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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 08

I was walking down the street when I heard my name called. I turned around and saw, much to my surprise, Anne. We’d worked for the same company many years ago, and had even gone out a couple of times, but nothing came from it.

She’d been going out with someone else as well, a manager from the company we worked at who was a real asshole, and, when she called to cancel one of our dates, I figured she was more interested in him than me and didn’t bother asking her out again. I’d run into her a couple of years ago as well and we chatted very briefly. She seemed to want to keep chatting then, maybe she wanted me to ask her out, but I hadn’t been interested and had made an excuse to leave.

She was attractive, but a slightly too large nose and mouth prevented her from being beautiful. I’d talked with her enough to know she was very smart, but she spoke so softly you could barely hear her. I got the impression that she lacked self confidence, another reason I hadn’t gone out with her again.

I didn’t bother with small talk and told her I’d pick her up at her place and to cancel any other plans she had.

I arrived at her place exactly at the time I said I would. She opened the door and let me in, but said she wasn’t quite ready. I sat on the couch waiting for her and fifteen minutes later she came out, finally ready to go out.

“Do you ways keep guys waiting?” I asked.

“Sorry,” She replied.

“I think you need to be punished and to compensate me for my time.”


“Yes, I think a good spanking is in order. One stroke for every minute you kept me waiting, that’s fifteen strokes. Drop your pants and lay over my knee.” She stared at me in disbelief, but her hands were undoing her pants and sliding them down her legs. Her pussy needed shaving, but we’d take care of that later. She stepped out of her pants and lay down over my knees, face in the couch and ass in the air.

I caressed her bare skin and decided that my hand wouldn’t hurt enough, so I undid my belt and pulled it free. It wasn’t the ideal position to get a good swing, but I put all my strength into it. She squirmed and cried out each time the belt struck her, but I wouldn’t let her move. Her ass was nice and red by the time I’d finished and I caressed it again. I ran my hand down to her pussy and discovered that she was wet. I slid my fingers into her easily and she moaned.

“So, you like being spanked do you?” I said. “I wonder what else you like. Stand up and take the rest of your clothes off.”

She stood quicker and unbuttoned her blouse. She undid her bra and slid if off her shoulders revealing small, but nice tits. Her nipples were erect and I rolled them both between my thumb and forefinger and pinched them. She groaned, I couldn’t tell is it was pleasure or pain or both. I pinched them harder and twisted and I made her get more aroused till she was moaning, ready to cum.

“Now, you can compensate me for having to wait for you.” I undid my pants and pulled out my erect cock. She went to her knees and wrapped one hand around it and took it in her mouth. “Take your hand away, put them both behind you.” I put a hand on the back of her head and guided it down my cock. She could take it without gagging and she bobbed up and down, working it until I came in her mouth.

By this stage I’d increased her arousal until she was ready to explode. I let her masturbate until she came, which didn’t take long.

“Good, now that’s out of the way, we’ll have to make you presentable again. Hairy pussies are ugly, go get some tweezers and start plucking. She fetched some tweezers and sat down on the coffee table. She plucked one hair at a time, a little grimace of pain on her face each time a hair came out. Pretty soon there was a little pile on the floor in front of her, but it was going to take a while.

While she was busy plucking, I’d had a look around for some toys. I handed her a pair of pliers I’d found and said “Use these instead. You’ll be able to get more hair each time.” She took the pliers, and grabbed a bunch in hair and pulled. She had trouble getting that much hair out at once and had to use all her strength, but, eventually it came free. She repeated the process until there was no hair left and she stood to show me her bare skin.

“Good. Now your tits need some prettying up.” I got out some string I’d found and tied it around one erect nipple. I pulled it as tight as I could, causing her to gasp, then tied a bow on top. I did the same for the other nipple.

“I think your clitoris need a bow as well.” I said. I had her pull back her clitoris hood as much as possible to expose her clit and I tied another piece of string around it. Pulling it tight caused her lots of pain and I made her orgasm at the same time.

