The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 19

The sleeping arrangements for the apartment complex were as follows: Melissa, Natalie, Rachael and I shared the penthouse. Usually I’d pick one of them to share my bed, the other two would share another bed. Sometimes I’d sleep with two of them, at other times I preferred to sleep by myself. None of the girls were allowed to sleep alone, so they pick one of the staff to come up and asleep with them as necessary. The staff lived in the other floors, and none of them were allowed to sleep alone either. If need be, they’d sleep three to a bed if there was an odd one left over.

The only exception to his rule was Olivia: she always slept alone. Her current bed was in the utility cupboard next to the hot water service. It was just long enough for her to lie down, but not high enough for her to sit up. It triggered her claustrophobia every time she got into it.

Olivia’s leather collar and cuffs was starting to look worst for wear so I’d decided to replace them with permanent metal ones. The guy who makes the titanium nipple and labia rings for me also makes titanium collars and cuffs. They have the same barbed arrangement so that when they close, the barbs catch and they can’t be removed without cutting them off. Because of the thickness they can’t be bent, so they come in two halves.

I removed Olivia’s collar and, with Natalie’s help, joined the two halves together around her neck. Getting them to lock together took a lot of strength, but they finally they latched home with a click. We repeated the process with the ankle and wrist cuffs. Once done, we attached the short chain between her ankles and locked her hands behind her back.

Melissa was in the mood to play with Olivia today so I let her have her way. She twisted both of Olivia’s nipple rings as far as they to and slotted a metal rod through the rings to stop the nipples returned to the normal position. Melissa had decided she wanted a pony girl so she attached a tail to a butt plug and pushed it into Olivia’s asshole. A leather bit went into her mouth and was secured to the head harness and a feathering headdress was attached.

She led Olivia down to the car park when she’d acquire a two wheel cart that Olivia would pull her around in. She attached the arms of the cart to the rod running though Olivia’s nipple rings and sat down, cracking a bullwhip to start Olivia moving. The whip was vicious, it cut Olivia’s skin wherever it made contact and Melissa wasn’t shy about using it on Olivia’s ass and the back of her thighs. Olivia strained to move the cart, the full weight of it pressing into her twisted nipples and tits. With Melissa’s encouragement, she got it going and trotted around the car park

Melissa was having fun and had her trot around, before jamming on the brakes causing Olivia to be pulled up suddenly by the rod. The car park wasn’t sound proof so I didn’t let he cry out too loudly, but tears of pain were running down her face.

We’d already made other plans for Olivia today, so I cut Melissa’s fun short. Olivia’s tits were already starting to discolour and would be very bruised tomorrow.

Melissa and Natalie put some clothes on and Natalie stashed various weapons in her pockets. We bundled Olivia into the back of a van, still naked, and drove to the one of the seedier parts of town before pulling around behind an adult shop. We led Olivia to a small room with a glory hole in the wall. A rope protruded from the wall below the hole and we fastened it to Olivia’s head hardness under her chin. The rope would allow the guy on be other side to give Olivia some slack so she could work his cock in and out of her mouth, or he could pull it tight, forcing her mouth against the hole so he could fuck it.

We hung a “Free Blow jobs” sign out the front and it wasn’t long before we had a taker. He left the rope slack and she sucked in his cock hungrily, taking it all into her mouth. It wasn’t long before he came; she was under orders to swallow every drop and she sucked hard making sure she didn’t miss any.

Guy after guy took a turn and I’m sure I saw a couple of guys go twice. The standard of hygiene wasn’t high, and I imagine the smell and taste of some of the cocks was disgusting. One guy even decided to piss in her mouth after he’d cum. She attempted to swallow all of it, but some rang out of her mouth and down he body.

Three guys wanted more than a blow job and forced the door to the back of the premises. Natalie flicked out her extendable baton and stood there blocking their way. The first guy reached for her and she swung the baton, breaking his hand with a loud crack. She jabbed the second guy in the stomach and, as he collapsed forward, she forced his head down into her rising knee, shattering his nose.

The third guy paused for a second then reached back under his jacket. Natalie was quicker, she had her gun out pointing steadily at his face before he could draw his weapon. He weighed up his chances, but look on Natalie’s face persuaded him. He left the gun where is was and held up his hands in surrender. “Turn around,” she ordered, and he obeyed instantly. The pressed the muzzle of her gun hard against the base of his skull, “Don’t move,” she said, reaching under his jacket and removing his gun. Stepping back she kicked him hard in the balls and he doubled over in pain.

“Now, all of you get out of here.” The sight of three guys, battered and bleeding discouraged anyone else from trying the same thing.

Olivia’s jaw was sore and cramping, but she couldn’t stop sucking any cock that was poked through the hole. Eventually, the guys were all satisfied and we let her stop. She’d blown over thirty cocks and her stomach was full of cum and piss. She looked ready to throw up, but I told her she’d have to lick it back up if she did and she managed to hold it down. We led her out to the front room and paraded her to the patrons. The guys ran their hands over her body, fondling her tits and shoving fingers up her pussy and asshole. There were a couple of waitresses dressed in lingerie and I had Olivia lick their pussies until they came, much to the appreciation of the guys there.

We led Olivia back to the van, Tracey following behind looking stern and ready to draw her gun I’d anyone tried anything.

I hopped in the drivers seat and the girls got into the back. Once the door closed, Melissa threw herself into Natalie’s arms and kissed her excitedly. “You were awesome!” she told Natalie and slowly undressed her, kissing and licking her way down until reaching Natalie’s pussy. Natalie was still pumped up from the encounter and it didn’t take long for her to cum. Melissa hugged her all the way home.

We left Olivia on the ground in the car park to wash herself off and headed upstairs. Eventually I sent Melissa down to fetch her. When they reached the penthouse, Melissa led her to the kitchen and made her get down on all fours. She slid a bowl of dog food under Olivia’s nose and told her to eat. Olivia closed her eyes and lowered her mouth to the bowl. She visibly shuddered in the first mouthful, and nearly gagged, but I made her keep going until the bowl was clean.