The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cascade Fire

9. The Milky Way

Before dinner, Dani hugged me tight around the back of my chair, planting small kisses on the side of my neck and then searching my eyes, and I was smiling back at her, recalling how she and Jess were the first people here to like me. And then she kissed me on the lips, and let me say, that girl can kiss.

After dinner, Dani took my hand to lead me to the orgy, but I shook my head, Jess’ hand now on my other arm, and said to Dani “Tomorrow,” and then leaned down to kiss her gently.

Jess’ other hand now on Dani, she said “We’re camping under the stars,” then kissed Dani on the cheek.

We changed into warmer clothes with Callie, packed food and water, walked to the gear barn to find sleeping bags and a large tent and two inflatable queen-sized mattresses and fitted sheets and then Dani came in and hugged me again, close, perplexed, longing, and I kissed her and really I could’ve spent quite a bit more time doing that, as close to magic as I could imagine any kiss could be with someone I wasn’t fully in love with, but eventually I drew back and put a finger to her lips and repeated “Tomorrow.” Then I took Jess’ hand and she took Callie’s and I led them outside into a suddenly chill breeze.

The extradimensional portal closed just after Callie passed through so there would be no way Dani could follow without riding 15 miles to the caldera in the dark—the place we stepped out was the doorway to that small outbuilding I’d memorized earlier today.

“Holy shit!” Jess exclaimed, while Callie was beyond speech, though she did put her arm around my waist. Overhead in a spectacular clear sky were more stars than I’d ever seen in my life, and, bright and close enough to take your breath away, there was the tail of the Milky Way. Not the brightest parts, which would rise later, but on as clear a rain-scrubbed night as this, it was a good start.

I inflated the mattresses, which really inflated themselves, this magic business is handy stuff especially in the absence of electricity which, it came to me just then, is another kind of magic, and though we set up the tent we decided that outside with an unobstructed view of the cold clear sky with our sleeping bags zipped together would be better, so with clean sheets under us that we might not have needed, we were all in one big sleeping bag, our now-naked bodies keeping each other warm, and for our first hour we didn’t do anything more than stare at all the fucking stars. Well, I had a hand on both Jess and Callie, and they each had a leg over one of mine and one hand very near downtown, close enough to keep a sensual buzz simmering, but this was about feeling the Earth turn, and we actually could feel it turn, the night sky so close and wheeling so slowly around a point behind us.

“Virgo,” I said, pointing south, just above the caldera rim, knowing that something like it was the reason Callie and Taylor hadn’t gotten pregnant, then a little higher to our right, “Leo,” which brought back an echo of something I might’ve known once or maybe was just sensing for the first time, something to do with Sati just as Pisces and Puppis did, and almost right overhead, “Big Dipper,” and beyond Polaris over our heads, our necks craning backwards to see, “Cassiopeia.” And from this perspective, Cassiopeia, that mortal queen who boasted to gods and mortals that she and her daughter Andromeda were more beautiful than Poseidon’s nymph daughters, earning Poseidon’s wrath, Andromeda saved from a sea monster by a hero who loved her at first sight, was facing down. And the way I’d always seen Cassiopeia, the deeper segmented “V” in her “W” was an enormous shapely breast in profile, and that recognition brought Callie to straddle me and Jess to take hold, teasing me to incredible hardness as Callie lowered herself, Jess moving her delicious hand to cup and caress my balls as Callie took me into her, above me just as Cassiopeia was above all of us.

“No cumming,” Callie whispered, which drew a little moan from me as I relished the feel of her tight wonder-full ass in my hands, and then, slowly up and down and flexing down harder, she and Jess brought me to the edge and I didn’t go over but Callie sure did and then it was Jess’ turn, me already hard as stone.

“Give Jess the same magic you gave me,” Callie whispered, shakily, into my ear, and by then Jess was so tight around me and then all the way down like Callie had been, swirling her cervix against me as I took her firm soft bottom into one hand, my body remembering just how strong and flexible she could be and how fucking sexy that was, Jess counted me down, slowly, all the way from 10, my other hand on Callie, and by the time Jess reached “Two” I was completely out of my head with desire for what both of these loving women were doing to me, a greater tender joy than any vain ancient mortal in the sky could ever be, and Jess was moaning and gasping as she struggled so hard to hold back her release and when she said “One,” and we came together, and Callie came with us, I was thrust right back into that floating drifting ecstasy, this time with both these astonished, astonishing women, and everything I’d learned about this universe, including what these stars and planets and moons and asteroids and comets and meteors and their motion and their influence on us and each other had taught me tonight, I put all of it into Jess, and she just fucking screamed as she came again around me that much harder, and a part of me knew


I am

A lucky


A magical shelter had woven itself around us, I don’t remember how it happened but I’m pretty sure we built it ourselves, and it was stronger than the one around Sati’s school of magic, but we didn’t do it consciously and now I knew how to build a stronger one, which We would do on our return, after everyone else had their turn with me.

