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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 03

When I woke up in the morning, Olivia was still asleep on the floor. I got up and went to the kitchen to make breakfast—bacon, eggs and sausage sounded great on this fine morning.

While I was cooking, Olivia woke up. She appeared at the kitchen door, naked and with her hands still cuffed behind her, but she clearly hadn’t learned much of a lesson as the bitchyness was back. “Untie me now, you prick,” she demanded.

“No.” I replied.

“I going to call the cops and have you arrested for rape.”

“I don’t think so. In fact, I plan to have more fun with you today.”

She opened her mouth to reply but I said “Stop talking.” and she closed her mouth with a snap. She glared at me with hate in her eyes.

“Your world has changed now, Olivia,” I said as I walked over to her. I reached up and fondled a tit. She tried to pull away, but I grabbed her nipple and pulled. Her mouth was set in a hard line, but she couldn’t say anything.

“Keep fighting me though, it’ll make it more fun. On your knees, face on the floor.” She started to obey, but caught herself and stood there defiantly. I grabbed the leash and yanked down hard, forcing her to kneel and crushing her face into he carpet. “Stay there,” I ordered and she had no choice, but I’d used the minimal amount of control and I could see that she was still seething mad.

I removed the belt from my jeans and gave her ten hard lashes across her ass with it. I angled the last one so that it hit her pussy and clit. If she could open her mouth, I’m sure there would have been loud screams; as it was, there was just muffled sobbing.

I took my pants off and knelt behind her and rubbed my cock over her pussy until I was hard. I wet my thumb with her pussy juices and thrust it in and out of her asshole to match the thrusts of my cock in her pussy. As I was about to orgasm, I pulled out and came it my hand which I then put in front of her face and had her lick my cum up.

“Clean your shit off my thumb,” I said and she sucked it into her mouth and ran her tongue over it until it was clean. “Since you’re licking things clean. You can do my asshole as well.” I rolled her onto her back and squatted over her face. Her tongue got busy licking and I made sure she stuck her tongue fully in my asshole while I played with her tits and pussy.

Suddenly I remembered breakfast and I stood up to check. Fortunately it wasn’t burnt so I dished out two plates. I put Olivia’s on the ground next to her and took my to the table. Unable to use her hands, see just glared at me. “Eat it now or not, but you’re not moving from that spot until you’ve finished it all and the plate has been licked clean.”

She stubbornly refused to eat but couldn’t move because of my command. As a bit of incentive I picked up my belt and gave her another ten lashes with the last one, again, hitting her pussy and clit. I smiled at her continued refusal to cooperate. I could make her eat, but where was the fun in that? The hall cupboard had some gardening supplies in it, including some bamboo stakes we’d used to support potted plants. These were three feet long and thin, about the diameter of a pencil. I got one of these and swished it through the air. Her eyes went wide and she looked quickly around at me and shook her head desperately. I swung it down onto her ass and she let loose a loud, closed-mouth, grunt. I whipped her a few more on her ass and the back of her thighs before she rolled over trying to protect herself. This just exposed her tits and I whipped them a few times as well. She was groaning in pain and sobbing, but she rolled over and took a piece of bacon off the plate. I let her slowly eat her way through breakfast and lick the plate clean. By this time, large welts had formed where she’d been whipped. I ran my fingers over the ones on her tits, appreciated the look and feel of them.

“Nothing starts the day like a good breakfast and we’ve got a busy day coming up.” She just closed her eyes and cried silently.

From the kitchen window I can see the parking lot for my apartment building. I checked and saw a van there—perfect, David and his wife Belinda were home. These two lived on the top floor, two flights of stairs up from me. I always thought Belinda was cute, now’s the time to find out.

“On you feet,” I said to Olivia and pulled on her leash to help her get up. As I led her towards the front door she slowed down and grunted at me. She still wasn’t allowed to talk but I could guess what she wanted.

“Yes, you’re going out like that,” I said. She shook her head and refused to move. I picked up the bamboo cane and she immediately started walking towards the door. “Good girl, you’re learning.”

The short chain between her ankle cuffs made it hard for her to climb the stairs; a constant tug on the leash made sure she kept moving. I was half hoping that someone would come out and see her, but we reached Dave and Belinda’s door without running into anyone. I knocked on the door and Dave opened it. His mouth dropped open at the sight of Olivia, naked, bound and crying, standing in front of him. At my command, he moved aside and let us in. Belinda was sitting on the sofa and she sat bolt upright at the sight of us. I stopped them asking any questions and led Olivia further into the room. “I thought I’d come up and play and I brought my toy along,” I said, giving the leash a tug.

“Belinda, stand up. Dave you stand next to her,” I said. “Both of you take your clothes off.”

