The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 02

I was still a little groggy and, to be honest, I was still having trouble coming to grips with what happened.

As I opened my front door, I heard a harpy screech “Where the hell have you been?” Ah, Olivia, I’d somehow managed to forgot about her. She’d been my girlfriend for several years and had gotten more and more bitchy over that time. We weren’t really together any more, just living in the same apartment, but sleeping in different beds mostly.

It’d be nice if she showed some concern for me, I thought. Instantly her demeanour changed, “Are you ok? I was really worried about you.” She came over, put her arms around me and hugged me tightly.

My mind was still reeling, but I decided to experiment. I quickly formed the thought and she said “Let me show you how much I missed you.” With that she slid to her knees, undid my belt, took my cock out and started to caress me. I was so stunned that I couldn’t get an erection. Olivia had never been keen on giving blow jobs, but a little mental pushing and she started to lick and suck on my balls. That did it and I became instantly hard. I let her continue for a minute before I guided my cock into her mouth. My cock isn’t huge, six inches, but she normally only took the head of it into her mouth. She reached up to wrap her hand around it to give her control of how deep I went, but I stopped her. It’s time for her to learn to take my whole length. I put my hand on the back of her head, another thing she normally hated, and slowly guided her to take more and more of my cock into her mouth. She moaned a little each time my cock bit the back of her throat, and gagged occasionally, but she managed to take it without too much trouble. Every time her lips reached the base of my cock, I made her get more turned on. No surprise, but she’s never let me come in her mouth; she normally pulls away just as I’m coming, but not this time. I shot my load right down her throat and with a little mental push, she came too.

Stunned, she fell backwards on to her butt, looking at me with amazement.

I took her hand and helped her to her feet. She was still a little shaky, but I led her to the bedroom, undressed her and lay her on the bed.

I started foundling her tits and leaned down to suck on her nipples. I bit down, not too hard, and her sharp intake of breath at the pain turned into a moan of pleasure at a thought from me. Growing more confident with my abilities, I slid my fingers into her pussy. She was soaking wet and a little puddle of pussy juice was starting to form on the bed. I knew she wouldn’t normally like this next part. I got my figures good and wet in her pussy the pushed one if them against her asshole. “No...” she started to say, but this turned to “Yes” as I pushed a finger deeper. She started panting as I worked my finger in and out, eventually I made her have an extremely powerful orgasm. As she lay there trembling and breathing hard, I pulled my finger out and stuck it in her mouth. She happily sucked and licked the shit and pussy juice off it before I let her fall asleep.

I left Olivia some instructions and headed into the city to an adult shop and bought some wrist and ankle cuffs, a variety of dildos and vibrators, and an assortment of other toys. I was going to get a collar but decided to stop in at the pet store and get a dog collar there; it seems more fitting. After that, I headed to the hardware store to get rope. I thought about getting some soft rope to prevent it marking and damaging her skin. Instead I got the roughest rope I could find; I wanted to leave marks.

When I got home I found that’s she had, indeed, followed my instructions. She was naked, but had showered and shaving her pussy completely bare. She’d applied makeup and done her hair. She looked ready to go out, apart from the lack of clothes. Of course, I had other plans.

I dumped my shopping on the sofa and a look of horror came over her face. I made her hold out her hands and I closed the wrist cuffs on her. The ankle cuffs were next. There has a short length of chain attached so all she could do was hobble. She pulled away a little when I reached for the dog collar and lead, she understood exactly what is was, but a command from me and she lifted her hair away from her neck to allow me to fasten it like a necklace. I yanked her arms behind her and fastened the cuffs together, then gave a sharp tug on the lead and smiled as the ankle chain stopped her taking a proper step and she fell to her knees.

I knelt down next to her and caressed her tits. As an experiment I gave her the mental command for her nipples to harden and, instantly, they did so. I pinched and twisted her nipples and she let out a whimper of pain. “Spread your legs,” I ordered and slid my hand down to her pussy. Another mental command and her pussy was wet and I slipped my fingers inside her. She never really liked being fingered but this time, with little encouragement, she was enjoying it and soon came.

I reached for my next toy. “This is a butt plug,” I said. “It’s going up you asshole.” It wasn’t the largest one the shop had, but it looked intimidating to someone who hadn’t seen one before.

“No, please, no,” she pleaded.

