The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 09

I was due to meet with Rachael today; she was to come over every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, supposedly to report on the progress of buying the apartment block, but really for sex and she knew it.

She had no memory of it, but the first time we’d met, she gave me all the information about her boyfriend, Ben, that I asked for. I’d gone to see Ben and had given him instructions. He was to fuck Rachael every night and to be rough about it. Every night he was to get rougher, always pushing her limits.

Today, when I ordered Rachael to strip, I noticed light bruising on her upper arms and a bite mark on her shoulder blade. I didn’t say a thing, but smiled to myself; it looked like Ben was enjoying himself.

I order Rachael to suck my cock and she dropped to her knees and went at it with more enthusiasm than she had before. I guess she was enjoying the sessions with Ben every night. As usual, I can in her mouth and she swallowed the lot, smiling.

I helped her to her feet and led her into the bedroom where Olivia was lying on the bed waiting. I uncuffed her hands and said “it’s time for you to make Olivia cum.” She hesitated for a brief second before climbing onto the bed and kissing Olivia passionately.

Rachael’s hands were running over Olivia’s body while she kissed and nibbled as Olivia’s neck. She moved down to Olivia’s tits, a hand on one, twisting and pinching the nipple, her mouth on the other one biting that nipple firmly. It seems like she quite enjoying being rough as well. I made Olivia moan and softly cry out with a mixture of pain and pleasure to encourage Rachael more.

She pushed three fingers into Olivia’s pussy and started to finger fuck her. Rachael worked her way down Olivia’s body, stopping frequently to bite down quite hard. She worked her way up and down both of Olivia’s inner thighs, biting and leaving a trail of red marks, before moving to Olivia’s clitoris. She sucked it into her mouth like a vacuum cleaner and ran her tongue over it. I had Olivia react as I’d she was experiencing extreme pleasure, then made her cum in a body shaking orgasm, squirting all over Rachael’s face.

Rachael hadn’t yet had an orgasm, though I could see she was dripping wet. I moved her up until she was lying face down on top of Olivia and they started kissing again. I grabbed her hands and crossed them behind her, then pushed her arms higher up her back until she gasped in pain. I knotted my other hand in her hair and pulled hard and she let out a moan. I’d already pulled on a condom so I rammed my cock into her pussy and fucked her hard. She let out little cries of “yes, yes.” getting closer and closer to orgasm. With the lightest of control, I stopped her cumming until I was ready then we both came at the same time. Without any help from me, her orgasm was intense and she lay on top of Olivia panting. I took of the condom and emptied it into Olivia’s mouth. Before she could swallow, Rachael kissed her, sharing my cum.

Rachael showered and got dressed. She didn’t bother putting her bra and panties on, just picked them and, with a quick wave, left to go to work.

She didn’t noticed, but Ben, following my instructions, was outside watching from his car. He’d seen her arrived, then later leave with wet hair and carrying her bra and panties.

He was furious and came to my door. He wanted to yell and hit me but I wouldn’t let him. I could have calmed him down, but I wanted to make use of his anger.

I gave him his instructions: “You know that Rachael has been cheating on you. You can’t put up with that so you’re going to break up with her. Once you’ve gone, you won’t even miss her or want her back. You can spend one last night fucking her. Be as rough as you like and do what ever you please, tonight is for your pleasure only. It doesn’t matter what she wants so don’t listen to her if she wants you to stop, but don’t injure her. She’s hurt you and you should punish her for that. In the morning leave her.”