But for now we all had a nice refreshing drink of water, and then we slept.

I woke maybe three hours later, much more of the Milky Way climbing the sky, and with Callie and Jess snuggled close on each side, they felt the change and woke within a few minutes.

“Shit,” Jess said, staring up and shaking her head, reflected stars sparkling in her beautiful light brown eyes and from the small silver bar in her pierced nose, “I had no idea.”

“Bob,” Callie began, “about Taylor. She’s completely taken over Stuart and Kelsey and she wants another crack at you.”

“She needs it,” I said, and I sounded almost coherent.

Callie and Jess shared a look.

“We’ll go to a very dark place soon, and her path is darkest. She needs more practice,” I said.

“Shit ... Bob, are you back?” Jess asked, softly.

“No,” I said, and that made me sad, “but soon, I think.”

“I worry about you, Bob,” Callie said. I don’t want to lose you to Taylor. She is Sati’s.”

“I was, too,” I said. “Now I’m not, thanks to you. Now I’m yours.” And I kissed her deeply, and I turned to kiss Jess the same way, because I knew I belonged to both of them, and they to me, and I wanted them to know.

“Today I taught Taylor everything I know about pleasing you,” Jess said, regretfully.

“Not everything,” I said, looking deep into her eyes, and she smiled, doubtful at first, but then less so. “Not nearly.”

“Dani wants you, too,” Callie said.

“Dani is conflicted,” I said.

“Damn,” said Jess, “are you sure you’re not back?”

“Dani was Sati’s,” I said, “and now she’s wondering if that’s right for her. She sees what’s become of us and she wants that, and she’s figured out that she won’t get it from Sati.”

“Do you know who Sati is?” Callie asked after a long pause, and there was an even longer pause before I answered.

“Yes,” I said, finally. And we let that hang there longer, but I was already tuning back into our sky and we were awake for another half hour of glorious starry brilliance, the moon new, holding each other, turning with the Earth, Gaia, the original and purest goddess of them all, the Milky Way levering higher, and their warm soft firm supple bodies felt so good against me, the meat in this loving female sandwich on this cold night at this high altitude in this warm sleeping bag with both of them at the gate of dreams with me, breathing softly on me, past me, onto each other, and when we woke again it was dawn.

“Bob,” Callie said, sadly, “when I found your grimoire, it was in the drawer in the nightstand beside your bed, and I know which side of the bed you slept on, and I wanted to be the woman sleeping on the other side. Jess, I’m sorry.”

“I ... can’t ... remember,” I said, some part of me sad even here, now, with them, and it was like I hadn’t been so relatively lucid overnight at all.

“I forgive you,” Jess said to Callie, and stretched over me to kiss her, and then, her firm breasts on my chest, Jess said “Mmmmmmmm,” and wriggled more fully onto me, and then she was kissing me and then I was hard and I could tell she wanted to rise up and thrust her tight beautiful pussy into my face but that would’ve meant exposing her naked self to the cold dawn air so she settled for grinding and then moving up so one of her beautiful breasts was in my mouth while her feet played with my cock, and goddess, she was as good with her feet as she was with her hands because it didn’t take long before I was going to make a mess and she said

“I guess I didn’t teach Taylor everything, did I?” and she put a finger to one cheek, looking not-so-innocently away, and her lopsided smile showed me her first dimple but then she looked back at me, concerned, and asked “Should I have?”

“This can be just for us,” I said, as semi-lucid as I’d been under the Milky Way. But Callie dove deep into the warm stale air of our sleeping bag and took me into her mouth, and when Jess made me make that mess no more than 20 seconds later, toes splayed from tight against my balls to scissoring my shaft, nary a drop was spilled.

“I love dimples,” I said as I faded back into sweet oblivion, but I knew Jess glowed to hear it.

Two hours later, we walked back from the gear barn, some trail food in us but ready for something warmer and more substantial. Dani came out from the hall and wrapped her arm around my waist, possessive, relieved but concerned.

“Where the hell did you go?” she asked, almost angry. “You walked out that door and when I followed there was absolutely no trace of you, and I’m really fucking good at tracking.”

“Today,” I said, and I kissed her and she kissed me back, and I resisted falling into her. “Breakfast,” I said, and then we walked inside.

