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Caress Curse

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Synopsis: Kelly asks a witch to help her get comfortable with BDSM, but finds out she got more than she bargained for… and maybe more than she can handle.

Kelly was beginning to regret bringing up her sex life with Taniesha. For one thing, Taniesha was not keeping her voice down at all, despite the fact that they were walking through the city in the middle of the day. Thankfully, they weren’t on the busiest street, but still…

“C’mon, who doesn’t like to get spanked or tied up once in a while? I know from your books you aren’t that basic.” Taniesha was referring to the trashy romance novels that Kelly wrote for a living. Her husband’s accounting job was steady enough that she could stay at home and write. While she spent some time every week working on her epic fantasy series, she spent most of the time cranking out bodice-rippers under a pen name.

“It’s not that I don’t think it’s hot, it’s just physically uncomfortable. It just takes me out of it, no matter how worked up Mark gets me.” Kelly gave a heavy sigh. “I know we’re plenty active, but I’m still worried that if I can’t do this for him, he’ll find…”

“Don’t even finish that sentence. No man in his right mind is gonna leave that,” Taniesha admonished, gesturing at Kelly from head-to-toe.

Despite her modest demeanor, even Kelly had to admit that she was attractive. It was a point of pride that she was fit in her early-forties. Despite her tall, slim figure, she still managed to keep the C-cups she got from pregnancy. While she couldn’t compete with Taniesha’s bubble butt, Kelly’s trunk was certainly not devoid of junk. Between that and a face that still had girl-next-door vibes, she knew she was a catch. The only things she hated about her body were how much effort it took to keep tangles out of her wavy brown hair and her long nipples that just refused to hide under anything shy of a winter coat. She knew Mark had no complaints there, or anywhere else for that matter.

Before Kelly could reply, Taniesha pointed down the alleyway they were passing. “Has that place always been there?”

Kelly turned to see, with just as much unfamiliarity as her friend, a small shop. The handmade wooden sign hanging above the door read Madame Kasmira’s Mysteries: Fortune Telling, Charms, and Potions. “I’ve never noticed it before.”

Taniesha scrunched her hands and shoulders with glee. “Girl, we ’bout to get our palms read. I love these places,” she gushed. Then, in a mischievous tone, she added “ooh, maybe there’ll be a ‘potion’ to spice things up with you and your man.” She had already thrown her arm around Kelly’s shoulders and dragged her up to the door when a notification popped up on her phone. Taniesha stared daggers at the device. “Are you for- I told this boy a hundred times…”

Taking things down a notch and turning to Kelly, Taniesha said “that new kid on helpdesk just touched something he shouldn’t of and now I’m gonna have to go back and spin up the domain controller VM before- I don’t know why I’m telling you this, you don’t speak I.T.” Already starting to jog back, Taniesha called back to Kelly “You go check that place out for the both of us. Tell me how it is tomorrow!”

Kelly didn’t get a chance to reply before Taniesha turned out of view. She didn’t particularly buy into this superstitious stuff, though she loved the aesthetic. With Taniesha gone, her lunch plans were shot anyway. Kelly sighed, pulled open the creaky wooden door, and stepped in.

* * *

The bell on the door announced her entrance as Kelly squeezed in. The shop was cramped, with a narrow path between absolutely packed shelves and tables. It reminded Kelly of a used book store, but the shelves held all sorts of vials, talismans, animal bits, and all other manner of occult paraphernalia. The shop was tiny though; it couldn’t have been bigger than a convenience store in an airport terminal. There were myriad scents in the one-room shop, but a sweet incense was doing its best to overpower them. Even if she didn’t buy anything, Kelly could definitely find some inspiration here for her fantasy novels.

She had only a brief moment to take this in before an old woman came through a door in the back. “Welcome, dearie! I’m Madame Kasmira. How can I help you today?” The woman looked well beyond 80, though she had clearly done her damnedest to keep in shape. She had her grey hair in an intricate braid and her outfit was reminiscent of your average renn faire shopkeeper.

“Hi, thanks, just browsing,” Kelly replied.

“Oh come now, no one goes through that door without something worrying them. What’s on your mind?” The gleam in Madame Kasmira’s eyes almost made it look like she already knew the answer.

The two of them were alone in the shop, and it wasn’t big enough to wander off. Whether it was the drive to break the awkwardness, the relaxing incense, or a desperation to vent, Kelly relented. “I’m… looking to spice things up in the bedroom. I guess you’d have… oils or something? I don’t know exactly what—”

The old woman chuckled. “Sweetie, we have all kinds of things for that. A potion that makes your nethers taste like your partner’s favorite dessert, piercings that glow whenever you look at someone who’s attracted to you, half a dozen different ways to make a penis larger…” Madame Kasmira leaned forward and locked eyes with Kelly. “But if you tell me what the trouble is, I can help you find what you need.”

Kelly deliberated a few moments, trapped in the matron’s seemingly-all-knowing gaze. Finally, she took a deep breath and mustered some courage. “My husband has always wanted to be… rough. He’s always enjoyed being dominant, and he wants me to bind me, slap me, and such. I think that’s hot, and I’d love to do it, but every time we try, the pain and discomfort just… shuts me down. The only foreplay that actually does anything for me is gentle touches.”

Madame Kasmira pondered this. “So you want to be able to enjoy it when your husband gets rough. Well, I have a couple of things. The first is this amulet that allows a succubus to possess your body whenever you wear it, but it’s pricey and you wouldn’t actually feel anything or be in control of your body while wearing it. Also, you’ve gotta be sure he’ll take it off when he’s done, or you’ve got to wait 6 hours until the charge runs out. Next, we’ve got a potion that will block all pain but still let you feel pleasure. That’s $50 for a bottle that’ll get you 15 doses, 20 minutes each dose. He can do whatever he wants, but it’ll still feel like normal sex for you, for better or worse.”

