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Story: Change of the Heart

* * *
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Author’s note: This story is a continuation of ‘Change of Conviction’, which follows ‘Change of Mind’, both of which very much resemble bw’s ‘Born to Make You Happy’ series. I wrote this new chapter last week, however, so considering the first two parts, I thought maybe I should re-read ‘Born...’ and take some inspiration from his/her story for this final chapter. Thanks bw. Enjoy all.

* * *

“Listen to the passion in her voice! Listen to the sound of her fulfillment! I want you to watch as I take her... ughhh... as I... ugggh... make her cum... with me... uhgghh... and I want you... to remember! To think about it... dream about it... and desire it... ughh... ughh... ugggghh... with all your heart! UGHHHH!! UGGGHHHHH!! Oh, yeah, little one! Yes! YES! YYYEESSS!! CUM NOW, BONNIE SLAVE!! UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!”

That scene lay embedded forever inside April’s mind, rearing its not-so-ugly head whenever her mind wandered. In the five weeks since that incident in the library, she had undergone a strange yet wonderful change.

As she lay in her off-campus apartment, lounging naked in her bed, her adoring slave girl Melissa softly licking her scarlet-tipped toes, April thought back over the past year. Not very long ago, she had been on the top of the world. She had made friends with one of the school computer geeks, a seemingly harmless little nerd named Jean Danvers. At first, she’d thought to use him, as she had used many other men in the past, to help her pass her classes, with little hints of sexual favors in return. Of course, being strictly lesbian, she never came through at the end, dismissing her errant suitor once he had fulfilled his part of the contract. Jean had started out as just another rung on the ladder to academic success... until she had discovered a wealth of possibilities in one of Jean’s secret, not-advertised skills.

Jean was a remarkably effective hypnotist.

She’d encountered him in the library one day, studying, of all things, a HUGE hardbound book of case studies by the late Dr. Milton Erickson. Having him in her psychology class, she had panicked, thinking there was a project or term paper due that she had forgotten about, and questioned him. When he responded that it was his own, independent research, she’d frowned. “What in the world are you studying Erickson for, if you don’t have some class assignment to do?” she’d asked naively.

He’d smiled at her, lowering the book. “Tell me, April, do you believe in hypnosis, that a person can be put into a trance, rendered catatonic and receptive to suggestion?”

“Huh?” She didn’t know about cata-whatsis, or whatever, but she recognized hypnosis easily enough. “You mean, the swinging a watch before your eyes, ‘you are getting sleepy’ stuff? Nah. That kind of thing only happens in the movies, or in magicians’ acts, where they pay people beforehand to pretend to be zonked out. I haven’t seen anything in our course book on hypnosis.”

“Well, this IS only Psyc 101, you know. The really interesting classes don’t come open until the senior level courses, which are normally open only to students wanting a career in psychology.” He laughed. “Actually, I was able to take an extensive course in hypnosis my freshman year, thanks to a little altering of the computer files.”

“So... what? You’re saying you can hypnotize people?”

Jean nodded soundly. “Yes. I haven’t actually put it into practice yet, but I’m pretty confident now in my ability to put someone under.”

April was intrigued. She pulled up a chair and sat down across from him. “So, like what could you do? Could you do all the shit they do on stage, make someone cluck like a chicken, make them act like a dog or think they’re naked when they have all their clothes on?”

Jean rolled his eyes. “Parlor tricks. Any hypnotist worth his salt can do visual and mental displacement. It’s a fairly simple concept, where the subject’s sense of awareness is altered, that he is made to interpret the audible cues he is given as visual stimulus.”

April blinked. “Say what?”

“Never mind. The point is, a really GOOD hypnotist or therapist can do so much more. In psychology, we learn why a person thinks certain things, and reacts certain ways. A really good hypnotists can, therefore, make a person do just about anything he wants, just by changing or altering a person’s views and beliefs, by changing what he THINKS he sees or hears.”

April thought about that for a moment. “But what about that old saying, that you can’t make a hypnotized person do something that deep down they don’t want to do?”

