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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 07

Rachael was scheduled to come over today and give me an update on how she was going purchasing the block of apartments for me. Of course, I didn’t really need her help, but it was all part of the game.

At 10 O’clock the security buzzer sounded and I let her into the apartment.

“I wasn’t expecting you to live somewhere like this,” she said. Not surprising, given the amount of money I was offering her.

“My circumstances have taken a drastic turn for the better lately. Once you’ve done your job, I’m moving out of here.”

“I can sell this place for you when you’re ready.”

“Don’t bother,” I replied, “I don’t want it. You can have it.” She looked a little stunned. The apartment wasn’t expensive for this neighbourhood, but it was still worth over half a million dollar and I’d just given it to her.

She was about to say something, but shook her head and said, “Ok, I’ve talked to a couple of the other tenants...” and stopped when I help up my hand.

“First,” I said, “get you clothes off. We can talk business after we’ve had some fun.”

“Wait a minute. I’m not going to have sex with you every time we meet.”

“Actually, you are. Unless you want me to take my business to someone else?” She stood to make millions from the deal I’d offered her and could see her thinking it through again.

With a sigh, she put down her handbag and got undressed. She didn’t try and cover up this time and stood there with her hands behind her back and her legs apart. She’d shaved her pussy, just as I’d told her to last time. Clearly she’d been expecting this and was just putting on an act.

I reached into my pocket and removed a pair of hand cuffs. I dangled them from my finger and swung them back and forward, not saying anything. She looked from them to me several times and then stretched out her hands in front of her.

“No,” I said, “turn around”. She turned to face the other direction and put her hands behind her back for me to hand cuff her. The loud click of the cuffs being done up made her jump a little.

I reach around with both hand and fondled her tits. I kissed her neck and shoulder while lightly pinching her nipples and moving my hand down to her caress her bare pussy. She moaned slightly at my touch.

“How does it feel to be clean shaved?”

“It’s feels good,” she replied, “sort of slutty.”

I turned her to face me and started undoing my belt. She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed back and forward, taking my cock all the way into her mouth. I lightly grabbed a handful of her hair to control the tempo and came in her mouth shortly after.

I helped her to her feet and led her over to the couch and sat down next to her.

“Now, I’ve got a surprise for you. I’m going to remind you again: either play along with me, or walk out that door and the deal is off. It’s your choice. I’m not going to tell you this again. If you don’t do what I say, when I say it, you won’t get money.”

She nodded, suspecting that she wasn’t going to like what I had in mind.

“Good.” I raised my voice slightly and called out “Olivia, come here”.

Rachael’s head whipped around as Olivia stepped into the room. She still wore the collar, write and ankle cuffs, but her hands were free and I’d removed the ankle chain. She was freshly showered and her hair was neatly brushed.

“Olivia is one of my play things,” I told Rachael. “Olivia, come and sit down next to Rachael.”

“” Rachael started to say before clamping her mouth shut.

Olivia sat on the other side of Rachael and reached a hand up to caress a tit. Rachael jumped a little at her touch but didn’t pull away. Olivia leaned in a kissed Rachael on the mouth; at first Rachael didn’t respond, but she soon started to kiss back.

Olivia’s mouth dropped to Rachael tit and her hand moved down to Rachael pussy. My hand moved to Rachael’s other tit and I took over kissing her.

Rachael was getting aroused and starting to moan. It’s impossible to get that much stimulation from just one person and she’d never experience this before.

Olivia licked her way down Rachael’s body until she reach Rachael’s clitoris. She starting sucking and licking and inserted one finger in Rachael’s pussy and another in her asshole. She started pumping her fingers in and out, slowly and first but gradually getting faster.

My unoccupied hand moved Rachael’s other tit and lightly pinched and twisted her nipple. The intense stimulation to so many places on her body at one time caused her to have an intense orgasm than left her shaking and unable to move.

“Olivia, you may go”. She stood up and walked out of the room.

Rachael said “That was incredible. Wow.” and leaned her head on my chest while I ran my hands over her body.

After a few minutes, she said “I have to meet a client at lunch time. May I go?”

“Yes. You can shower here if you want”.

“Thanks”, and she got up to go to the bathroom.

Washed and tidied up, she picked up her clothes. She looked around at me and saw I was holding her bra and panties. She got dressed without them and I handed them to her.

We kissed and hugged quickly and she left.