After we’d eaten our fill and heard stories of how Stuart and Kelsey had sold every one of the 95 chickens they’d brought to the Farmer’s Market and all the mushrooms we’d foraged and most of our vegetables and herbs and tea and honey and quite a lot of our preserves, banking nearly $10,000, and we were warmed up and cheerful and laughing together, Callie said “Everyone gets Bob today, and he will give you everything he gave us last night, and by the way that was the best way to see stars, ever,” and she was actually blushing. And then Stu and Kelsey excused themselves and Taylor while Callie, Jess and I changed into more comfortable indoor clothes.

This might’ve been a difficult thing to reconcile, for Callie, but she did it, for me. Sharing that much magic, that much knowledge ... was it a thing to ration carefully or was it a thing to freely share? In the end, it was about how she felt after learning it herself. She’d been so shocked after I learned how to stop a chicken’s heart, and so amazed and concerned when I learned how to fucking fly and when I learned how to take one step to travel 15 miles. But after she learned how to do these things herself it became less of an issue, and while I’m not exactly sure why, it might have been that she perceived that when I learned anything new, me loving her the way I did, she was going to be one of the first two people I shared it with.

Then Callie and Jess were separated from me. Not forcefully, but it was almost ritualistic, hands and wrists, a few precious kisses, then Sati led me to the other suite, which was now Taylor’s, and there were Kelsey and Stu on their knees, eyes downcast, nude except for Kelsey’s glossy black fishnet crotchless hose, and there was Taylor, waiting. For me. And when had anyone waiting for me looked so good?

Was this actually Taylor? Just a week ago she was so sweet, craving nothing more than to be in bondage with a hard cock inside her, the bigger the better, blindfolded and gagged, and I’d helped Sati with the beginning of her transformation, but ...

She was almost nude, thin strappy strips of leather around her ample breasts, joined by golden rings wherever they came together, lifting and accentuating like a bra but without any actual fabric, covering nothing, matching her strappy black leather and golden heels. A thin gold body chain from over her shoulders and down her front and splitting to embrace her belly and waist and coming up loosely from around her legs and ... gems, linked into or dangling from that chain. So much smaller than me even in those heels, but positively glowing with sublime confidence and power.

One gem between her breasts. That was really hard to look away from, as riveting as the ripe fullness it dangled between. Another in her navel, actually fluorescing. She was a belly dancer now? Was I completely out of my depth? Did I even know the meaning of the word “depth”? Short answers: Yes, probably, and probably not, which might’ve been a good thing. Another jewel dangling from her belly chain, right in front of her pussy. She twirled to let me see another just below her tailbone, all of them the color of her lip gloss and nails and earrings, and turned back to say

“Kelsey, take him,” and this was a bit confusing for my fuddled self but I realized that Taylor was directing Stuart, who wore a rather elaborate cock ring and now Kelsey had a strapon in hand and Stu gave me a look that I was pretty sure was pleading and he must’ve already been lubed and prepared because a minute later Kelsey was all the way inside him from behind and he was surrendering because that was what he’d been conditioned to do and Taylor said

“Bob, eyes on me,” and it was not a request. “You are going down,” she said, and yes it was a challenge and yes it was pre, um, sumptuous, but there she was in front of me, a feast for all senses, all curves and fascinating interweaving sights and scents and motion and such a soft commanding voice and my eyelids were fluttering a little and she smiled.

Something dangled from her hand. It was a crystal the same color as the gems adorning her perfectly luscious body and her fingernails and toenails and lip gloss and earrings. Pale rosy pink, pearlescent.

“That’s right, gaze deep into my crystal,” she said, swaying with it gently before me, and I was, though I wouldn’t be looking long, because there were so many more wonderful things so near, and she said

“Follow it,” and that’s exactly what I was doing, and

“So deep,” and it was swinging slowly now, and my eyes were following, and I knew what sights there were to see so near, and I was just about to look at them again but she said

“Down boy,” and that was a disconcerting thing to hear with my eyes on her swinging crystal and knowing how much more there was to see so near her swinging crystal that she wanted me to watch and which I was watching because she asked me to because she wanted me to because I was

“Yes,” she said, and time seemed to slow down.

“Deeper,” she said, and I could feel my world tilt. A slope, a kinda actually slippery slope, and I was starting to slip, and

“Yes,” she said, and I started to slide, and, and ...

I didn’t want to slide. I knew where I belonged, or at least one or two or three or even possibly four parts of me wanted to belong and I looked up into her eyes and she was smiling and she said

“Good boy,” and she was happy to see me resisting and that was really hard because every part of me enjoyed hearing her say that to me, about me, and yes of course I was fucking hard but then when wasn’t I, and my eyelids fluttered more before opening and looking up at her and her smile was even broader and she said

“Good boy,” and damn that felt really fucking good to hear her say and she said

“Eyes all the way open, what do you really want to look at right now?”

