The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 29

There was a crash from the dining room and I heard Natalie call for the doctor. I rushed to see what was happening and found Christine collapsed on the floor, shaking uncontrollably, a tray of food smashed on the ground.

Natalie was kneeling next to her, unsure of what to do. Christine, only half conscious and barely able to control her body, had wrapped her arms around Natalie’s waist and was holding her tightly.

I knelt down next to them and calmed Christine’s mind. By the time the doctor arrived a few minutes later, the shaking had reduced substantially, though she was still twitching.

As the doctor examined Christine, two nurses arrived with a gurney. We lifted her into the gurney and they rushed her to the infirmary. Natalie and I followed, whilst others started cleaning up the broken dishes from the floor.

Our infirmary was well equipped, but there was a limit to the equipment we had. The doctor’s initial diagnosis was epilepsy, though she lacked an EEG to prove it. While she readied a sedative, I delved into Christine mind. Prior to absorbing Andrew’s powers, I couldn’t have done this, but now I could see the chaotic brain waves in Christine.

I delved deeper and found the source of the chaos: when Andrew had wiped he memory, he’d done a messy job, although I doubt I would have been able to do better at that time. The strands of her former memory had been ripped apart instead of neatly severed. These strands had formed an ugly knot, looping back on itself multiple times. If Christine’s thought patterns had stumbled across these knots, her mind would loop back around in itself, spiralling out of control.

I untangled the knots and properly cut the memory stands. Christine’s mind slowed back to normal and the trembling stopped. The doctor administered the sedative and she drifted into an easy sleep.

My new ability gave me much to think about. I couldn’t restore Christine’s memory, they’d been destroyed completely, but it was possible I could implant new memories. I’d have to find a subject to experiment on.

We flew Christine to a private hospital on the mainland to get her checked out. She was much better, but still had a tremor in her left hand.

The doctor stayed with her while she was having an EEG, which revealed her brain waves were almost normal, but still a little erratic.

She’d stay the night in hospital for observation and we’d fly back to the island tomorrow morning

I left Julie at the hospital, stationed in the visitors waiting area, just a few seconds away in case there was any issue. The doctor, Natalie and I went back to the apartment, but I left some special instructions for the nurse.

Later that night, the nurse was doing her rounds, leaving Christine till last. She wrapped the blood pressure cuff around Christine’s upper arm, clipped the pulse monitor her finger and put a thermometer under her tongue. She turned on the machine and started rubbing Christine tits through her hospital town. Christine’s eye when wide for a second but she didn’t say anything.

The nurse took the thermometer out if Christine’s mouth, then leant in and kissed her. Christine returned the kiss enthusiastically. She ran her hands under Christine’s gown and fondled her tits then ran them down het body to her pussy. Christine was wet and the nurse worked her fingers in and out her pussy while caressing her clitoris with her thumb.

Christine flicked off the pulse monitor and ran her hand up the nurse’s leg and under her skirt, returning the caresses.

Both of them were getting aroused and soon came. The nurse sucked her fingers dry and smiled at Christine. Her next rounds were in a couple of hours.

The nurse visited Christine twice more during the night, then finished her shift.

The next morning we returned to the hospital and Christine had another EEG. Everything was normal now and we checked Christine out. The helicopter was fuelled and standing by so we boarded and flew home.

When we got home, we went for a swim in the oven. The beach next to the harbour had chairs and shelters so you could get out of the sun.

Christine was lying in a recliner letting the light breeze dry her off. I lay down behind her and fondled her tits. She got instantly wet and I thrust my cock into her pussy and fucked her till we both came. She smiled and snuggled in closer to me, falling asleep in my arms. The sounds of the others girls playing in the surf drifted across the beach.