Here skin was naturally very pale, almost white, except her red ass. “Let’s add some colour to your skin.” I said. I hadn’t found anything like a came or whip, so I’d straightened out a wire coat hanger and used the to beat her back, legs and tits. When I’d finished, there were nice red stripes all over her body.

I went to the fridge and got two bottles of Corona and took a swig from one. I bent her over and inserted the open neck of the other bottle in her asshole and let the contents drain out. I pulled the bottle out and said “Don’t you dare spill a drop,” and she clenched her ass tight.

I finished my beer and got up to get another one. I came back with a bowl and placed it on the floor beneath her. “Ok, you can let it out,” and she squatted over the bowl and emptied out the shit and beer mixture. I raised my bottle in a toast to her and said “Cheers, drink up.” She looked ready to throw up, but picked up the bowl and drank the horrid mixture. She gagged a couple of times, but finished the lot.

“Very good, you’re turning out to be a fun date.” I said with fake enthusiasm. “Now, get on your back and spread your legs.” I put a condom on and pushed my cock into her pussy; it was very wet. I fucked her roughly, pinching her tied nipples until I was ready to orgasm. I made her cum at the same time, her body shaking.

“Hold out you hands,” She cupped her hands in front of her and I emptied the condom into them. She licked her hands clean, and I made sure that she enjoyed the taste.

I stood up and started to piss on her. She opened her mouth and caught as much as she could, but I soaked her hair, face and tits.

Time to go out. I undid the string around her nipples and clitoris before it caused any permanent injury.

I’d ridden my motorbike over and brought a spare helmet for Anne. I had her put on a short dress with no panties or bra. I made sure she wasn’t sitting on the skirt so that, when we were moving, it blew up behind her. More than one driver got a good look at her ass. When one of them pulled along side us at the traffic lights, leering at Anne, she pulled up her skirt and spread her legs, giving him a good view of her bare pussy. I sped off laughing at the look on his face.

My destination was an old military base right on the harbour, abandoned since World War Two and closed to the public as the old fortifications were crumbling and dangerous. That didn’t stop me, and I rode through the guard post.

I pulled up at the last building, on a grassy patch overlooking the harbour. Anne unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the ground. I made her keep the helmet on, the darkly tinted visor hiding her face. She lay back on my bike, her helmet on the handlebars and her ass just off the back edge of the seat. I tied her wrists to the hand grips but left her ankles free. I lifted her legs so that they rested on my shoulders, then rubbed her clitoris with my thumb until she was wet enough to fuck.

I pulled on another condom and fucked her, continuing to play with her it as I did. I came, and made her cum as well. The condom was full of my cum, so I flipped open the visor on her helmet and poured it over her face. A little went in her mouth, and by sticking her tongue out she got a bit more, but the rest went in her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

I left her there and walked across to the naval base next door. There were plenty of sailors around, so I picked the first twenty I found and had them follow me back to her.

They were free to use her body how they liked, with the one restriction that they had to cum on her face. The first few guys just stuck their cocks in her pussy and fucked her. The next guy fucked her asshole, the juices running down from her pussy provided ample lubrication. Several of the guys with longer cocks managed to get them past the helmet chin piece and into her mouth. By the end of it, her face was covered in a thick layer of cum and the helmet lining soaked.

The sailors returned to their base and I untied her, letting her get her dressed, but making her keep the helmet on and visor shut. A stream of cum was running down her neck to her tits and starting to soak into her dress.

By the time we got to her place the cum had dried. I let her take the helmet off and saw that her eye lashes were covered in flakes of dry cum, making it difficult for her to see. Where it was still liquid, she wiped it off with her fingers and licked them clean.

I gave her instruction to get extremely aroused during sex and to cum whenever her partner did. I also made her crave the taste of cum and like pain and bondage. I got her contact details in case I ever wanted to get in touch.

I let her keep the helmet.