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Card Games

Chapter 5—You’ve got two coconuts, and you’re bangin’ ‘em together

I waited for a moment.

“I don’t understand what I’m s’possed to do,” was Erin’s comment.

“Well, in anticipation of this moment, I actually brought something down that you girls will find useful.” I reached into the bag in which I had brought down the camera and pulled out a contraption with several straps and a piece of plastic with a hole in it. I suspected none of the girls would recognize what it was at first. I told Erin to come over to me. She was wearing a pair of skimpy black panties that barely covered her triangle of hair and hardly covered her ass at all. She got up and walked over to stand in front of me. I had her turn around to face away from me, then I untangled the straps and wrapped the wide strap around Erin’s waist. It snapped together in the back with a loud “click.” A piece of triangular shaped rubber backed plastic with two straps hanging from it now hung down in front of Erin’s crotch. It was obviously a manufactured item and had a hole cut into the piece of plastic. If you looked closely at the hole, you would notice two notches cut into the circumference of the circle and would notice that the hole was actually grooved. It was obviously intended to receive a variety of attachments.

“Spread your legs, Erin.” She shuffled her feet apart. I reached through her legs and pulled the piece of plastic up against her crotch. It hung slightly too low and I had to shorten the strap that connected it to the belt. I then pulled it through again and noted that the bottom of the hole sat nicely over her clit. I also noted that the plastic ended above her actually hole (as it was intended to do, to allow access to both cunt and ass). I pulled the two straps through and snapped each to its mate (both of which hung down at Erin’s sides, from the belt). I tightened the straps till the whole kit was secure, then stepped back to admire my handiwork.

Erin still had panties on, and that made the whole thing even slightly more erotic. Her ass was almost entirely exposed, though you could see the thin strap of her panties as it was pulled into the crack of her ass. Two thin straps emerged from between her legs to split in either direction and go around to her sides. Had it been necessary, those thin straps might have provided lift and support to those beautiful buttocks. As it was, her fine muscles provided all the tone and definition any connoisseur of beauty could want. I took a couple of pictures of her from behind, then told her to turn around. From the front, she looked breathtaking. Her lovely, creamy white, tits were the immediate attraction, but my focus quickly shifted to her lovely face, back down her chest and over her tits and (barely visible, but distinct) ribs, to her perfect legs. The extra item she was wearing did look a bit odd: a triangle of plastic with a hole in it.

Erin was obviously still confused about what I had put on her. “How is this going to help me ... in what you want me to do,” she asked.

I heard Carla snigger. I could tell from the look on her face that she had figured out what the item was as soon as I’d strapped it on. Looking at Jenny, though, it was obvious that she was as baffled by the contraption as Erin. She just looked puzzled.

I reached back into my bag of tricks, rooted around in it for a moment, finding what I was looking for, and emerged with what appeared to be a thin, plastic cock on a round base. I walked over to Erin, knelt down in front of her and, after a second of twisting and pulling stepped away to admire Erin’s new toy. Erin’s ‘cock’ was (admittedly) not very realistic, not very long, and not very thick. But I wanted to save the best and tightest fit for my own machinery. Erin’s ‘cock’ would serve, for now, though I had other attachments that I might have them try later.

To her credit, Jenny looked rather more curious than horrified. It had now dawned on Erin what was going to be expected of her. I took this opportunity to grab my camera again and shot a few more pictures. Then I told Erin to go sit down on the couch. “Slide your butt forward,” I told her after she was sitting. “Now spread your legs.” Now I turned my attention to Jenny. “Time to give your first blow job, though getting Erin to come is going to be tricky.”

Jenny moved over and knelt down between Erin’s legs. She put her lips around the tip of the dildo and kissed it. “That’s never going to do anything, Jen. Take the whole thing in your mouth. This one’s tiny. What are you going to do when you’ve got to deep throat me?”

Jenny tried. She got three-quarters of it in her mouth, then suddenly came back up coughing and gagging. It was Carla who tried to offer advice this time. “You’ve got to relax your throat muscles. Just relax and try to swallow it. ... Don’t worry, it won’t be going anywhere.”

