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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 34

Natalie, Melissa and I were on our way to the mainland by boat. We had Olivia with us this time, wrists cuffed behind her, short, heavy chain connected her ankle cuffs and another heavy chain attached to her collar. She was sitting on the front of the boat, the spray dampening her. She seemed to be enjoying the trip, coming out of the shell she’d built to protect herself. Olivia, when not living the Serina dream, was normally a zombie. She’d do as she was told, but wouldn’t really react to pleasure or pain.

I made my way up to the front of the boat and picked up Olivia’s chain. I attached it to the heavy boat anchor and released the anchor locking mechanism. The weight dragged Olivia off the boat and beneath the surface without further trace. We were in deep water and the anchor rope played out fully without touching bottom. I cut the rope with a knife, sending the anchor to the sea floor.

Natalie and Melissa looked at me, stunned, but the soon returned to normal. Olivia had been a drag on everyone’s life and nobody wanted her around.

Melissa had become good friends with Jane, the captain, and they disappeared together into a cabin for a few hours. One of the crew took over the bridge from the captain, while the other used her mouth to pleasure Natalie and me.

We reached land and headed to the penthouse. Though we loved the view of the stars we had from the island, we enjoyed the city lights we could see from the rooftop terrace. We spent the evening on the terrace drinking beer before heading inside and sharing a bed.

It was Melissa’s birthday today. We didn’t normally make a big deal about birthdays, not even my own, but this year I’d arranged a surprise present for her. Soon after breakfast, Natalie headed off in the van and returned an hour later.

Natalie stepped out if the lift and three tall, muscled guys followed her. The guys undressed and Melissa clapped her hands in delight at her present. She walked up the first guy and grabbed his cock. She started kissing him while she stroked him and he became hard. She did the same to the other two and stood back to admire them. All three were well hung, each cock was at least eight inches when erect.

Melissa ordered two of them to kiss and fondle each other while she had the third one get down between her legs and start giving her head. It looked like he was skilled at it and Melissa was soon moaning. She had the two guys kissing start sucking each other’s cocks and this turned her on more and she orgasmed. She pushed the guy between her legs down onto his back and started sucking his cock. I had all three guts cum at the same time.

They all rested for a while and caught their breath. Melissa wasn’t quiet finished so she went round to each one and sucked his cock. All the guys were hard again and Melissa had one lie down on his back. She straddled his body and, facing away from him, lowered herself until his cock was buried in her asshole. She lay back on him and he started thrusting in and out if her while fondled her tits. The second guy got between her legs and poked his cock into her pussy, and started pumping away. She tilted her head back and the last guy stuck his cock in her mouth: Melissa could take his whole length without gagging.

I exerted a little bit of control and synchronised the guys’ thrusting, causing the most pleasure for Melissa. The intense stimulation had her extremely aroused and ready to cum. I delayed her orgasmed to prolong the experience for a few minutes, then had all of them come at once. Melissa sighed in pleasure and wiped a dribble of cum from the corner of her mouth with a finger. She cleaned her finger off while one of the guys licked the cum out of her pussy and asshole.

She’d really have liked to hurt these guys, but I’d told her not too. Instead, she’d had each of them fuck her in turn, causing her to cum multiple times. When she’d had enough, she amused herself by making them fuck each other in the ass. I made sure they enjoyed in and had orgasms each time.

Eventually we let them go. Natalie led them down to the car park and drove them back to where she’d picked them up. Melissa lay up on the roof terrace with me enjoying a beer with lunch.

That wasn’t the end of Melissa’s birthday present, though. I’d also arranged something really special for her.

Later that day, we all got in the car and headed out for Melissa’s surprise. Natalie drove us to an old, disused building that used to be the workshop for the train line. They’d long since moved to somewhere more modern, but hadn’t ever torn down the old workshop. The gate appeared to be chained shut, but the lock wasn’t latched and Natalie simply unhooked it. We drove into the building before coming to an area we’d set up with a generator and lights. The room we were in was originally used to spray paint train carriages and had two set of doors, originally to keep it clean, but it effectively sound proofed the room.

In the middle if the floor was a fat woman, steel collar locked around her neck and chained to the floor. She was gagged and her hands and feet were tied behind her. There was a covered table to one side of the room that we’d put there.

Melissa gasped suddenly.

“Do you recognise her?” I asked.

“She’s the cow from the train the day we met!”

“Yes, I brought her here for you. Can you believe she was talking loudly on the phone when I found her.”

“Unbelievable.” Melissa said.

“She’s all yours. Do what you want.” And I uncovered the table revealing a selection of knives and other toys.

Melissa smiled.

She started by slicing the clothes off the cow, leaving her in her underwear. Next, she slid the knife under one bra strap, slowly sawing it until it snapped. The other strap followed then she slid the knife between the bra cups and cut the front of the bra, spilling the cow’s large tits out. Melissa cut her panties off, leaving the cow naked, whimpering and trembling on the floor.

Melissa leant down and said “let’s see if you’ve learned to lick pussy. Scream or bite me and I’ll cut your tongue out. Do you understand me?” The fat cow nodded and Melissa removed her gag. She was blubbering and saying “please don’t hurt me” over and over again. Melissa slapped her hard across the face. “Shut up,” she said, stripping off her clothes and lowering her pussy to the cow’s tongue. Apparently the cow hadn’t gotten any better and Melissa started thrusting her pussy into the cows face, bringing herself to an orgasm.

Melissa examined the items on the table and smiled.

A few hours later, Melissa came back out to the car, happy as can be. “That’s the best birthday I’ve ever had. Thank you!” She said and kissed Natalie and me. Natalie had some cleaning up to do, she’d left another car here earlier, so Melissa and I headed home alone while Natalie took care of the remains.

The weather was glorious and the boat trip home enjoyable, Melissa was especially happy. We’d replaced the boat anchor and a second one sat on the bow of the boat holding down a canvas tarpaulin. Natalie made her way to the front of the boat and worked the second anchor over the side. It sank quickly, pulling a body bag out from under the tarpaulin and dragging it out of sight to the ocean floor.

We arrived home and had a birthday party on the beach.