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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 24

Natalie was running through the jungle, naked, apart from a pair of shoes. She wore a backpack with water and her gun belt in it just in case. Regular exercise had left her fit and strong, her body tanned by the sun. There was no evidence of her leg injury except a few faded scars. She’d never recovered full sensation in her lower leg and foot, but it didn’t impede her in any way.

She was about to head down to the beach when she spotted a yacht off shore and a speed boat grounded on the sand. Two people were unfolding a blanket, a picnic basket on the sand next to them. Every so often someone landed on the island, not realising it was private property. We were setting up radar stations around the island to detect this sort of thing, but we were currently limited to covering the approach to the main harbour. She’d go and chat to them and see them on their way.

She rummaged around in the front pocket of her backpack and pulled out a small string bikini. She put it on a fastened her utility belt around her waist. She walked along the water line towards them; eventually they noticed her and came over to greet her. They were a little stunned to see a woman in a skimpy bikini also wearing a gun.

“Hi, how’s it going” she said in greeting. “My name’s Natalie.” The couple greeted her in return; their names were Parick and Kerrie.

“I’m the head of security for this island. This is private property so you’ll have to leave.”

“Head of security? Is this the secret base for a mad scientist or something?” joked Kerrie.

Natalie laughed, “No, nothing so exciting. Just someone that likes their privacy.”

“What happens if we don’t leave?” asked Parick, puffing his chest out slightly, either trying to impress Kerrie or intimidate Natalie.

“Well,” said Natalie, seriously, “I’d confiscate your boat, taze you, cuff you and throw you in our local jail until next time we went to the mainland for supplies, which we do every six months or so.”

“Really?” asked Parick nervously, the bravado draining out of him.

“Nah,” said Natalie with a laugh. “Well, I could, but nobody has ever refused to leave before.”

They both laughed. Parick said “I think we might stick around for a while. It’s a beautiful spot.”

“Yeah,” said Kerry “I’m sick of being on that boat. Besides, our picnic is all laid out ready for lunch.”

“I’m sorry about the picnic, but you’re really going to have leave.” Natalie said.

“No, we’re going to stay,” said Parick. Kerrie nodded, agreeing with him.

Natalie shot him the taser and he fell, yelling, to the sand. Kerrie started screaming so Natalie slapped her hard across the face, knocking her down. She zip tied their hands and their feet so they couldn’t move. Kerrie was babbling and Parick was starting to recover. Natalie tore a couple of strips off Parick’s shirt and stuffed it into their mouths and ran a zip tie around their head to hold the gags in place.

“You should have done what I said,” she sighed and placed a call on her radio.

Ten minutes later, a high powered rubber boat zoomed into view. It stopped at the yacht and two people climbed aboard. The boat headed to shore and another two got off. By the time they’d loaded Kerrie and Parick into the boat, the yacht was moving. Kerrie noticed, in a moment of clarity, that the crew were all women and they were all naked.

Natalie reached under the seat for a medical kit and injected both of them with a tranquilliser. They lost consciousness quickly and Natalie looked back at the beach, a bit miffed that her run had been cut short.

Parick and Kerrie woke and groaned in pain. “It’s going to hurt a bit. You’ve been lying on a concrete floor for hours.” They looked around at the sound of the voice and saw a naked woman holding a hypodermic needle. They both blinked several times, trying to make sense of what they were seeing. As they came to their senses, they discovered locked metal collars around their necks, attached to the wall with chain. They struggled to get the collars undone, without success. The naked woman just stood there watching patiently.

“My name’s Melissa,” she said. “I’ll be your guide,” and she smiled.

“What do we need a guide for?” asked Kerrie.

“To learn how to fit into our community.”

“You mean we’re not going to spend the next six months in jail?”

“Probably not,” said Melissa. “It depends on how fast you learn.”

“Um, learn what?” asked Parick. He was having trouble concentrating with Melissa naked in front of him, although she was completely unselfconscious about it.