Jean frowned. “Well, actually, the jury’s still out on that point. A really clever person could work around a person’s convictions, can find loopholes in a person’s iron-clad beliefs, and thereby change them. You could, for instance, make a very devout, very religious priest into a drunken, swearing, whoring, son-of-a-bitch delinquent. It wouldn’t be easy, and you would have a lot of deeply founded beliefs to work around... but, yeah, you could do it.”

Interesting she had thought at the time. She had been eyeing her friend Melissa since they had roomed together their freshman year. Unsure about her roommate’s sexual orientation, April had casually inserted a harmless question about her views on lesbianism. The brunette had responded venomously, saying nasty things about them, that they were unnatural, unsound, completely ass-backwards. She’d then made several bad jokes about ‘lezbos’ and ‘gaywads’, all the time unaware that she was slashing deep into April’s heart and soul with every callous remark. She’d never brought it up again, but deep down, she still resented Melissa and her biased views of lesbians.

Now, it seemed, she could possibly have the chance to even the score.

Hesitantly, she broached the subject with him, telling Jean in so many words that she wanted to hypnotize Melissa Bowers, to make over her entire personality, to turn her into April’s devoted, submissive, lesbian lover. Jean admitted that he, too, had studied and learned these hypnotic skills from a lust for revenge as well—Bonnie Carter, one of April’s own friends, had embarrassed him badly in HIS freshman year when he’d admitted that he liked her. Together, they formulated a plan, to bring both girls down, and to make them into their loving, obedient, sex slaved.

Stroking Melissa’s cheek gently as she continued to tongue bathe her Mistress, April suppressed a giggle that had nothing to do with Melissa’s tickling tongue on her toes. The plan had worked, obviously, even better than she’d hoped. Melissa had become her sex slave. But, after several months, she had become bored. Half the thrill of having Melissa was in the training, the breaking of the very last fragments of her will, in making her and molding her exactly into her desired image. With Melissa finally tamed and submissive, she longed for a challenge. Approaching Jean, she had asked him to help her snare another girl, a beautiful sexy girl known as Renna Jameson. He’d reluctantly agreed, and she’d brought a girl for him as well, Mandy Conners, to the little meeting. Jean began his spiel, and quickly induced the two girls into a deep deep hypnotic sleep.

Unfortunately, April herself had been caught unaware, and sent to dreamland as well.

Shuddering with pleasure, feeling the beginnings of a particularly vicious orgasm approaching, April remembered the experience, the utter helplessness, the vulnerable feeling of floating aimlessly along on the sound of first Bonnie’s, then Jean’s resounding voice, as it reshaped her thinking. She’d been greedy, he’d said, not satisfied with what she’d been given, and knowing her past, knowing of the teasing, of using men to do her dirty work then discarding them, Jean had decided to help her ‘mend her ways’. Sent to the very heights of sexual ecstasy, put to the brink of a mind-numbing, will-destroying, brain-wiping orgasm, she was instead forced to sit and watch as he took Bonnie, pleasuring her utterly, sending her screaming into blissful sexual oblivion. That image still burned her retinas, and as much as she had hated and loathed the very idea of sex with a man, the NEW and IMPROVED April Hartsell relished it, desired it, NEEDED IT... as long as that man was Jean Danvers.

* * *

Renna Jameson sighed deeply, World Literature class had been abysmally long and boring today, and she was deeply looking forward to the weekend. Finals were coming up soon, and she knew she would have to start hitting the books pretty hard if she wanted to keep her GPA up.

Leaving class, she wondered idly about the offer she’d been given a few weeks earlier, to help her improve her grades and her ability to learn without so much studying. The library experience had shaken her, at the time. After all, it isn’t everyday that you wake up to find yourself stark naked, and learn that you’d been hypnotized, completely open and helpless. She’d been frightened, then later, angry and resentful. But now, several weeks later, she was able to look at it al objectively.

