belly, above the top of her tights. I had noticed earlier that her tights were not nearly as opaque as C’s & E’s tights, and that was now confirmed. I could clearly make out Jenny’s pussy hair under her tights. It was dark, but not heavy. It looked like she had more than peach fuzz, but she would never be very hairy down there.

“Open your legs, sis,” I told her. Obediently, she shuffled her feet apart about a foot or so. I reached between her legs to grab her ass with one hand, then I pulled my hand through, between her legs, keeping my middle finger on her crack. I started at the top of the crack of her ass, then down to her pussy. Where her tights wanted to pull away from her body, I kept the material pushed up against (sometimes even slightly inside) her crack. I did this slowly, and when I’d almost get to the end of her pussy in front, I’d retrace her crack back to her ass. I almost pushed my finger inside both her pussy and ass hole through her tights. After about a full minute of this treatment, I finished up at the top of her cunt, just rubbing against her clit. As I did so, her legs almost buckled. She grabbed my arm and tried to push my hand back between her legs. She was, apparently on the verge of coming.

I didn’t let her control the action, though. Instead I ran my fingers up the sides of her legs and stood up. As I did so, I said “Little sister likes that, does she?” and also moved my hands from the sides of her legs to the backs of them, and to her ass. Still as I was rising (in both senses), I grabbed her ass with both hands, pulled her up against my body and lifted her off the floor. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply. This time, she did react. She put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me back, and even slipped me a bit of tongue, as I’d done to her last time. I held her like that for a few moments, then lowered her back to the ground.

“O.K., I want to see those teeny tits now.”

“Don’t say that! ... They’re not teeny,” she said as she hit me on the chest. “It’s not fair!”

“We’ll see about that, sis. Now ‘arms up.’” Jenny lifted her arms over her head and I grabbed the sides of the body and lifted it up her body and over her head. With her arms raised as they were, her tits really looked like nothing. Little more than nipples, in fact. When she lowered her arms, thought, they did fill out slightly.

“Sorry, kiddo. I gotta call a spade a spade. I think I was generous, when I called those ‘lemons.’ I think they probably qualify as limes, at best.”

“You’re not being very nice, Dave,” said Carla. “I think they’re very nice looking. If I were a boy, I’d be happy to date a girl with nice tits like that.”

Jenny, who was almost on the verge of tears, lashed out at Carla even though she was coming to her defense. “That’s easy for you to say. Isn’t it. Any boy would kill to go out with you” (man, was Jenny right about that) “and get their hands on your boobs. No one wants to go out with me, because I’ve got nothing there.”

“Don’t you worry, little sister. There are lots of boys that’d die to go out with a girl like you,” I said. “Even me. I’ve been dying to have a peek at your lovely body, and I’m going to love making love to you. You’ve got a very nice little body, even if it isn’t as voluptuous as Carla’s, or even Erin’s. It’s still lovely you know.” Jenny just sniffled a couple of times as I was saying this.

She really does have a lovely body. What I had said about C & E was true too. Jenny would never be as voluptuous as either of them, but she does have a very nice, very tight, little body. As she stood there in only her black tights, I looked her over. Her tits were small; like I said, lime sized, but her nipples were very nice looking, tight little buds. All three of them, luckily, have very small nipples and areolae, which I love. She’s so thin, with an incredibly flat stomach, that her tits don’t look incredibly small. Her body is sexy as hell.

“O.K.,” I said. “Now it’s time for your other kiss.” Jenny stood up, almost at attention. “Turn around, kiddo.” Jenny turned her back to us and faced the closet. I moved a chair in front of her, with its back toward her. “Now bend over and put your hands on the back of that chair.” Jenny did so, and bent all the way over at the waist. Her tights now really got thin enough to expose her pussy and ass to view. I knelt down behind her and ran my tongue up from bottom to top, starting as low down as I could at her pussy, pushing in slightly when I got to her hole, then pushing in again when I got to her ass hole. Jenny shuddered almost continuously as I was doing this. Again, she was close to coming. (Actually, I don’t know why I was surprised by this. I was hopelessly over-sexed. Genetically, I should have expected her to be the same way.)

I worked on her for about thirty seconds, then stopped. She groaned as I quit tonguing her pussy and ass. She clearly didn’t want me to stop. I pulled her to a standing position, then turned her ‘round and led her by the hand back to the circle. She sat down where she had been sitting, but instead of sitting cross-legged (which would have exposed her crotch) she knelt down and sat back on her feet. Then she slipped one hand between her legs to cover her pussy and held the other arm across her tits.

I sat down in my spot and dealt out five more cards apiece. This time I figured it was my turn to lose. In addition to everything else, my clothes were starting to get awfully uncomfortable as I stared at three nearly naked beautiful girls. I actually got a pair of something that time, so I drew one card (throwing one-half of the pair away). No shock, when I laid my cards down, I had nothing. Erin won the hand and she was so excited to get to take some of my clothes off, she practically jumped for joy. She skipped over to me and pulled me to my feet. Then she led me over to the couch and sat me down. I played reluctant, but was more than ready to start getting naked.

“You know,” I said, “I feel a little bit guilty since I started out with five things, especially since I’ve been the one whose had all the luck so far. I think it’s only fair that I start out no better off than Carla.”

“You have had all the luck, David,” said Carla. “I think that’s fair.”

Jenny didn’t say a word. I think she was too embarrassed to think about anything. I’m not sure that anyone had ever seen as much of her body as we were seeing now, and she was clearly self conscious.

Erin just shrugged and said “O.K. That means I get to take off two things.”

“Shoes and socks, my love. That’s all you get this time,” I told her.

When Erin had finished, we went back to the circle, I dealt another round, and cheated again. This time it was Erin’s turn to lose and Carla’s turn to win. I was actually quite happy about that outcome since I would now be able to see all three sets of tits. Carla didn’t even wait for directions. She stood up walked over to Erin and pulled her to her feet. She let Erin stand right where she had been sitting, lifted Erin’s arms up over her head, and with practically no fanfare, grabbed the bottom of Erin’s tube top and pulled it up and over her head.

She also quickly leaned over and kissed Erin on the lips, then turned back to her spot and sat down again.

“I think you’ve forgotten something, Carla,” I said. “I think you owe Erin two kisses, not just one.”

“I won the hand. That means I don’t have to do something I don’t want to.... Doesn’t it?”

“Not quite, my dear. You have to do whatever I tell you to do, even though you won.” I really wanted to look at Erin and take in her beauty, but I was having to concentrate on Carla. I now looked over at Erin to talk to her.

Erin took my breath away.

Erin might be the most gorgeous looking of the three. Her features are quite delicate but her body... her body is fantastic. Jenny’s got no tits at all, and Carla, quite frankly, looks too big. Erin’s tits are just right. Like I said, Erin’s about a “C” cup, with tiny nipples. Her tits were perfectly symmetrical and conical. There was absolutely no sag at all. Her nipples were tight and erect and perfectly well defined. They were perfect in every way, shape, and form.

Now, I decided, was time for the next step.

End of Chapter 3.