The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 11

Rachael spent the night in bed with me while Olivia slept on the floor next to us. Rachael was, understandably, quite curious about Olivia. She assumed that Olivia was there by her own consent and that everything I did was consensual. I used a little bit of mental persuasion to make her accept the situation without questioning it more than that.

She didn’t get much sleep that night as I kept waking her up, a couple of times to have me a blow job, but every hour I had Olivia and her give each other an orgasm.

When we got up in the morning, I told Rachael “I usually whip Olivia every day. I won’t do that to you, but you can help me.”

I got out the cat ’o nine tails, which had nine thin pieces of leather with knots in the end. I had Olivia stand with her legs spread and her hands on her head.

I whipped her ten times across the ass and back of her legs. The new whip marks stood out bright red against yesterday’s cane marks which had faded.

I handed the whip to Rachael and said “Your turn.”

“I’m not sure I want to.”

“Give her two solid strikes across the tits.” I ordered. Rachael took a deep breath and swung the whip. She struck Olivia’s tits, but the blow wasn’t hard enough for me. “Harder. Two more strokes.” She put her weight into it a landed two good blows, not as hard as I could have, but she gave it her best effort.

“How do you like that?” I asked her. “I don’t really.” she replied.

“Ok, two more hard blows to her pussy and I’ll let you stop.” She swung hard up between Olivia’s legs and hit her pussy and clitoris and she winced at the pain she must be causing. One more of the same and she looked at me. “That’s enough. You did really well.” I took the whip from her and struck Olivia five more times.

“You can sit down now,” I said to Olivia and she almost collapsed onto the floor.

I picked up two nipple clamps, the ones with weight attached, and walked over to Rachael. “Your turn.” I said.

Her nipples were already hard so I attached the clamps and tighten them, only stopping when she was whimpering in pain. Her hands fluttered up towards them, but she forced them down without touching them. I smiled at this and said “Good girl. Now on you hands and knees.” She got down which forced the weights on the clamps to hang down and stretch her nipples towards the floor. I got behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. Each thrust caused the weights to swing around, causing more discomfort. As I sped up, the weight were flying around more violently, but she was lost in pleasure and pain. She came with a massive orgasm and I let myself come as well. She collapsed on the floor next to Olivia and I poured the cum from the condom into her mouth. She swallowed it eagerly.

I let them catch their breath then led Olivia by the leash crawling to the shower. “Rachael, stand over Olivia and piss on her.” She really wanted to disobey, but she didn’t and pissed on Olivia’s head and face. Olivia opened her mouth and swallowed as much as she could.

When she was finished, I started to piss on Olivia as well. I adjusted my aim to move it up and pissed on Rachael’s stomach, letting in run down her legs.

“Another time we’ll see how you like in on your face and mouth.” She nodded, relieved that she didn’t have to do that today.

“Wash yourself off and clean up Olivia too.”

After a quick shower, Rachael came back out of the bathroom. Olivia would remain where she was until I told her otherwise.

I led her into the bedroom and stood her in front of the full length mirror. “Beautiful” I said running my hands over the bite and whip marks. “The marks on your skin suit you. We’re going to have to make sure there’s some always there.” She smiled at the praise and leaned into me.

“Now, go home and get some rest. Have a think about what’s happened here and think about if you want to continue. Either way, the original deal still holds and I expect you to report to me at the usual times, so this is going to continue for several weeks more no matter what you decide.”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a business card. “On your way home, stop in and see this guy. He’ll test you for venereal diseases.” She took the card and nodded. I had and arrangement with the head of the local pathology lab. He gave me quick results on tests for people I sent him and kept them off the record. In exchange, I set it up so he could fuck his young assistant whenever he wanted to.

Rachael pulled on her dress and left. “Now, Olivia, it’s time for some fun with you.” I pulled out my phone and made a call. About thirty minutes later, Angela, who owned a tattoo and piercing studio, arrived. Angela was a walking advertisement for her own studio and was covered in ink, studs and rings.

We’d already discussed Olivia, not that I’d let her talk about it with anyone else, and I’d decided to follow her suggestions. First was a septum piercing, this is a nose ring in the fleshy part between the nostrils. Initially, the ring would be small, only half an inch across and a small gauge, but over time you can replace it with bigger ones if so desired.

Second was going to be clitoral hood and labia piercing; one ring through the clitoral hood and two rings through each labia. As with the septum piercing, the rings in the labia could be replaced over time with larger one.