If she’d been so out of it to strip out of her clothes with a word from nerdy geeky Jean Danvers, that she must have been REALLY out of it. He could have done anything to her, made her do anything he wanted or desired. She could have very well ended up like Bonnie Carter, or April Hartsell... his deeply devoted, extremely submissive sex-slaves. But, she told herself, she was fine. He hadn’t wanted her or Mandy. He’d only used them to get April, to make her his slave.

It surprised Renna how deeply she resented that.

“Hey, Renna!”

Turning, she saw her friend and library co-victim, Mandy Conner, waving to her. She walked over to her and gave her a warm smile. “Hey, you. I was just thinking about you. What’s up? You have anything special planned this weekend?”

Leaning close, she whispered softly, “You could say that, yes. Renna, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what happened to us in the library five weeks ago.”

Renna nodded. She’d been thinking about it as well. “It seems to me,” Mandy continued, “that Jean Danvers is just full of shit.”

Frowning, Renna pulled away. “So, what are you getting at? What is it you plan to do about it? Don’t tell me you’re actually thinking of—”

“Going to the Dean of Student Affairs? Hell, yes.” Mandy said with a sneer. “If that little geek could do anything to us, he would have done it by now. He might have pulled one over on us in the library, sure, but we’re on guard now. We just won’t let him get that close to us again, to do any of his hypnotic mumbo-jumbo.”

Renna narrowed her eyes. “Why do you keep saying, ‘we’?”

“Because,” Mandy said with a slight whine, “I need you to talk to the Dean with me. It will sound better and more believable coming from the both of us. Come on, Renna, what do ya say? You don’t want to let that little pervert get away with what he did to us?”

The lovely blonde turned away, blushing slightly. “But, well, he really didn’t DO anything to us, Mandy. He could have. I mean, if he could make us strip naked in front of him, there’s no telling of what he COULD have done to us. I think we should just let it go and be happy we’re not like April and Bonnie!”

“April and Bonnie!” Mandy spat in disgust. “That’s exactly my point! Look what he did to the both of them! And have you noticed Melissa? She’s been acting really funny for weeks now! I tell you, Renna, if we don’t do something, its only a matter of time before that bastard prick does it to someone else! What if he changes his mind and decides to come after us again?” Mandy closed her eyes and groaned at the idea. “No, I tell you, Mandy, we have to tell someone about him. get him kicked out of school, hell, maybe even put in jail for that shit! We can’t sit by and do nothing!”

Renna sighed deeply. “Yeah. I guess you’re right. We can’t just stand by and do nothing. So... what do we do? When do we go to the Dean? It’s after five o’ clock now, and its Friday. He won’t be back in his office again until Monday morning.”

Mandy held up a computer diskette. “Knowing that little sleazeoid Jean might try something this weekend, I made this. I wrote a file, telling exactly what happened to us, and what Jean did to the other girls. Just a few minutes ago, I emailed it to the Dean from the computer lab. He won’t be able to read it until Monday, but at least if anything happens during this weekend, we’ll have some insurance.” She smirked. “Not that I think that little wimp will TRY anything. I just thought, its better to be safe than sorry.”

“Yeah, good strategy. So, on Monday, we go to him and tell him the whole story in person, and confirm what the email said?”

“Right. After we meet with him, Jean Danvers is out of here. Gone. Finito! And we won’t have to worry about him again, ever.” Mandy smiled. “Who know? Maybe once the Dean hears about what we went through, we’ll get all A’s in our classes... you know, for mental agony and cruelty suffered on the school campus.”

Renna considered. “Okay. I’m in. I guess we better lay low for the weekend, though, just in case. Give me a call Monday morning, and let me know what time you’re going to see the Dean.”

They parted company, and Renna, deep in thought, again considered her course of action. Sighing, she nodded. There’s no other way. Mandy is right. I can’t just stand by and let something like this go on. I have to take a stand... no matter what the outcome might be.

* * *

When Mandy received a knock at the door and opened it to find April Hartsell standing there, her first thought was Oh SHIT! Her panic subsided when she noticed the nervous, hesitant expression on the girl’s face. “Hi... can I come in for a sec?” she asked in a small voice.