“The most important lesson is: do whatever you’re told without delay and without arguing.”

“That’s bullshit!” said Parick.

“Both of you, take your clothes off. You’re to be naked at all times.”

“No fucking way,” said Parick. Kerrie shook her head.

Melissa smiled wider and walked over to Parick. “Ok...” She said and jabbed him with a stun gun. He fell to the floor, teeth clenched. Melissa held the stun gun on him and Parick flailed around in pain.

“Ok, Kerrie, you take your clothes off.” Kerrie shook her head and as Melissa approached her, she started muttering “No, please”. Melissa ignored her and shocked her the stun gun as well.

She went back and forward shocking each of them. As she approached Kerrie for the third time, Kerrie hastily started to remove her t-shirt. Melissa waited while she undid her bra and slid off her shorts and panties. She sat there with her arms wrapped around her knees. Melissa looked at Kerrie’s slim body in appreciation. “Never cover yourself up,” she said, brandishing the stun gun “On your knees, hands behind your back and legs spread.” Kerrie hastened to comply. “Good,” said Melissa and returned to administer more shocks to Parick. He cried out in pain each to time, his voice getting more and more hoarse.

“Stop, you’ll kill him,” yelled Kerrie. Melissa walked back over to her and she fell backwards on the floor, arms out to protect herself. It did no good, and Melissa held the stun gun to one of her nipples. She screamed out in agony “You’re not to talk unless given permission. Back on your knees,” Melissa told her. Kerrie nodded and scrambled back into position, sobbing.

She returned to Parick ready to continue, but his shaking hands were slowly undoing the buttons on his shirt. Melissa pressed the button on the stun gun, causing the spark to arc across it’s contacts. Parick sped up his efforts and got all of his clothes off. “Good,” said Melissa “on your knees,” and he scrambling into the same position as Kerrie.

“Excellent, you’re learning fast.” She dropped metal wrist and ankle cuffs in front of them both. “Put those on and then get back into position.”

They both hurriedly reached for the cuffs to comply. Melissa’s smile got bigger as she heard each cuff click shut, locking in place. Parick and Kerrie were soon back in position on their knees.

Melissa turned at the sound of my approach. Natalie was with me, naked again.

“How many times did you use the stun gun?” I asked Melissa.

“Nine,” she replied.

“Ok, let’s round it up to ten.” She nodded and handed the stun gun to Natalie. I’d let Melissa have free reign with the stun gun under the understanding that she’d get what she dished out. Natalie was very thorough in wielding the stun gun, not going easy on Melissa at all. The last five shocks were particularly painful; Natalie delivered them to Melissa’s nipples, asshole, pussy and clitoris.

Parick was sneering at Melissa’s suffering. Natalie strode over and punched him in the face, knocking him to the floor; Natalie was very protective of everyone on the island and she and Melissa were close friends.

“Kerrie, get over here and suck my cock,” she had no choice but to comply and she crawled over and took my cock in her mouth. She went to pull away as I came, but I held her in place and came in her mouth. She looked like she wanted to spit it out, but I made her swallow it. “Now, lick Natalie and Melissa.” She crawled over to Natalie and buried her face in Natalie’s pussy. She licked and sucked for a while before Natalie left herself come. Face covered in pussy juices, she crawled over to Melissa and performed the same service.

Parick had been struggling to talk, but I’d prevented him. Despite his situation he was turned on by the action in front of him and had an erection.

Kerrie crawled over to him and started stroking his cock with her hand. She strokes faster and faster until he eventually came. She caught all his cum in her hand and licked it up afterwards. Kerrie was the only one not to orgasm, so I got Parick to go down on her and start licking. It didn’t look like he enjoyed it and, judging from Kerrie’s face he wasn’t particularly good at it.

Melissa noticed Kerrie’s reaction and snorted in disgust. She was contemptuous of anyone who couldn’t give good head. She knelt down next to him, grabbed his hair and helped him out. With Melissa’s assistance, Kerrie soon orgasmed.