Third would be a tattoo. Angela suggested a full colour rose vine following the spine from the butt crack to the neck. I’m told its one if the more painful areas to get a tattoo and Angela was going to do it in one sitting.

Olivia watched Angela get out her piercing equipment. There was panic in her eyes and she’d be screaming if she could.

The piercings when quickly and I stood Olivia in front of the mirror so she could see the results. She didn’t look impressed but I thought it suited her.

The back tattoo took all day and went well into the night. I didn’t let Olivia move or make a sound, but it was very painful for her. The result was fantastic, much better than I’d envisaged. Three rose stems started at her lower back and intertwined themselves as they worked their way upwards, following her spine. Five rose flowers blossomed on the vines, each the size of my fist. The detail, colour and shading was incredible, almost like a photo. Angela was a truly fantastic artist and I made sure she was very well paid for her work.

I held a mirror up behind Olivia so that she could see the reflection of the tattoo in the main mirror. I released a little bit of control and she sobbed, tears running down her face. She continued to cry as she sucked my cock, eventually crying herself to sleep.

Rachael was scheduled to come over today and when she arrived, she quickly undressed, put on her collar and cuffs and fell to her knees to go me a blow job.

When I showed her Olivia she was stunned. She was a little horrified and the septum piercing, but didn’t seem to mind the clitoral hood and labia ones. She wasn’t sure about the tattoo, but loved it as a piece or art and could appreciate the skill that went into it.

I sat Olivia down on a stool in front of the mirror, her hands were cuffed behinds her back as usual. She couldn’t avoid seeing the ring through her nose every time she looked in the mirror and I had her spread her legs so she see the piercings in her pussy as well.

Rachael sat on a chair behind her. While I was collecting the things I needed, she leaned forward and put her arms around Olivia, giving her a bug but also fondling her tits.

“Rachael, braid Olivia’s hair,” and waited patiently while she did. She put a rubber band around the end to stop it coming undone and I had her put another one tightly around it at the base of the braid. I handed her a large pair of scissors “Now, cut it off.” She was clearly taken aback and I saw her glance in the mirror at Olivia. Olivia’s eye had gone wide, pleading her not too. Rachael looked back to me, saw I was still holding the scissors out to her, and reluctantly took them.

She grabbed hold of the braid and lifted it away from Olivia’s head. With a deep breath she started cutting. Olivia’s hair, now free, fell forward. It was all different length and looked a complete mess. No matter, we weren’t finished.

I enjoying letting her cry, and tears ran silently down her face. Rachael was a little upset as well and looked like she might cry too. I handed her a pair of clippers “Cut the rest off.” I said.

Rachael ran the clippers over Olivia’s head, leaving one millimetre length hair in her wake. It looked kind of sexy, but I pulled out a can of shaving cream and a razor. I handed them to Rachael, “Finish the job” and she patiently removed all trace of hair.

“How did you like that?” I asked Rachel.

“I didn’t really enjoy doing that to her, but I enjoyed you making me do something I didn’t want to. If I’d watched you do it I’d have been excited as anything.”

Rachael ran her hands over Olivia’s now smooth skin and bend forward and kissed her gently in the head.

I admired the result for a short time then pulled out my final toy: a head harness. This had a strap that ran over the head and between the eyes, then split in two and ran down either site of the nose and mouth and fastened under the chin. It had a couple or metal rings attached to connect a chain or rope and attachment points for a gag.

I fastened the harness to Olivia’s head. I hadn’t decided if this would be permanent, but I’d leave it in for a while. I pushed the gag into her mouth and fastened it in place.

“Rachael, go and get some ice.” She rushed off and came back with a bowl full of ice cubes. “Take one in your mouth and suck on Olivia’s tits. Get her nipples hard.” I let her suck for a few minutes, longer than necessary, but I enjoyed the sight.

I pulled out a new riding crop I’d just bought. I swung it hard, hitting Olivia’s erect nipples with the leather tab at the end. She jumped and moaned and I continued until I’d delivered ten strokes to each nipple.

I held up another gag, “Rachael, your turn.” She looked little scared, not sure what I was about to do. “On you hands and knees”, and she complied quickly with a sense of relief. I caned her ten times across the ass, the gag muffled her cries.

“Good news. The pathology report came back and you’re clean.” That means I didn’t need to use a condom and I slid my cock inside her. “Don’t worry,” I said, “I’m not going to shave your head.” I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back painfully, “I like it the way it is,” and fucked her until we’d both came. Olivia could just stare at us reflected in the mirror, her eyes kept drifting to her shorn braid and strands of hair at her feet.