The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 20

I slowly accumulated more staff, but only as I needed them. I had the penthouse and the staff lived in the four floors below me. The apartments each had three bedrooms, and with the girls sleeping two to a bed, there was still plenty of room left. Melissa suggested that we needed some gladiators who could fight to the death for our pleasure. I thought the death part was a little over the top, but the fighting part might be fun and I said I’d think about it.

Rachael was here today and I sat down for a chat with her. “I want you to find me a second place to live. Somewhere well away from the city, with plenty of land. I don’t want to be able to see any neighbours and I don’t want them to be able to see you girls walking around naked.”

“I want to keep this place for when I make trips into the city. We’ll need to staff it with people who will maintain it and you can stay here if you don’t want to move with me. ”

“Ok,” said Rachael. “I’ll get to work on it straight away. I’ll decide later what I want to do. I’ll certainly come and visit for extended periods even if I don’t move in permanently.

She hunted around for several weeks, disappearing for days at a time. She returned one day, stripping off her clothes in the lift as usual, and said she ready to show me what she’d found.

“I’ve found these,” and laid three folders on the table.

The first was about 6,000 acres, but didn’t have any house on it and was mostly gentle rolling land with large wooded areas. The second place was larger, 10,000 acres and had a farm house and sheds on it and was in a warmer location and had a great view to the mountains. The last property was slightly smaller, 8,500 acres but was in the foot hills of the mountains. It had a stream feeding a small lake and with a stone cottage on the shores. It was almost entirely wooded, with only the 20 acres or so in the centre cleared.

“This one looks ideal,” I told her, indicating the third one. “I’d like to see it in person.”

“Yes, I agree. I think it fits your needs perfectly. I can take you there any time. However, I’ve got another property you might be I interested in, although it’s a little different than what you asked for.”

“Ok, I’m intrigued.”

“How about,” she said, removing a fourth folder from her bag and dropping in on the table with a flourish, “a tropical island.”

“You’re kidding me,” I said in disbelief.

“Not at all,” she opened the folder to show me pictures of a beautiful island. “It’s not actually for sale, but it’s being offered under 99 year lease. It’s an old whaling station, although that’s been shut down for decades. There was a small weather station there, but they don’t need it any more and the caretaker was retrenched two years ago.”

I looked at the picture she had. The island was about four miles long and about a mile and a half across at its widest. It was mostly flat with a handful of hills rising to a few hundred yards. It was ringed by beautiful white sands and reefs. It had a protected harbour at one end with a scattering of small building.

“There’s no running water, no sewerage, no electricity and no Internet.” She warned.

“It’s perfect. All of those things can be fixed. Get the paper work in order. Find some architects and engineers.” I told her.

I kissed her then lay her on the photos covering he table and fucked her till she came. Melissa and Natalie came in and I showed them their future home. They immediately licked and sucked Rachael until she came again. We continued that way all night; in the morning Rachael was exhausted from so many orgasms, but we were all ecstatic.

It took a year and a half to finish construction. We had one main building with five huge bedrooms and a wide verandah encircling the whole house. About five hundreds yards away, hidden from view in the forest, was what we called the bunk house, where the staff would live. This was a long, low building with twenty-five double bedrooms and shared shower, toilet and lounge facilities. This building also had a wide verandah running it’s length and faced the ocean. We had a handful of other buildings: sheds for equipment, barns for animals and a hanger for a helicopter. Another building, far off, held the power generators, the water purification equipment and sewerage processing. We even had a small jail, in case we had unwanted visitors. I’d had to acquire a few more staff to help tend the place, doctors, technicians, helicopter pilot, farmers, but everyone chipped in on the unskilled jobs such as tending the animals or crops and cleaning.

We’d have to be responsible for our own security and Natalie had drawn up a shopping list. There were enough automatic weapons for an army and even a couple of .50 calibre heavy machine guns. Her pride and joy, which took enormous effort in my part to acquire, was a Phalanx close-in weapons systems. This is a huge, radar directed weapon, normally mounted on battleships to defend against incoming missiles. It can fire 4,500 rounds a minute of armour piercing and high explosive rounds out to a distance of two miles. We test fired it and it chopped our target boat to shreds in seconds. It was hidden in a bunker overlooking the harbour, disguised as the old weather station, where it had an unrestricted view of approaching ships. The reefs around the island would make it impossible for a large ship to land anywhere else.

I’d spent a lot of time and effort tracking down everyone who knew about the island and wiping their memories. I made sure that all architectural and engineering plans, apart from my copies, were destroyed. Only a brief record existed to indicate that the island was leased and it was marked in all nautical charts as private property.

At last the day had come to move in and we had a huge orgy, with everyone swapping partners regularly. We fucked, sucked and licked our way to orgasms all day and most of the night.