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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 14

It was moving day at last and I’d thought long and hard about what to do with Olivia. I wasn’t about to let her wear clothes, even for a short trip and I didn’t want to risk someone outside my range of control seeing her and causing problems. Besides, today was a special day and she deserved something special.

I’d seen a video recently that gave me an idea. Space bags are sealable bags with a value for a vacuum cleaner. You suck all of the air out and the contents compress, making them easier to store. In the video I saw, a girl slid inside a large space bag and someone sucked all the air out and pulling the bag tight around. She, obviously, couldn’t breathe and they had to cut her out of it within a minute. But I figured I could do something similar with Olivia and I could keep her in it as long as I liked if I could figure out how to let her breath. As a bonus, she was mildly claustrophobic and the clinging plastic would freak her out.

What I’d come up with was a rubber mask that fitted over her mouth and nose. I’d cut a hole for a breathing tube and sealed it so that it was air tight. The mask blocked her nose to stop her from breathing out into the bag and breaking the vacuum. The tube would go through a hole in the plastic bag and be sealed there as well.

I’d had a large sturdy plastic sheet folded over and heat sealed at the top and bottom. The open side could be heat sealed with an iron. The mask was added and sealed and a vacuum valve fitted. Time to go!

Olivia’s wrists were cuffed to her ankles and, by folding her legs under her, she could fit in the bag. I smeared some gel over the inside of the mask to help it seal, positioned the breathing tube in her mouth, and fastened it behind her head. I ironed the open side until it had sealed properly and attach the vacuum cleaner to the valve. The air was sucked out rapidly and the plastic clung to her body tightly. I left the vacuum running to get the most air and checked that Olivia could still breath and that there weren’t any leaks. Good, everything looked fine.

As I suspected, she started to freak out a little as the plastic tightened around her face. She was in no danger of suffocating, but she struggled trying to escape. The plastic I’d used was extremely strong and she had no chance of tearing it with the limited motion she had.

“Olivia,” she could still hear me brought the plastic, “I’m going to drop a couple of tablets down the tube. They’re to help to relax.” She nodded her head slightly to indicate she heard. I dropped two tablets down the tube into her mouth. “Ok, now wash them down.” I didn’t want her breathing at the wrong time. I pulled out my cock and pissed down the tube. She was expecting water and coughed slightly but started drinking. I emptied my rather full bladder down the tube and she drank the lot and swallowed the pills.

In fact, the pills weren’t to help her relax. I’d gotten them from my tame pharmacist: one was amphetamines, that should make her even more agitated and likely to panic; the other was a pill they gave people before a colonoscopy, it causes rapid diarrhea to clean out the bowels fully before the procedure.

I wasn’t taking any possessions to my new apartment—I’d just buy what I wanted when I was there—with the exception of one piece of furniture: a chest originally designed to fit at the foot of a bed and store blankets. This chest was big enough that I could fit Olivia, encased in the plastic bag, inside it. I’d drilled holes in the base to provide air and lifted her inside it. I poked her breathing tube through one of the holes, hidden from view underneath.

Dave from upstairs helped me lift in onto a trolley and we wheeled it to his van. He stayed here while I drove the van to my new apartment block. The car park underneath was secure and private so I drove down there and parked, leaving Olivia in the back.

Rachael’s car was here as well and she was waiting for me when I got out of the lift in the penthouse. She was naked except for collar and cuffs, kneeling on the floor with her legs spread.

“You’ve done a good job.” I said, undoing my pants. Pleased, she leaned forward and closed her mouth around my cock, the first of many blow jobs she’d give me here.

She stood up and showed me around the apartment. She’d decorated it tastefully and I tested the dining room table by bending her over it and fucking her. It worked perfectly.

All the windows had been replaced with double glazed ones when the building was converted to apartments. Rachael had added privacy film to them, preventing anyone from seeing in, while allowing us to see out. This made the apartments private and pretty sound proof.

She showed me the other four apartments, one per floor. They were all finished to the same high standard.

When we got back to the penthouse she said “I’ve got a house warming present for you.” She reached into a cupboard and pulled out a cane, a copy of my favourite one. I smiled and swished the cane through the air a few times, then caned her hard all over her body. She cried out in pain and pleasure, no need for a gag here, and I made her orgasm many times. I finished up by fucking her in the ass until I came.

We headed back down to the car park to free Olivia, she’d been there for hours. There’s a huge advantage to owning the entire block: Rachael didn’t have to put on any clothes to travel throughout the building, even here in the car park.

I opened the back of the van and dragged the box out, tipping it onto its side so the lid fell open. I reached in and dragged Olivia out; the seals and vacuum had held and she was still tightly encased in plastic. The drugs had done their work and she’d had to go to the toilet. Urine and liquid shit were squeezed into the tight spaces between the plastic and her skin. Her whole body was covered in brown filth.

I sliced open the bag and the smell of shit hit us. The amphetamines had worked wonders as well, she was shaking uncontrollably and sobbing deliriously.

I’d positioned her near a drain and uncoiled a hose. I gave her face a quick wash in freezing water and removed the rubber mask. I chained her hands together in front if her and attached the short chain to her ankle cuffs. “Clean yourself up. And I don’t want to see any signs of shit on you or in the surrounding area.” I said and dropped the hose next to her.

Rachael and I headed back up to the penthouse to enjoy the first night in the new apartment.