The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 26

We took a group of the girls to the mainland, twenty in all. They were excited, this was the first time back for many of them, and they broke into several different groups to pursue their various interests.

I’d booked a bunch of hotel rooms so they girls could stay for several days, while Natalie, Melissa and I went back to the penthouse. We’d left Julie and Rachael in charge on the island for the week we were expecting to be here.

We were having breakfast on the roof terrace early in the morning when the phone rang. This number was only given out to the girls, and only to be used in an emergency. Natalie rushed to answer, Melissa paced back and forth nervously. Five minutes later, Natalie returned, a very dark look on her face.

“Kerrie and Robyn were jumped a short while ago. They fought off the attackers and Robyn managed to escape, but they grabbed Kerrie,” she said.

“Get the girls back to the island immediately,” I said.

“The police will need to talk to Robyn again,” Natalie said.

“Bring her here. She can stay with us until this is resolved.”

“I’d like Julie here too,” Natalie said. “Another cop would be useful.”

“Ok, tell her to get on the helicopter as soon as she can.”

“What are Kerrie’s prospects?” asked Melissa.

“Not good,” replied Natalie glumly.

The girls were rounded up and taken back to the boat. As soon as they were all on board, the boat cast off and headed home.

Julie arrived just as the boat was leaving and she and Natalie headed to the police station to see what they could find out.

The police weren’t being very cooperative so Natalie asked me to come down. She introduced me as a consultant, and the police became much more cooperative after I got there.

They had a description of the car that the attackers were driving—it matched what Robyn had told them as well—and a partial plate. They ran the list of matching cars down and came up with a short list. From there, they’d identified one suspect, Jim Mallack, who had a history of assault and rape. They had an alert out for the car and they were bringing the wife in for questioning.

The wife didn’t know anything, although she’d helped with his previous assaults, and she was pissed off not to have been part of this one. “I enjoy watching young whores get what they deserve,” she said.

We had no choice but to cut her loose and wait. Natalie, however, not really being bound by the law, bought a GPS tracker at a local pet store and hid it on the wife’s car. It’d last long enough for our needs.

We heard nothing for days, although Natalie and Julie went out every day looking for information. One evening they came back looking upset. We all knew what they were going to say: they’d found Kerrie’s body. She’d been beaten and raped repeatedly, then killed with a single gunshot to the head.

Robyn howled in anguish and I mentally soothed her and made her sleep. Melissa held up her hand, she didn’t want my help and I knew Natalie and Julie wouldn’t either. We gave each other hugs instead

The next morning Natalie went to the morgue to identify the body. I checked the GPS tracker and saw the wife was heading out of the city. I called Natalie and she hurried back and picked up Julie and me. Melissa wasn’t going to be left behind so I let her come and left Robyn sleeping peacefully until we got back.

We followed a couple of miles behind the wife’s car, making sure we weren’t seen. Eventually she turned off the road into a farm with a small house and several sheds. It was getting late so we stayed hidden until dark then broke out the weapons and combat harnesses

Natalie would have preferred that I stayed in the car but they needed my abilities so I crept along a few yards behind them. We approached the shed from the rear and peered through the windows. There was nobody there, but the car was Mallack’s, his wife’s car was next to it.

We snuck up closer to the house and heard several voices, clearly it was more than just Mallack and his wife. We were close enough for me to control them so I opened my mind, found four people inside, and took control of them. The voices fell silent.

We entered the house, Natalie leading, gun ready, to find three men and Stacey Mallack sitting on the couches unable to move or speak. Their eyes followed us as we entered the room.

“So, Stacey,” I said “Introduce us.”

“That’s my husband, Jim, and his two brothers Roy and Bob.”

“Jim, did you rape and murder that girl?” I asked him.

“Yes, but my brothers helped,” he said, reluctant, but having no choice.

“We’re not cops, by the way. That girl, Kerrie, was our friend.” They started to realise how much trouble they were in.

We’d brought along a video camera to capture everything and Natalie started it running. We didn’t want our voices on tape, so we’d muted the sound.

“Since they seem to enjoy it, " Natalie said. “I think the brothers should beat and rape the wife while he watches.”

“Sounds fair,” I said. “Make sure you struggle and fight, Stacey”. The two stood up and walked toward her. She got up and tried to run, but they grabbed her arms and pinned them to her sides. She struggled and managed to free one arm, raking her finger nails across Roy’s face. He punched her in the nose, breaking it and knocking her to the floor. He kicked her in the stomach and she doubled up in pain. Bob grabbed her hands and pinned them to the floor above her head while Roy tore open her shirt and ripped off her bra. She started kicking out as Roy undid her pants and he grabbed a handful of her hair and pounded her head into the floor several times. Stunned, she stopped struggling and Roy got her pants off.

Roy pulled a large knife from a scabbard on his belt and held it in front of her eyes. “Fight me, bitch, and I’ll shove this blade up your cunt and slice you open.” She nodded in fear. Roy stood and took his pants off, freeing his erection. He knelt between her legs and thrust his cock into her pussy. She was dry and she cried out in pain, but Roy didn’t stop until he’d cum.

