The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 10

Early the next morning Rachael came to my door. Her eyes were red and I assume she’d been crying, although her eyes were dry now.

“Ben left me. He followed me here yesterday and found out about us. He must have suspected something because he’s been acting strange for days. He’s been treating me roughly during sex all week, last night was the roughest yet.” She showed me here wrists and there were rope burns on them. “He tied me up as soon as he got home and didn’t free me until this morning. If I open my mouth to complain, he slapped me across the face. He just kept fucking me. When he’d recovered from the previous orgasm, he’d fuck me again. He didn’t even try to give me an orgasm. He said that because I like biting, I need some of my own medicine and he bit me over and over again. I thought he was going to bite a piece of me off.” She was breathing hard and stopped to catch her breath.

“How did you like being treated that way?” I asked

“I really enjoyed the rough sex during the week. I thought it was me originally and that my time with you had somehow made me act differently. He really liked it when I shaved my pussy for you.” She said, laughing.

“And last night?” I prompted

“I was terrified. If it’d been the old Ben, the one I trusted, I think I would have enjoyed what he did to me. But he’d turned into such an animal that I thought he was going to eat me alive.”

“What now?” I asked.

“I’ve been thinking about that and what we’ve been doing the last week.” She undid her dress and dropped it to the floor. She was naked underneath and her body was indeed covered with bite marks, several of which had broken the skin.

“I’d like to accept your other offer,” she said dropping to her knees and undoing my pants “and become you sex slave. If you still want me.”

“I do still want you.” She smiled happily and started to suck my cock.

I took a little liberty and made her orgasm when she tasted my cum. I then led her to the couch and fucked her until she’d cum again.

“As my sex slave, I don’t expect you to like everything I’ll get you to do. If there’s something you really don’t like we can discuss it, but you have to try anything I ask at least once.”

“Ok,” she said “I can agree to that.”

“Good, because I was just about to cane Olivia.” Rachel looked a little startled but didn’t say anything. When she saw Olivia, I could see the doubts running through her head. Olivia hair was ruffled with dry cum in it. She had a ball gag in her mouth and drool was running down her chin. The dog leash was attached to her collar, her hands we’d cuffed behind her and the short ankle chain was back in place.

I’d gotten the thin cane out of the cupboard and swished it around a few times. “This is how I normally treat Olivia. I didn’t want to scare you off before.” She nodded her head and kept looking Olivia up and down.

“Face down.” I ordered and Olivia knelt with her face pressed into the floor and her ass high. The cane made a loud crack as it landed time and again on Olivia’s ass and thighs. I enjoyed hearing her moan in pain and this was one of the few times she was allowed to make noise. I gave her thirty strokes before having her roll over. I delivered another ten strokes to her tits. He’s skin was ready starting to form welts.

Rachael was wide eyed and looking a little scared. “Stick you fingers her pussy and make her cum.” Rachael scrambled to the floor next to Olivia and pushed two fingers into her pussy. “She’s so wet...” She said, surprised, and moved her fingers and out until I made Olivia orgasm.

“Your turn.” I said to Rachael. “Don’t worry, I’ll go easier on you, but it’ll still hurt. Take the gag out of Olivia’s mouth and put it in yours. I don’t want the neighbours to hear.” She put the gag in her mouth and I did the strap up behind her head. “In my new apartment, you’re to build a sound proof room so we don’t need the gag.” She nodded and bent her face to the floor, holding her hands behind her.

I struck her across the ass and she jumped and cried out. Happy that the gag muffled her cries quite well I struck several more times, not as hard as I had with Olivia, but hard enough that welts would form.

“Roll over.” I said. She did so and I could see the tears running down her face. “If you move you hands to block a stroke or try to roll away, I will double the number of strokes and the intensity.” She nodded and I landed the first blow on her tits. She cried out through the gag and pulled her knees to her chest. She quickly put her knees down and caned her tits several more times. As I liked to do, I aimed the last blow across her nipples and she writhed around in pain.

“Ok, we’re done.” I said and she breathed a sigh of relief. I ran my hand over her body and down to her pussy. “I see you’re wet as well,” then finger fucked her to orgasm as she done to Olivia. She rolled over and put her arm around Olivia hugging her for a few minutes.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked her

“Yes,” she replied meekly.

“So you haven’t changed your mind then?”

“No, I’m yours”.

Rachael needed to go to work; Saturday was a real estate agents busiest day.

I didn’t think Olivia had suffered enough today, but didn’t have time for anything elaborate. I hooked up the TENS unit and pushed the probe up her ass. I turned the unit to maximum and it delivered a painful electric shock to her every few seconds, causing her butt muscles to contract and release with each jolt. I then went shopping for more toys.

When Rachael came back that evening, she stripped off her clothes as soon as the door behind her closed. Before she could get on her knees, I said “I’ve got some presents for you.” On the table were wrist and ankle cuffs and a collar, although I hadn’t gotten her a dog collar, but a much nicer one. “I want you to wear those whenever you’re here. Unlike Olivia’s, you can remove them if you want.”

She nodded and I fastened them on her. I ran my hands over the welts on her tits and said “You look gorgeous in those and with your whipped tits and ass.” She blushed slightly. I fastened her wrists behind her back and ordered “Now, on your knees.” She dropped and took my cock into her mouth.