“What do you want, April? Did your MASTER send you over here to check up on me?”

April sighed, shaking her head. “No. He’s not my... You don’t understand. Hell, I’m in the same boat as you and Renna, you know.” She looked down at the floor. “Only I got myself into this mess.” She glanced up at Mandy again, her expression pleading. “Please? Can I come in, just for a second? Please, Mandy!”

Frowning, she opened the door wide. “Alright, come on in. Just remember, I carry mace and a stun gun. Zone out on me just once, and start acting all slave-like, and ZAP! Got it?” April nodded, and stepped inside. “So, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“I... I need your help. Yours, and Renna’s. It’s been five weeks now, since that night, and I just can’t hold out much longer.” Tears began to run down her cheeks. “Oh, Mandy, you don’t know what its like! What he did to me, to my head! All the time, I can’t stop thinking about him, of wanting to BE with him, to fu... fu... to have SEX with him!” She grimaced, nearly spitting. Then sighed. “I was gay before all this, Mandy! I couldn’t even stomach the idea of having sex with a man. Now, suddenly, Jean decides to make me attracted to him, to make me lust after him, want him, desire him.” The teats started to flow again, and she barely managed to repress a sob. “That asshole... did he take away my feelings for women? Did he take away my disgust for men? No! He just slapped an unbreakable attraction for him right on top of it! I still hate him, still feel disgust at wanting and needing him so badly, but I can’t help it... I want him more and more every day!”

Mandy whistled in sympathy. “Man... that’s really fucked up. I’m sorry about that, April... but like you said, it was your own fault for getting mixed up with that bastard. Hell, you were the one that got Renna and me mixed up in all this! I’m sorry you’re screwed, but what the fuck do you expect ME to do about it?”

April looked up at her with tear-strained eyes. “I’m sorry... so so sorry. Please, Mandy, you and Renna are my only hope! Jean... whatever he did to me... when he had me under, it prevents me from telling anyone not under his control about what he’s done! I tried to go to my advisor the next day and tell her... but every time I opened my mouth, nothing came out!” She shook her head. “You, and Renna... he let you both go! You still have your own minds, you can think and speak for yourselves! If you tell someone, talk to the instructors, or the faculty, you can get Jean kicked out of school. You can get help for Bonnie and me! Please, Mandy! I don’t think I can take this much more.”

Watching the sobbing girl, Mandy felt deeply torn. On the one hand, she was highly suspicious of her, in the timing of her request, and the fact that April had lied to her before to get her involved with Jean Dancers in the first place. However, she couldn’t deny the pain the poor girl was in. Having your mind ripped from you, being made to perform for someone else’s amusement... it was her own worst nightmare. She shuddered inwardly, thinking of what April must be going through. Self-preservation warred with her conscience, but in the end, self-preservation won out.

“Listen, April,” she said, sitting down next to the girl. “I’d like to help you. Really, I would. But I just don’t trust you. Bottom line is, you lied to me before, and you could be lying again.” April’s expression shattered. “I’m sorry,” Mandy continued, trying not to cave in. “I just don’t want to risk getting myself caught up in all this with you. I hope you understand.”

April, sobbing softly, nodded. “It’s okay. I understand,” she sniffed lightly. “I got myself into this... I will just have to get myself out of it again. Sorry to have bothered you. I’ll be going now...”

Mandy sighed as she left. A part of her felt guilty, not letting her know of her plans. Still, she justified it by reminding herself that come Monday morning, Jean would be dealt with, and April, Bonnie, and all the other victims would be free of his influence, and given any counseling or help they needed. Just because she doesn’t know we’re going to the Dean doesn’t mean she won’t get helped, she reasoned, slipping into bed. When all this is over, she’ll probably thank me. Switching off the light, she slipped quietly into slumber.

* * *

Saturday morning arrived. Jean Danvers stretched and sighed, yawning a bit. His stomach rumbled softly, and with one final yawn, tapped the warm body lying beside him. Bonnie awoke instantly, receptive as always to her Master’s needs. Wordlessly, she grinded her warm naked body against his, luxuriating in the sensation of touching her Master, before sliding out from underneath the covers. Slipping to her knees, she smiled, batting her eyes at her wonderful Owner.

