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Cascade Fire

6. Divination

The moon was full that night, our bodies glowing from Sati’s weekly elixir and from each other, and we spent much of it out of doors, including our nightly frolic. Eventually, Sati took Callie’s hand and knelt with her in front of the cushioned wooden bench where I sat between Dani and Jess, each with a hand resting on my hard cock, my two hands cupping two glistening warm pussies, two long fingers stretched to gently rest against two rosebuds, two heels of two palms pressing against tumid mounds, Stuart and Taylor on all fours nearby, him fully in her, Kelsey against him from behind, Ingrid behind Callie, two clits against two tailbones, all of us motionless, watching Sati soothe Callie in her strange, sibilant, beautiful language, Callie’s eyes deep in hers, and after a few minutes, Sati’s words in that language became simpler and repetitive and I knew exactly what she was saying: “Deeper. Yes. Good girl.” And Callie was sighing and whimpering and going deeper and I didn’t need extrasense to know it, and in time Sati leaned forward for a kiss and then lowered Callie to one nipple and then Callie was suckling sweet warm milk and quivering, then Sati drew back to spray her milk on Callie’s face and hair and open mouth and tongue and neck and pointed breasts, and rose to stand, her hands on Callie’s head, Callie’s hands on Sati’s shapely behind. Sati offered her divinity, Callie lapping and suckling warm sweet nectar, Sati doing most of the shivering now, lips and tongue, both women clutching the other closer, and Sati turned her hips side to side, rolling, spreading that nectar across Callie’s nose and cheeks and eyebrows and chin, and then, Ingrid moving against Callie’s tailbone, breasts against her back and Kelsey against Stuart’s, her hands pinching his nipples, one of his hands reaching back to clutch one of her cheeks, the other on one of Taylor’s full breasts, him deep inside her, Jess and Dani’s hands on me, beginning to squeeze and stroke, everyone moving slowly inside or against some other beautiful person, Sati repeating in English and we all heard and we all responded as if she were speaking directly to us or someone who had a hand on us, and Sati said

“No release for good boys,” and Stuart groaned as he so often had to and Sati said

“Deeper,” and Ingrid’s hands possessed Callie’s breasts from behind, caressing, rolling and twisting those wonderful points I loved so much, and Kelsey ground herself against Stuart’s tailbone and Taylor rocked back, embedding herself deeper and squeezing and Dani was tickling my balls with one hand, the other tight around the base of my cock and Jess was squeezing me at the head with just her palm, twisting, while her other hand had come around and with the skin between her extended thumb and forefinger was lightly caressing the top of my shaft, my hands undulating slowly against their mounds, both of them pressing hard nipples into my busy arms and Callie’s tongue was inside Sati’s entrance as deep as it could go, and Sati said

“Yes,” and fuck, all of us knew exactly how that felt, and every single one of us was sighing or moaning or gasping or whimpering or groaning, and shit, I’d never felt anything like what Jess was doing to me with those small strong gentle hands, and I could feel their tremors and they could feel mine, and Sati said

“Good girl,” and every single one of us but Stuart exploded, all but Sati and Ingrid and Kelsey screaming their pleasure, me orgasming without ejaculating, almost as good as the real thing, Stuart just groaning that much louder.

Two minutes later I was on all fours deep inside Ingrid, Callie standing facing me as she straddled Ingrid’s waist as I worshipped my love with lips and tongue and suction and pressure, my hands on her curvaceous behind, drawing her as deep onto my mouth and nose as I could, her hands on the back of my head pulling me even deeper, tasting Sati’s milk where it had trickled down, that taste reverberating from deep remembrance, and Callie was still deep in Sati’s trance but wanting to be here with me, Stuart inside Kelsey even deeper, her doing something around him that he seemed to like very much, Dani now the center of Sati’s focus as she was almost all of ours, suckling and then worshiping just as I was, Jess and Taylor conjuring the two-backed beast, tongues probing, breaths coming shorter, shallower, oh goddess, lips and tongue and teeth and what Ingrid was doing to me, around me, it defied words or sounds or anything and everything, like Mari but deeper and more resonant, and Sati said

“Deeper,” and oh goddess that’s exactly where I went, barely able to breath past Callie’s beautiful sex, unable to process what was happening to me inside Ingrid, it was like my senses were fleeing to another place, and that place was ...