The elderly woman took out a book and began flipping through it as she continued to speak. “Now I’ve got a spell that would be more permanent, but I think it’s a better option for you. It sounds like you want to be able to enjoy pain and bondage, right?” Kelly nodded, blushing at her deepest insecurity being dissected matter-of-factly. “How would you like to have the pain and discomfort feel like gentle touches? You’d still be able to feel it, but it would feel good.”

Kelly was still not quite believing that any of this was possible. Hell, at this point, she wasn’t even sure this wasn’t a dream. But she was feeling remarkably relaxed and honest at the moment. “That sounds perfect.”

“Wonderful. Now all my permanent spells have a 1-month return policy. This one will cost $450; half now, half once the month is up. Do we have a deal?” The younger woman nodded. Madame Kasmira smiled and began to walk around the shop. “Good! Now, I just need to get some things ready. I’ve got the components I need here, but I need you to give me a drop of blood, a lock of hair, and that first $225. Check or credit?”

* * *

About ten minutes later, the two women sat on the floor of the back room. Kelly was naked in the middle of a circle of sigils and bowls of various powders, feathers, and other ingredients she deliberately did not investigate. The old woman had drawn strange patterns and foreign text all over Kelly’s skin, in a hot pink paint that she assured would disappear when the ritual was done. With everything in place, it was finally time for Madame Kasmira to place her hands on the magic circle and speak the words. Kelly thought she heard the old woman chant something in a different language, but she definitely heard a stanza in English:

For every touch, strike or scratch
Instead feel intimate caress
Except a partner deep inside
Feels intensely as desired

Kelly thought she felt something washing over her as Madame said the words, but it could easily have been a hot flash. The scrawling on her skin glowed briefly, then faded away as advertised. She didn’t feel any different afterwards.

The older woman misconstrued Kelly’s confusion, clarifying “the rhyme is better and more nuanced in the old tongue, but you get the gist. Go ahead and get dressed.” She waited in the front of the shop for Kelly to finish, then began guiding her towards the exit. “Now, wait at least until nightfall, and you should start to feel the effects as soon as you start getting frisky with your man. After that, it should work every time. I’ll check back with you in a month to see if you want the refund or to pay the rest to make it permanent. Would you like anything else?”

Kelly gave a soft “no thanks,” as she lazily pushed the door open.

“Alright, enjoy!” waved Madame Kasmira as the old door clattered shut.

Kelly absentmindedly began walking home, staring briefly at the spot where she’d pricked her finger to give blood for the ritual. She was still dazed from the events of the last half hour, but her head began to clear as she walked back to the bus stop. Did I just get scammed out of $225? Kelly thought to herself. A suspicion began to arise about how suggestible she’d been in the shop. Maybe I should’ve bought some of that “incense” she was burning instead.

* * *

All throughout dinner, Kelly had been at war with herself. On the one hand, she was trying to manage her expectations; magic isn’t real, and they were going to ruin another night by trying and failing BDSM just like all the other times before. On the other hand, she couldn’t help but be a little excited at the slim chance that this was going to work. There was also the question of how she was going to explain the charge on the-

“Ok, Kelly, what’s going on?”

“Huh?” Kelly started at Mark’s gentle, but sudden, voice. She straightened her back and moved her hand away from her thigh; a hand that she didn’t remember putting there.

“You’ve hardly said a word,” Mark explained “and you’ve been staring at me all evening. What gives?”

It wasn’t exactly hard for her to stare at Mark. He had a gentle face, but with a strong jaw and intense eyes. The bony boy she snagged in a shotgun-wedding all those years ago had turned what little fat he had into muscle, making a lithe, wiry man. The streak of grey that was creeping into his black hair had only made him look more distinguished as time went on. Kelly knew she was a catch herself, but she still counted herself lucky to have landed Mark.

Moment of truth, Kelly thought. She took a deep breath and collected her thoughts. “I would like to try letting you… play rough with me again tonight.”

She’d hoped Mark would be intrigued, but his expression instead showed trepidation. “Are you sure? It was only last, maybe Tuesday that we tried?”

This wasn’t going how she’d expected. “I… wasn’t ready. I think I needed to prepare ahead of time and… I’ve been preparing.” She tapped her phone to turn the bedroom lights on, and nodded toward the open door.

Mark turned to look through and saw that the few bondage accoutrements that they’d bought over the years had been dusted off and arranged on the bed. “I see,” he said, turning back to face his wife. “You have been—” he trailed off, eyes growing slightly wider “preparing.”

While he’d been looking at the room, Kelly had swiftly taken her dress off to reveal the lingerie underneath. Lingerie wasn’t a rarity at all for Kelly, but changing into it before he’d gotten home and hiding it under her boring everyday clothes had certainly made it a bit of a surprise. Truth be told, it was more to get herself ready for this moment than anything. She pouted theatrically and let out a quiet “pleeease?”

She could see the shift in Mark’s eyes that said he was convinced. “Nah, I think I’m gonna take things nice and slow… unless you beg properly for it.” He took her hand, helping her up from the table and guiding her towards the room.

“Yes, sir” Kelly purred.

* * *

True to his word, Mark had started working her up tenderly as usual. Kisses up and down her body, massaging her breasts and buttocks, licking and sucking the length of her nipples, and the brief, sporadic touches between her legs. A kiss to or breath on the clit here, a rub or lick of the vulva there, but nothing focused. Not yet.

Their clothes were long gone, Mark was hard as a rock, Kelly was soaking wet, and it was now or never.