After pausing a second to catch her breath, Jenny tried again. She actually managed to take the whole thing this time, but as I said, it was quite small, maybe four inches long, and quite thin.

“Now rub Erin under the strap-on,” I told Jenny.

Jenny did so, but Erin just looked embarrassed, siting on the couch with her strap-on dildo in Jenny’s mouth and Jenny’s fingers rubbing her clit.

I took a couple more pictures of the scene but this was doing nothing for me so I said “OK. That’s enough. It’s not much of a blow job Jenny, but you’ll get to work on your technique more with me, later. Let’s play another round.”

Jenny got up from Erin’s crotch and sat back down in the circle. Erin stood up and I motioned for her to walk over to me. I felt up her body from the front (just for kicks) then had her turn around. I unsnapped the belt strap of the strap-on and loosened the other two straps and she was able to step out of it. I had her step back into my arms so I was holding the strap-on in front of her with both hands. I could have let go of it with one hand and let her walk away. Instead I held on to it with both hands and lifted it up over her head. As I did so, I pulled Erin back into me with my arms and rubbed my crotch up against her ass. I was so hard, I thought I would burst.

Instead I put the dildo aside and went back to our little circle. I dealt another round of cards to everyone but I was still practically fully dressed. I figured it was time to lose another round. I had no trouble doing so, and Jenny won that round. I told Jenny she could take my shirt.

Jenny walked up to me and untucked my shirt from my jeans. She unbuttoned my shirt from the bottom, and had to reach to unbutton the last, top button. She came around behind me and pulled my shirt off my arms, then she reached around my body and hugged me to her, rubbing her hands over my chest. Feeling her naked body against my back was also quite a turn-on. My pants had looked like a pup-tent practically since we started. This was no different.

Finally I pulled her hands away from my chest and turned around in Jenny’s arms. I leaned over and kissed her long and hard on the lips. My sexy sister was really getting hot. As she sat back down in the circle, I thought I could see that she was getting wet between her legs.

I was really in a hurry now. I wanted to just play fast so I could fuck one of them soon. I dealt another hand and didn’t cheat again (but also didn’t try to lose). This time Jenny won again (her luck appeared to be changing) and Erin lost. This was it for Erin as far as clothes went. She was down to her panties and now would lose those.

Jenny walked up to Erin and pulled her to a standing position. Jenny slid her arms under Erin’s and pulled Erin to her. She kissed Erin directly on the lips and was giving her lots of action. As she was doing this, she slid her hands under the straps of Erin’s panties and pushed them off her ass and down. She had to slide her hands around a bit to get them over Erin’s hips, but once past there, with a little push, they fell to the ground. Erin responded to Jenny’s kissing her, somewhat unwillingly, but noticeably. Jenny pulled away from the kiss, then knelt down in front of Erin and had her step out of her panties. She started to sit back up to kiss Erin’s crotch, but I was too impatient to wait for that.

“Come on, girls. Next hand. You’ll have plenty of time to eat Erin out later.”

I quickly dealt another round, and the girls had their cards even before they were sitting at their places. Again I figured I’d just let luck land where it might, and it was good to me to the tune of three-of-a-kind. I was so ready to unload, that I was psyched to win. I figured I’d either get Erin’s mouth or Jenny’s pussy, and either would do. Unfortunately, neither lost. Carla, the only girl with clothes left, finally lost again. I groaned when everyone put their cards down and Carla was the only girl with nothing. Jenny and Erin both looked relieved, since I think they had figured out that the easy part was over.

I had Carla stand up and I was about ready to strip off her tights, when I thought of something more fun. “I think I’ll take your panties, this time. You’ve been lucky enough. I want to see your cunt now.” I had Jenny run into the kitchen and grab a pair of scissors. When Carla saw what Jenny was bringing me, she blanched.

“What are those for?”

“Don’t worry. I’m not about to hurt you, but I want to take your panties without taking off your tights. I pulled Carla’s tights down to about cunt level. The panties Carla was wearing were almost the same as the pair Erin had been wearing. I snipped the straps that made up the waist towards her back. Then I pulled on the strap that had slid between the cheeks of her lovely ass and pulled her panties through her legs, under her tights and up the crack of her ass. This seemed to have quite an effect on Carla, as she shuddered as her panties were pulled through.