And that was actually a really HARD fucking question, because there were half a dozen things I really wanted to look at right then but it was a leading question because she was at that very moment jiggling her beautiful breasts at me.

OK, I’ve seen some really great breasts this year. I love(d?) Joanna’s and Sati’s owned me, and Mari’s fucking destroyed me, and I love every single thing about Callie and Jess and maybe I was starting to reconsider Dani, and fuck Nancy, fuck her and her pimp and fuck wherever my mind had fled because it maybe might be an actually good place to fuck, that much power, that much ...

Taylor had really great breasts. Really really great breasts. Adorned, decorated, irresistible. She said “Good boy,” as my eyes refocused on her, Sati just behind.

“Good boy,” Taylor said again, smiling, not quite but almost triumphant. Oh girl, you have no idea.

Yes, I was staring enthralled at Taylor’s wonderful breasts.

“You are such a good boy,” she said, and yes, yes I was, and Sati was sitting on a chair behind Taylor, because, truly, Taylor didn’t need any help.

And Taylor was just getting started. She took her wonderful breasts into her lovely hands.

“You are on your knees,” she said, and I wasn’t going to do that because I didn’t do that when she wanted me to do that before but she was smiling and asked, softly, a little extra emphasis after each word

“Did you really think you had a choice?”

And yes of course I did because here I was staring up at Taylor’s beautiful breasts and the gem swaying between them that I followed every moment of and Taylor’s smile was widening and I was, what was the word again ... fuddled?

‘Yes, that’s just the right word’ I thought to myself, on my knees, looking up at Taylor.

“Gooooood boy,” she said, and her approval resonated through my entire body, exactly what I most wanted to hear. “You are such ... a ... good ... boy.”

And everything around me was going quiet as my self gradually became aware of what Taylor had done to me so easily, it was just me and Taylor and Taylor’s beautiful eyes, her voice, her breasts and the beautiful gem hanging between them, and she was saying something and my eyes were closing, and

Some indeterminate time later, Taylor said “Wake now,” and my woefully insufficient memory heard echoes of the numbers I’d just been reciting, that I’d been counting up, and Taylor was rotating her center just like that belly dancer I’d wondered if she might’ve become, and there was a fucking gem in her navel, and I was nude and my eyes were locked on as tight as anything in my life has ever been locked before, and of course she said

“Good boy,” and this was honest to goddess rocking my whole world. Taylor had a pale rosy pink fluorescent pearlescent or even opalescent gem in her navel, and it was rotating in my vision, rotated by a taut soft feminine belly and shapely soft hips and legs and ... fuck, because really there was nothing else to look at until it was time for my eyes to close again because I was so sleepy and everything about her was so beautiful and everything she said was so right there was this voice that sounded like mine counting up again and then my eyes opened, and now I was gazing into the most beautiful pink pussy I’d ever seen in my life, another pale rosy pink gem swinging in front of it, making one or the other harder to focus on, but front vision and back vision, they were a fugue that I needed to see through somehow and Taylor was speaking more words and I fucking loved the sound of her voice and I was saying something in reply and I fucking loved ... loved

My eyes opened. I was looking at Taylor’s ass. Damn all, she had a fucking beautiful ass. And oh shit I was as hard as could be and her ass looked all that more ... fuckable, but the real prize was not much further away, her ... oh, shit, her ...

There was another gem swaying over Taylor’s ass. Pale. Pink. Rosy. Shimmering like the pale rosy pink fingernails of her lovely hands spread over her pale pink rosy cheeks, exposing more of her nether cleft, her rosebud, her

Just like her lips, her ... what was it? I felt like I should be able to remember the name for it but I couldn’t, her ...


A wave of pleasure coursed through me. I was on my knees, in front of the sexiest woman in the world, in front of the two sexiest women in the world, and I couldn’t remember the word for ...

“You know,” Taylor said to me, " I am the best lay on the planet.” And it wasn’t a question, nor was it a statement, exactly, but it certainly made my cock surge.

“You know,” Taylor said to me, “that thing we did with each other last night was really good for you.” And that was a thing for my fuddled self to struggle to remember because

“You know ...” Taylor said to me, and I was just starting to recall that she’d been there with her silicone cock that was somehow tied to my actual, throbbing, enthralled ... self ... was that the right word? (’Yes it is’ said a part of me.)

I was staring at Taylor’s ass. Damn all, she had such a beautiful ass. And it could do more to me or to anyone than any part of me was ready to fathom. But here I was, getting closer.

“Mmmmmmm,” she hummed, knowing She was just getting started.

A few sounds from outside our shared awareness began to intrude. Stuart, penetrated. Kelsey, penetrating. Stuart, in ecstatic agony. Kelsey cumming, again. It was a distraction, so I tuned it out. Again. (?)

