The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 27

Melissa and I were going to the theatre tonight. Mary Abrams, a famous performance artists was putting on a show. Now, I think performance art is crap, but I had something different in mind, and the audience was going to get more than they bargained for. I’m sure Melissa was going to enjoy it.

We got there early and made our way back stage and found Mary. I had a quick chat to her and explained the new show. She looked scared but nodded. We’d brought our own props and we set them up on tables at the back of the stage, covered by sheets. In the centre of the stage we set up an empty table and chair.

When the curtain went up, Mary was sitting in the chair, staring blankly in front of her. A sign next to her explained that she would be completely passive for the next two hours and the audience could do whatever they wanted to her, and use any of the implements on the tables on her in any way they liked.

A clock on the wall chimed and started counting down. The audience murmured to itself and shifted in their seats. This wasn’t what they were expecting. I gave Melissa a nudge and she walked up on stage. She waved her hand in from of Mary’s face, but got no reaction. She tried shaking Mary’s shoulder, but still got no reaction.

Melissa walked over to the table and pretended to examine the items. Another woman came up on stage and stood next to her, looking over the things on the table. The other woman picked up a feather and tickled Mary’s nose, ears and throat, but couldn’t get any response. Melissa picked up a small jar of yellow paint and a brush and painted a star on each of Mary’s cheeks.

More and more people started going up on stage. At first the things they tried were pretty harmless, pulling her hair, plucking nose hairs, shouting in her ear. None of them got the slightest response.

Then, one guy rubbed her tits through her clothes. The other audience members were taken aback, but Mary didn’t react and others started fondling her tits and rubbing her pussy. A few of he females objected, but they were ignored and someone ripped open Mary’s blouse and pulled her bra up, exposing her tits. He rubbed and sucked on them, egged on by some of the others.

One guy went to the table and brought back a knife. He cut all of Mary’s clothes off and left her sitting there naked.

Melissa decided to escalate things and licked her fingers and inserted them in Mary’s pussy. She thrust them in and out several times before dropping her skirt and grabbing Mary’s hair, she ground and thrust her pussy in Mary’s face.

This drove the men, and some of the women, crazy. They picked up Mary and lay her down on the table. One guy took off his pants and began to fuck her. Another guy put his cock in Mary’s mouth, starting to thrust it in and out when she didn’t object.

Other women were fondling and sucking on Mary’s tits, getting turned on enough to start masturbating through their clothes. One woman stepped out of her clothes, before dropping to her knees in front of her partner and taking his cock in her mouth. When her come in her mouth, she walked over to Mary and dribbled the cum into her mouth.

Others were starting to fuck, both on stage and among the seating. Some women, either single or more adventurous where jumping from partner to partner. There were plenty of woman having sex with other woman as well.

A slightly chubby girl, jealous of Mary’s fine body, got out some razor are and started slicing lines into Mary’s tits before getting out a marker and writing “slut” on Mary’s forehead. Another girl licked the blood from the cuts and even made a few more on Mary’s neck so she could drink more of her blood.

One man picked up the revolver from the table, checked that it was loaded and forced a young audience member to give him a blow job. With a gun to the side of her head and tear rolling down her cheeks, she complied. Fortunately he just pushed her to the ground when he came and didn’t pull the trigger.

Meanwhile, Mary had been rolled over on her stomach and was being fucked in the ass.

Several people were looking over the table for more things to use. They discovered a packet of fish hooks and, rolling Mary onto her back, forced several of the hooks through her tits. More went through her labia then string was looped through each one and pulled tight. Blood ran down her body and pooled on the table under her.

A small group, male and female, dragged a naked woman over to the table and forced her to kiss Mary on the lips. They held her hair and pulled her down to Mary’s tits and she licked and sucked at them, scratching her checks on the fish hooks protruding from Mary’s skin. They dragged her down to Mary’s pussy and made her lick her clitoris.

Getting aroused, one female in the group dragged the woman off Mary and down to her knees. She told the woman give everyone in the group a blow job, but one guy decided to fuck her instead.

Several gangs had formed and were preying on the weaker audience members. Mary’s passive acceptance didn’t satisfy them any more and people were crying out in pain as the implements on the table were put to good use.

Nobody had been watching the clock and it chimed, time was up. Mary sat up suddenly, startling the others, then hopped off the table and walked awkwardly off stage.

The house lights came up and everyone looked around, a bit shocked by what they’d taken part in. They hurriedly gathered up their clothes leaving many pieces behind, and rushed out of the theatre.

We went back stage to see Mary. Despite me forcing her to be totally passive, she’d felt everything that had happened to her and was crying. She was standing in front of a mirror looking at her body in disbelief and I made her have a massive orgasm. She staggered back to her chair and sat down, eyes closed.

Every time she opened her eyes and saw herself in the mirror, she had another powerful orgasm. After two hours, I let her remove the fish hooks and clean herself up.

We thought it had been the best theatre we’d ever seen. The reviews were raving about it, but the show was never repeated.