“Yes. I suggest you lubricate it if you don’t want it to hurt too much.” I held in up in front of her until she understood what I meant. She leaned forward, closed her mouth over it and proceeded to suck it in and out several time until it was dripping wet. I pulled her head down until her face was pressed into the floor and her ass was in the air. “No, no, no,” she cried as I pressed the butt plug against her ass hole. “Ow! Ow!” She continued as I pushed it further in. At a mental command from me she started to enjoy it and the cries of pain were mixed with moans of pleasure. With one last push, it popped in fully and she orgasmed again.

Although I’d prevented her from yelling out loudly, I hadn’t prevented her from talking completely. Now was the time to fix that. I pulled her back into an upright position and pushed a ball gag into her mouth. The resulting muffling of her cries was much better.

I cut two pieces of rope a couple of feet long and wrapped them around the base of her tits, pulling them tight and tying them off. Her tits were now bulging and starting to turn purple. I caressed and sucked on her rock hard nipples, again making her experience pleasure with the pain.

I’d looked at several different types of nipple clamps when I was shopping, but settled on the ones with weights. I attached these to her nipples and tightened the screws. She was moaning loudly though the gag and breathing heavily. I tighten the screws further until I was happy with the noise and tears she was making. She was shaking so much by this time that she was causing the weights to swing around, increasing the pain she was in. She was beyond being able to realise this but it gave me much satisfaction.

“Almost done,” I said, though she wasn’t listening to me at this point. My last toy was a clit clamp. I got one with a bell attached; it seemed more fun. Attaching it was a bit difficult as she was shaking so much, but I got it on and tightened it. I’m sure there would have been a loud scream if I’d allowed her to, but it came out as a high pitched moan.

I stood back and admired my handiwork. Tears had caused her mascara to run and black streaks covered her face. Saliva ran down her chin and dripped onto her tits. She was moaning in both pleasure and pain. I increased the pleasure to the point where she was about to orgasm but I wouldn’t let her come. I grabbed the leash and dragged her to her feet then led her over to one of the lounge chairs. Every step caused a stab of pain in her nipples and clit. I bent her over the back of the chair so that her face was in the seat and her ass and pussy were exposed. I took off my pants, freeing my rock hard cock and pushed it against her pussy. She was so wet that there was no problem entering her.

Every time I thrust into her, I jolted the clit clamp and the bell rang. The jab of pain caused her to contract her pussy, grabbing more tightly on my cock; a most pleasurable discovery I didn’t know she was capable of. As I fucked her, I drove her to higher levels of arousal, but I still didn’t let her orgasm. Pretty soon I was ready to cum myself, and as I did, I made her have the most powerful orgasm yet and made her contract and release her pussy, milking my cock of every last drop.

I pulled her upright by the leash, but she wasn’t capable of standing and collapsed to the floor. I untied the rope from her tits and let the blood flow back to them. As I’d hoped, the rope had left nice makes on her skin. When her tits had returned to normal colour, I ripped the nipple and clit clamps off. She twitched in pain and moaned, but that was all she was capable of doing.

I left her lying there to recover. After a while, she rolled over into her stomach to relieve the pressure on her arms, which were still bound behind her. I pulled her back up to her knees and she swayed side to side a little. I removed the ball gag from her mouth, but before she could do much, I pulled her head to my cock and had her suck me off. I came in her mouth and made sure she swallowed the lot. I didn’t let her orgasm this time; she’d had enough already and I wanted her to remember that she’s there for my pleasure. I took the butt plug out and had her lick it clean.

I undid her hands from behind her and pulling the leash, making her crawl to the bathroom. I put a foot on her ass and sent her sprawling into the shower cubical. I dropped a bar of soap on the floor next to her and turned on the cold water, letting it wash over her. “You can get up on your knees but you’re not allowed to stand up.” With that I left her.

I’d left her collar and cuffs on as I’d decided that she’d wear them permanently, even in the shower.

After half an hour I went back in. She was sitting on the floor, shivering from the cold water still running over her, but she was clean. I led her crawling, still wet, to the bedroom and pointed at a towel I’d left on the floor next to the bed. “That’s where you sleep from now on,” and she crawled onto to it. I clipped her wrist cuffs together behind her again and tied the leash around the headboard where I could reach it. She fell instantly asleep.

I gave her mental commands not to run away, use the phone or try and tell anyone what was happening to her, then went to bed myself.

Twice during the night I woke her up by pulling on the leash and made her give me a blow job. I didn’t make her feel aroused or even enjoy it and I could see the disgust in her face. She, of course, had no choice but to do what I ordered.