‘Sati?’, some part of me might’ve thought? Maybe? Or maybe some deep warm Aegean pool, everything becoming so mingled and Sati wasn’t her real name and she had many other names and so many other children and Sati said

“Yes,” and Stuart let loose an even louder hugely agonized groan ’cause he hated knowing that what Kelsey was doing couldn’t finish him, and Callie was alive with squirming and suffering and loving what I was doing to her and she was doing to me, grinding, binging, those lovely hips thrusting into my chin and my nose and everything in between faster and faster and Dani so deep, her face and neck and breasts and sex coated with Sati’s love, my extrasense inside every woman here and Stuart too and some part of me remembered the words Mari had chanted back in my own home when I was orgasming without ejaculating at her command and she gave me this gift of permanence, and some part of my mind remembered and tried to repeat those words through Callie’s beautiful beautiful sex but there wasn’t air but that didn’t matter because the words and the rhyme and the chant didn’t matter, only the thought and the intent and the energy mattered, and my mouth moving made Callie gasp that much harder and then, moments later, Stuart was like me and could experience that gift whenever needed, and it was a beautiful gift that he and everyone else here would appreciate as long as any of us were together, and communicating this gift did not go unnoticed and Sati said

“Good girl,” and every single one of us, directly or indirectly, screamed, Stuart loudest of all.

And we still weren’t done, because Sati called to Jess and Dani knelt to take my cock in her mouth and Callie stayed right where she was, and both of them were well beyond thinking, deep in Sati’s trance, wet and slick and trickling with Sati’s love and both of them focusing on me, Stuart on his back and Taylor riding that cock she loved so much, her beauti-full breasts galloping in waves as she bounced up and down hard and fast, and Stuart gasping and gulping in continuing unexpected orgasm and that feeding back into Taylor as her head rolled back, and Ingrid doing something to Kelsey that I was not able to track and not just because I had an unbelievably skilled woman sucking my cock and the lovely lovely woman I was madly in love with pressing deep into my face, it was more like, more like

“Deeper,” Sati said, and that was all I could hear, my body’s awareness receding to a place no part of me knew or could know, though my extrasense (or was it sextrasense?) remained.

“Yes,” Sati said from beyond awareness.

And then “Good Girl.”

Callie danced for all of us, the same dance she’d danced with her bo staff just for me outside the caldera. Just yesterday, goddess, so much had changed since then. But she had her staff and it was spinning so fast that it began to sound of a bullroarer, and she was so deep that she wasn’t really there at all, and Dani and Jess were the same, sucked in that much deeper by Callie’s motion just as Callie was and just as I was even though I’d never been fully here in the first place but was that much further gone now, and Ingrid was squeezing Stuart’s huge cock inside her as only she could, and Kelsey was enjoying Taylor who was enjoying Kelsey just as much, and Sati said

“Boys can release when they’re ready. Kelsey, Taylor, Stuart, finish inside, then sleep,” and she didn’t have to say anything to Ingrid. Then it was just Sati and two women pregnant with my children and Callie, whom I loved more than I could’ve ever thought possible, and the five of us walked, hands joined, to a three-legged table in another part of the yard where there rested a wide, shallow ceramic bowl containing apple blossoms Sati had collected while the rest of us were sparring this morning, the bowl decorated with images of horsed warriors and flowers and apple trees and men and women having what looked like acrobatic sex, Ingrid returning to hand Sati an object that looked like a conch shell filled with boiling water, both vessels looking extremely old, and she circled slowly around it as she spoke words in that beautiful language of hers, pouring water boiled over an open flame which I hadn’t been permitted to witness, the rest of us kneeling just outside that circle. And when she’d finished emptying that shell and handed it back to Ingrid and knelt, the rest of us came closer and knelt in that same circle and looked inside.

The apple blossoms had arranged themselves into five neat lobes. From Callie’s position, which was our center, it looked like a small lobe farthest away, the two largest lobes closest, two longer, thinner lobes between. “Walk Like An Egyptian” some part of me thought, because that’s what it looked like: two short thick legs, two long slender arms and a head, a vacancy at the chest and groin.

The blossoms moved with convection, not much but some, one of the “arms” raising, holding five petals from above in a pattern that wasn’t a pentagon but more like a flow, like schooled fish swimming. And I was not in a state that could’ve answered a question about what exactly a “flow” looked like, but that’s what it felt like. Callie, so deep in trance, said

“A thing you wish to happen will happen, you will find a way.”