Their collar chains were shortened so that they couldn’t touch each other and we left them alone. They wanted desperately to talk to each other but I’d forbidden it. Kerrie rocked back and forth crying to herself.

In the morning, Melissa locked both of their hands behind their backs and spread hair removals cream over their bodies. She toyed with Parick’s cock, getting him erect, but not making him cum.

I’d pretty much given these two to the girls to play with; I was there to ensure they obeyed and to enjoy the show. I was curious as to what Melissa and Natalie would come up with.

They’d decided that the first order of business was piercing. I didn’t generally have too many of the girls get pierced nipples—they look great, but I don’t particularly like sucking on them. However, Kerrie had small tits and I thought piercing them would improve them. Besides, I’ve got enough other tits available to me.

I didn’t have Angela’s talented help, but I’d had her train a couple of girls to do the basics. My favourite permanent titanium rings were inserted and closed. They did look good on her.

Melissa really wanted to pierce Kerrie’s labia as well and I agreed. We typically used four rings in the labia, but Natalie wanted to try six this time. I was pleased with the result and decided to give some of the girls extra piercings, probably starting with Melissa.

Parick had the sneer back on his face as he watched Kerrie getting pierced. Melissa crouched down next to him, grabbed his erect cock, smiled and said “Now it’s your turn.” He’d already learnt the meaning of Melissa’s smile and he started struggling to free his cuffed hands and protect himself.

We didn’t actually have anyone experienced with piecing guys, so we pierced his nipples to match Kerrie’s. Natalie and Melissa weren’t happy that was all we’d done, so we pierced his nose through the septum and inserted another ring there. Melissa gave the ring a tug, as if leading a bull and nodded with satisfaction. Natalie studied Parick for a few seconds and decided she was happy with the results too.

Natalie was still pissed off that they hadn’t left when ordered, although she was enjoying playing with them. “I don’t think he needs his arms,” she said. “He’s just going to fight us every chance he gets.”

“Ooh, yes” agreed Melissa, clapping her hands with joy.

Parick looked ready to feint. We had no intention of doing any such thing, well, maybe Melissa did, but I played along. Psychological torment was more powerful than physical a lot of the time. “The doctor is over on the mainland,” I improvised, “we’ll have to wait till she gets back in a couple of weeks. I don’t want him dying on us.”

“I can have the dogs chew them off,” suggested Melissa. “If we dope him up enough, he shouldn’t die. ”

“That’s what you said last time,” Natalie added, getting into the swing of things, “and look how that ended.”

“That wasn’t my fault,” protested Melissa. “The dogs weren’t supposed to tear his throat out.”

“Sorry, Melissa,” I said. “Until you prove you’ve got better control of the dogs, we’re not doing that again.”

She huffed in mock disappointment.

Kerrie was throwing up, and Parick had pissed all over the floor.

Natalie ordered them to clean up the mess they’d made of her jail, “Kerrie, you lick up Parick’s piss; Parick, you lick up Kerrie’s vomit.” She unchained their collars from the wall and they crawled over to clean up each others mess.

Natalie held up two butt plugs, “These are going in your ass,” she told them. “Parick, lick Kerrie’s asshole until it’s good and wet, then suck on this butt plug to lubricate it. I suggest you do a good job as you’ll be relying on Kerrie to do the same thing for you.”

Parick got his mouth down to Kerrie’s ass and licked and spat on it. He never stuck his tongue inside her ass hole and did a poor job lubricating it. Few quick sucks on the butt plug and he was done. Natalie positioned the butt plug against Kerrie’s asshole and pushed. Kerrie howled with pain, but Natalie kept pushing and eventually got it all the way in.

We let Kerrie recover for a few minutes, then Natalie told her it was her turn to lubricate Parick’s ass and his butt plug. She knew exactly how little effort Parick had made on her behalf and looked at him in contemplation. She leaned forward and licked the butt plug once, then sat back on her heels. Natalie gave her a small smile and approached Parick.