After this, I walked around to her front and gave her a deep kiss on the lips. As I did so, I let my right hand wander down her back to her ass. I slid one of my fingers down the crack of her ass to her ass-hole. At this point she started to squirm a little. I put more pressure on her ass hole and she started to squirm more. Finally, I forced my finger past her sphincter, and up her ass. As I did so, she twisted away, now on the verge of tears.

“No fair,” she said. “You promised that you wouldn’t touch that unless we lost it.”

“No. I promised that I wouldn’t fuck it unless you lost it. Finger fucking doesn’t count.”

“Well, anyway, you can’t touch me there. I need to go to the toilet.”

I raised my finger toward my face and could smell exactly what she meant. “Oooohhh. You sure do. We’ll take care of that later. Sit down for now, though. We’re going to play another round.”

I ran into the kitchen and washed my hands quickly. Though fingering Carla up her ass had gotten me as hard as I felt like I’d ever been, the subsequent result and deflated me slightly. When I walked back into the living room, though, and saw Jenny and Erin butt-naked sitting on the floor, and Carla sitting next to them with those fine tits on display, I quickly regained my resolve. I dealt another hand and this time I lost and Jenny won. She’d get to strip me again.

I stood up and Jenny crawled over to me. Still kneeling, she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and tried to push them down my legs. Not surprisingly, my dick was in the way.

“Jenny, just take it softly with your hand and straighten it out. Jenny slowly reached her hands into my pants and put her hand round my dick (though it was still inside my shorts). She pulled it up, out of my jeans so it no longer presented an obstruction. I thought it would pop through the flies of my shorts but it was so hard that it pushed, instead, against the waistband of my shorts. After she had pulled my jeans down my legs and I had stepped out of them. I straightened my shorts and my cock. It’s head now popped out from the waistband of my shorts leaving about an inch of my cock exposed.

Jenny was just staring at it wonderingly. “Kiss it, Jen.” She leaned up and kissed it lightly on the tip. As she did so, it shifted a bit and, if possible, grew even longer.

“OK. I need some relief. Let’s play another round.”

I dealt again and again I didn’t cheat. Again I didn’t need to. I won and this time, Erin did lose.

“Your first hole, Erin. Are you excited?”

Erin shook her head in disbelief. “I can’t swallow that whole thing,” she said, and she could only see the tip. I leaned back on my elbows and told her to come forward. She crawled toward my crotch and when she got there I told her to pull down the front of my shorts. As she pulled my shorts down to my balls, my cock sprang up at her face, finally released from its confinement.

“OK. Suck it.”

Erin tried, but her inexperience was obvious. She nipped my cock a couple of times with her teeth and could hardly get any of it in her mouth. Though the experience was erotic, it wasn’t going to allow me to come.

“Come on. Take more of it in your mouth but keep your teeth behind your lips.... Use your tongue. And use more saliva.” I was really getting desperate now. I’d held my load for over an hour and I needed to come. NOW.

She pulled her face away from my cock and I saw she was practically in tears. “I can’t. I can’t do it. I can’t breath while I’m sucking and it hurts my jaw.”

“Shit!” I said. “This is never going to work.” I rushed over to the cards. “This hand is just between you and Jenny. Whoever loses, I fuck in the pussy. Whoever wins, helps me fuck the loser.”

“Wait.” This cry arose from Jenny. “That’s not fair. Why doesn’t Carla have to play.”

“I’ve still got something on, bitch. I can’t lose my pussy.”

Now things were starting to heat up. I’d already dealt two hands. Erin had crawled over to hers and I practically threw Jenny’s hand to where she was sitting.

I turned back to Erin. “How many?”


I dealt her three cards then turned back to Jenny. “You?”

Jenny hadn’t even looked at her cards yet. She slowly pulled them off the floor, looked at them, and threw three back in.


Jenny picked up her cards, put them into her hand and slowly laid them on the floor. Her hands were shaking like mad.