“Please, sir,” Kelly panted. “Bind me. Punish me. Use me.”

Mark gently lifted her jaw and looked into her eyes. “You think you’re ready?”

“I’m ready. Please. I need it.” She hadn’t felt anything different yet, but everything had also been normal, gentle foreplay. She had an intense need to fuck, yes, but what she really needed was to know if that witch had done anything except take her money.

Mark took the wrist cuffs off the bed and slid them over her hands. He fastened them to her wrists, and clipped them together with a length of chain. She was still waiting for him to tighten them when he pulled the cuffs over her head and fastened the chain to a hook on the ceiling. She looked up at the cuffs and could see that, despite them feeling like a loose bracelet, they were digging into her skin. She pulled and wriggled in mock struggle, and where she should’ve felt chafing she felt a light massage.

It was working.

“Do you like that?” Mark asked. He was using a sultry tone to keep the mood, but Kelly knew what he meant was “are you okay?”

“Yesss,” Kelly sighed. Yes, she was okay. Yes, she liked that. Yes, it worked.

“That’s my good little slut,” Mark said as he walked behind her.

Slap! Kelly felt him give her buttcheek a loving squeeze, then realized a second later the sound she had heard. That wasn’t just a squeeze.

How far could this go? she wondered. “H-harder,” she gasped.

Smack! The exact same feeling on the other cheek, but with a much louder sound.

Kelly moaned out a sultry “AAAUUuungh.” She had been plenty worked up to begin with. Though she obviously wasn’t feeling the full impact of Mark’s palms, what she was getting felt goooood. She wanted more. “HARDER!”

Mark rummaged around on the bed behind her. First, he pulled her legs out wide and locked her into a spreader bar. He returned to the bed to select whatever else he had in store, leaving Kelly to explore the feeling of the metal rings around her ankles; to her, they might as well have been anklets. After a minute of leaving Kelly squirming in anticipation, he hugged her from behind, nibbled on her ear, and whispered “I love you.” She was trying to figure out whether that had really been a nibble or if he had actually bit her hard when-

THWACK! The sensation of half a dozen hands massaging her lower back assaulted Kelly for a split second. “Oh my g—” THWACK! The massage again, closer to her shoulder. “OOOoooOOOdddd!” This was unlike anything she’d ever felt, but still gentle enough that it merely stoked the fires in her loins. THWACK! The hands caressed her side now, and she could see Mark walking into view. More importantly, she saw the cat-o-nine-tails in his hand, solving the mystery of just what had been causing this. Kelly gasped as he wound up for the next swing, able to see the impending strike for the first time, but completely unable to avoid it. THWACK!

“NNNGHAAaaaahhhahahah!” He had swung between her forced-open legs this time. The feel of countless fingers gently stroking her pussy in the blink of an eye could not compare to anything Kelly had ever experienced. As mindblowing as it was though, she had yet to climax. It was all too quick, too tender, to actually push her over the edge. But oh was she getting closer, ever closer.

Mark walked toward her and slid his hands up the side of her body, all the way up her arms until his hands were on hers. He held her hands and kissed her passionately. Kelly responded with a significantly more forceful, frenetic kiss back. He pulled back, his head and body still held against hers. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Kelly was practically hyperventilating. “GivememorepleasepleaseIneedmore I. Need. More” she gibbered. His cock was pressed right up against her belly, and her hips were writhing involuntarily in an attempt to get up, over, and around it. The spreader made the idea of getting any kind of height fruitless. He was getting a nice little rub, but her pussy helplessly humped the air.

Mark stepped back and dropped his gaze to her chest. Her long, perpetually-perky nipples were as hard as they’d ever been. They were jutting straight out of her gorgeous tits. A devilish grin crossed his face. Without a word, he stared into Kelly’s eyes as he grabbed both nipples and twisted hard. Kelly mumbled incoherently, feeling the gentle nibbles that clearly contradicted what her eyes were seeing. Mark began sucking, pulling, biting, and pinching her nipples with increasing ferocity. If Kelly had been looking into his eyes, she’d have realized this is what he’d always wanted to do ever since he’d set eyes on her nips.

But she was too busy throwing her head back and screaming, trying and failing to process the sensations that assaulted her. All the sensitivity she’d had pre-pregnancy, across all the length she’d gained post-breastfeeding, but still just gentle nibbles and tugs. This was the most amazing Kelly had ever felt in her life, but she needed to cum. She had never been teased to this extent before. She was so close, but she needed something more. All of this felt like, as the spell said, an “intimate caress.” Wait, there was another part, right? Something about “deep inside?”

“FUCK ME, MARK!” Kelly screamed. “I NEED YOUR COCK! I NEED YOU IN ME! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, PLEASE!” Her hips were bucking wildly now. Her slit was actively dripping, and the spell ensured she was aware of every drop. Her gyrations were flinging her juices all over the floor.

Mark briefly considered making her beg more, but his member was sending urgent signals of its own. He brusquely wiped all the presently unused bondage gear off of the bed to make room. Mark then unhooked the chain connected to Kelly’s cuffs from the ceiling and yanked her roughly onto the bed. He hastily wrapped the chain around the headboard, then helped pull Kelly’s legs and hips into doggy position. Noticing the rivulets of fluid that were running down her legs, he wasted no time climbing onto the bed, digging his fingers into her ass cheeks, and burying his rod all the way in.