And Dani and Jess nodded, saying “Yes.”

“Grasp the stick fast, you will find a way.”

Jess and Dani nodded, saying “Yes.”

“Wear the scarlet standard.”

And Jess said “Yes,” but Dani was silent.

“Pray to the winds.”

And Dani and Jess both said “Yes.”

And when it was clear that no more was forthcoming, Ingrid dipped an ancient two-handled cup into subtly sweet apple blossom tea and we all had a drink.

Callie, Jess, and Dani stayed that night with Sati and with me, who’d never left. Two women and a goddess carrying my children plus a woman I truly loved plus wee Lashe, who’d become so much more active lately, now sitting unsupported, rocking on all fours, scooting backwards on the floor. Such a sweet kid, and as the only other parent here, Sati sometimes left me alone with him, and I liked that very much. He would be crawling soon, and then cruising, always an interesting time for babies—time to make sure nothing fragile or dangerous was on a low shelf. There was also a pair of doves nesting in the eaves of her high-ceilinged room, a small high open window nearby, a bird feeder on the floor below.

Callie was the big spoon behind me that night, her heel teasing over my waist, and Jess was the soft warm wonderful uncertain object of my love in front, everything about her so alluring, silky, warm, wonderful, so ... small, shy, ... disappointed, not depressed but that’s a long spiral, and I fit inside her even though the fit was not perfect, but fuck she was tight, and yes she was so lovable, and I knew somehow that Jess and my passionate caring Callie had been talking about arranging this and something came back to me but fled immediately though my cock inside Jess definitely did not, she was so tight, and Callie behind me, the big spoon urging me on, and Dani and Sati a few feet away loving their own release so much and Jess honey, I love you.

Such warm wonderful kisses, embraces, and it took a long time before I’d shrunk from being outside her, but Callie behind me wasn’t done, her hand on me, squeezing, stroking, her lips against my ear, me quiescent but then growing, and dammit, I was hard and then I was inside Jess again and she was sleepy but moaning and moving in response, and goddess what was Callie doing to me because I fucking loved this, loved her and loved Jess and

Sati was near. She said “come now, and sleep, we have things to do in the morning,” and goddess I did and Jess did and Callie did and

Taylor woke us, a soft knock at the door. It was morning and doves were flying out and in and out above us, and there was peeping, and yes, that probably meant a chick had hatched but no one could see from here. Except with my eyes closed I could see, and yes there was not one but two chicks up there.

“I have an idea,” Taylor said, and then we all went to breakfast.

“I want him to fuck me again,” Taylor said, pointing at me, winking. “I think something has changed, and we should be able to read more of his book now.”

And so, suspended, blindfolded, gagged, my cock fully in her, harder with every swing of her pendulous suspension, Dani and my maybe love Jess and my no-doubt love Callie peered through my eyes as I peered at a grimoire with no plug in my ass this time (thank you Callie!) that I barely remembered but could view if not decipher and the first thing Taylor (yes, Taylor!) saw through her blindfold and spoke through her gag was “mmhhgg” and then her gag was removed and she took a deep gasping breath and said “there is a protection around this place that is not strong enough. And I see how to make it stronger.” And I grunted and nodded, ’cause that was exactly a thing I’d been seeing. Far from the only thing, but a good start. And then I fucking came inside her and she fucking came around me, and ... fuck.

And then a little while later, Dani. Not a usual thing for her, but then what was, other than liking a big hard cock in her pussy and maybe another in her mouth, and if things were really poppin’, yet another in her ass.

Kelsey helped with her strapon, me in Dani’s mouth, Stuart filling her pussy with his lips on Kelsey’s shoulders and neck and his hands on her breasts, three at once in Dani plus Jess underneath, massaging and stroking Dani’s breasts and belly and clit and squeezing and pinching and twisting nipples and both of them enjoying every moment of that plus Taylor reaching in, giggling, to slap Dani’s ass, one cheek after another. Blindfolded, gagged by my cock in her throat, restrained, thrashed, gurgling out agonized ecstasy around me and through me, Dani was fucking dripping.

How to crack a magical screen like ours or the stronger one we should be setting up soon? Taylor again: ‘there isn’t an easy way, it would have to be done via some trick,’ but we knew someone who could be that kind of tricky, and now we had spells for some fairly radical healing and for channeling rather large amounts of energy, for restarting a heart or someone’s breath, even for making it more difficult for a blade or a projectile to aim true.