“What is your pleasure this morning, my Master?” Bonnie asked respectfully. “Shall I prepare a breakfast, or prepare your bath... or attend to my... other duties?”

Jean groaned softly, feeling his cock snap to attention. It was amazing how Bonnie could make a simple word like OTHER sound so utterly pornographic.

“Breakfast, for now, my love,” he said, trying to will his erection back under control. “Cereal, toast, juice, and coffee. Nothing fancy this morning. Then, the bath, and then... we’ll see about your OTHER duties.”

Preening, practically dancing with pleasure, Bonnie made her way to the kitchen. Jean had just leaned back to relax and snooze a bit longer when the doorbell rang. Bonnie’s cheerful voice called, saying she would get it—Jean chuffed, he certainly didn’t intend to move unless absolutely necessary—then gasped, and called loudly for him a moment later. Damn, he thought, jumping out of bed, wrapping a robe around himself and running to the front door, looks like I had to get up after all.

Just inside the door, shivering, stood April Hartsell. Her eyes were red, with dark circles around them. Her hair was disheveled, and her clothes were rumpled, as if she hadn’t changed out of them since the day before. Her bottom lip quivered, as if she were holding back the urge to descend into tearful sobs. Understanding at once, Jean nodded to Bonnie, who stepped back, allowing her to enter. “April, poor dear, come in, come in,” he said soothingly. “Come, sit down. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Sighing, she did as she was told, seeming to melt into the chair. “I give,” she said simply. “I can’t fight it. You win. I’ve tried to fight it for more than a month now, tried to find a way around your... your mental tampering. But I’m through. I give up. I can’t take it anymore. Being... with you... its all I think about now. I eat, sleep, breath being your slave, your devoted, loving slave girl!” She turned her gaze to Bonnie, who merely listened, unobtrusively. “I see you with HER, everyday, and I hate myself... and I hate HER because I wish I were in her place!” She sighed deeply, shaking her head. “What you did... was far crueler than simply enslaving me. You didn’t take away my will the way you did with HER... you made me love and desire you... but made me aware of it, made me conscious of what was happening to me. And I HATE you for it... and hate myself for hating you...”

She did break down fully then. Jean, sighing, seeing his plan had gone a bit farther than he’d intended, placed his arms around the girl, clutching her closely. “I’m sorry, April. I didn’t mean to make you so miserable. I thought you would have given in and come to me long before now.” He smiled at her. “I guess your will was stronger than I thought. Oh well... just relax now. I’ll finish the process now. I’ll make it all better.”

April nodded softly, sniffling. She wanted it to be over. Her pride, her will, had all been broken. She just wanted peace now.

Jean lifted her chin, and turned locked his gaze to hers. Snapping his fingers, Bonnie slipped down in front of April’s chair, and began slowly unzipping the girl’s pants. “Just relax, April,” he said, staring deep into her eyes. “I want you to listen to me.. listen to my voice... and remember the crystal.... the crystal, shining, spinning, brightly, before your eyes.”

April gasped, her mind bursting open like a ripe fruit. “The... crystal,” she breathed, seeing it spinning before her once more in her mind. Jean smiled. And continued to speak.

* * *

Late afternoon. Mandy was watching the TV, idly flipping channels, when a knock sounded at her door. “Pizza ma’am!” a voice called out from the hallway.

“Good. About damn time,” Mandy mumbled to herself, grabbing up her money, opening the door. “You know, your ad says ‘Thirty minutes or less, or the pizza’s free’. It’s been forty-two min—”

Mandy fell silent in shock as April pushed her way into the room, glancing around to make sure there was no one else inside. Moving quickly, she grabbed Mandy around the neck, holding her tight, before the surprised girl could even think to cry out. April pulled the girl back into the room, towards the bed. Mandy, her surprise bleeding into horror, began to struggling, trying to break free, but the taller brunette was far stronger, holding onto her with an iron grip.

