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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 18

The apartment block was big enough that I could get some staff. I acquired chefs, masseurs, cleaning ladies and gardeners. All were young, attractive woman with few, if any, attachments. Melissa helped me in their initial conditioning and training. She’d be the one primarily responsible for them, but, of course, I’d use them as I saw fit for my own pleasure.

At the beginning of every week, we randomly paired up the staff and they shared a bed for the rest of the week. One was chosen to be the dominant for that week, the other became submissive to her. The dominant could do what every she liked with her sub, with the realisation that the tables would be turned at some stage. Some of the girls really like the dominant role and some liked the submissive one. Some didn’t have a preference.

I’d been searching for a head of security for some time, but hadn’t found anyone with the right qualifications. I’d left subconscious orders with several people to keep an eye out and email an anonymous address with anyone they found. One such email had come through yesterday and, today, I’d be investigating it further.

Natalie was a cop, and worked out of Police Head Quarters. I had no trouble with the cops at the front desk, and they led me to her.

I told her to take me somewhere private and she led me to one of the conference rooms. She had a slight limp, but it didn’t look to be slowing her down too much. None of the rooms had windows and they all had lockable doors with an indicator that the room was in use. I guess a lot of confidential discussions took place in these rooms.

Once in the room, I had Natalie strip. She had and athletic body, clearly she worked out. The leg she’d been favouring was thinner than the other and had several scars on it. An elastic, supportive bandage was wrapped around her knee. It looked like a serious injury, which would rule her out of consideration. Still, while I was here, I ordered her to her knees and had her suck my cock. I made her cum at the same time as I did.

I asked her about the leg. She’d pulled over someone for speeding and, as she approached his car, he accelerated and ran her down. As well as a dislocated shoulder and a concussion, she sustained bad injuries to her knee and broke her leg in several places. The scaring was the result of numerous reconstructive surgeries

Due to her injuries, she’d been assigned a desk job and wouldn’t be allowed back on the street until she’d fully recovered. This would likely be at least a year, and there was a fair chance that she would be stuck at a desk permanently as there was nerve damage to her lower leg and foot. At the moment she had significant loss of feeling in her foot and the doctors weren’t confident of her every recovering it fully. While this wouldn’t affect movement, the police medical rules would keep her at a desk unless she regained normal feeling.

She was extremely pissed off with the situation, especially as they hadn’t caught the guy that ran her down. I asked what she’d if she ever had a chance to be alone with him. “Cut off his balls and feed them to him,” she said. Now that sounds like my kind of girl.

I decided to take Natalie home with me. She stopped on the way out to go to the locker room; when she came out, she was wearing her utility belt with gun, taser, handcuffs and the myriad of other stuff a cop carries these days. Regulations were that anytime a cop was in public wearing their uniform, they had to be armed. Probably a good idea.

I mentally reduced Natalie’s inhibitions and pushed her sadistic side a little to see what affect it would have on her.

Melissa and Rachael were waiting for us. I had Natalie take off her clothes and gave her collar and cuffs to fasten on. I indicated to Melissa that she could play with Natalie first and she roughly pulled Natalie’s hands behind her back and secured them together. She had Natalie lie back on the table and shaved her public hair off, all the time working two fingers in and out of Natalie’s pussy. When she was finished with the shaving, she climbed in the table and lowered her pussy to Natalie mouth. Melissa was soon moaning and it didn’t take her long to cum.

Leaving her on he table, Melissa caned her tits several times, before getting telling her to get on her hands and knees on the floor. Melissa caned her across the ass and back of her thighs, occasionally hitting Natalie across the pussy. Next, she strapped on a dildo and fucked Natalie. She started thrusting quicker and quicker, the strap on rubbing her clitoris everything she thrust into Natalie. I let both of the cum at the same time and Melissa bent forward to rest on Natalie’s back, reaching around to fondle her tits. I let them recover for a few minutes before ordering them back to their feet.

“Ok, Natalie, its your turn to play with Melissa,” I said. “Melissa, release her hands.” The moment Natalie hands were free she spun around and slapped Melissa hard across the face, knocking her to the ground. Natalie was on Melissa in an instant, rolling her onto her stomach and locking her hands to her collar behind her head.

Natalie picked up the eight inch dildo, lubricated it and roughly pushed it into Melissa asshole. She then reached for the cane and, starting in the upper back, worked her way down Melissa’s body. She finished by caning the bottom of Melissa’s feet. It was quite painful, judging from Melissa’s cries.

Natalie rolled her into her back and caned her tits and pussy, not being any more gentle than before. Finally she put in the strap on dildo, spread Melissa’s legs and knelt between them. She pulled the dildo out of Melissa’s ass, it was covered in lube and shit, and put it in Melissa’s mouth. She pushed hard and Melissa swallowed it until the base was level with her lips. Natalie put a hand over her mouth to hold it in place, before starting to fuck her. The end if the dildo was down Melissa’s throat, closing her airway and stopping her from breathing. She was struggling for air, but Natalie held the dildo in a place, starting to fuck Melissa faster and faster. Melissa was starting to turn blue when Natalie had an orgasm; I made Melissa cum too.