Sati smiled for that many reasons, and for her own, while Dani came hard, and Stu, and Kelsey. Not me this time, as good as Dani was with me in her mouth; my body was too concerned with getting chomped by this beautiful orgasmic woman who was pregnant with my child, and of course my eyes were held fast to the book that my sweet Callie was holding up for me to one side.

After lunch there was more training. Not just wrestling this time but judo and karate and kung fu, and Callie was a machine and would have beat the crap out of me if she’d wanted to, but I learned and after a while we were sparring on more equal terms ... I was still nowhere near ready to go against Ingrid, but she was with us for much of the time, instructing, making us all better. Stuart sparred with Kelsey and she was almost as good as Callie and Stuart was better but Callie called dibs on me until finally the four of us started changing up, and for me the change in styles each partner brought was that much more instructive.

Dani was a different kind of machine, not so much an attacker but good on defense, and when she had the measure of you and the timing was right she could slip in behind one of your strikes and drop the hammer, and so we mixed it up with her a little, too, but not for long since her repertoire was limited.

Taylor, all feminine curves, full breasts and hips and pillowy ass, just wasn’t so much a warrior yet if she ever would be, though she could do real damage if you came in unawares, stomping your arch or gouging or elbowing ... those delightful feminine elbows were sharper than they looked.

And Jess, Jess ... she’d mostly been working with Taylor and then with Dani, and I was busy enough that while I sensed she was helping them, it was mostly walkthroughs, but when she came over smiling so broadly, shy as always but also with mischief, I didn’t know what to expect and she turned out to be a completely different kind of warrior, so small that she would struggle against determined strikes from a heavier, longer-limbed opponent like I might’ve been if I wanted to actually hit her, which I totally totally didn’t, but if she could get inside she was absolutely astounding with something that must’ve been jiu-jitsu, she wasn’t difficult to take down, seemed even to want you to try, but beware because those small strong hands and feet and flexible hips and arms and strong slim legs and locking ankles would likely as not reverse whatever takedown you thought you might’ve made, hobbling you, using your power against you, preventing you from being able to do more and with her clinging so tight behind or in front it was pretty damned sexual, and I might’ve learned more sparring with her than anyone else, but after 10 minutes our sparring became something else when my cock came out and she was already wet and we were both sweating hard and breathing hard and between the exertion and getting choked so often and me frankly in awe of what this tiny gorgeous woman pregnant with my child could do, I ended up atop her inside her on all fours, my legs spread with her hips between, her ankles locked behind the small of my back, my head locked up tight from behind by one of her slim strong arms, her wrist tight against my throat so air could get in but not all that much, her other arm holding me close and her just banging those beautiful hips hard between the mat and my groin, so tight up and down my slick, glistening shaft that I wasn’t so much an active participant as a stunned recipient of her upside-down hump, and oh hell yes I came and came and came, and then she did, and everyone else having stopped to watch this amazing thing happen just burst into applause and cheers and giggles and whistles and delighted slaps on my ass and I finally collapsed onto her and we kissed deep and she was just beaming as she hugged me so hard and so tight and I was exhausted but really really happy with her and me and Callie and just everything and everyone here.

A break with a snack and a cuddle and a nap, then the short staves came out, like billy clubs but thicker and lighter, as musical in their way as the bo staff when they banged together, and I learned much more, it was like acrobatic karate but with longer, harder arms. These women, and Stuart too, were simply amazing with all they could do, it was difficult to imagine that any coherent resistance to them could exist. And then we went under one of the barns where, to what should’ve been my great surprise except my extrasense already knew, there was a shooting gallery. We didn’t work so much with rifles or bows since I’d already learned what it took to be a crack shot, but with sidearms, because the places we would need to go, and I knew it would be pretty soon, there would be wary suspicious people more heavily armed than we could be, and while staves and strikes and blocks and throws were good in their way, they might not be enough.

Callie and Jess seemed sad by this time and there should’ve been no way for me to know why, but my extrasense could tell—I would be leaving soon and they were worried for my safety and Jess would miss me, and Callie.

Then dinner and another of our nightly orgies. Was it like this here before I arrived? Because this place and these people were like heaven to me.

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