The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 30

I’d had Natalie keeping an eye out trying to find others with the same power as I had. She’d figured that large groups of people living together were the most likely places to find them. We’d investigated a few, but hadn’t had any luck so far.

Her latest find was a cult living on a large property about 20 miles from a small country town.

I took Natalie and Melissa with me to the mainland, but didn’t want them coming in contact with someone else’s power. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to protect them well enough to stop them having their memories wiped. The two of them would travel together while I found another partner to pose as my wife.

A found a cute, single girl, Jenny, having coffee at a local cafe and commanded her to come with me back to my hotel room. I ordered her to strip as soon as the door closed. I circled her, examining and running my hands over her body. She had a nice body, but needed to shave her pussy. I fondled her tits, making her get aroused and wet. I undid my pants and she dropped to her knees, put her hands behind her back and sucked my cock. She gagged a little when I hit the back of her throat, but I made this get her more excited. I came in her mouth and she orgasmed as soon as she tasted my cum.

She stood up and climbed on the bed, on her hands and knees, ass at the edge of the bed. I wasn’t about to have unprotected sex with her until she’d had a blood test, so I pulled on a condom. I moved in behind her and pushed my cock into her pussy. She was still wet and moaned in pleasure. I could see her tits swinging back and forth in the mirror as I fucked her. She came again and I pulled my cock out and held it against her asshole. She didn’t like the idea of anal sex, but she started to push backwards slowly forcing my cock deeper. She fucked herself onto my cock as I remained still, her excitement mounted as she thrust faster and harder. She came with a cry and collapsed in the bed.

I played with her some more during the night and in the morning we drove off to find the cult. We reached the town near the cult in the early evening and booked into a hotel. Without being asked to, Jenny stripped as soon as we got inside and went to her knees. I rewarded her with lots if orgasms that night.

Natalie and Melissa were staying in a different hotel, we weren’t going to let anyone see us together at this stage.

The next day we wandered around town. An old pickup truck drove into town and a man and woman visited the shops and filled it up with supplies. We trailed behind them and I asked the shop keepers about them. They were members of the cult and came to town once a week to stock up. They barely spoke to anyone and paid in cash.

I gave the two of them instructions to pull over a couple of miles outside of town and wait for me. The leader of their cult, they referred to it as a church, was David, a prophet who spoke directly to God. They’d seen plenty of miracles and were convinced that he was legitimate. David had a wife, Sarah, but he usually swapped her with another man’s wife and slept with a different woman each night.

They had a fenced compound with armed guards and more guards at the boundary of their property. As far as they knew, nobody had arrived unannounced; David usually brought people back from his recruiting drives. It sounded like it was worth checking out. I let them continue on their way and headed back to town and called Natalie to fill her in.

Getting past the guards wouldn’t be a problem, but I’d prefer not to tip my hand until I had a chance to evaluate David’s power. However, we couldn’t think of any better plan so, in the morning, I headed for the cult with Jenny. I made some adjustments to Jenny’s memory so she’d give the story I wanted. She believed we were married and had been searching for David so as to join his Church.

We drove up to the cult’s gate the next morning. The guards waved us off and told us to leave, but I told them to let us through. This was repeated at the gate to the inner compound. We stood by the car while they fetched David, attracting a crowd of other cult members. David came striding out, followed by Sarah and the guard who’d gone to fetch him. He looked furious and I could feel his power trying to exert control on us. There was something odd about the way his power felt, but I couldn’t figure it out. He questioned us, his power controlling Jenny but not me. That was a good sign, hopefully that meant he wasn’t more powerful than I was. Jenny gave the story I’d told her to and I confirmed it. He really didn’t want us to stay, still suspicious but unable to find anything wrong.

I reached out tentatively to him, trying to get a feel for his strength. Strange, there was no power there and I could control him easily. He said he’d changed his mind and we could stay. His wife looked shocked by his change of heart. Ah, now it made sense. I reached out to Sarah with all my strength and grabbed control of her. She was no match for me and I absorbed her power like I’d done before with Andrew. She reeled from the shock and grabbed David’s arm for support. She tried to exert her power but there was nothing left. If I hadn’t controlled her, I’m sure she would have attacked me physically. I interrogated her and, despite her actions, she believed she’d been given a gift from God and was doing his will. How foolish.

I had all the members of the cult come to us, including the guards. Natalie and Melissa were waiting down the road and I called them to come in. I exerted just enough control to make Sarah comply, while still retaining awareness of what was going on. I made her and David strip and she flushed with embarrassment as she stood there naked. She got down on her knees and started sucking David’s cock. He became hard instantly and put a hand on the back of her head. I didn’t let David cum just yet, but had Sarah stand up and bend over so David could fuck her. This time I let him cum, then had all the other men line up and fuck her as well. She repeated the process for every man in the compound, but didn’t cum once herself.

Next, she had to give all of the woman an orgasm, licking their clitoris and fingering their pussies. Having sex with another woman disgusted her, but she had no choice. Her technique was poor, much to Melissa disgust, and it took a long time. Eventually she was done, but she still hasn’t had an orgasm.

Both David and Sarah got down on their hands and knees, facing each other. A man got behind each of then and shoved his cock up their asshole. Neither of them were used to it and it caused them some pain. The combination of a cock in her asshole and seeing one in her husband’s was too much and she started begging out loud for God to help her. In response to her pleading, David swallowed his tongue and thrashed around on the ground. Each man took his turn fucking her in the ass as she watched David choke to death in front of her.

It was time to go. I gave Sarah an orgasm that didn’t stop, and after several minutes of ecstasy, I stopped her heart. The other cult members could do as they pleased, but we left, taking Jenny with us.

Melissa was excited by what she’d seen so I gave her Jenny to play with while I fucked Natalie.

We returned to the boat, deciding to take Jenny home with us.

I could still feel the extra power coursing through me. It’d take some experimentation to find the new limits to what I could do.