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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 04

I’ll be out for most of the day and I like to leave Olivia “occupied”; I wouldn’t want her to get bored.

I got a hard wooden chair and attached a six inch dildo to it. I had Olivia lower herself to it and tied her ankles to the legs of the chair and her hands behind her to the back of it. She could move just enough to work the dildo in and out of her. I gave her an intense need to orgasm, one that got stronger and stronger over time until she had no choice but to fuck herself with the dildo. I didn’t make it too easy for her to cum; she’d had to work at it hard for about 10 minutes. The cycle would then repeat itself every half an hour.

I left her there while I went had had breakfast, showered and got ready to go out. I checked in on her before I left and she was furiously humping the dildo before orgasming with a groan and slumping in the chair. She was dripping with sweat and breathing hard. I could see that here legs were shaking, already pained and fatigued with the effort and the day had just begun. She’d be doing this for a several hours at least while I was out.

I could have caught a taxi into the city, but I decided to catch the bus. There was a girl I used to see in it when I used to commute. There weren’t many busses in that route, so I pretty much used to see the same people every day. The bus arrived and, sure enough, she was on it.

At my command, people moved so that the last few rows of seats were empty. I sat at the back, there was a full width bench seat on these busses, and summoned her to me. She sat on the seat next to me and wriggled out of her clothes. Her name was Karen. She had black hair, was 5′3″ and slim. She had nice, c-cup tits with a butterfly tattoo on the left one. The trip was a short one for me, so I briefly fondled her tits and ran my fingers down to rub her clit. She moaned in pleasure and I made her cum. My stop was near so I let her start getting her clothes on while I gave her instructions to come to my place on the weekend. She was also to see a doctor to get tested for any sexually transmitted diseases, there was no way I was going to miss out on fucking this one. And I told her to shave her pussy.

My first stop was to my accountant. He’d set up a shell company for me and I need to collect the papers. From there I went to the bank and set up an account in the company’s name. In both cases I’d used a fake name and address, although everyone involved believed they’d sighted the required supporting identification.

Finally, I visited a large stockbroking firm, who thought I represented a large investment fund. When I met with the head broker, I instructed him to transfer 10% of his income each month to my bank account. This was to come from his personal account and he was to keep his firm out of it. The other brokers got the same instructions and they complied with no conscious memory of it. However, if someone noticed, they’d come up with a convincing story. I visited several other brokerage firms as well and gave them the same instructions. That would do for a start, I’d have to find other sources of income and a competent accountant to manage the money.

On the bus home, I sat at the back again, behind a young couple—Jack and Lara, first year college students.

They were unaware of me, of course, and were hugging and kissing. Jack had his hand on her leg and every so often he’d slide it up, only for her to stop him when it got too high. Poor frustrated chump. Well, Jack, today is your luck day.

Lara undid the buttons of her blouse while Jack starred in disbelief. She slid her blouse open showing off the bra-clad tits. Jack was mesmerised at his first look at her tits. He slid his hand under her bra and fondled her, almost coming in his pants.

She unbuttoned her jeans and undid the zip. She took Jack’s hand and slid it into her pants. He didn’t really know what do, so she guided him to her clitoris and used his hand to masturbate. Due to the short bus trip, I hurried it along and made her come.

Jack’s erection was obvious through his pants. Lara unzipped him and pulled his hard cock out. The look on her face said this was a first for her. Lubricating her hand with saliva, she stroked Jack’s cock slowly. She sped up her strokes and Jack’s breathing sped up as well. It didn’t take him long to orgasm and he shot cum over the seat in front of him and the floor. Some lot it got on Lara’s hand and she looked at it for a while trying to figure out what to do with it before deciding to lick it clean. I made sure she really enjoyed the taste of it; may as well get her used to it.

I’d missed my stop so I got off with Lara and Jack. They were only half aware of me walking next to them. They didn’t talk directly to me, but answered question when asked. They were going to Lara’s place to, supposedly, study. Really, they’d intended to hang out on Facebook and sneak the odd kiss when no one was looking. Lara lived alone with her mother, Kelly, who’d raised her after her father took off before she was even born. Kelly was pretty easy going, but drew the line at boys in Lara’s bedroom.

Kelly came out of the kitchen to greet Lara and jack, but stopped when she saw me. “Who...” she started to say, then closed her mouth and accepted my presence.