Kelly’s wordless scream almost hurt Mark’s ears. She felt every inch and all the power of his first thrust. This was exactly what she needed. Possibly mistaking her cry to be one of pain, his subsequent strokes were more shallow and slow, building up to a normal pace. But that’s not what Kelly felt. Every move he made seemed as hard as the first. She could tell just from the timing that he was holding back, but each thrust felt like he was already going full tilt. His cock also seemed a tad thicker, but not too big. The fingers digging into her cheeks were registering as a tender squeeze, but that was a drop in the ocean compared to what his dick was stirring up in her. “FUCK! FUCK! YES! GOD! HARD! HARDER! UuuUuuUSE MEeeeEeeE!” She could tell she was going to cum any second now, but she was pretty confident that’d only be the beginning. This magic was working as intended, so she was going to use it for its original intended purpose: let Mark have his way with her.

“What’s the magic word?”

Are you kidding me? Kelly thought. “PLEeeEeeASE!”

“Please’ who?” Mark growled.

Kelly was so close that she needed a second of moaning before responding. “Master, daddy, baby, m’lord, I don’t fucking CARE! Fuck me like you’ve always wanted, Mark! FUCK! ME!”

Now those were the words Mark wanted to hear. He cut loose, humping her faster and harder than he ever had before. Seconds later, he felt her cunt strangle his cock and saw her legs spasm. That orgasm shattered any doubt he had that she was faking; she was actually into it! He hoped she had more in her though, because he was far from done and she was still bound and helpless. Without breaking stride, Mark pulled his hands free and slapped her ass hard. He then reached forward, grabbed both nipples, and pulled hard. He’d always thought they were almost long enough to be handlebars, and now he was gonna put that to the test.

The orgasm that had shattered Mark’s doubts had shattered Kelly’s mind. She was gibbering and moaning incoherently at this point with no signs of stopping. She barely even noticed the tug on her nipples. She could tell he’d sped up, railing her faster than she had previously thought possible, but it felt the same as before. Just the right speed and depth, hitting every one of her spots. Intensely as desired, the rhyme said. This. Was. Perfect. Her second orgasm did not take long, and Mark wasn’t far behind. He usually had impressive stamina, but she didn’t blame him considering tonight’s events. But even the splooge inside her felt different. She felt more filled than could be physically possible, like how she’d fantasized a man’s cum would feel before she’d actually experienced it.

Mark took his sweet time pulling out. He slipped off the bed and came around to see Kelly’s face. She was dripping with sweat, her hair was a mess, and her makeup was running. She looked back at him with wide, tear-filled eyes. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yesss,” Kelly lied, but not for the reason Mark was asking. Kelly felt better than she had in her entire life. She was not okay because she needed that dick back inside her. She knew that even if he haphazardly shoved his half-mast chub back into her right now, it’d still rock her world. She couldn’t explain that now, though. She’d just have to wait for him to get back in the game though. He better not stop now.

“Do you want to keep going?”

“Fuuuck yesss.”

Mark smiled wickedly. “Good,” he said, before crouching down to inspect the various toys and gear scattered across the floor. “Because I’m not done with you yet.” He came back over to her face and attached a ball gag. “Tap the headboard three times if you need me to stop. Two if you need me to slow down.”

A few moments later, Kelly sensed something cold and hard swiping lovingly up and down her slit, twirling slightly as it went. She figured out it was a plug just as it was pushed gently into her ass, lubed up by her own juices. Ass play hadn’t done much for her in the past, but this was nice. Everything was nice. She was wriggling her hips to feel the subtle movements when she felt the familiar “massage” of the cat-o-ninetails come crashing down on her ass. Then her pussy. Then her inner thigh. It came again and again, exploring her body.

Kelly did not tap out.

* * *

The best two hours of Kelly’s life later, the couple lay sprawled out on the bed under the covers. They’d each knocked back several glasses of water and some protein bars before collapsing on the mostly-sweat-soaked sheets. She must have still been feeling the aftershocks or something, because she was still feeling pleasant sensations all over. The soreness was starting to come through, which was only mildly painful. Part of her was still revved up, but the two of them were absolutely exhausted. The pussy was willing, but the muscles were weak.

It was worth it. Worth the aching, worth the money, everything.

Mark flopped his head towards her. “So, I’m not complaining, but what changed?”

He wouldn’t believe her. She still didn’t believe herself. But what was she supposed to say? “Magic.”

Mark chortled, and in a half-assed Frodo impression said “alright then, keep your secrets.”

“I love you.”

“I love you.” Mark’s eyes closed. “I also have a meeting tomorrow morning. Let’s get some rest.”

Despite the aches and tingles, the two of them drifted off to sleep.

* * *

All that night, Kelly dreamt of being relentlessly caressed and teased by uncountable invisible hands. It took her a while to realize that she had woken up, because the sensations continued even as she slowly regained consciousness. Mark was nowhere in sight, but as she writhed and panted under the sheet, she felt sensual rubbing all over her body. Once it dawned on her that she was awake, she sat bolt upright in bed.

As the sheet slid down her chest, she felt one last stroke of a dozen hands down her chest, a delicious caress down and flick of her nipples, then nothing. She stood absolutely still for a moment, trying to figure out if she was still feeling the aftershocks of last night, but all she could feel now was the aches in her muscles.Confused, she slid off the side of the bed, and suddenly the gropes of the invisible hands resumed briefly on her ass and legs. The realization dawned on her. When Madame Kasmira said “it should work every time,” she didn’t mean every time Mark played rough with her, or even every time they got frisky. She meant every time the conditions of the spell were triggered.

Every touch.

Kelly knew there was going to be a lot to unpack here, but she was too horny for problem solving right now. Well, there was one problem she thought she could handle: she was still caked in dried sweat and runny makeup from last night, which could be solved with a shower. Perhaps a cold one.

