The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 05

My plans to move to more suitable housing were coming along well, but, for the time being I was still living in my old place. I saw Dave’s van pull into the car park and I wondered how he and Belinda were doing.

Olivia was tied up and gagged in the bedroom. I’d left her a large dildo which, with her hands cuffed behind her, she could only insert up her asshole. Doing so was painful, but I’d commanded her to do it and orgasm after thrusting it in and out a few dozen times. She had to keep wetting it with saliva to be able to get it in without too much pain. This was extremely difficult to do without using her hands, but I enjoyed seeing her squirm forward and backwards to suck the dildo then insert it up her ass.

I had a key to their apartment so I went upstairs and opened the door. I’d discovered that I could stop people from being aware of me, so I entered their apartment without them realising I was there. Belinda was naked and kneeling on the floor with her arms behind her and her legs spread in the perfect slave position. Her body was covered in whip marks and rope burns, some fresh, but most faded to bruises. Clearly Dave had been having fun in the last week.

Dave came out from the bedroom carrying a bag that clinked as he put it down on the coffee table. He opened it up and pulled out a metal collar and fastened it around her neck and attached a padlock. Next he pulled out what looked like a short, fat, dildo with lots of straps attached. I was curious as to what this was, but it became apparent when he pushed the dildo into her mouth, stretching it wide then did the straps up around her head, securing it in place.

He got out some rope, like me, he picked a rough one, and ran it over her shoulders and between her legs, making sure her labia were spread wide and the rope was making good contact with her pussy. He ran the rope up her ass crack then back to the shoulders where he knotted it. The rope was already fairly tight, but he gave a strong tug which shorted the loop by several inches, increasing the pressure between her legs. I can see where the rope burns came from. He had her place her hands on her head while he wrapped the rope tightly around her chest, above and below her tits. They were squeezed tight, but not tightly enough to turn purple. Throughout this, Belinda hadn’t made a noise, just breathed more heavily through her nose. He leaned down and tenderly kissed her on the cheek before putting his hand on her head and saying “Cum now. Cum now. Come now.” causing her to have three orgasms in rapid succession.

With her hands still on her head, he tied her wrists together and fastened them to the back of her collar. Finally, he pushed her onto her back and tied her thighs to her ankles so she couldn’t straighten her legs.

He got out a powerful vibrator and twisted in into the rope. When he turned it on, she squirmed in pleasure as the whole rope vibrated and provided intense stimulation.

He started rubbing her clit, clearly driving her towards an orgasm. “Don’t come yet,” he said, and she writhed about in pleasurable torment. After working her into a frenzy for a few minutes more, he let her cum and she did so with a huge shudder.

He reached into his toy bag once more and pulled out a whip with nine thin leather strands, knotted at the end. She closed her eyes tightly, clearly having experienced this before. He started whipping her, and he was putting a lot of strength behind it. He started on her tits, then worked his way down her stomach to her pussy and thighs. Anywhere that wasn’t covered by rope was marked with angry red stripes. He rolled her over and continued whipping her back and ass. He didn’t leave an inch untouched and even drew blood in several places. Throughout this she was strangely silent, not even grunting in pain, although her flinches indicated it was clearly hurting. When he’d finished, they were both panting. He lay down behind her and muttered “Cum, now” every thirty seconds for several minutes.

He pulled her up into the slave kneeling position, undid the head harness and removed the dildo gag from her mouth, but left he hands tied to the collar behind her head. He pulled out his cock and let her suck him until he came. He untied the rope and when she was free, he said “OK, you can make noise now.” She gave a groan of pain, but didn’t cry or complain. He kissed her and, once more, said “Cum, now”. She collapsed into his arms and he picked her up and lay her on the sofa. He lay down behind her and moved her hand to his cock. She started stroking him and, when he was hard again, he grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand, pinched her nipple with the other hand and fucked her from behind. When he was done, they both drifted off to sleep.

I had enjoyed the show and was rock hard myself. I got up to go home, but had an idea. I gave both of them the mental command that when they wake up tomorrow morning, their roles will be reversed: Dave will be the slave and Belinda the master, able to deny Dave an orgasm or force him to have one with the “Cum, now” command. I’ll come back later and see how things are going.

I returned to my apartment and found Olivia passed out with a dildo still up her ass. I rubbed my hard cock against her face and when she opened her mouth I rammed my cock in for a quick, rough, face fuck.