Jenny had a pair of nines.

I turned back to Erin: “Let’s see.”

Erin was looking at Jenny’s hand and I could see a smile spreading over her face. She laid her cards down triumphantly. A pair of kings.

I practically ripped off my shorts, then crawled over to Jenny, grabbed one foot, and dragged her to the center of the circle. She was covering her pussy with her hands, but I shouted at her to move her hands out of the way. I spread her knees apart and motioned for Erin to come over.

“I told you that the winner was going to have to help me fuck the loser. You hardly did a decent job on my blow-job. Now you’ve got to lubricate both of us so I can slip into Jenny. You’d better start licking.”

Erin started on my cock, licking it instead of sucking it.

“OK. Enough, already. Get going on Jenny’s pussy.” Erin now shifted over to between Jenny’s legs. She knelt there for a moment, just staring at Jenny’s slit. I pushed her over so she fell forward between Jenny’s legs. “C’mon, Erin. Get to work.”

Erin started to lap at Jenny’s pussy like a dog. She obviously didn’t know what she was doing, but it was turning me on nevertheless. Looking at Erin was turning me on as well. Jenny was lying on her back with her legs spread, hiding her face in her hands. Erin was kneeling between Jenny’s legs and bent over with her face in Jenny’s crotch. Because she was kneeling, though, her ass was sticking well up into the air. She was providing Carla and I with a beautiful view of her virgin pussy and ass hole. Even though it wasn’t time for me to fuck Erin, I was sorely tempted.

I decided to bend the rules of the game slightly.

I reached back into my bag of tricks and pulled out another item I was sure I was going to need: a bottle of baby oil. I popped open the cap and squirted oil all over Erin’s back and ass. With my hand I spread it over her ass and into her crack. I lubed up her pussy and ass hole, then crawled up behind her.

When I first poured oil on Erin, she had stopped licking Jenny and turned around to look at me. I slapped her on the ass and told her to get back to eating Jenny out. Then, when I crawled up behind her, she twisted around again.

“Wait. I won that hand! You can’t do me. PLEASE?!”

“I’m in control of the rules, Erin. But I’m not going to really ream you. You’re right. It is Jenny’s turn. But I’m going to warm up on you.”

As I said that I pushed Erin’s feet apart and crawled up to her ass and pussy. My cock was straining like mad, and was desperate for somewhere to fuck. I pushed my cock up against Erin’s crack, but I didn’t slip it in. I rubbed the underside of it against Erin’s pussy, sliding it up and down along her pussy and over her ass hole. Then I pulled back a little and pointed my cock downward, between her legs. I slipped it between her legs and against her pussy and clit. I ‘fucked’ her this was for a few seconds. My cock was now fully lubed between Erin’s spittle and the oil that had spread over her sex.

As I pulled away from Erin, I was surprised that Erin pushed back against me. This girl was hot to be fucked. I fingered her pussy for a second and I wasn’t sure if she was wetter because of the oil or because of her own juices. I think she was also hot because she was going down on my sister! This was obviously a girl who was hot as hell and didn’t care where she got it from. She just wanted sex.

As I stared at the tiny slit that was Erin’s virgin pussy, I couldn’t help myself. I figured I’d just kill two birds with one stone and, as long as I didn’t come inside Erin, it wouldn’t count as her losing at cards.

As she was pushing back toward me, I pointed the head of my cock at her virgin entrance. I slid the head of my penis between her lips and tried to slide forward. I actually had quite an easy time of it. She was well lubed inside and out. I pushed forward harder and was in, probably two inches or so, when I came up against what had to be her hymen.

Since I’d started to fuck her, Erin hadn’t made a sound other than moaning. Now she said “Why are you stopping?”

“I’m going to break your cherry,” I told her. “It’s going to hurt.”

“Just fuck me. ... Hurry,” then she went back to eating my sister.

I pulled almost all the way out again and pushed in again slowly. I came up against her hymen again and tried to push past it without being too violent. It wasn’t working. I pulled back again and tried again softly. Still no luck. Finally I just slid out, slid back in and pushed as hard as I could. It worked, all right. I broke Erin’s cherry. Erin cried out and fell forward onto Jenny. And Jenny screamed.

