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Card Games

Chapter 4—Fechez la vache

“Nobody move,” I said. “I’ll be right back.” I quickly ran up the stairs to my room and grabbed a bag I’d prepared earlier. In it was my camera and a couple of other items. As I came into the room, I pulled the camera out of the bag and Carla and Erin both saw what I had with me. Both quickly covered up their tits and screamed at me. “What are you doing Dave?”

Jenny turned around to see what the commotion was all about. When she saw the camera, she sort of curled up in a ball and hid her face in her hands and let out a whimper, if anything.

“This is going to be preserved for posterity, girls. I’m going to be looking at these pictures for a long time to come. After all, I need something to remember this by.” I actually thought that Erin was the most pliable at this point, so I directed my comments at her. “Erin, put your arms down so I can take a picture of you.”

“Do I have to, Dave?” she squeaked.

I tried to sound exasperated. “I just told you what to do. Why are you asking me a question about it?”

Erin slowly lowered her arms to her sides, but was staring straight at the floor.

“Look up at the Camera, Erin.”

She lifted her face to look at the camera and I saw tears forming in her eyes: perfect. I took a couple of pictures of her standing there with only panties to cover her perfect body.

“Now sit down on the floor, Erin.” When she was sitting I said: “Now lean back on your hands and look up at the camera.” She still looked like a deer in headlights (as it were). “C’mon, Erin, smile.”

“Do you promise no one’s ever going to see these except you?”

“Of course,” I lied. “I just want something to remember tonight with. ... Now come on, smile.”

Erin did actually smile, and managed to look more comfortable. After I’d taken a couple more pictures of Erin in that pose, I turned back to Carla.

“Your turn Carla.” She was already sitting on the floor and had watched Erin pose (if you can call it that) quietly. Now Carla uncrossed her arms from in front of her tits and leaned back on her hands as Erin had done. I took a couple of pictures that way then asked “Can you suck your own nipples, Carla?” She looked down at the floor, but I saw a distinct nod. “Suck your nipples for the camera.” She leaned forward again and reached one hand down to cup a tit. She pulled it up toward her mouth and got her nipple close enough to lick. As she did this I was snapping away with the camera. “Very good Carla.”

I now turned by attention back to Erin. “O.K., now lie down on your back, Erin.” When she was laying flat on her back I stood just below, and to one side of, her feet. “Spread your legs.” Erin did so without complaining. I took a couple of pictures that way, then moved to behind Erin so I had a good view of Carla too. “Now, Carla, I think you still owe Erin a kiss. Crawl over here between Erin’s legs and give her a nice kiss.” Carla started to stand up. “No. I said crawl over. Hands and knees.”

As Carla crawled over I took pictures that clearly showed Carla’s face and Erin’s body. I was sure that the series of pictures would make it obvious that Carla was coming over to suck Erin’s pussy. Carla got to Erin and then lowered her face to Erin’s crotch. She kissed her and made it last a few seconds (she knew she wouldn’t get away with anything less) but she didn’t lick Erin at all. I figured I would let it go this time, since I’d have plenty of opportunity to see Carla in action later. As Carla pulled her face away from Erin’s crotch, I leaned over and grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her fiercely on the lips. Then I crawled over to Erin and, as she was sitting up, did the same to her.

“Come on. Next round.” I put the camera aside and picked up the cards. I dealt new hands as Carla and Erin were situating themselves. Jenny looked a little surprised to have avoided having her picture taken, but seemed quite happy with the result.

Again, all the girls seemed subdued. Each time I pushed them a little further they went along, but were slow in getting used to it. All the girls picked up their cards slowly; Jenny and Erin knew another loss would push them over the edge. I’m happy to report that Jenny got pushed over the edge first. Erin won this round. When she had picked up her cards, she looked so relieved that it was obvious she wasn’t going to lose. Now that she actually won, she was quite excited. (I think this event was making her appreciate the beauty of her two friends and I think she was excited to be pulling Jenny’s tights off in more ways than one.)