April cinched her arm around Mandy’s throat, cutting off her air, making the girl gasp and flail desperately, before relaxing her grip a little. “Behave,” she said simply, the implied threat still fresh in Mandy’s mind. Gasping for breath, Mandy ceased struggling, resigned for the moment, hoping for the chance to reason with her insane captor. And then, another person walked in, and Mandy’s blood ran cold.

“Hi, Mandy,” Jean said, glancing about the room. “Nice digs ya got here. Very nice. Love the posters, although I like Mandy Moore’s music more than Brittany Spears.”

“You... you... fucking son of a bitch!” Mandy snarled, only to squeal as April once again applied her chokehold. Jean watched for a moment, before lifting a hand. He sighed and shook his head, stepping further into the room.

“Now, now, Mandy, is that anyway to greet a guest in your home?” He shook his head. “And here I was coming to pay you a visit, all friendly like, wanting to talk, and try and be civil. And you go and insult me.” He waved his index finger at her. “Not exactly the smartest thing to do.”

“Friendly? Civil?” she growled, struggling again to get free. “Is THIS what you mean by civil and friendly? Having your zombie slave-bitch come in and toss me around like a rag doll, and threaten to snap my neck if I don’t behave?”

Jean shrugged. “Somehow I don’t think you would have exactly welcomed me in with open arms if I just knocked on the door.” He snapped his fingers, and Bonnie entered, coming to stand beside Jean, eyes lowered in submission, her posture proud. He smiled and stroked her cheek lovingly.

“I hear that you decided not to heed my warning,” he said idly, moving over to the bed, standing only a few feet away from her now. “Sources tell me that you planned to go to the Dean of Student Affairs tomorrow to squeal on me. That wasn’t part of our deal, now was it?” He leaned forward, looking here right in the eye. “The DEAL was, that you keep your fucking mouth shut, and I leave you and your friend alone. THAT was the deal. You don’t get smart, you don’t try and act cute, you don’t go blab to everyone that I hypnotized you and several other girls and made them do things against their will. That was the fucking deal, and you, Mandy, YOU broke that deal!”

“Fuck you and your damn deal!” Mandy shot back just as furiously. “Who the fuck do you think you are? Who the hell are you to dictate to ME what I can and cannot do? You scrawny little punk, I’ll kick your fucking ass!” Mandy elbowed April sharply in the ribs, pulling free, reaching out her hands to grab at Jean.

Jean, stepping back, pointed a finger at her. ”Listen and obey! Statue!

Mandy froze, feeling as if her brain had been struck by a lightning bolt. Her muscles clenched tight, and locked, and she stood, her arms reaching straight out, completely and utterly immobile. Her eyes widened, and her anger gaze way to ice cold fear once more. Try as she might, she couldn’t move; her body flatly refused to obey her. Jean, walking calmly around her, went to the bed, where April lay, gently cradling her side. “Are you okay, my slave?” he asked softly.

April nodded at him. “Forgive me, Master,” she spoke with deep regret. “She surprised me. She almost hurt you! It’s all my—”

“Shhh. It’s okay. You did your job well enough.” Turning his gaze back to her, he frowned. “She surprised all of us. But, I think she’ll be more docile now, eh?” He traced a finger lightly along Mandy’s chin. “So, Mandy, tell me. Are you sorry about your decision to go to the Dean now?”

“No,” she growled, surprised to find that her mouth now worked. “You’re just lucky your damned slut April ratted on me. If she hadn’t told you I planned to turn you in, then come Monday morning, you would have found yourself in a shitload of trouble!”

Jean blinked. Then laughed. “Oh, oh, I’m sorry. It just struck me as funny that you haven’t put two and two together yet.” He smiled, and patted his side, and April moved to kneel before him, slightly to his left. He patted his right side, and Bonnie came to kneel there, beside April. “April didn’t rat you out... at least, not in the beginning. Interestingly enough, she had managed to fight against my commands all this time, even to the point of coming to you for help yesterday. Maybe if you’d trusted her and spilled the beans, you might not be in the trouble you’re in right now.” He shrugged. “Then again, maybe you would be. I knew about your little scheme way before I heard it from April.”