The gentle foot rubs that she got from just walking across the floor were more pleasant than they should’ve been, but merely maintained the arousal she had stored up from an entire night of unwitting foreplay instead of adding to it. She turned the shower on and stepped in right away. Immediately, Kelly fell to the floor. She could feel every single droplet. Not just when they splashed on her, but even each rivulet running down her body. Every touch…

Instead feel intimate caress.

Arousal and panic blended together. She had to finish this shower before she lost her goddamn mind. She knew from last night that none of this would be enough to satisfy her, so she rubbed the shampoo into her hair and soaped up the loofah, stepping to the side while she sudsed up. This led exactly where Kelly feared, where it always led when she showered while horny. Of all the things she’d felt since last night, the feel of the loofah exploring her body was the only thing that felt just like it did before: a light, sensual scratch. She’d managed to scrub her whole body before she succumbed to giving extra attention to certain areas. Eventually, both of Kelly’s driving needs agreed to drop the loofah and step back into the water: the part that wanted to finish the shower, and the part that needed to cum.

The mix of water, shampoo, and soap flowing over every inch of her body stoked the already blazing fire in her loins. Kelly’s hands immediately flew to her pussy and started jilling more frantically than she ever had in her life. She shoved three fingers in and out of her snatch with one hand and rubbed her swollen clit hard and fast with the other. But that’s not what her body felt. She was feeling the same sweet touches Mark usually used to get her started. Kelly wailed in frustration. She continued for a few minutes, but only succeeded in teasing herself. She unhooked the old trusty showerhead and sprayed it directly on her quivering cunt. The pressurized jets of water might as well have been a dozen feathers lapping at her loins.

Screaming in anger and lust, Kelly turned the water off and stumbled to her nightstand as fast as her wet feet could take her. She grabbed her magic wand, plugged it in, and pressed it between her legs. Somehow, this gave even less stimulus than her fingers. Madame Kasmira’s magic was evidently stronger than Hitachi’s. The last corner of Kelly’s brain that wasn’t filled with the words “I NEED TO CUM” tried desperately to think of a plan. She thought back to last night, how she was able to break through once she had a cock in her.

She grabbed her suction cup dildo and slammed it onto the top of her nightstand. Without hesitation, she lined her pussy up and began riding the silicone rod with reckless abandon. With one hand still holding her vibrator to her clit, she used the other to bring one of her nips up to her mouth before kneading her other tit. Kelly was now sucking on her nipple, squeezing her breast, vibrating her clitoris with her most powerful toy, and bouncing hard and fast on her dildo, but she still couldn’t cum. It didn’t matter how hard she pistoned herself on the silicone, it still only felt nice. She thought hard, and was crestfallen when she finally remembered the exact words:

Except a partner deep inside

Only Mark could release her.

* * *

Hey hon. You doing ok? You were tossing and turning all night, so I let you sleep in.


when is ur lunch break?

i need to see u


I’m so sorry. We should’ve taken things slower.


its not that





ill meet you at the van


It’s on the 2nd level down


k love u


Right back at ya, babe

* * *

As the metro car rocked and bumped, Kelly was reconsidering her attire.

Over breakfast, she had formed a plan. It wasn’t the most thought-through plan, but it was the best she could do while her hips had insisted on humping the stool. Or the table corner when she tried standing. Was she ever glad that her son had gone off to college last year, and didn’t have to see or hear her recent escapades. But thinking at all had been a small victory, even if it was towards the goal of achieving orgasm as quickly as possible. She would get him to fuck her on his lunch break. She was worried if she told him, that he would say “no,” so she’d just get him to fuck her in his car in the parking garage, which would be relatively abandoned during the day.

To ensure that he couldn’t resist, she’d worn her sexiest lingerie, along with some bondage cuffs and a collar. She wasn’t going to bring anything to attach them, though she was already daydreaming about letting him figure out where she could be bound in the car and fucked on the side of the road in the near future. In an attempt to limit how much was touching her body, and for ease of access, the only outerwear she had on was a long coat and high heels.

Now that she was halfway downtown, she was realizing the flaws in her choice of wardrobe. Her sexiest underwear was also her frilliest, and the lacy bits that had previously felt scratchy were now registering as sensual tickles with every flutter. The designs on the bra were particularly active, as her pointy nipples pressed the fabric to its limits and collided deliciously with their entire length whenever the metro car bounced or swayed. It seemed that any article of clothing would feel like a loving embrace at the very least, but the more it moved and scratched, the more turned on Kelly was going to get. If she was going to wear clothes at all, it seemed that smooth and form-fitting was going to be the least frustrating.

That’s where the coat became an utter disaster. Loose to begin with by design, she was absolutely swimming in it without any layers on. The coarse fleece lining was giving her bare skin the fondling of its life. She probably looked awkward holding the front of the coat out to tent over her ample assets, but there was no way she could survive the assault on the senses of the fleece rubbing over her whole body. As it was, she’d just have to deal with the constant erratic stroking on her ass, back, arms, and shoulders. If you’d asked Kelly two days ago whether she’d like to constantly feel like she was getting a shoulder massage wherever she went, she’d have signed up in a heartbeat. Along with everything else she was experiencing though, it was agonizingly both too much and not enough.

All she could do was concentrate on making as little sound as possible and not missing her stop. She didn’t know what she’d have done if any of the men that had sat next to her had discovered the nature of her situation and tried to take advantage. As it was though, everyone was giving her as wide a berth as they could, presumably misconstruing her sporadic gasps and convulsions as a sign of illness or madness. Kelly was not feeling far off from the latter.

Against all odds, Kelly suddenly had a rational thought. As great as last night was, and as disappointed Mark would be if it never happened again, she didn’t know if she could live like this. She resolved to make another stop on her way and see about that return policy.

