The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 15

In the morning Rachael went back to her place. I’d see her every few days, but she was free to live her own life, and now she was rich—yes, I’d honoured our deal and she had three million dollars in the bank—and she was keen to do some things she’d never been able to do. I told her she was free to have sex with whoever she wanted, as long as she told me a out it afterwards. The subconscious instructions I gave her were different: she was not to have sex with anyone unless directed by me. I also gave her unbreakable instructions to never mention me, my address or our relationship to anyone else. I’d set up a fake identity, with a separate, secure phone number that she could give out in an emergency.

I headed down to the car park. Olivia had cleaned up everything, including the plastic bag. She’d crawled back inside the blanket chest; I guess it was more comfortable than sleeping on the concrete.

Even though her nose piercing hadn’t fully healed yet, I clipped a light chain onto it he ring, cuffed her hands behind her and led her back up to the penthouse.

I’d got new phone numbers and obscured my address to make myself as hard to find as possible. I kept a mobile phone with my old number just in case, and later in the day it rang. It was Krissy, Olivia’s niece. There was a large age gap between Olivia and her elder sister and she’d become an aunt before she’d reached her teens. I hadn’t seen Krissy in years as Olivia usually met her without me, but she’d probably be 23 or 24 years old now. She lives several hours away so she didn’t get into the city often.

I told her that Olivia was out at the moment, but would be back soon and suggested she come over. Of course, she didn’t know of my new address, or that we’d moved, so she’d go to my old apartment.

I was waiting for her when she arrived; she looked more like Olivia than I remembered. I took control of her mind and she zoned out, not registering anything as I drove to my new home.

I hadn’t told Olivia what I was doing, just had her stand in the lounge room in the slave position. Her eyes went wide when she saw Krissy, partly in embarrassment and partly in fear of what I’d do to Krissy. I hadn’t let Krissy register Olivia’s presence yet and we engaged in idle chit chat. Whilst we talked she removed her clothes, oblivious to what she was doing. I’d gotten my video camera out, ready, and started to record the action.

“Would you like something to eat?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” she said, and got down on her knees and started to suck my cock. If Olivia’s looks could kill, I’d be dead. I came in her mouth and she said “Yum, thanks.”

“Here’s Olivia,” I said and Krissy skipped over to her and gave her a big hug, bare tits rubbing against each other. “Hello auntie!” She said happily, her standard greeting to Olivia. Her mouth moved to Olivia’s and they kissed ravenously.

They moved to the couch and Krissy immediately moved down between Olivia’s legs, spread her butt cheeks and started licking. Krissy forced her tongue in and out of Olivia’s ass hole as deeply as she could.

The medication had done a good job cleaning out Olivia’s bowels yesterday, but she strained and managed to force a small piece of shit out and Krissy sucked it eagerly into her mouth. She moved back up to kiss Olivia, sharing the piece of shit, and using their tongues to smearing it around each other’s mouths. I moved in close with the video camera and they smiled wide showing off their shit stained teeth.

I hadn’t bought any strap-on toys that the girls could use to, an oversight on my part, so I gave Olivia the six inch dildo to use on Krissy. She sucked on it a few times to lubricate it before pushing it in Krissy’s ass. She cried out in pain, obviously not used to, but Olivia didn’t stop thrusting it in and out. Every so often she had to stop and suck in it again to re-lubricate it.

I let a bit of awareness leak into Krissy’s mind. “Auntie?” she said. Olivia looked horrified, but had not choice except to continue, Krissy gasping at each thrust. Eventually I had her cum.

I released control a little more and as they sat together on he couch, Krissy said “Olivia, is that you?” She ran her hands over Olivia’s bald scalp and head harness, gently touched the nose ring and ran her hands down to the labia piercings. Olivia hung her head in shame. Krissy’s natural reaction was disbelief and horror, but I re-asserted control and she turned to me and asked “Can you do that to me as well?”

“Of course I can,” I told Krissy. “You’ll have to move in here permanently. Just let me know when you’re ready.” Olivia was panting with the effort to speak or shake her head. I didn’t really have any intention of allowing Krissy to do any such thing. Maybe one day though.

I turned off the video camera and connected it to my laptop. I transferring the movie and burnt it to DVD. While that was in progress I had Krissy give me another blow job, just inches from Olivia’s face.

Krissy got dressed and I gave her a copy of the DVD “I hope you enjoy watching this.”

“I will. I’ll play it every night.” She said.

I started the video playing on my laptop and set it to loop. I left Olivia there watching it with instructions to masturbate herself to orgasm every time it played through.

Once in the car park, I took the DVD back from Krissy. I gave her instructions that she wasn’t to remember what had happened here, but to remember chatting and going out for coffee with Olivia. She zoned out again until we got back to my old place, then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and got in her car. I’d play with here again one day.