The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 33

Serina walked through the market place, it was sunrise and only a few people were about this early. She was naked apart from the metal collar and cuffs her kind always wore. She was a priestess, and her body was covered in scars and whip marks proving her dedication to her God. The intense, sensual pleasure she got from pain was a gift from God, lifting her apart from, and above, the commoners.

She walked with her head held high, people making way for her and lowering their eyes.

She stopped at a store keeper’s window to admire her body in the reflection. As all priestesses did, she exercised regularly and was fit and lean. Her eyes dropped lowered to the four rings in her labia, indicators of the years she’d spent as a neophyte. The nipple rings marked her as a senior priestess, although she had a long way to go to fulfil her ambition of being the High Priestess.

She adored serving her God, but he decreed that she should also serve the people. One day a month, today, she provided service to the town’s people. It was supposed to be a reminder that she was not better than them, but she had a hard time accepting that lesson.

In the centre of the market place was a circular stone dais. She ascended the three steps to the platform and picked up the chain that was embedded in the stone. She locked the chain to her collar and sat down; the mayor would release her at sunset.

Half an hour went by before a man approached her. He stood in front of her and dropped his pants. She was well versed in the art of pleasing both men and woman and she took his cock in one hand and ran her tongue around the head. He became instantly erect and she smiled to herself. She lifted his cock up and started licking his balls, covering them completely in saliva. When they were good and wet, she sucked one into her mouth as deeply as she could. The man was moaning in pleasure and she took his cock into her mouth and removed her hand.

She thrust her head forward, swallowing his cock until her lips had reached the base of it. She paused for a few seconds and poked her tongue out to lick his balls again. She worked him and out of her mouth several times and could tell he was close to orgasm. She quickly wet her middle finger and pushed it into his ass, massaging his prostate as she sucked his cock. This sent the man over the edge and, by tradition, he came on her face and in her hair. The other priestesses would judge how pious she was by the amount dried cum on her.

“God bless you,” she said as he did up his pants and left.

A woman was standing a short way off, rubbing herself through her clothes. Serina looked over at her an smiled and the woman approached. She stood in front of Serina’s kneeling figure, then unbuttoned her dress. Serina ran her hands up the woman’s body until she was holding her tits, then leant in and started sucking on her nipples. The woman spread her legs as Serina ran one hand down to her pussy. Gently pulling her to the ground, Serina started licking and kissing her inner thighs. She let out a little gasp as Serina’s tongue reached her clitoris and started whimpering in pleasure when Serina worked two fingered into her pussy. It wasn’t long until she, too, came. “God bless you,” Serina said as the woman stood up and left.

Another man was waiting. He wanted to fuck her so she lay back and spread her legs. She was wet and he had no trouble entering her. She squeezed her pussy muscles rhythmically, increasing his pleasure until he came on her stomach and tits.

“God bless you,” she said once more.

The next man wanted her to fuck her from behind so she rolled over and got on her hands and knees. She was a little surprised when he shoved his cock up her ass instead of her pussy, but she was well versed in this as well. She tightened her sphincter as he thrust in and out, the sensation driving him wild. He covered her back and ass with his cum.

“God bless you.”

A stern looking woman approached carrying a riding crop. She circled behind Serina and started caning her back. The pain made Serina cum, and she felt closer to her God. The woman continued and Serina came once more. By the time the woman finished beating her, they were both panting.

She continued to service men, and the occasional woman, throughout the day. She only got beaten once, which was unusual. Just before sunset, a man led his donkey to her. She crawled under its belly and took its cock in her mouth. It was a struggle, but she managed to get the head and some of the shaft down her throat and worked it in and out. Fortunately donkeys were easy to get off and it soon came all over her head, shooting much more cum than a man would.

As she sat there dripping, the sun touched the horizon and the mayor approached with the key to let her loose. She dropped to her knees and sucked his cock, her last duty for the day.

“God bless you.” She bowed to him and walked back to the temple, the cum drying on her as she went.

The other priestesses nodded in approval at the sight of Serina covered in dry cum. They tidied her spread-eagled to a cross and attached nipple and clitoris clamps, doing them up tightly. One of them fetched a thin cane and proceeded to beat Serina’s tits and pussy savagely, each stroke painful in itself, but it also jiggled the clamps causing excruciating pain.

Serina orgasmed time after time, lost in pleasure and pain, rapturous at serving her God.

Olivia’s mind had baulked at the dungeon hallucination. Once through was enough for her and she became catatonic if I tried to impose it on her again. Instead, I let her live the Serina one, day after day.