* * *

hey remember that magic shop yesterday?


yeah, how was it?


that was on canal st between 14th and 13th right?


yup, in the alley across from the liquor store



its not there



yeah those places have trouble staying in business


no like its just a brick wall here

like it disappeared


lol this from ur fantasy novel?

you know I only read your romance stuff ;P

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* * *

Mark walked down to the car with trepidation. Despite her assurances, he was still worried that she’d had second thoughts about last night, or that he had hurt her. Truth be told, he was a little sore from the exertions of their romp, and he wasn’t the one getting whipped. He sure wasn’t prepared for what awaited him.

In one of the middle seats of the minivan, his wife was splayed out and playing with herself harder than he’d ever seen. She was wearing the “Mark did something wonderful” lingerie, along with some of the stuff they’d gotten out last night, but she hadn’t put on makeup or even brushed her hair. She’d reclined and moved around the seats to make as much room as possible. Kelly was laid back on the seat with her legs on the front seat armrests, rubbing her snatch through her panties with both hands. She was so wet that her fluids were dripping off the seat and onto the floor.

“Mark, I need you inside me right now,” Kelly pleaded the second he opened the door, “and I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.” Something about the way Kelly said this concerned Mark. This wasn’t the dirty talk that she’d been shouting last night. That had sounded needy, but in a sexy, fun way. Her tone now was serious, desperate, and perhaps a little worried.

Mark looked around the garage to see if anyone else was there. He sat down on the other seat and slid the door shut. They were plenty fit and sexually active for a couple their age, but after last night’s marathon session, he hadn’t expected her to be ready for another round for a couple days. Now she couldn’t wait until he got home? He paused to take the scene in before asking “are you okay?”

“I will not be okay until you fuck my brains out,” Kelly growled. Mark was a dear, sweet man to show such concern. Kelly didn’t need his concern. She needed his cock.

Exhaling heavily, Mark considered how to proceed. Sheepishly, he explained “this is very hot, but I’m going to need some help getting ready. We were pretty busy last—”

He was cut off by Kelly leaping into action. She rolled off the seat and into the footwell, then proceeded to violently undress him. In record time, she had his penis free and in her mouth. Mark hadn’t been lying; he was still mostly flaccid. She didn’t care. One hand on her snatch, one hand around her nipple, she swirled her head and tongue around his floppy cock.

The sensation in her mouth hit her like a freight train. She had expected this blowjob to be a means to the end of getting his dick in her pussy. The spell, however, was making this feel like she had a g-spot in her mouth and he was hitting it every time the tip reached her soft palate. She took what could now be classified as a chubby as far down her throat as she could and held it there. Kelly moaned blissfully as her mouth registered the same ecstatic feeling of fullness that was usually reserved for her vagina. Evidently, a partner deep inside feels intensely as desired applied to deep inside any part of her.

She bobbed her head frantically. His cock grew longer and more rigid and she grew closer and closer to orgasm. Mark thrust his fingers through her unkempt hair and began pulling her down onto him. His hips began bucking, humping her face. She was still receiving the mild pleasantness from working her cunt and kneading her breasts, he’d added a scalp massage, and now even the slap of his balls felt like a gentle, seductive lifting of the chin. He had barely gotten to full mast when she went over the edge, muffling her scream by holding his dick down her throat.

Mark was stunned. “Did you just…?” Everything about the last five minutes had been unprecedented, but he just witnessed his wife of two decades cum from blowing him. She never complained about going down on him, but it certainly wasn’t her favorite thing. This was impossible. He pulled her face off his crotch and asked, “alright, what’s going on?” She lifted herself as high as she could in the car and moved to straddle him, but Mark grabbed her hips and held her back. “No,” he admonished, “you’re going to tell me what is going on right now and you are not fucking me until I get a good answer. ’Cause this isn’t normal, and I’m worried.”

Kelly was still nowhere near satisfied, but finally getting the orgasm that was twelve hours in the making had cleared her head ever-so-slightly. She didn’t think he’d believe her, but it’s not like she could hide this forever. “I wanted to be able to do the stuff you wanted, and this woman in a magic shop said she could help me, and I didn’t believe it would work or that it was real but now it’s working but it’s too much and I’m so horny and only—”

“Okay, stop!” Mark said firmly, squeezing her hips to prove his severity (but only stoking Kelly’s arousal). “You’re trying to tell me this is magic?

Kelly was on the verge of tears, not just from sexual frustration but from despair at her predicament. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me but I don’t cum from giving head, Mark. I don’t think anyone does!”

Sighing, but unable to form a counterargument, Mark calmly asked “ok, explain to me what this woman did to you.” He still wasn’t letting her ride his cock (though much of his body was definitely unhappy with the fact they’d stopped), but he set her down to sit on his legs. He was tired of holding her up, and she had to be uncomfortable suspended in the air like that.

“She cast some kind of spell on me. I thought it was just supposed to make things feel gentle and sexy whenever you did rough stuff but that my pussy would feel normal when you fucked me. So when you were whipping me, it felt like a massage, and that was great. But what actually happened is that everything that touches me feels gentle and sexy. Now anything from moving under the sheets to just wearing clothes feels like foreplay and works me up. But actually masturbating, even with vibrators and dildos, only feels like foreplay, so I can’t actually get anywhere. Whatever you do with your cock though, in any of my holes, feels however I want it to.”

Mark nodded slowly. “So, everything you touch makes you horny, but you can’t cum without me?”

“Yes,” Kelly panted.

“And I can do anything I want to you and it’ll feel good for you?”

“Yesss,” she said, grinding her pussy into his knee.