Natalie removed her hand and Melissa coughed out the dildo and sucked in air.

Melissa wasn’t able to get up just yet, so I had Rachael fetch Olivia. Natalie studied Olivia’s tattoos and scars with interest.

“This is Olivia,” I told Natalie. “We punished her very day and we aren’t gentle about it. Today, you’re going to punish her. Do what you like, but no permanent damage. Be aware though, that anything you do to her, you have to be prepared to have done back to you.” She nodded in understanding.

Olivia was kneeling in slave position, hands cuffed behind her back. Natalie pursed her lips, studying Olivia and contemplating. She walked over to her utility belt and pulled out the taser. She looked at me to see if it was ok, and I indicated that it was. She shot Olivia with it, holding down the trigger for longer than necessary. Olivia yelled and collapsed to the floor in agony. Natalie pressed the taser’s trigger several more times.

Natalie took a small can off her belt and approached Olivia. She rolled Olivia onto her back, grabbed the chain between her ankles and lifted here legs into the air, exposing her pussy and asshole. Natalie was still wearing the strap on and got down between Olivia’s legs. She pushed the head on the dildo onto Olivia ass but stopped after and inch or so. Natalie spray the contents of the can liberally on the dildo then pressed the nozzle between Olivia’s labia and gave her pussy a thorough soaking of the spray. It took only a second for Olivia to react to the painful, burning sensation: pepper spray! Natalie started to fuck Olivia, the dildo spreading the pepper spray into her asshole as well. Natalie had some pepper spray left, so she sprayed Olivia in the face with it. Natalie sped up her thrusts and came quickly.

Olivia lay there in pain, her eyes watering and struggling to breath, her pussy and ass hole burning.

Natalie walked over to me and handed the pepper spray. She bent over thrusting her ass to me, willing to accept the same punishment. I obliged and sprayed her pussy and ass and she dropped to her knees in pain. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth to my cock and she sucked me until I came in her mouth, then I let her collapse to the floor.

Still in obvious pain, she got back to her knees, spread her legs and held her arms behind her back. “Rachael hasn’t cum yet, get over there and take care of her.” Natalie crawled over to Rachael and started licking her pussy. Her skilled tongue soon brought Rachael to orgasm.

I smiled; I’d found my head of security. I increased her sense of protectiveness towards me, until she’d die protecting me. She moved in immediately, but I didn’t let her resign; having a cop around could come in handy. It took a couple of weeks, but I got Natalie transferred to the federal police and assigned to me permanently on protective duty. I gave her a promotion in the process.

Several months later, a drug squad informant phoned in a tip about a deal going down. Natalie had put a flag on the record of the guy who ran her down and the drug squad triggered this flag when they entered the name of the dealer.

Natalie, dressed all in black, with mirrored goggles hiding her eyes, went out one night. She hid outside the drug dealer’s house and, when he came home, slid into the garage after him just as the door was closing. With a length of pipe, she knocked him down as he got out of his car. She bound his hand and feet and dragged him to the basement where nobody would hear his screams. She dumped a bucket of water over him and be woke suddenly, only to find himself naked, blindfolded and tied to a chair.

She slipped out of the house only minutes before the drug squad arrived. They found the dealer sobbing in the basement, still tied to the chair. Blood was pooling between his legs and a trail of blood ran down from the corner of his mouth. A bloodied kitchen knife lay on the floor next to him. They called an ambulance and rushed him to the hospital before he could bleed to death.

Natalie came home and she was looking quiet pleased with herself. She’d stripped off her clothes in the car park and dumped them in a washing machine in the first floor apartment, before coming, naked, to the penthouse.

I reached into the fridge and pulled out a couple of beers. I handed her one and we went up to the roof top terrace to enjoy the city lights.

The police questioned her, of course, because of the tag she’d placed on the dealer’s record. They didn’t really believe it was her and weren’t interested in pursuing the matter too hard. However, I’d made sure she had an unbreakable alibi: two senior federal police officers confirmed that she’d been with them at the time, on the other side of town, giving them an update on her assignment.

The dealer was convicted of possessing a large amount of cocaine. He was also convicted of Natalie’s hit and run and got an extended sentence; the courts went hard on assaulting police officers.

He didn’t have an easy time in jail. Missing his testicles and being forced to eat them made him a laughing stock and he soon became someone’s bitch. His teeth were knocked out so he couldn’t bite down when a cock was forced into his mouth and his asshole was raped regularly.

The rest of the drug gang he was part of weren’t happy with him for losing the shipment, but they couldn’t think of a worst punishment, so they left him to suffer in jail. If he got out of jail alive, they’d be waiting for him.