Belinda was, indeed, cute. She swam often and had a fit, toned body with nice firm tits. Her pubic hair was trimmed short; I’d get her to shave it later. Dave surfed and was quite buffed. He also had an erection due to Olivia’s presence. “Olivia, suck Dave.” I gave her no choice but to obey and she dropped to her knees in front of him and started sucking his cock. “Dave, don’t come until I let you.”

I walked around Belinda, running my hands over her ass and tits. “Ok, Belinda, suck me.” I had her suck on my balls first before taking my cock in her mouth. She managed to take my whole length without gagging; Dave was a lucky man! Olivia was working hard on Dave and he was a bit zoned out with bliss, unable to orgasm until I let him

“Dave, you can cum now, but do it on her face. With a groan of intense pleasure, he shot a huge load on Olivia. The sight pushed me over the edge and I came on Belinda’s face.

Both girls knelt there with cum running down their faces and dripping on their tits. Olivia couldn’t move her arms to wipe it off and I stopped Belinda from wiping her face.

“Girls, lick the cum of each other and be sure to share it.” Olivia walked over on her knees to Belinda and they started licking the cum of each others face. Every so often they stopped and kissed to share the cum and swallow the mixture.

Once both faces were clean, Belinda started on Olivia’s tits. She was doing more than just licking up cum, she was running her tongue over the welts and sucking on her nipples. Olivia started on Belinda’s tits and I released her hands so she could also fondle them. She sucked, bit, and twisted Belinda’s nipples, and I made Belinda feel intense pleasure in the pain.

Olivia worked her way down Belinda’s stomach before inserting two fingers in her pussy and licking her clitoris. Dave and I were turned on and both of us sported erections.

I wasn’t sure if they’re had any diseases and I didn’t want to risk them passing one on to Olivia and then to me. I was going to limit myself to Belinda’s mouth, but I asked Dave if he had any condoms.

“Yes, plenty,” he replied.

“Put one on and fuck Olivia while she eats out your wife.”

Dave rushed off and returned with a box. His hands were shaking so much from excitement than he had trouble getting the wrapper open and the condom on his cock. Once he’d managed it, he positioned himself behind Olivia and proceeded to fuck her. The force of his thrusts pushed her face hard against Belinda’s clit, exciting her more.

I cranked up the arousal in all of them more and more until I made them all cum at once. Belinda was a squirter and she added to the pussy juices on Olivia’s face. Dave sat back in a chair panting and Olivia rolled off her knees into a sitting position.

“Dave, take off the condom and give it to Olivia”. Olivia took it and I said “Drink it.” She emptied it into her mouth and swallowed.

Belinda was still limp so I grabbed a handful of her hair and held her head against the arm of the sofa so she couldn’t move it, then proceeded to roughly fuck her mouth until I came. Fair’s fair, she deserved to swallow a load as well so I came in her throat.

“Dave, is there anything that Belinda has never let you but you wanted to try?”

“Yes,” he replied immediately, “I’ve always wanted to fuck her in the ass.”

“Ok, now’s your chance. Go for it.” Belinda didn’t look too happy but she was fully under my control.

Dave didn’t have any lube so he grabbed a bottle of olive oil from he kitchen. He poured it down her crack and worked it into her asshole. When he was happy, he applied some to his cock then approached Belinda. Her pressed the head of his cock against her asshole and slowly pushed; she was tight and he didn’t make much progress so he pushed hard and got part way into her. That was enough and he rammed his cock in fully. Belinda cried out, but he was oblivious to her pain and kept fucking her, harder and harder. I cranked up Belinda’s arousal to match his and let them cum at the same time.

“Olivia, clean the shit off Dave’s cock and suck the cum out of Belinda’s ass.” I didn’t let her baulk or hesitate and she immediately took Dave in her mouth. This gave Dave another erection, but he’d have to get Belinda to take care of it for him. When she finished with Dave, she spread Belinda’s ass cheeks apart and licked, sucked, and forced her tongue into Belinda’s ass hole. I let this continue for a few minutes while Belinda became more and more aroused.

“Ok, Olivia, it’s time to go.” I yanked on her lead and pulled her to her feet then fastened her hands behind her back again.

“Belinda, you are to do absolutely anything that Dave tells you to. You’re to ask his permission before you orgasm. If he says no, you won’t be able to cum. If Dave puts his hand on your head and says ‘cum, now’, you will instantly orgasm. And shave that pussy. Clear?”

“Yes, master” Master? I like that.

“Dave, she’s yours to use as you please”

Dave didn’t answer; he had an evil, far away look in his eyes.

I led Olivia back to our apartment and gave her another cold shower. The welts in here skin were no longer raised, but were still bright red. I noticed there was some redness and chafing on her skin under the collar and cuff. Too bad, they were permanent and she’d just have to get used to them.

She lay wet and shivering on the floor next to my bed. I remembered that I hadn’t lifted the order not to talk but decided I preferred not hearing her voice and left her that way.