‘Fathom’. Six feet. What the hell? Why would I think in terms of height as if height were power, mine or hers, as if it made a difference? Except for her fucking sexy heels, which certainly did make a difference, because right here right now her right, her power was being exercised. On me, whether for or against I could not know, but definitely on me.

I was looking up at Taylor’s ... kitten ... a wave of pleasure coursing through me, so close to my lips, my tongue, and if only she permitted it I would enter her with one or the other or preferably with something bigger, my self, but ...

Not yet.

More sounds intruded from the world outside just Taylor and me. Stuart and Kelsey, and much more subtly, Sati. Setenaya, yes, that was/is her name, among a few others more readily recognized.

Taylor had a fucking crystal dancing on her ass, slipping and sliding and bouncing on her soft sensuous skin and warming and ... no, I could not look away, Taylor was getting far too good at this to let anything like that happen. No distractions, no ...

Hypnosis? Really? Yes, really, I was totally hypnotized. No magic, no nothing except what Taylor was doing to me right here, right now. Fuck.

“You felt what I felt last night,” Taylor said to me, looking back at me looking at her beautiful ass, so deep.

“You were inside me, and I felt you inside me, and I made you feel ... me,” she said, and yes, she had indeed. Tell me, mistress, anything you want to affirm, and I will do it.

“You are helpless, boy,” she said, and then a thing like an existential crisis happened within me. Because, was I ‘helpless?’ Was I a ‘boy?’

Behind me, Kelsey was cumming again while Stuart wouldn’t be anytime soon, a somewhat groundingly sober concept.

Some part of me thought it would be a good idea to just get up and leave despite no part of me having any fucking idea where else in the world I was except in relation to a certain caldera and two women I loved.

On my feet, I was going nowhere, but slowly. A beautiful woman materialized in front of me, so much smaller, and she said something and then I was on my knees looking up at her again because she knew what was best for me, and I couldn’t possibly ...

Oh shit, I was on my knees and my dick was in my hand and I was stroking it at her command but

Oh shit, I was on my knees and nothing was in either hand but everything was feeling so good and

Oh shit, her hips were swaying and rotating and I was completely fixated and

“Down boy,” she said, her beautiful breasts cupped by her lovely hands and her sex so intoxicatingly close, and hell yes I hit that and hell yes she liked it and

“O.M.F.G.” she said, resplendent in her power, just before every other part of my world rearranged.

And then there was Sati, and she sprayed milk from her full, portentous breast all over Taylor and all over me, because she already knew

Kelsey was in ecstasy. Stuart was in desperation. Both of them completely enthralled to this intoxicating woman my mouth was pleasuring, and as good or as wrong as that might’ve felt to either of them, Taylor said to her and to me


And then Taylor directed Stuart to come around in front of me, and he did, whimpering, and at this point I was nothing more than an extra in this play of passion except that someone else knelt in front of me, someone I couldn’t see, someone I ...

Oh, shit, whatever she was doing to me was ...

More milk, spraying. All over both of us. All over Kelsey in worshipping her/our goddess, all over this beautiful warm soft woman who was worshipping my long hard ... self, all ... over ... all

A crystal, swaying between two perfect soft warm full breasts, that I could not look away from even if I’d been tempted to try. And a soft strong wonderful woman had my cock in her mouth and then her pussy was in mine, and oh, my ...

It was so fucking good.

And I knew this woman was Dani, and she’d been trying really hard to be Sati’s but she also wanted something different and she was so ... fucking ... good.

Something in me separated, rose above. There was an orgy happening. To me, but not just me. And even by the standards of orgies, it was pretty damned great, mostly because of who was involved, and how, and ... why.

Stuart was desperate, just the tip of his cock inside Taylor, who was swirling her entrance around him, squeezing that tip within her, no one else touching him despite his place at the bottom of this whirlwind of female touch and taste and smell and sound and motion not knowing what the fuck what was happening to him but really truly helpless to change a single thing about it and

Kelsey was an automaton, she’d come so many times already fucking Stuart from behind but it hadn’t been anything she’d ever really wanted and she was really truly helpless to change a single thing about it and

Taylor, who completely owned Stuart and Kelsey and she was thinking she might just own me but

Dani, such a bold, bared, brazen

I was inside Stuart, figuratively, and he’d been inside Taylor but directed to pull out, mourning but grateful because

Then he was inside Kelsey, and he was relieved and she was happier, and

I was inside Taylor, and fuck, being inside Taylor was beyond fucking great, she really was that good.