“Well, I’m still not sure I believe you. If it is real, I don’t know if this is sustainable. I won’t be able to take... fuck breaks from work every day.” She was whimpering in need as she humped Mark’s leg, flicking her gaze back and forth between his eyes and his cock. “But if this is true, it’s probably the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Kelly’s loins were roiling, and she could see his dick was still upright and rock hard. “Can I please fuck you now?” she pleaded.

Mark smiled and shrugged. “As you wish.” He let go of her hips, and let her pounce on his cock.

Over the next half-hour, Kelly rode Mark forwards and back, then let him throw her on the other seat and pound into her. All the while, he choked, slapped, bit, scratched, squeezed, and tugged her all over, now knowing that her only limits were what would physically damage her body. As she came over and over, he started telling her all the things he was planning to do to her, every fantasy that could now be a reality. With every orgasm, her head cleared more and more, increasingly able to understand what she had unleashed. Dread and excitement filled Kelly in equal measure.

As much as she was racking up a high score on orgasms, Mark had evidently been drained the night before. He still hadn’t gotten off when it was time to start heading back to work. In a last ditch effort, Kelly was finally able to wring his cum out of him by letting him fuck her face once again. She swallowed every drop, discovering she could feel it all the way down. His load spent, he hurriedly assembled himself and rushed out of the car, with barely a “gotta go, love you.”

Kelly was left in the footwell, slumped against one of the bucket seats. Drool escaped her lips and mixed with the sweat and vaginal juices she’d left on the seat. She felt used and discarded in the hottest way. She was not ready to move her exhausted body yet, but her mind was the clearest it’d been all day. Kelly sat in the car for a solid hour, recovering and contemplating how she could adjust to deal with the effects of this hex placed on her. With some wardrobe and habit changes, perhaps she could avoid the constant stimulation she’d experienced today. There were several ways she could think of to reduce how many things touched her, a lot of them sexy. She had a hunch everything was going to seem sexy for the foreseeable future.

The shop had been gone when she tried to visit today, but the woman had explicitly said she’d check back in a month. Kelly could deal with this until then. She hoped.

* * *

While things started to calm down a little bit after the first week, this whole month under the spell had been wild. Kelly had looked for the shop again several times, and searched everywhere she could online, but there was no trace of Madame Kasmira’s anywhere. She planned to check one last time today, but she hadn’t had the luxury of holding out hope. Kelly had already made several adjustments to her daily life.

Being naked whenever she was in the house was the obvious first step. She also (with the exception of the occasional shower fuck) exclusively took baths now, finding them to be significantly less stimulating. She got a standing desk so that she’d stop humping the chair. They’d set the heat higher so that she didn’t need to sleep with blankets, but sometimes Mark would throw something on her once she was asleep if he wanted her to wake up needy. Last night was one of those nights.

When Kelly did need to leave the house, she wore revealing, form-fitting dresses made of smooth fabrics. Minimize coverage, minimize movement. She usually wore a sports bra to keep her breasts from bouncing, but panties were nothing but trouble. She was still trying to figure out whether it was better to cut holes in her bras or not; her nips were always hard and long enough that they pushed the bras away from her, giving her tits just enough room to move around inside. On the other hand, if she made holes for them, the bra would contain the jiggling but her nipples would be at the mercy of the dress fabric and leave nothing to the imagination. For date nights, of course, she would wear the loosest, flowiest dresses, plenty of jewelry, lingerie, and often a vibrator or two.

Altogether, Kelly had found ways to minimize touches, but she was still at least some level of aroused at all times. On most days, she was able to think clearly enough to get her writing done, though her romance novels were raunchier than ever. She was ready to pounce on Mark every night, but he didn’t have any magic to help him keep up with her. He’d revisited the idea of becoming swingers, and despite all the times she’d refused over the years, Kelly agreed in a heartbeat. Mark occasionally had some fun with other women in the group they’d found, but Kelly was definitely getting the most out of their membership. Evidently the spell’s wording was loose enough on what constituted “partners” that any dick could grant her release, and even the occasional woman’s fingers.

Mark was definitely still enjoying the new normal and making good use of Kelly’s condition. They’d thoroughly explored all of the equipment they had, and even added some new pieces to the collection. One of which, Kelly was about to be introduced to now.

Kelly finished her breakfast quickly so that she could find out what Mark had wound her up for. He hadn’t just put any blanket or sheet on her last night, he’d used the faux wolf pelt blanket. She’d felt every long luxurious hair swirling around every inch of her body all night long, invading her dreams and leaving her to wake up in a puddle of her all-natural lubricant. There was definitely a plan in motion, and she was eager to get started.

Kelly entered the bedroom to find something that looked like a short and thick microphone stand with a dildo on top and some attachment rings towards the bottom. Mark had positioned it right under the eye hook in the ceiling. Kelly was starting to piece together how this worked when Mark came up behind her and gave her ass a hearty “good morning” slap.

“This,” Mark explained, gesturing to the device, “is called the one-bar prison.” He grabbed her hands and pulled her over to stand directly above it. “Let’s get you strapped in and I’ll show you how it works.”

As he worked slowly to put leather cuffs on her hands and ankles, Kelly asked in mock despair “what did I do to deserve this? Have I displeased you, Master?”

Mark smiled as he attached the ankle cuffs to the bottom of the bar and her wrist cuffs to a chain that he hung from the eye hook. “Well, it’s the one-month anniversary of your curse. I know you’re going to try one last time to find the witch and get it removed, so I figured we’d enjoy the time we have left, just in case.” He elicited a gasp from her as he suddenly ran his hand across her thigh, wiping away some of her love juices. “Looks like you’re wet and ready. Pull yourself onto your tiptoes and hold it.”