“Wait,” he cried, “it’s still dry”. Natalie ignored him and pressed the butt plug against his asshole. She pushed hard and he screamed. It didn’t go in easily or quickly, but Natalie persevered until it was all the way in. Parick was sobbing in agony and got no sympathy from anyone.

“You don’t seem to be very good with your tongue,” Natalie told him. “Let’s see if you can give Kerrie an orgasm this time.” Kerrie squatted down over his mouth and his tongue darted out. Apparently his enthusiasm and technique hadn’t improved and Kerrie dropped down onto him, her pussy covering his mouth and nose. Despite the pain of the new labia piercings, she ground herself into his face until she came.

“Ok, Kerrie, give him a blow job,” Natalie told here. “Parick you’re not to cum until I give you permission.” Kerrie took his cock her mouth and worked it in and out. She had him ready to cum in no time, but I wouldn’t let him. Kerrie continued, bringing him to the edge of orgasm time and time again, only for me to prevent him cumming.

“Ok, you can fuck him now,” and Kerrie lowered herself into his cock. She pumped herself up and down until she came. Parick still wasn’t allowed to although he been on the verge of cumming for a while. “Keep going,” Natalie ordered and Kerrie continued. She came several more times before she was allowed to stop and she rolled off him into her back. Parick hadn’t been allowed to orgasm once and the discomfort and frustration was showing in his face.

“Kerrie,” it’s time for you to give the rest of us blow jobs. She crawled to me and took my cock in her mouth. Once I’d come, she moved to Natalie, then, finally, Melissa.

I turned to Natalie, “Find out what their story is.” She nodded and Melissa and I left. Over lunch Natalie filled us in on what she’d found out. “They both attend the same college. He’s a spoiled, entitled rich kid. The yacht is his, a present from his father. Kerrie is a classmate that was swayed by his charms and the offer of sailing over the holidays. He clearly doesn’t give a shit about her, as she’s come to realise. They have tentative plans to meet up with his buddies, but they won’t really be missed for a couple of weeks. His father will spend whatever it takes to find him. Her parents aren’t rich and will need to rely on the authorities.”

“They’re your toys, what do want to do?” I asked them.

“Get rid of him and keep her,” answered Melissa. Natalie nodded in agreement.

“Agreed,” I said. “We need to return him, or his body, back to the yacht and arrange for it to be found. I’m inclined to leave him alive, just in a compromising position and possibly looking guilty for Kerrie’s death.”

We talked for a while and came up with a plan. “Natalie, you take care of it. Melissa, you’ve got three days left to play with him. Don’t leave any marks that can’t be explained by our plan. They both nodded their understanding.

“Can we still cut off his arms?” Melissa asked mischievously. “Only if Natalie can work it into the plan,” I answered with a laugh.

Natalie and I set about staging the yacht. We needed Kerrie to act naturally, so I had her under tight control and she didn’t even realise that Parick wasn’t there. The scene called for some of Parick’s cum, but we didn’t want him to experience an orgasm. I rendered him unconscious and made him cum into a container multiple times until we’d exhausted his body’s supply.

We used Parick’s video camera to film Kerrie twirling around and modelling a new bikini. She playfully slipped the straps over her shoulders and covered her tits with her hands as she let it fall to the deck. She slowly lowered her hands and revealed her pierced nipples and took hold of the rings, lightly pulled on them stretching her nipples. She turned away from the camera and presented her ass to it and wiggled it as she slid the bikini bottom down her legs. You could see a quick glimpse of metal between her legs, but to show it off more she spread her legs and leaned forward, pushing her ass back to he camera. I zoomed the camera in so her pussy filled the frame, making the piercing completely obvious. She crooked her finger and seductively, beckoned to the camera as she slowly backed into the cabin. That’s where I stopped the camera, hopefully leading who ever viewed it to think she’d just got the piercings and Parick had probably got his then too.

