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Cascade Fire

7. Taylor

Callie and Jess and I worked together in the greenhouse and the garden one morning a few days later. We’d started transplanting the previous week, the most cold-tolerant plants first because it still got pretty chill overnight and occasionally froze. Some veggies including early peas were already yielding in profusion in the greenhouse, which suggested a dinner if I could get into the woods for more spring mushrooms. It was companionable work, enough exertion to work up a sweat, especially for me since I was doing most of the heavy lifting, but also many opportunities to pass each other in the narrow greenhouse aisles, always finding a nice place to rest a free hand as we passed: hips, lower back, shoulders, arms, a curvaceous bottom, female hands brushing past downtown. I’d been here with them nearly two months, and while I seemed no closer to getting my old brain back, my new simpler one kept developing. At some point, Jess hugged me hard around my waist from behind. I could tell she was smiling, all of us so happy to be here in this place together. When she let go I turned to kiss her on the lips, hugging her hard while lifting her eight inches clear of the floor so I didn’t have to lean down so far, her smiling lips and sparkling light brown eyes wide on mine, and that was just so nice.

Farmer’s market season would be starting soon, when some of our plants would see some of their profusion harvested and sold, one way this place was able to sustain itself.

Callie and Jess spoke in whispers to each other sometimes, words I shouldn’t have been able to hear, but some part of me knew they were making plans.

That night, after the orgy, Taylor joined Sati and me with Lashe in Sati’s suite. Callie, Taylor, and Ingrid were all nearly done with their period, everyone here as synchronized that way as could be, the other women not far enough along in their pregnancies to show yet, but Jess and Kelsey, especially, were tending toward nausea in the mornings or with spicier food. I spooned Lashe to sleep the way I so often did while Sati spooned Taylor, whispering into her ear and stroking her gently. Not towards orgasm, but definitely in a way to keep Taylor just a little aroused. By morning, Taylor was moaning in her half-sleep, deep enough in trance that when Lashe began his usual hungry fussing, Taylor was too far gone to notice. Sati took Lashe, guided me behind Taylor, placed my hands on Taylor’s breasts and slightly plump belly, and showed me how she wanted me to continue. I got hard immediately—Taylor is an almost unbelievably sexy woman—Sati placing my cock at Taylor’s entrance but making it clear that I was not to go inside, then nursed Lashe and turned him loose on the floor, where he was now crawling and very pleased with exploring his newfound mobility.

What Sati wanted me to do with Taylor involved a whole lot of teasing. Kisses and nibbles and tongue flicks on earlobes and neck and shoulders, my shaft pressed and moving against her warm siren wetness, my hands lightly stroking her belly, breasts, waist, hips, reaching around to tease her rear entrance, but neither Taylor nor I was allowed to come.

“Feel your power,” Sati whispered to Taylor so I could hear, “feel it grow, feel yourself accept this growing power, feel yourself expect what your power will do to a man like Robert as he goes deep for you, or any other man or any woman who loves women, feel yourself accept this growing power, so deep within you, so deep within any man or woman you choose, feel what your beautiful body, your beautiful mind, your beautiful sight and scent and soft compelling commanding voice and irresistible intention, feel what it does to Robert as it would do to any man or woman who loves women, feel that certainty grow with each passing moment, so deep, so powerful, so irresistible,” and Sati looked at me, held me deep in her beautiful multihued eyes and said “Repeat to this perfect woman: ‘Feel your power, feel it grow, feel what it does to me, feel what it would do to anyone.’ And keep caressing her, letting her feel what her power does to you and what the exercise of her power on you does for her, and continue until I return.”

Then she rose from our bed, picked up Lashe, tickling his delighted self, and carried him to her breakfast, both of them giggling to each other.

The words Sati told me to repeat were more than any I’d spoken since Nancy brain-wiped me two months earlier, but Sati’s instructions were clear and I didn’t have to think to follow them, so for the next hour I stroked and whispered Taylor to a mutual edge that neither of us crossed, and I was so fucking hard from the scent and the taste and the moaning of this stunningly sexy woman I now shared this deep trance with, my cock slowly moving against her vulva, just basting both of us in precum, her dripping right along with me, a symphony of aroused scent plus a hint of iron from the end of her period to go with the smell of her hair and arousal-flushed skin and her gasping breath and mine and our mingled fluids seeping from our hopelessly engorged sex, and when Sati returned she smiled and sat down on the bed, one hand moving gently on each of us, said

“Robert, be silent and stop moving,” and that’s exactly what I did, then she said

