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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 06

As Olivia was giving me the usual morning blow job, I was thinking of more ways to torment her. Her ankles had been hobbled together for a long time now, I’d never released them, and her arms were cuffed behind her back most of the time, only being release when she was having sex with another woman. I’d stopped her talking some time ago, and hadn’t felt the need to allow her to talk again, but her eyes spoke hatred for me as she was fully aware of what was happening to her. I had a couple of ideas I wanted to try, but didn’t have time today. Still, every day I made a point of making sure she suffered, preferring that she caused herself pain while trying to reach an orgasm and today was no different.

I’d bought a TENS unit, a machine designed to provide various levels of electric shock from mild tingling all the way up to extreme pain. It came with four leads which I could attach to various places on her body. I attached leads to her nipples, another to her clitoris and the last one I’d slid it into her pussy. I tied her leash to the bed head and her ankles to the foot of the bed to make sure she couldn’t roll off—I didn’t want the leads being disconnected before I got back.

I’d made up a control consisting of a single button attached to a cable. The longer the button was held down, the more intense the pain. I put the control in her hand and held her finger down. She immediately jerked around as the voltage and pain level climbed. When it reached maximum, the unit started beeping. I’d implanted a desperate need to orgasm and the command that she could only do so when the unit had beeped ten times. She came with a shudder and I released the control button. I figured it’d be about ten minutes before she needed to do that again so I kept watch on her. She held out for twelve minutes before pushing the button, starting the pain climbing again. She released it after a few seconds, but couldn’t hold out and pressed it again. She took it all the way to maximum again and orgasmed once more.

Smiling evilly, I left the room.

The good news was that I’d finally found the perfect apartment and arranged to meet Rachael from the real estate’s office there. I “borrowed” an expensive, convertible sports car from a dealer and deliberately arrived five minutes late. Rachael was waiting outside for me, trying not to look impatient.

As we shook hands, she asked “How much to you know about this place?”

“Nothing really, I replied”, which was a lie—I’d thoroughly researched it and decided it was right for me, although my plans were a little different to what she was expecting.

She started her sales pitch: “It was originally a hotel with eight single person rooms on each floor. It’s been closed down for years, but a developer renovated it last year and turned each floor into a single apartment. There’s five apartments, an indoor pool, spa and gym on the first floor and shared roof top access. There’s secure parking under the building for ten cars.”

“Sounds good. Let’s have a look then,” I replied.

The front door needed an electronic key to open and the lift was secured with the same key which only allowed access to the one apartment we came to see on the third floor. I made appreciative noises as she showed me around the apartment, finally ending up at the enclosed terrace with a great view of the city skyline.

“The view from the penthouse is better, but this is still pretty good,” she said, “and you can always go up to the roof.”

“Well, I’m interested in making an offer,” and she became very attentive.

“They’re asking $2 million dollars.”

“Ok,” I said, “but I really want to buy the whole block—all five apartments”.

“But...but...they’re not for sale,” she stammering, stunned.

“Of course they are. I’m prepared to spend $15 millions dollars. I want you to handle it personally. You, that is, not the agency you work for.”

“I don’t think that’s ethical”, although she didn’t sound too convinced.

“You’re a real estate agent. What’s ethics got to do with it?”

She looked a little insulted, but the money convinced her (ethics? yeah, right!) and she said “Ok.”

“Rather than paying you a commission, this is what we’re going to do. You will buy all five units and renovate them to my specifications. In exchange, I will give you the $15 million. Anything you don’t spend, you can keep.” If she accepted the deal, she was likely to walk away with a couple of million. What do I care, it wasn’t my money. I could see her doing the math in her head as well.

Her eyes wide and her mouth slack. “Are you serious?”


“Wow.” and she sat down on the sofa.

“When do you expect the owners back? We got a few things to work out”.

“They’re away. They won’t be back till the Sunday night.”

“So, what do you think of my offer?”

“Yes, of course, I accept. I can’t believe this.”

“This is one condition though,” I added casually.

“Anything,” she replied.

“Get undressed and have sex with me. Now.”

“ can’t be serious. No, I’m not doing that.” She stood up and started to leave.

“Before you go, think about how much money you stand to make. If you walk out that door now, I will buy this place anyway, but neither you, nor your agency, will see any of it.”

She walked the lift, but her finger hesitated on the call button. I could sense the conflict in her, but she finally pushed the button. The lift was still on our floor and the doors opened immediately. She got in and pressed ‘ground’. As the doors closed, she looked at me and I smiled casually back at her. I could have stopped her, of course, and done whatever I wanted to her, but this was more fun.