It was Bob’s turn, and he rolled her into her stomach so he could fuck her ass. She started to struggle and he kicked her in the ribs. She stopped resisting and Bob forced his cock into her asshole. She sobbed and begged him to stop, but he ignored her and soon came.

Jim had a mix of anger and excitement on his face.

“Jim,” I ordered, “Suck their cocks. Get them clean and hard again.” Jim looked like he was going to be sick, but he fell to his knees in front of Roy and licked and sucked until he was clean. He moved on to Bob, and did the same to his shit covered cock.

“You like fucking asses Bob, so fuck Jim’s.” Jim bent forward and Bob rammed his cock in, fucking him more roughly than he did Stacey. He groaned and came inside Jim.

“Bob, lick up all your cum. Clean Jim’s asshole for him.” Bob went to his knees and stuck his tongue in Jim’s ass, licking and sucking until he’d gotten all of his cum out.

“Jim, you haven’t had any fun yet. Fuck Roy’s ass.” Jim got behind Roy and fucked him, hard and rough. He didn’t pull out after he came but pissed in Roy’s ass, emptying his bladder. At my command he dropped to his knees and pressed his lips to Roy’s ass. Roy pushed hard and a steam of shit and piss went into Jim’s mouth. He got most of it, but some dribbled down his chin.

Natalie really wanted to hurt them. She walked to the fireplace and got a box of matches. She struck a match and set fire to each of the men’s hair. It burned quickly scorching their skulls. She’d have burned them to a crisp if I’d let them.

Melissa had been itching to get her hands on these guys and I finally gave her permission

We got three chairs out of the kitchen and tied the men to them, their legs spread wide. I knew what Melissa was intending and I would make sure they didn’t pass out or go into shock; I wanted them to get the full experience.

She pulled out a rolled up bag and set it on the table. Unrolling it exposed several surgical scalpels and Melissa pulled on some rubber gloves, picked up a scalpel and smiled at the men.

Melissa approached Roy and, taking his cock in one hand, ran the scalpel along the top of it, leaving a thin line of blood. She drew the scalpel from that incision around the base of his balls and back. Roy was whimpering, he didn’t know what Melissa intended and he was petrified.

She picked up two pairs of forceps and clamped them to the skin on either side of the incision. She locked them shut, then looped her fingers through the handles and pulled back as hard as she could, throwing her whole body weight into it. Roy screamed in agony as the skin was wrenched off his cock and balls. Melissa examined the bloody skin she was holding with satisfaction. She unlocked the forceps and dropped the skin at Roy’s feet.

Melissa moved to Bob, holding the scalpel in front of his face to taunt him. Tear were running down his face and be was shaking his head. His mouth was opening and closing but no sound was coming out. She slowly dragged the scalpel down his chest to his cock, barely breaking the skin, before slicing the skin on his cock and balls and pulling it off.

Jim was begging her to stop, apologising for killing Kerrie and blubbering like a baby. It didn’t do any good, Melissa ignored him and tore the skin off his cock and balls too, going more slowly this time to prolong the agony.

None of us, except maybe Melissa, wanted to watch the next bit, so we set the camera up on a tripod. We shot the men full of amphetamines and I gave instructions to Stacey not to move till the police arrived. I made Stacey incapable of getting aroused or having an orgasm unless she was being beaten hard enough to bruise.

I’d discovered that my mental control extended to animals and I summoned a pack or rats. I gave them a simple mental command, that’s all they were capable of understanding.

We left at this stage, but the rats carried out their instructions and scurried over to the men and up their legs. They chewed through the flesh of the men’s scrotum to get to their balls inside. The rats took turns sticking their heads into the bloody hole and taking a bite of the men’s balls until there was nothing left. A few rats took a chunk out of the raw flesh on the cocks, but didn’t fancy it as much. The rats squabbled over the skin that had been ripped off and dropped on the floor and dragged it to their nest.

The men’s had screamed themselves hoarse and their heads lolled on their chests. Stacey has thrown up several times and was lying in a pool of her own vomit.

Our boat has returned and we packed up as quickly as possible and left, eager to get away from the city. I made a detour to remove Natalie, Julie and myself from the cops’ memory.

The police turned up a few hours later, responding to a tip off. They were horrified by what they found and called ambulances to take the four of them to the hospital.

The police reviewed the video footage and even the hardest cop turned green; very few managed to watch it all the way through. There was no evidence in the video to incriminate us though most thought the hands visible in it were female. Suspicion naturally fell on Robyn, but her ID and details were fake and they weren’t able to track her down.

As we headed home, I removed any trauma from the girls’ minds. They still remembered the incident but it seemed distant now. I’d do the same for everyone we else when I got back to the island. Meanwhile, we were far enough from the coast and the girls stripped off, happy to be naked again.

I followed the story as it unfolded over the next few months. All three men survived, although the doctors weren’t able to save their cocks, and the rats had eaten their balls so there was nothing the doctors could do there.

Their lawyer tried to have them declared insane due the psychological abuse they’d suffered, but they were judged fit to stand trial and were convicted of Kerrie’s rape and murder. Stacey was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact.

All four were sentenced to jail and suffered endless torment at the hands of the other prisoners. Even if they got out of jail alive, they wouldn’t be raping anyone else.