“Taylor, feel what your power has done to Robert, feel how much more it can do to him or to anyone you want, feel what the exercise of your power has done for you, feel that power keep growing, deeper, stronger, more compelling, more commanding, feel that irresistible power you were born to exercise on any man or any woman who loves women, feel yourself sink deeper into that power, feel yourself accept it, become one with it, feel the desire to exercise that power, to impose your will on a man like Robert however it pleases you, feel yourself become more aroused thinking of how you will exercise that power, feel that certainty push you towards the edge of a release that you can recover from almost immediately, ready for more but able to last longer, feel that orgasm approach, feel your insides begin trembling, feel what your oncoming orgasm is doing to Robert, who can sense it coming but does not get to share it, feel yourself tense, feel the beginning, feel it carrying you over the edge, feel Robert’s awareness within you, he’s such a powerful man but while he will be able to feel your pleasure he will not get to experience any kind of release from it, feel how powerful it is to be able to orgasm like this while such a powerful man as Robert cannot, feel how this power is something you can command at any time because you have just as much power as he does and you can exercise that power over anyone you choose at any time, and as your orgasm begins and intensifies feel how wonderful it is to exercise this power while Robert cannot, how you can make Robert or anyone else experience that same dependence on your wishes, on your whims, on your control, feel Robert’s need to release and know that you and only you control it ...”

Taylor’s cries of mounting wriggling ecstasy drowned out anything more Sati might’ve been able to say, and Taylor’s orgasm went on and on, but because it hadn’t directly involved her clitoris she didn’t have as much sensitivity as otherwise and she was almost ready for more just as Sati said she would be, and Sati moved her hand to the head of my cock and eased it inside Taylor, slowly, and my hips followed the motion and then I was all the way in, so deep, and Sati said

“Stay right there, Robert, no more moving,” and Sati moved around to look deep into Taylor’s eyes, capturing her, already so deep in Sati’s trance, and said

“Now you will learn how to pleasure a man from the inside, not just squeezing him but with finer control, you are going to apply those exercises you’ve been doing since you arrived here to further control Robert’s response just as Ingrid can. Squeeze yourself onto Robert’s shaft right now, as hard as you can.”

And Taylor, this soft warm wonderful girl who was the furthest thing here from a warrior, who had not a single sharp edge anywhere on her, was suddenly so tight around me that it almost hurt, not as tight as Mari, goddess it’s hard for any part of me to imagine how anyone else could’ve crushed me tighter, but Taylor was suddenly so tight that I was squirming and gasping and Sati said

“Release him,” and Taylor did and I was no longer as hard as before but Sati said “harder” and snapped her fingers and there I was again and Sati said to Taylor

“Now more gently, squeeze him, hold for three seconds, then release him for three seconds, then squeeze for three seconds, then release him, and keep doing this until I tell you otherwise,” and now Taylor was manipulating me inside her in such a roller coaster of sexual sensation that I could never look at this sweet girl the same way again, which wasn’t the half of it, and Sati said

“Faster now, squeeze and release him for two seconds, again and again,” and she did for half a minute and Taylor was gasping as another orgasm approached and Sati said

“Faster now, squeeze him and release him for just one second, again and again,” and now someone besides Taylor was gasping and moaning in a voice that sounded a lot like mine, and Sati said

“Even faster, let yourself approach that edge, feeling what it’s doing to Robert, feeling what your power over Robert does to you, feeling yourself go over the edge while Robert cannot.”

Taylor was screaming in ecstasy now, no longer pulsing around me in a coordinated way, and whether I was allowed to or not I began thrusting slowly inside her and she cried out again because it’s exactly what she wanted me to do and I continued until her cries subsided and Sati said

“Good boy, Robert, stop now,” and I did. I lay there spooning gorgeous voluptuous gentle Taylor, my hard straining cock all the way inside her, trembling hands stroking her rounded belly and hips and waist, my extremely aroused body quivering, then Sati said

“Now Taylor, find the muscles inside you that are closer and those that are deeper, and just like you’ve done with the toy you’ve been training with, draw him deeper inside and push him further away, then deeper inside and then out, slowly at first, and then at whatever speeds you’re comfortable.”

And Taylor became a completely different kind of roller coaster ride of pleasure for me, the muscles of her suddenly incredible pussy moving me in and out all on their own, slowly at first, and then faster, and faster, and then I wasn’t being moved so much as getting an incredible massage of the same kind that only Mari and Ingrid had ever given me before, and Sati said

“Gooooooood girl!” and smiled broadly, such a satisfied smile, then she said

“And now you’re going to make Robert come, however it pleases you, and you’re going to use your new skills to do it even as you have him do what your heart most desires, you are going to come and you are going to permit him to come, and you are both going to be so loud in coming that someone outside this room might get so concerned that they open my door even though I told them not to.”