“Yes, Master,” Kelly purred. She pulled on the chains above to help her stand as tall as she could with her toes still touching the floor.

Mark loosened something on the bar below her and extended the shaft. She sighed blissfully as he slipped the dildo just an inch into her sopping cunt. Mark tightened the mechanism again, and the shaft held in place. “Good girl,” he cooed. “Now relax. Come back down.”

Easier said than done, Kelly thought. She eased herself down, bit by bit, feeling every fluttery inch of the imitation phallus. Just as she was about to get her heels back on the ground, Mark tightened the chain over her head. Now she was suspended, her heel able to get no closer than a half-inch from the ground. She struggled to find some position that she could rest in, but it was physically impossible. She tried in vain to lift her legs or pull herself up and over, but her legs were cuffed to the bottom and the dildo was just too high. The downright pleasant massage of the cuffs as she yanked on them paled in comparison to the constant tender ministrations of the dildo. Kelly was rendered entirely unable to stand still, so her pussy was in constant motion around her immobile silicone torturer.

Mark was not content to leave her with just this brand new hell of pleasure. As she struggled, he continued his work. He first fastened a dildo gag onto her face. He strapped a special harness around her waist, designed to hold her magic wand vibrator right up against her clit. He lubed up a plug and shoved it into her ass. Finally, he clipped some clothespins to her nipples. With each added piece of gear, Kelly moaned, whined or growled, her arousal building ever closer but never reaching the edge.

Satisfied, Mark stood face-to-face with Kelly and flashed a devilish grin. “Now, you just sit tight, while I go take a shower.” He then kissed the gag, just as it was muffling her pleading scream. “Don’t go anywhere,” he teased as he walked past her into the shower.

Kelly squirmed in delicious agony at the multi-pronged assault on her senses. The inability for her to find a position to stay in was swiftly driving her insane. She worried that if Mark took too long in that shower, he may very well return to a braindead fuckdoll. Sometimes, she felt like she already was.

No sooner had Mark started the water than a translucent green image of Madame Kasmira’s face appeared in the air before Kelly’s eyes, along with the words “refund” and “renew” floating to the side. The image immediately began to move and speak in the old woman’s voice. “This is a pre-recorded magical sending. Valued customer, your first month of enjoying Madame Kasmira’s spellcraft is at an end. You may now choose whether you wish to refund your purchase, at which point the spell will be broken. If you choose not to refund your purchase, your spell will be automatically renewed and become permanent, and your card will be charged the remaining amount. To refund, please say or tap ‘refund.”

“RRFMNN! RRRRFMMMNN!” Kelly tried to scream through the gag, but the “recording” continued, unable to make out her intentions.

“...say or tap ‘renew.’ You have five minutes from the moment this spell appeared to make your selection, at which point your spell will auto-renew. This message will repeat. This is a pre-recorded…”

Kelly continued screaming around the gag to no avail. She fruitlessly attempted to wriggle a hand free from her cuffs, but succeeded only in squirming harder against the insistent dildo in her snatch. She tried to lean forward and touch it with her nose, but it was just too far. The one-bar prison was holding up to its name, and dooming her to an eternity in her magical prison.

She tried to call for Mark, but he clearly couldn’t hear the message over the shower. He just chuckled and called back “be patient, pet. I know you’ve handled worse.” After another round of her sobbing, wordless screams, he called out again with “don’t worry babe. You’ll get your reward as soon as I’m done.

Tears filled Kelly’s eyes as the message looped again and again. She was too tired to scream any more, but she kept trying to say “refund” around the dildo in her mouth over and over. Her only chance was for Mark to get back before the time was up. She continued her muffled chant of ‘refund’ even as her focus inevitably slipped back to all the equipment her husband had strapped her into.

Kelly snapped out of her trance when she heard the shower turn off. The message was still looping! Would Mark make it in time? She renewed her squeals. All that ended up doing was preventing Mark from hearing the message as he took his time drying off. Moments later, the message stopped looping.

“Your session has expired. Your spell will now be renewed. Thank you for choosing Madame Kasmira’s.”

A wave of energy washed over Kelly, briefly allowing her to feel what all the stimulation she was receiving, inside and out, should have felt like. Blinding pain and sublime pleasure revealed themselves for an instant. The patterns that had been drawn on her body in the magic shop reappeared, glowing bright pink for a moment before abruptly fading. Then it was gone, and her body resumed feeling the infinite caresses. It was done. This was her life now. Forever.

Mark sauntered out of the bathroom to hear her sobbing, but he wasn’t worried. She’d been reduced to tears before, and every time she’d later said she’d loved every second of it. “Aww, poor baby,” he said, before yanking the butt plug out and throwing it to the ground. “Don’t worry, Master will give you what you need.” He lubed up his cock and with it swiftly replaced the plug, feeling the one-bar prison still buried in Kelly’s adjacent orifice.

Kelly saw stars as Mark rammed his cock into her ass, over and over. Every hole of hers was filled, but this one was filled with him. She didn’t make it to his third thrust before cumming. After he removed the clothespins from her nipples and began kneading her breasts from behind while he fucked her, she came again. And again, as he was choking her with one hand and pressing down on the vibe with the other, pistoning in and out of her all the while. The tears that had welled up while he was in the shower were streaming down her face now, but they had turned to tears of joy. Nothing could compare to this feeling. Why had she ever wanted to go back?

Hours (and many positions, devices, and parts of the house) later, Kelly sprawled on the bed and stared at the ceiling while Mark fixed up lunch. As Kelly lay there, her chest heaving with her exhausted breaths, she whispered a word to the empty room.