The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 31

Olivia woke with a start. She was lying in a cold dungeon, her hands and feet shackled to the floor. Something was tickling her legs, and moving higher and higher up her body. The light was dim, but she could see hundreds of spiders crawling over her. She tried to shake them off but she couldn’t move. They covered her entirely and she started to feel stabs of pain all over. They were biting her! She could feel the poison working its way through her and her vision dimmed.

She woke again, she had no idea when. At least she wasn’t dead. Her body was covered with hundreds of spider bites, each one a small red lump. They itched like crazy but she couldn’t move her hands to scratch.

She heard a slithering and hissing noise coming from between he legs. Something was moving down there. She felt a light touch on her clitoris and jumped slightly. It came again. A firmer touch, something was sliding over her clitoris and up her stomach. She looked down and saw a snake, working its way up her body. She tried not to move, not even to breath.

The snake wasn’t cold and slimy like she’d always thought, it was warm and had a slightly rough skin. She was getting aroused by the rubbing on her clitoris and she could feel herself getting wet. The snake’s head reached hers and its tongue flicked out, tasting her breath as she exhaled.

The snakes tail swished back and forward, jingling her labia rings together. She was getting more turned on, the snake could surely taste it in the air. Without warning, the snake inserted its tail into her pussy. She was wet enough that it slid in easily and she moaned in pleasure and the snake fucked her with its tail until she came. With a quick flick of its tongue on her lips, it slid off her body and into the darkness.

She slept some more and awoke to a fierce itching in from the slider bites. She heard someone moaning and twisted her head to look. A naked woman’s was on her hands and knees, a large dog fucking her from behind. The moans got faster and faster matching the speed of the dogs thrusting. With a cry, the woman and dog came at the same time. The dog climbed off her and she collapsed to her side, giving Olivia a food look at her face. No! It was Krissy, her niece. Olivia struggled desperately to free herself so she could go to Krissy, but her bonds were too strong.

The dog trotted over to Olivia and a sniffed and licked her pussy. The dog looked up at her and moved to position its cock over her face. She took its cock in her mouth and she could taste Krissy’s pussy juices on it. The dog started to thrust, fucking her mouth roughly until it came, squirting cum down her throat. She swallowed all of it and licked its cock clean.

The spider bites had grown larger and the itching had turned to pain making it difficult to sleep. A sudden, intense pain on her stomach woke her. She looked down to see one of the spider bites swell and burst with a spray of blood. Hundreds of baby spiders clambered out of the crater left in her skin. Another jab of pain, and another one burst. More baby spiders rushed out. More and more burst and she was covered with thousands of spiders. She wanted to scream, but was afraid to open her mouth in case the spiders ran into it. She passed out from fear, sinking into welcome oblivion.

A scream shattered her sleep. At first she thought that she had screamed, but the sobbing she heard indicated otherwise. She turned her head to see Krissy bound and lying on the floor. A tourniquet had been pulled tight around her upper thigh, below it a raw, bloody stump where her leg had been hacked off. “Oh, God, no,” whispered Olivia, over and over again.

The smell of food reached her and her stomach roiled; she hadn’t eaten in days. She searched around for it and recoiled in horror; Krissy’s amputated leg was slowly turning over an open fire. As she watched, a hand appeared out of the darkness and sliced off a large chunk of it. The hand carried the meat over to Olivia and held it above her mouth, the juice dripping onto her closed lips. She was so hungry that she couldn’t help herself and opened her mouth and took a huge bite. She barely chewed it before swallowing, then opened her mouth for more. Soon, it was all gone. She wanted to throw up, but couldn’t and drifted off into a tormented sleep.

More pain, in her foot this time. She didn’t bother opening her eyes, but the pain came again. She wearily looked down and suddenly screamed. Krissy had dragged herself over to Olivia, leaving a bloody trail on the floor, and was eating her toes. With a strong bite, Krissy bit through the bone in her big toe. She chewed briefly, then swallowed, before biting down on the next toe. Olivia screamed and screamed while Krissy continued to eat.

Olivia lay curled up in the floor, her body untouched but completely unresponsive.

I’d mentally linked Natalie in with us so she could experience the hallucination I’d forced on Olivia.

“Perhaps I overdid it with toe eating,” I said to Natalie.

“I thought it was a nice touch,” she replied.