I had been determined not to come in Erin’s pussy, since I wanted to fuck my sister, too. Jenny’s small scream brought me back to my plan. I put a couple more strokes in Erin then I pulled out and turned her over, on top of Jenny’s leg. Erin was crying softly, and as I pushed her over she slid off of Jenny’s leg and onto the floor.

I now got between Jenny’s legs again, but as soon as she saw my penis, Jenny screamed again. When I looked down at myself, I realized why. My cock was covered in blood. I now looked down between Erin’s legs and saw that she had bled quite a bit. Although Erin was still crying softly, she was also starting to rub herself between her legs. That girl was HOT. She was trying to masturbate now, and I could see it was starting to work. She had her eyes closed and was frigging herself madly. As Jenny and I watched, she came. I was too horny to stop myself now. I grabbed the bottle of oil again and poured some between Jenny’s legs.

When Jenny realized I was still intent on popping her cherry, she grabbed her crotch.

“You promised it wouldn’t hurt.” She pointed at Erin. “I can’t do that.”

“Jenny. You’re going to have to do it eventually. Anyway, I’ve never heard of a cherry that was that hard to break. Erin was unusual. It’s not going to hurt you that much. Besides, you saw how quickly Erin recovered.”

Erin, meanwhile was just lying on her back next to us, breathing deeply with her eyes closed. She was still crying slightly. When she heard what I said, she opened her eyes and looked back at Jenny and smiled a small, quiet kind of smile. Then she put her hand out between Jenny and me and herself, palm up.

Jenny was looking into her eyes, then saw her hand, waiting. After a second she moved her hands from her crotch and reached out to grab Erin’s hand. She shifted her focus back to Erin’s eyes, and that’s when I decided I could go to work.

I slipped my slippery, oily, and bloody dick between Jenny’s legs. I pointed the head against her pussy, slid it up and down a bit against her slit, then started to push in. After I had started to push in a little, I looked back at my beautiful sister’s face to find her staring right into my eyes.

“You promised it wouldn’t hurt too bad. Make it not hurt,... please.”

“I’ll try, Jenny. I promise.”

I pushed into her as slowly as I could. I got one inch in with no trouble. Two inches slid in and still no real resistance. I kept pushing, and she kept taking. Before very long, I was all the way in, and had had no trouble at all.

“That’s it, Jen. I told you it wouldn’t hurt.”

“I didn’t feel anything break.? How, ... but .... I swear.... I swear, I’ve never done it with anyone.”

“Look. Just be quiet. Quit worrying about anything and just enjoy it.” I slipped out as I was saying this and slipped back in. Now I started to fuck Jenny back and forth. As I did so, I took in her lovely body. OK, so she didn’t have the greatest tits. She still had a stomach that was flat and perfect. Her nipples, on what tits there were, were lovely. And best of all she had a face that I was in love with. As I fucked her I picked her bottom up and knelt up. I was now on my knees with my cock buried in her pussy and the only parts of her body that were touching the floor were her shoulders and head. She was so light that I picked her up still further till her shoulders were also off the ground.

I fucked her this was for a few moments, then had a sexy idea. Erin was still lying on her back watching us. I looked down between Erin and Jenny and saw that they were still holding hands.

“Erin, I want you to lean over and kiss Jenny.”

Erin rolled over and slid alongside us. I lowered Jenny back to the floor and Erin reached her free hand over Jenny’s body to her other side. She knelt over Jenny and gave her a deep kiss on the lips. Then she moved her hand away from Jenny’s and to Jenny’s face. She started kissing her deeply as I fucked her deeply.

This was way too much for me. I couldn’t take any more. As I felt myself start to come, I grabbed Erin’s hips and pulled her over toward mine. I slid my hand over her ass and to her, no longer virgin, pussy. I slipped a finger into it and finger fucked her as I came like a horse into my sister. I must have come for five minutes (it felt like) with my cock in Jenny’s pussy, my finger in Erin’s pussy and Erin’s tongue in Jenny’s mouth.


End of chapter 5