The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 13

Occasionally I like to take public transport to look for new “toys” to play with.

In general, I like to condition them rather than controlling them fully all the time. For instance, if a woman doesn’t, say, like anal sex, I’ll make her have anal and have an orgasm each time. Eventually, she’ll come to like it and even seek it out. Sometimes, though, I need to more tightly control them and this can lead to them becoming what I call “zombies”—mindless things that aren’t any fun. I like them to realise what’s happening to them, especially if it’s something they don’t enjoy.

Today, I was on the train, just observing the people around me. Trains tend to make me sleepy so I was drifting off. Suddenly I was woken up by some fat cow talking loudly on her mobile phone. Despite nasty looks from those around her, she was completely oblivious and kept going, disturbing everyone in the carriage. I sent her a mental nudge letting her know that she was annoying everyone. She stopped talking for a few seconds, looked around, but then resumed her conversation loudly.

I decided it was time to do something, so I walked up to the front of the carriage and said “This fat cow is completely inconsiderate, annoying all of you that are trying to enjoy some quiet. Since she can’t stop using her mouth, let’s put it to more productive use. She’s going to suck every cock here.” The cow looked at me in horror, but, of course, she couldn’t resist.

Suddenly, a female voice spoke up, “What about the woman?”

“What about them?” I asked

“I’d like to get some head as well from this bitch.”

“What’s your name?”


“Well, Melissa, be my guest. Do what ever you please with her.”

Melissa walked up to the cow, dropped her skirt and panties, revealing a clean shaved pussy. She pushed herself close to the cow’s mouth and the cow started licking Melissa’s pussy. Melissa didn’t seem too impressed though. “Useless bitch,” she said, and slapped her across the face with all her strength. The cow collapsed to the floor, but Melissa grabbed her hair and pulled her back to her knees. Melissa held her hair firmly and started grinding her pussy violently into the cow’s face. As she became more worked up, the cow’s face became smeared in pussy juice and tears. Melissa got more energetic and came with a loud moan. She pulled away and slapped the cow’s face hard again, “Stupid, inconsiderate cunt. Can’t even give good head,” she said.

Melissa started to reach for her skirt, but a mental command from me stopped her. Instead she walked over to where I was sitting as a line of guys and girls formed up in front of the cow for their blow jobs.

I had Melissa take off her blouse and bra, revealing nice firm tits. I grabbed a nipple and twisted and she grunted in pain. “So, you like it rough,” I said.

“Yes!” she groaned.

“Good, I think we’re going to get along well.”

With that, I pushed her down onto the seat, pulled out my cock and proceeded to fuck her in the mouth. Occasionally she gagged as my cock hit the back of her throat, but I made her swallow my cock all the way each time I thrust into her. I came in her mouth and she swallowed the lot. Her face was a covered in tears from nearly gagging, and saliva was dripping down her chin, but she was grinning with enjoyment.

“Get dressed, but leave your bra and panties off.”

As she put her clothes back on, I asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Not anymore,” I said, “dump him. Get checked out to make sure you’re clear of any venereal disease. I made her memorise my address and gave her instructions not to mention anything about me to others.

Meanwhile, the cow had been blowing the rest of the people in the carriage and was covered in tears, cum and pussy juice. I made her orgasm every time someone came on her face and she had a look that was a mixture of pleasure and pure disgust—just the way I like it.

Melissa was enjoying the show as well, she’d pulled her skirt up and was busy masturbating while she watched the action. I made sure she came plenty of times as well.

The cow eventually finished and she collapsed to the floor sobbing. Of her own volition, Melissa walked over and pissed all over the cow. I liked this girl a lot.

A few people were late for work that day, but I don’t think they minded. I found a fun new friend. And a fat cow learned an important etiquette lesson about using phones of a train. All in all, a good day.