Lara and Jack dropped their bags, sat on the couch and started kissing passionately. Jack was running his hands all over her body, caressing her through her clothes. Kelly frowned and opened her mouth to say something, but closed it without any sound coming out.

Jack undid Lara’s blouse and removed it. He struggled with her bra before just pulling it down around her waist. Both hands went to her tits and caressed them in awe. Lara tugged at Jack’s shirt and he raised his hands so she could pull it off. He undid his pants and pulled them off, revealing his erection to Lara. She wriggled out of her own pants, lay back and spread her legs. Jack was between them in a flash, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her pussy trying to find the hole. He got his cock in, grabbed her by the hips and started pumping, his body instinctively taking over and fucking Lara.

I gave Lara two mental commands: firstly that she’d quickly reach a high state of arousal when having sex, or seeing others have sex; secondly, that she’d have a strong orgasm anytime her partner did. The first command was working, she was muttering “oh, yes” every time Jack thrust into her. The second command was tested as Jack, clenching his butt, came inside her; she cried out in pleasure with her own orgasm.

Kelly was staring at them, her hard nipples showing through her clothes. She had her hand between her legs rubbing herself at the sight in front of her. I gave her the same two commands and had her take off her clothes and lie down next to Lara. Jack got hard again and moved over to Kelly. He thrust his cock inside of her and she let out a cry of pleasure. It took him longer to come this time and Kelly obediently orgasmed at the same time. He collapsed on top of her, his head resting on her chest.

I took my clothes off and approached Lara; I knew she and Jack wouldn’t be carrying any nasty diseases. At the sight of my cock, she became aroused again and spread her legs for me. I pushed my cock into her—she was nice and tight—and slowly fucked her while pinching her nipples.

I thrust faster and faster, slowly building her excitement. When I was ready, I pulled out and came on her tits and she orgasmed at the same time. She scooped up my cum with her fingers and sucked them clean.

“Kelly, why don’t you teach these two everything you know about sex.” I ordered.

“Ok, Jack,” Kelly said, “I’m going to show you how to please a woman.” She reached over and caressed Lara’s tits. Jack moved to the other side of Lara and followed Kelly’s lead on her other tit. Kelly leaned down and ran her tongue around Lara’s nipple, then sucked them firmly. Jack followed along with her every move.

She slowly worked her way down to Lara’s pussy and flicked her tongue over her clit and pushed two fingers in her pussy. She moved aside and watched Jack do the same thing. “Good,” she said “but push you fingers in deeper. Wet a third finger and insert it in her ass.” She watched in approval, occasionally swapping places with Jack and instructing him on some point.

By the time Lara came, both of their faces and hands with slimy with her juices. They slowly licked each other clean.

“Lara, you have to learn how to please a man. Get down on hour knees next to me. Stand up Jack.” She stroked Jack’s cock with her hand until he was hard he took it into her mouth. She slid her lips down its length until she reached the base of it then pulled back until the head reached her lips. Several more quick bobs of her head showed she was indeed a proficient cock sucker. She made way for Lara who could only manage a little bit before gagging. Kelly grabbed a handful of Lara’s hair and pumped her face onto Jack’s cock.

“You have to take more than that. Swallow it when it reaches the back of your throat.” Lara was getting better but still wasn’t able to match Kelly.

“Always let the guy decide if he comes in your mouth or on your face or other part of you body. " Kelly said. “Lick up and swallow his cum whatever he decides. Jack, what do you want to do?”

“Mouth.” he said, and that was all the warning Lara got before he came. She did well, and managed to swallow the load without gagging or spilling any.

“Now Lara, you need also need to learn how to please a woman.” She lay back on the sofa and Lara moved towards her.

Kelly had the situation well in hand so I let myself out. I had a last glimpse of Lara sucking on Kelly’s tits with two fingers in her pussy.

I’d been gone for quite a while by the time I got home. Olivia had managed to tip the chair over and was lying on her side. She was pulling and pushing on the chair to fuck herself with the dildo. The muscles in her legs were rigid with cramps and shaking uncontrollably. I guess she hadn’t been able to lift herself up any more and found another why to satisfy her needs. I let her orgasm one more time, then removed the compulsion from her. I untied her from the chair but she was too exhausted to move and just lay there.

Her pussy looked red and painfully swollen, but I lay down and pushed my cock into her. The extra heat in her pussy felt good and I came quickly. I wiped myself clean on her hair and left her there.