And Dani was fitting a blindfold around Taylor and then another around herself, and Sati was kind of taken aback but rolling with it because

Dani was kissing her. And Dani was such a good kisser, I could feel the echoes of her kisses, and Sati’s responses, even from deep inside Taylor, who was mewling and growling in pleasure, maybe wondering what the fuck just happened but maybe

Taylor lowered herself, me thrust deep inside her, and there was something on the bed in front of her and she put it into her mouth and it wasn’t a gag but she wanted it to be and because I was there with her that’s what it became and she flipped the strap around the back of her head and I fastened it and she lowered her elbows and then she wasn’t allowed to touch it anymore and now she was blindfolded and gagged and had me deep inside her, so deep in so many ways, the next best thing to the thing she wanted most, and Kelsey, sweet Kelsey, separating from divine Sati and Stuart, her double-ender still in place, moved behind Setenaya and began to fuck her from there, and this was totally not in Sati’s original plan but I was inside her as deeply as she’d ever been inside me and

The door opened. Callie and Jess came in, Ingrid our only remaining guard, outside, the door remaining open, and for me that was like opening the gates and Taylor’s focus seemed to be going off track and I said to her

“Yes,” because fuck yes, and

“Deeper,” because I was and she was and

“You own me,” and that was a completely different thing and Taylor, still massaging and jobbing and blowing my cock with me half out of my mind so deep inside her, took more than a minute to readapt, me feeling her progressively tangential and then progressively targeted responses that said

“Whatever,” and that was such a fucking awesome thing for her to think and I said

“Whatever you think,” because then she thought

“Yes, actually,” because who in this room or in almost the rest of her life would’ve been able to say different and then

Taylor, on her knees and elbows, speaking with me about control, about who did or didn’t have it except she was gagged and I was fuddled but I could hear what she was saying perfectly well from inside and because she was also saying it so perfectly with

Her hips, swaying

Her full breasts, bulging on the sheets as she moved forward and back

Her beautiful bottom, so big, so soft, so compelling, moving in a way that would be difficult to characterize with any single word because there was more than one thing going on and none of those things were obvious because so much of this was happening without gross movement, but goddess, such movement and Taylor was now just radiantly happy as she shepherded my cock inside her to such extremities and then, just like last time but this time without a harness, her knees rose from the bed, and I was no longer inside her but her gorgeous soft feet and heels and legs rose past my tongue, playing it, and her gag was off and her mouth was right there over my cock, and my tongue was loving her soft thighs and my cock was enjoying an absolutely unbelievable experience from a completely different part of her and then she rose higher and now her hands were on me as I had full access to her upside-down ... kitten, a wave of pleasure coursing through me, right there in front of my face, my hands stroking her plush pillowy ass and soft thighs and knees above and this would’ve been a mighty good show for Sati if she could’ve looked up from what sweet Kelsey and beautiful Dani were doing to her, and Callie and Jess both had their tongues playing with my earlobes which was weird when you think about how much shorter Jess was but then again both of these perfect women had already learned levitation and I was starting to get a sense that not everything was going to go as I might’ve previously expected, if I’d ever been in a state to plan a damned thing but

Taylor, upside-down with her hands expertly celebrating my cock, me right side up with my mouth celebrating her ... kitten(?), a wave of pleasure coursing through me, my extrasense playing with every part of her and Jess and Callie standing or levitating or whatever they were doing there pretty much outside anything I could sense which was a little strange since I’d always been able to be inside them ever since I came here but a change or more than one seemed to be in the air, so to speak, and Dani deep in Sati and Sati deep in Dani and Stuart’s pleading groans, Kelsey inside him again, this time from in front with his huge ringed cock surging in her hands and neither of them really wanting exactly that and gorgeous glowing Taylor at the center of everything though maybe she was as much an amplified echo of Sati as she was Taylor, and Jess’ hand on Sati’s mouth and Sati starting to have trouble breathing past it and Callie teasing Sati’s breasts past Dani’s undulating waist, and was this really an orgy anymore? ‘Cause it felt like it was turning into a whole different thing.

But Taylor still needed this, and I was still hers, and she was on her feet in front of me again and I was on my knees in front of her again and I was so fucking deep and I was no longer capable of independent thought or action or existence and Taylor was tied to me, leading me while also following me through this sensual underworld of sensation and guided perception and trust and trance and fantasy, and while Callie was concerned she also saw where this was heading and she trusted it and while Jess was concerned she also felt like this was the right thing to be happening and while Dani was ... concerned, if that’s the right word for what she was feeling, she was also eating out and being eaten out by a real live goddess and Sati ... well, what was Sati thinking, really, if anything?

She was having a really fucking good time, that much was clear, but discerning what a goddess felt was not a thing that translated directly to what a mortal like everyone else in this room might be feeling.