Taylor turned her head back to me and kissed me hard, deep, her tongue attacking mine, then rolled slowly to her knees, my movement following hers so I stayed deep inside her, and she took one of my hands and placed it on her full breast and had me squeeze it, then my other hand, and she reached down to her clit and began to jill as she said “fuck me like an animal,” and it was a trigger she and her huntress sisters had implanted deep within me and I had no choice but to obey, and I loved obeying her as I took her from behind, pounding into her beauti-full ass, penetrating as far as I could, each stroke moving us an inch forward on the bed and we began caterpillaring forward as I moved faster and faster, my hands squeezing her breasts harder, and then she was rippling around me, matching my strokes with her rhythm and as she approached the edge for the third time and I was already suspended halfway over that edge waiting only for her command, she gasped “Come, my good boy,” and then she was screaming out her pleasure and I was screaming out mine, feeling her orgasm from the inside just as I’d felt the others and I filled her with mine and oh goddess it was glorious.

And then we did it again the next night, with Callie in Taylor’s place. Or anyway, we tried, but Callie resisted; she wanted to be a full partner to me, not sexually dominant except when she or I wanted, and as much as Sati tried to lead and distract and subvert and coax and redirect, Callie is a strong woman of substance and identity, secure in knowing that she loved me and I loved her, and as much as she loved me, she didn’t want anything about that to change unless it was a thing that came from her or from me. Or possibly from Jess, if it was okay with me and with Callie.

But not from Sati.

This was the first real hint I got that not everyone here was on the exact same page. Which meant whatever plans Callie and Jess had been whispering to each other in the greenhouse had a previously unsuspected significance. But I was not the person to ask what that might be, because I wasn’t a person who could think in any meaningful way. I could perceive actions or words but not connect the dots for their significance unless there was immediate danger or they put me or anyone I loved directly at risk. But some part of me now knew their whispers were not to be shared with Sati.

So the next several nights Taylor was back in Sati’s bedroom with me and Lashe, Callie and Jess becoming more unhappy as Taylor’s power and ability to influence me grew, and the next thing on Taylor’s to-learn list was punishment. Of me. But she didn’t like disciplining me, especially physically, and I’ve never liked being punished for any reason, bullshit make-believe reasons especially, no matter how sexy, so aside from being teased and denied during our nightly orgies, which was also starting to feel like an unnecessarily irritating punishment, this was another dead end. Training came next, and I was already on board with being trained and conditioned, these women having already made me helpless to resist doing things that would give pleasure to them or to me at their command that in another life, my old life, would have been nearly inconceivable. So the next compulsion I would get was one Taylor chose, and she would be responsible for making sure it stuck. But what Taylor liked most was being taken from behind while bound and blindfolded and gagged and helpless, which didn’t seem exactly usual for a domme though she was definitely playing with ideas for how to make it work, but she also preferred Stuart to me for that sort of play. So while she worked through how to make her fondest wish happen through the exercise of her ascending sexual power, Sati suggested that Taylor condition me to go to my knees and eat her out whenever she held her naked breasts in her hands and said “Down boy” to me, so that’s where we went.

In Sati’s bed with me the night Taylor made that decision, my arms and legs cuffed to the frame, me not having ejaculated for three days, much of my playtime held at or near the edge at Taylor’s whim, she held those ripe shapely breasts in her hands, smiling wickedly, feeling her power permeate me, govern me, her hot wet entrance just touching the head of my cock, teasing me, then slid me oh-so-slowly inside, mounting me, starting that slow irresistible wave around me, staring deep into my eyes as I strained captive inside her, telling me to surrender to her motion and her eyes and lips and soft voice and perfect sweet talented pussy and beautiful breasts that she held in her hands like she held me so expertly inside her, my head swimming, eyes unfocusing, there was no way to resist this, no way I could want to resist, goddess it felt so good, my body relaxing as orgasm stirred, and the corners of her lips curled up as if knowing exactly how total her control over me was at that moment, knowing exactly what she was going to do to me next and enjoying that power very much, and slowly, inexorably tightened around me, just my glans even though I was well within her, like a strong pinch.

“I love to have you like this,” she said, letting up a little, then slid the rest of the way down, “overcome you with desire for me so easily, forcing away your thoughts, your will, replacing them with blank pleasure, so strong, overpowering, until you have no choice but to do exactly as I want.” Then, tantalizing as a velvet glove, she squeezed both glans and shaft. I felt my balls rising and my eruption approach.

“You want this,” she said, and goddess yes, I did, so deep in her beautiful eyes. She squeezed me again, harder, all the way down, firm and irresistible, every sensation under her perfect control, hard enough to completely squelch my onrushing climax.