Kerrie got back into her bikini as we spread Parick’s cum on the bed, couch and on Kerrie’s bikini top. We had her lie in the floor and using some of her own blood we’d taken, poured it over her head and let it pool on the deck under her as if she’d been struck. I grabbed her legs and dragged her through the blood to the outside door. I removed her blood and cum stained bikini top and tucked it under the couch. We did a very rough, quick clean up, making sure there was still plenty of blood in the cracks between the floor boards.

Natalie set sail on the yacht by herself to get it well away from the island. We’d take a motor boat out in a few days to catch up with her.

We removed Parick’s steel collar and cuffs and replaced them with leather ones to avoid leaving marks. He had a black eye where Natalie had hit him, but that fitted into our plans to make it look like there was a struggle.

Melissa played with him a little bit, but had lost interest and spent most of her time with Kerrie. She had Kerrie leave some bite marks on him, the authorities could match them to her dental records, and Kerrie improvised by leaving a particularly nasty bite on his scrotum.

Finally, it was time to go. We loaded Parick onto one of our boats and headed off to meet Natalie. She was waiting at the agreed spot, several hundred miles away in a group of popular islands. She’d grounded the yacht on a small atoll out of way of the normal tourist traffic.

Natalie had continued staging the scene: half eaten meals and unwashed pots and pans were spread throughout the cabin. So as not to leave fingerprints, she’d been wearing cotton gloves and had slept out on the desk to prevent leaving any evidence of her being there.

Parick was obeying my orders but was completely unaware of what was going on. Time to set up our kinky scene. We left Parick’s collar and cuffs on; they weren’t locked and he could remove them easily if I’d let him. Next we inserted a butt plug, using lots of lubrication this time, and had him put on a pair of Kerrie’s panties. He sat down of the couch and I made him orgasm several times, soaking the pants in cum which also leaked onto the seat. We spread lots cocaine on the coffee table and got out some hypodermic needles and ampules of heroin. Parick snorted a huge amount of cocaine and fell back on the couch. We weren’t going to inject him with heroin, just make it look like he passed out before injecting it. Melissa tied some rubber tubing around his left bicep while Natalie filled a syringe and left if on the table. I gave him instructions not to become conscious until after he’d been found. Every few hours he was to snort some cocaine to keep the levels in his blood high. He wouldn’t remember his time on the island, but he’d have nightmares for the rest of his life about being tortured and haunted by Kerrie’s ghost. I also commanded him never to have an orgasm again. He’d want to, and could get an erection, but an orgasm would always be just out of his reach.

With that we left him and headed home.

Julie had gone to the mainland a couple of days ago. She’d booked a trip with a helicopter sightseeing company and went on a flight around the islands. Their course took them above the atoll and she said to the helicopter pilot “Is that boat ok?” pointing down to Parick’s yacht. The pilot hovered and flew as low as he could for a look. “No, it looks like it’s run aground. I can’t see anyone, but I’ll call it in.” He radioed in his position and continued the flight. Julie sat back with a smile, enjoying the ride.

The search and rescue team that headed out were very surprised by what they found. They took Parick to the hospital while the police investigated the scene.

It took Parick a few days to recover and soon after regaining consciousness, he a screamed loudly and wouldn’t stop. His left arm was missing from the elbow down. Apparently the tubing around his bicep had been done up very tightly, completely cutting off the blood supply to his arm. It’d been left on for days, long enough before he was found that the cells had all died and the doctors couldn’t save it. Natalie and Melissa were pleased when they heard this news.

The police investigation concluded there’d been a fight in which Parick had gotten a black eye and Kerrie been injured and bled profusely. They suspected he had dumped her body overboard then embarked on a drug binge. Parick couldn’t remember a thing about the incident so he couldn’t help them. They weren’t able to prove anything, not even that Kerrie was dead, and his father’s highly paid lawyers got him acquitted of any charges. The photos and police report leaked out and everyone knew the details of how he’d been found.

Back on our island, everything was returning to normal: Kerrie was licking Melissa’s pussy and Natalie was sucking my cock. We all orgasmed at the same time.