Ingrid, just outside the open door, intent on perceiving and intercepting threat, seemed in agreement, because like Sati she was divine and ancient and transcendent, and several of us were going to be tested on that very soon.

Had Callie and Jess really just taken control of this entire scene?

Taylor’s lovely hands on the back of my shaven head, holding me close as she approached her second completely physical non-magical orgasm, the way she needed to, two necessary steps in her late-morning journey to a far greater ownership of her sublime powerful feminine suasion, and today ‘Down Boy’ was the furthest thing in the world from being juvenile, and then she was screaming, screaming out her pleasure, her supreme satisfaction with having done to me and to Stu and Kelsey what she had, but her screams were breathless, completely silent except for a little squeak, and I wouldn’t have known she was coming so hard but for my extrasense since aside from her entire luscious body trembling and that tiny squeak from her wide-open mouth there would’ve been no other way for anyone to know what was happening to her, and this, too, was something she needed to learn.

Jess’ hand was on Kelsey, her lips to Kelsey’s ear, whispering “stop,” so quietly that no one else would be able to hear, but I could. And Kelsey slid out from inside Stuart who was completely a-tremble in an entirely different way from Taylor, and Jess’ hands on him and her lips on his ear and she was saying “Stand,” and he came to his feet, shakily, Jess’ hand lightly caressing his huge hard cock, her arm around his waist leading him to Taylor, behind Taylor, his hard dripping cock just touching her lower back, his balls on her delicious sacrum, his hands on her shoulders, Callie’s hands on my upper arms suggesting to my body that I also rise and then lowering my ear to Taylor’s luscious pale pink rosy lips as she shivered from Stuart’s touches against so many different parts of her, wanting this more than any other thing, already blindfolded and gagged again, and what Taylor wanted to say to me but couldn’t because of the gag was “Take Dani,” and I understood perfectly.

Taylor slowly bent forward and dropped to her knees and elbows, and Stuart went to all fours behind her and slid his massive self into her wet welcoming warmth and put his hands on her luscious full breasts, exactly as both of them most wanted it, all at her bidding, Stu helpless to do anything else even if he could’ve wanted to, and Jess led Dani to me and removed her blindfold, Dani dripping Sati’s sweet milk from every part of her and I bent to lick some of it away and she tasted like Sati, all of Sati, Dani’s lips turned up to mine and I kissed some of that back into her beautiful talented mouth, and she was such a good kisser, and when she finally drew back, our foreheads together, I breathed out “Now,” and Dani smiled a brilliant joyful radiant smile, and I lifted her up by her ass and onto my cock and she locked her legs over and around my hips, and there was an actual wooden barre on the wall that Taylor must’ve wanted there, and resting Dani on it helped us maintain this crazy position, the idea for which came from I-know-not-where, but Dani was enjoying it and now that I could focus more on what she was doing around me and less on supporting her in that awkward position, I could take her lips in mine or maybe it was the other way around and we could get down to fucking, because I was going to come inside her, and she was going to get everything I had to give, and Dani knew how I liked it and matched her slow rhythm to me in exactly the right way, and as my desire rose and an inevitable process inched its slow way towards a revelation that I think, I knew, was going to be really really good, I could hear Taylor’s strangled gasps from behind her gag and Stuart’s agonized moans as a process inside him similar to the one inside me advanced on a similar path even though it wouldn’t end in exactly the same way, and Dani’s deep blue eyes were inside mine just as her lips possessed me, still incredibly deep in Taylor’s trance and Dani knowing it, and kissing a woman as sweet as Dani with open eyes was just a whole other thing on any scale of loving amazement, and Callie’s soft lips and the tip of her tongue were caressing the side of my neck, her hands brushing up and down Dani’s legs wrapped around my waist and me so deep in Dani, I really couldn’t follow what Jess and Kelsey and Sati were doing except to know they were doing it together.

Dani’s beautiful eyes were narrowing as she approached her climax, mewing and sighing and moaning, and my body was relaxing in that way it had learned so well with ... wait, who had I learned it from again? Did it matter? Did anything but this moment with Dani and with Callie matter? My extrasense permeating both of them, binding us tighter, the heat within us rising, and for me the only question was whether or not I would give Dani the ability to create an extradimensional portal, and as the moment approached and my uncertainty was going to delay it if I couldn’t decide, in the end I withheld that one thing, maybe only because it had vexed her last night and that one mystery needed to remain a mystery, at least for now.