I watched her from the window as she went to her car and got in. She didn’t start it, however, but sat there gripping the steering wheel tightly. Set sat like that for five minutes and I could see her muttering to herself. Finally she pounded the steering wheel with her fist and got out of the car.

When she stepped back out of the lift she said “Ok, but no kinky stuff.”

“I make the rules, and there will certainly be kinky stuff. Stay or go,” I told her.

She looked down at the floor and said “I’ll stay.”

“Great, now get your clothes off.”

She slowly, reluctantly, removed her clothes and stood there with one arms covering her tits, and the other covering her pussy.

“Hands behind you back and spread your legs.” She gulped, but obeyed. I walked over to her and slowly rang my hands over her body. She stood there accepting it silently until I moved my hand between her logs. She stepped back and said “No.” I raised one eyebrow and she took a deep breath and stepped forward again. She let me run my hand over her clitoris and pussy with no more complaints. I picked up her panty hose from the floor. “Turn around.” She knew what I was going to do, but she obeyed. I grabbed both her wrists and looped the panty hose around them, tying a knot that she wouldn’t be able to get undone.

“Suck me,” I said, and she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She worked it like a professional, and I held off orgasming for a long time, enjoying the feel of her mouth. When I was ready, I held her head and pushed my cock into her mouth as far as it would go and came down her throat. Without being told to, she swallowed the lot.

She struggled to her feet and said “Untie me, I’ve fulfilled my end of the deal.”

“Oh, no,” I said, “we’re only just beginning. If you want to call the deal off and leave, you can.”

She was seething a little, but kept her mouth shut.

I pulled her to her feet and led her back into the apartment and bent her over the dining room table. “Stay there.” I rummaged around the bathroom looking for some lube, but all I found was hand cream. It’d have to do. The was a candle on the dining table and I removed it from it candle stick. I slathered hand cream on it and over her asshole. She jumped slightly at the cold cream, but didn’t move. I pushed the candle into her asshole without too much trouble and buried it as deeply as I could. It looks like she was used to it as it didn’t cause her any pain.

“You took that easily,” I said.

“My boyfriend likes anal sex and we do it several times a week.”

There was only an inch of the candle sticking out of her ass and I reached for the matches on the table and lit it. She could feel the heat of the flame on her skin and her butt clenched as she got ready to force it out of her. “Leave that where it is.” I ordered her and she stopped what she was doing.

I could see the candle melting and starting to run. I said “I think you should ditch your boyfriend, come here to live with me and be my sexual plaything.”

“Why...” she started to say, then there was a sharp intake of breath as the molten wax reached her ass. She gritted her teeth in pain as more and more drops dribbled onto her skin.

“Just think,” I continued, “we could do this every day. Wouldn’t you like that?” I could tell she wanted to swear and abuse me, but she kept quiet.

The candle was burning down and was at risk of burning her skin so I blew it out. Despite herself, I could see that her pussy was wet. I don’t normally like to wear condoms during sex, but I’d planned this out and made an exception. I pulled one from my pocket, opened the packet and rolled in on my stiff cock. I slowly pushed into her and she moaned in pleasure, obviously forgetting who she was with. I thrust hard and deep and I could feel the candle in her ass; she seemed to enjoy it as well. I hadn’t once used any mental powers on her, preferring that she was forced to choose for herself. However, as I came, I made sure that she had a powerful orgasm as well.

“Lick me clean,” I said and she slid off the table to her knees. I removed the condom and she licked my clean. “Open your mouth”, I said and tipped the cum out of the condom into her mouth. She swallowed it all without complaint.

I knelt beside her and untied her hands. I kissed her on the lips and said “We’ll do this again before the deal is closed.” She closed her eyes and nodded and I left her there to clean up. “Next time we meet, make sure you’ve shaved your pussy.” Just to cause a little more anguish, I grabbed her bra and panties on the way out and took them with me. Her blouse was quite sheer and people would be able to see her tits through it.

I didn’t feel like fucking Olivia when I got home or having her give me a blow job, so I taped the button on the control down and went out to the kitchen. I found some cold left overs in the fridge and put them in a bowl. I carried the bowl back to the bedroom and placed in on the floor where Olivia slept. She’d been suffering maximum pain for several minutes and had been having continuous orgasms. I turned off the TENS unit and removed the leads. I noticed that there red marks on her skin; all that electricity must have caused some burns. Oops.

I untied her collar and ankles and rolled her off the bed and onto the floor. “Eat,” I said, and she stuck her face into the bowl and started licking and sucking up the food.

I’d use her later, of course, but, for the moment, I was enjoying the thought of moving to a new apartment and breaking Rachael to my will.