Mandy blinked. “Then... then how... how did you—”

Jean snapped his fingers again, and the door opened once more. Mandy’s eyes slid back to the door, and felt the bitter sting of betrayal as Renna Jameson entered the room, smiling grandly, before moving to kneel before Jean in between April and Bonnie.

“Renna... no... how could you?”

The golden haired beauty smiled. “It was easy, Mandy. You basically gave me a choice when you set all this up. You planned to go to the Dean, to turn in Master... I mean Jean, and ruin things for everyone. But that was just plain dumb! Don’t you think he was smart enough to take steps just in case? The Master has his hooks in half of the faculty here. There was no way he was going down. Even if you found someone he didn’t control, someone that would actually believe you, what proof do you have? It would be your word against all of ours, and believe me, we’re all ready and able to swear that he has done nothing bad to us at all.” Renna smirked. “You planned to go against him, and you dragged me into it. You said we couldn’t just stand by and do nothing, and just wait for him to have a change of heart, and take us as well. So, I went to him instead. I gave myself to him, as his slave. I told him about your stupid little plan, and asked to be allowed to help bring you under his control as well.”

Jean nodded, stroking Renna’s cheek, making her purr and coo softly. “You were doomed before you even started, Mandy. First of all, I took over Dean Hayward several weeks ago when I went to her office to show her my new psychology project. If you’d gone to see her, she would have simply told me about it anyway. Secondly, as Renna said, you have no proof. How are you going to prove that I took over your mind and made you strip? I didn’t touch you, or mark you. I didn’t fuck you, so there’s no semen or signs of rape. My girls would testify on my behalf.” He shook his head sadly. “All you had to do was just let it go. I had no plans to mess with you. Renna... yes, I’m glad she came to me. But you, Mandy? You were a raging bitch since the first time we met, not worth the trouble to domesticate. But seeing that you’ve gone to all the trouble of attracting my attention,” he said with an evil grin, “I figure I might as well have you fixed.”

* * *


Two weeks later, the campus was still in an uproar. Mandy Conners had seemingly gone nuts just before final exams. Studying silently in the library crowded full up students, she had suddenly started screaming. Throwing her books and paper into the air, she had begun dancing around, screaming and jabbering like a fool. When the librarian came to silence her and remove her from the building, she had broke free, running around the room, tossing off pieces of her clothing, until she was stark naked, all the while laughing and grinning like a madwoman.

The school councilor had shook his head in dismay. “Severe burn-out,” he’d muttered to the others. “Too much stress, too little fun. It’s a shame, really. I’m told she had a promising career ahead of her in pre-law. Still, its nothing that a bit of rest at a nice quiet place far away won’t cure.”

The story had seemed to be over, only to re-emerge again as Mandy returned several days later, with her parents and several lawyers. The girl claimed to be the victim of a vicious conspiracy, meant to discredit her and ruin her academic career. Her parents and their lawyers had apparently believe her, and considered themselves having a strong case... until the matter came to trial. Taking the stand, swearing before the court to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Mandy Conners gave a startling testimony.

“I was kidnapped by aliens from my dorm room!” she said angrily, pointing at the President of the college. “He was the leader! They beamed me up into their mothership and performed strange, erotic experiences on me!” Standing up, she pulled off her blouse, baring her breasts, and slid down her pants. Before the shocked and outraged court, she bent deep, sliding two fingers deep into her ass and began screaming loudly, “THEY GAVE ME AN ANAL PROBE! AN ANAL PROBE!! AN ANAL PROBE!!” before dissolving into tearful sobs.

The case was summarily dismissed, and Mandy was handed over to the state mental hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Sitting comfortably in his off campus apartment, Jean Danvers sighed, shaking his head in wonder as he tossed the newspaper around for the girls to read. “The things they print in the paper these days,” he mumbled softly to himself.