“OhhhhhhHhhhHhhHhHHHHHH!” was what Dani said as her climax began, and that was a trigger for mine and I could feel its every detail as I unfolded inside her, my movement stopping at its deepest point eight inches inside her, which I knew because she told me that’s how deep I could go, but that was not the only way I was so deep inside her, which was all the way, and her breath had fled by the time I started shooting, but one deep gasping breath later she was screaming, the loudest most piercing scream I’d ever heard just inches from both my ears as she came to know all the magic I knew except for that one thing she didn’t know she didn’t know, and that scream and her pleasure and mine just shut my brain off.

By the time I woke to the sound of Taylor counting me up to a waking world of sound and light and soft voices and the pervasive aroma of deeply satisfying sex, my ears still ringing, it felt like I was in a different kind of trance, constrained by something I couldn’t put my finger on ... Taylor had gotten really good at this, and for where we would be going soon she truly needed to be able to do to me what she had, but we weren’t done.

Stuart and Dani had gone to sleep in another room, holding each other, while Kelsey sat covered in Sati’s sticky sweet drying milk in a small circle holding hands with Jess and Callie, Sati and Ingrid sitting side by side on the bed, Sati smiling a very satisfied smile indeed.

Taylor rose to her feet in front of me, one palm facing up, and her fingers tipped by rosy pale pink pearlescent nails closed and opened in a kind of magical wavelike finger dance and my body sat up as if it were compelled to, as if attached to a puppeteer’s strings, and I liked that but thought how much nicer it would be if her nails were longer, and then they were, half an inch longer, just like that. Taylor looked at them, turning her hand over to admire them and then the other hand, smiling, and said “Good boy,” and a sensation not unlike the beginning of another orgasm shivered its way up the length of my spine, and the motion of her hands and fingers spread to the rest of her body as she moved in front of me like the flame of a candle and now I was incredibly hard and a part of me thought back to yesterday when I suspected that Taylor could make a man come just by watching her and now I knew that’s exactly what was about to happen to me.

Except Kelsey rose from her small circle with Jess and Callie and sat on my lap, facing me, her glossy black-fishnet-clad legs around me, taking me deep into her, hugging me close, her soft firm tummy and small soft breasts and warm hardening nipples close against me, unmoving, and I knew she was deep in trance and I knew another thing was going to happen.

Taylor swaying, arms and hands and fingers high over her head, Kelsey’s soft breath against my neck, my chin, my cheek, Callie sitting down behind me, her long lithe legs outside Kelsey’s hips, lovely slender heels resting just inside my knees, her cheek and loving breath on my shoulder, her arms around me and around Kelsey clutching us closer, Jess now seated next to Sati on the bed, holding her other hand and watching us down here on the floor as Taylor danced for me, wavelike, dreamlike, utterly fascinating, bewitching, her lovely hands and exquisite long fingers in constant tantalizing motion, the gems on her chain linking every irresistible part of her body, hips rotating around her warm wet tantalizing center, one of those gems waving in front of it, bumping and bouncing from her thighs and her hips, utterly entrancing, utterly compelling, and I was so deep again and she was coming closer as I was closer to coming and she was bending down in front of me, her wonder-full breasts extending toward me as she bent, her lovely hands coming closer and I was closer and closer to coming and the tip of her tongue was playing delicately with her upper lip as she smiled and the magnetic pull of that smile drew my eyes up from her beautiful center to the pale rosy pink opalescent gem in her navel and up the chain to another between her breasts and their pale rosy pink nipples, now leaning forward toward me, and my eyes came up to fall into hers all over again, such beautiful deep blue-grey eyes, such a beautiful grateful compelling smile, and now my body was so deeply relaxed even though one part of me was straining so deep inside Kelsey, and Kelsey could feel what was coming inside me and though it wasn’t a thing she most wanted it was still feeding back into her and she was tensing as her body responded to me and her trance and Callie’s hands caressing her back and now it was time to vision all the magic I had except, as with Dani, there would be no extradimensional portal, and the index finger of one of Taylor’s lovely hands came up so slowly toward my forehead, weaving and waving as it came closer and her lips parted and she said

“Such ... A ... Good ... Boy.” and with each word a wave of pleasure trilled up and back down my spine, doubling each time, and then the tip of her lovely long finger touched my forehead, and I exploded and came and came, tears flowing, and Kelsey was spasming and squirming and gasping and moaning in pleasure with me and Callie was kissing my shoulder and clutching Kelsey closer to me and Kelsey was crying just as I was just as Callie was, and Taylor was standing straight again, surveying the orgasmic wreckage she’d made of us, such a confident powerful compelling smile and she whispered

“Such a good boy,” and she puckered up and gave me an air kiss, and then twirled and I saw the gem dangling in front of her sacrum sway and recede as Taylor sashayed away and then my eyes were closing and when I woke again I was in Taylor’s bed with just Jess sleeping beside me.

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The Raid — Unfinished business. And an ending.