I pulled my camera out and started taking pictures of the event. Erin stood up, walked over to Jenny and offered her hand to Jenny. Jenny slowly reached up and held Erin’s hand and allowed herself to be helped up. I was taking pictures furiously of Erin, naked but for a pair of black panties, looking into Jenny’s eyes. Both were side on to me so Erin’s tits (or the one I could see) looked lovely and her nipple looked like it was erect (this time, I think, with excitement). Jenny’s tits (or tit) could barely be seen.

Erin knelt down in front of Jenny and kissed her lightly on the belly. Then she grabbed hold of Jenny’s tights at the waist and pulled down. They were still side on to me, so I couldn’t see much more of Jenny yet, but the curve of her ass was beautiful. Jenny kept staring straight ahead while Erin pulled her tights down to her feet. Now they both realized the problem they were going to have. Tights are a tough thing to take off while standing up, especially if it’s someone else trying to do the taking off. Jenny was totally hobbled but Erin needed to get her over to the couch so she could sit down.

At this point, I generously offered to carry Jenny over to the couch. I walked over to Jenny and looked her over. She actually looked very sexy being trapped by a pair of tights around her ankles. I slid my hands down her back, lingered over her ass, then slid down to her knees. Then I picked her up in a fireman’s carry and carried her over to the couch. As I put her down, I had a very nice view of her patch of pussy hair, which was incredibly sparse. Jenny was never a girl with a lot of body hair, but she almost looked like she had shaved her pussy.

After she was situated, I started to lean down to kiss her on the lips. To my surprise, she actually leaned up to meet my lips with hers and we shared a very loving (and sexy) kiss.

Now I stepped away from her to allow Erin to finish undressing her. Erin knelt down at her feet and pulled her tights off. I meanwhile had grabbed my camera and was taking pictures of Jenny naked. I told her to stand and had her pose facing the camera, facing away from the camera, and bending over at the waist to touch her toes. The last pose, obviously, provided me with some fine views of her pussy (and ass hole) peeking out from between her legs.

After five minutes of this I said “Well, that’s enough pictures for now. Time to return to the game.” We all went back to our circle, with Jenny kneeling with her knees together again. I dealt out new cards, but when I looked over at Jenny, she had left her cards on the floor and was looking at me, obviously puzzled.

“I’m already naked. Why are you dealing me more cards?”

“You may be naked, but you’re hardly finished.”

“What do you mean? What else do I have to lose?” she asked innocently.

“You’ve got three sex orifices, right? and I’m assuming they are all virgin. Is that correct?”

“What do you mean? I’ve got three what?”

“Orifices. ... Places to be fucked.”

Jenny gulped and covered her crotch with her hands. “I’ve only got one... place, I mean. Don’t I?”

“Well, you’ve got your mouth, too. Have you ever given a boy a blow job?”

“NO! That’s gross.”

“Is it as gross as taking it up the ass hole?”

“Oh, god,” she said quietly.

Meanwhile, when I’d said ass hole, I glanced at Carla and Erin. Carla shifted uncomfortably in place and Erin looked white as a sheet.

I turned back to Jenny and said “Have you ever had any of your ‘orifices:’ mouth, pussy or ass hole, filled during sex?”

Jenny shook her head. “no.”

I turned to Carla. “How about you?”

“Well, I’ve given boys blow jobs before.”

“But your ass hole and pussy are virgin?”

She nodded.

“And you, Erin?”

Without looking up, Erin said “I gave Matt White a handjob, once. He wanted me to suck it but I wouldn’t. I hit him in the dick when he tried to force me, then ran out of his car and all the way home after that.”

“So you’ve got three holes to lose, if you have to go that far. Carla’s got two and you’ve got three, Jen.”

Jenny nodded, then noticed her cards sitting on the floor and picked them up.

I cheated, but didn’t win. Erin did. My sister, though, was having such a string of bad luck. It continued. Jenny hadn’t been ahead since we’d made her take off her bra and panties, and she’d been dead last since shortly thereafter. She’d only won one hand the whole time, and had lost seven times. Erin had lost four times and won four (this would be five), and Carla had lost just twice, first and third hands and had won three times.

“Well, Jenny, it looks like Erin gets first crack at you. She gets to fuck you in the mouth.” All three girls looked at me, obviously confused.

End of Chapter 4