“You need this,” she said, and I had no will to say different, and goddess help me, at that moment she was exactly right. The tip of her tongue played on the tip of my nose as she grew tighter and tighter, my breath coming shorter until my moment passed. She released me and reversed her position so she was sitting on my chest, her clit on my breastbone, her soft breasts enveloping my cock, took me in her mouth and it became clear she’d been working with Dani, because Taylor was using some of the same mind-melting technique(s) and it was vaguely disturbing that they’d been working together because it didn’t seem to be Sati’s way to teach any of her students more than one. And this went on for several minutes, me experiencing that much more out-of-body ecstasy before Taylor changed positions again, taking my chin in her hands and staring deep into my eyes, me sinking deeper in a way Sati taught all her women so well, and Taylor said

“Deeper,” and I could feel myself falling, unfocused eyes wide open, and then she said a few more things that at a time like this would not normally have registered, reinforcing her suggestion that whenever she held her breasts in her hands and said “Down boy” to me, that I would drop to my knees and mindlessly eat her out as soon as she came near enough to reach.

And to some distant part of me this sounded a bit ... juvenile—I would be happy to eat out this stunningly sexy woman any time she wanted—so the compulsion she wanted to implant seemed superfluous especially when it was really Stuart she wanted and some part of me became impatient or even crotchety like my old self might’ve been and despite beautiful Taylor’s best efforts what happened next, Sati watching open-mouthed in disbelief, changed everything.

The handcuffs around my wrists and ankles fell free. Our eyes still deep in each other’s, Taylor as deep in our mutual trance as I, my hands reached to her wrists, removed her hands from the generous swell of her warm breasts, stroked and caressed and squeezed that ripe fullness, those erect pink nipples, Taylor giving voice to a sort of whining moan. Then down to her waist, her hips, pulled her to me, her soft thighs surrounding my chin, and with lips and tongue and teeth and gentle kisses and soft licks and laps and my tongue penetrating and my hands and fingers playing with her lovely warm plush extravagant bottom and sacrum and those delightful breasts, I took her into my mouth as I’d never taken anyone before, her hands clutching my still-shaven skull tight around my four lonely beaded white-brown braids, she moaned and shuddered in mounting pleasure and then ecstasy and then screamed it for all to hear, and as she came down I rotated her full fertile hips so she was facing away from me and bent her down to my cock and she scooted to reach it and took me into her mouth and resumed her newly expert ministrations, and from this position I could barely reach the closest part of her wonderful ass with the tip of my tongue and she shivered to feel it and I began sitting up to better reach her and the climbing harness we’d used to suspend some of the women in their experiments reading my grimoire rose from the floor on its own and came to hand and, guiding Taylor’s motion, I slipped it over her feet, ankles, knees, soft smooth thighs, and then those full hips, and the ropes and carabiners it was attached to clipped into rings on the ceiling and tightened and gradually lifted her upside-down, and as she continued upwards I sat and then rose so her wonderfully expert mouth could continue manipulating my aching, days-denied cock until I was standing, my hands playing with her wonderful ass, her beautiful breasts and hard nipples brushing my belly and groin and my extrasense inside her felt what she felt just as I could feel what she was doing to me and I knew the extent of her compulsion to prevent my orgasm and I took command of it and as I pushed the pad of one of my thumbs against her rosebud, my other arm on her back clutching her so I could feel those lovely big warm soft breasts closer, I pushed my thumb inside and she yelped and gurgled and, one knuckle deep, her orgasm became inevitable and I let it come slowly until she would’ve screamed again if my cock wasn’t deep in her throat and she came and I came and she swallowed and despite being upside-down didn’t dribble a drop, and I kept her going and kept myself going and I could feel her coming again and by this time she was no longer able to do anything more for me even though I remained as hard as ever and I kept going through two more of her orgasms, each overflowing the last as it receded like a long hissing ocean wave on a beach and the ropes of her harness tightened and she rose so my tongue could reach her dripping hot pussy and one of her hands now around my still-hard cock while the other arm clutched me closer I made her come again and she could’ve made me come with her if she knew better what to do with her lovely hands but instead the ropes slowly loosened and she kissed my cock on her way down to the bed and when she was on all fours I entered her and she whispered “Fuck me like an animal,” a suggestion I could get behind, and I had one more load for her and she had one more scream to share with me and everyone else.

The next night and day and night, in lieu of our usual routine and with Lashe mostly out of the room, it was just Sati and Dani with me, both doing their creative utmost to get me to fuck the knowledge into them of how I’d manipulated those cuffs and harness with my mostly-absent mind, while Taylor had her wishes granted sharing Stuart with Kelsey, and she was ruthless in her growing power and actualizing desire and both of them were utterly helpless against it, while Callie and Jess had only each other and their again-ungranted mutual wish to share me. And Callie and Jess were all I really wanted.

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