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“No, it’s just my whore sister” Kayla said as Sue walked in the door, “Oh, and her dumb-ass boyfriend” she added when Dan came in. Sue stopped and stared daggers at her sister.

Kayla just gave them the finger and turned and continued on her phone…. “Yeah… yeah… both of them!” she snorted. Kayla thought she was a wit and she laughed. Jasmine laughed from the other end of the phone. Both were clueless.

Dan felt like going over and slapping the stuck-up bitch. Sue grabbed him by the arm and lead him away.

Sue’s bedroom was in the basement—she wanted it that way… at least she no longer had to share a space with her ‘plastic’ sister Kayla. Sisters; very different.

Kayla was dressed in hot, slutty clothes. She had a great figure; good-sized breasts. Her hair was dyed blonde. She was a prick tease though; she was still a virgin; technically.

Sue was smaller, more mousy in appearance, made worse by the adoption of her style; or lack thereof. She looked unkempt. She looked dirty. Younger and smaller than her sister she was almost boyish in her shape. She kept her hair at least her natural brown; but short, adding to the boyish look of her. Her parents were at least she had dropped the mauve colouring she had recently had in her hair. She’d also returned to being called “Sue” rather than her self-appointed “Buzz”. Buzz! Her sister had burst out laughing at the name. But she had gone for three years by that and had refused to acknowledge anyone calling her by her birth name.

“I could smack that bitch for talking to you like that!” Dan said angrily. And he would have. He didn’t care about whacking a woman in the chomps. He was ten years older than Sue.

“Calm down, baby” Sue said seeing him agitated.

“Fuckin’ bitch” he continued to pace, “It’s hard to believe you two are related”

“She’s such a prick-tease” Sue said

“Well your dad’s a preacher…!”

“And he’s paying for her college. He got her a car. She gets everything.”

“Well… she’s the ‘good girl” Dan said wryly

“I’m good too…”

“You’re fucking what?”

“Well, I can be good too…”

“You’re a cum-whore”

“I like dick…” Sue smiled, “What can I say?”

“Your sister’s not a lesbian is she?”

“She’d flirt with pussy if she thought she could get something out of it…” Sue said. “But she’s going to be a ‘good’ girl so long as daddy pays for everything…”


“Fuck off!” Sue smiled… but she thought about how to ruin her sister’s life.

“Anyway, Daddy’s going to keep paying for her as long as she stays pure”

“She should get a slapping”

“Dad wouldn’t do it”

“I would…” he snarled

Sue went over to her bed and pulled her leather pants down. She wore nothing underneath. She turned around. Her clit ring; she played with it. “I know what will calm you down” she said as she put one foot on the bed and spread herself for him.

“You know me!” he grinned as he strode to her. They kissed; hard, passionately. He moved a finger up into her. She was dry, but getting moist. “Oh, yeah babe” she gasped as he fingered her.

They continued to kiss; tongues entwined. She slid a hand around behind herself and as he played with her front, she toyed with her rear. “Which one do you want, babe” she purred

She let him lick her finger after it had been in her ass. She then licked it too, and laughed. She undid his belt and tugged his tight pants down. His cock was rock hard. She sank to her knees. She took it straight in as far as she could. She coughed up some spit; a gag reflex. She then licked his shaft along its length. She lounged they eye of his cock, tasking his pre-cum.

Suddenly she stood up and span around. Bending over she offered herself to him. He pushed up into her wet vagina. She reached around and again toyed with her other hole as he fucked her. She got two fingers inside herself.

She clenched and suddenly he came in her. He fell forward over her. She braced herself, holding his weight as his cock spewed semen into her.

“Fuuucccckkkkk!” he gasped as he spasmed into her.

When he finished he let his softening cock slide around her star. Still wet with cum he pushed into her anus. She bucked forward and cried out her own relief.

He rolled off her and pulled his pants back up, lying on the bed. “Do you want me to fuck up your sister?’ he said

“I’ve got other plans for her…” Sue said.

“Oh, yeah?” he asked intrigued as he watched her squirt some semen out into her hand. She lapped it up and then smeared it onto her face.

“Fuck, you’re nasty” he grinned.

She stood up and picked up a pair of panties that were lying on the floor and put these on. “I’m going to consult the book” she said

“Not that stupid thing” he said incredulously as he watched her go over to a corner of the room. She pulled a piece of wall out and revealed a hole, where a large leather book sat. She pulled the book out and returned the piece to hide the recess.

He watched, more fascinated by her swaying hips as she worked the book out.

She jumped back onto the bed beside him, sitting legs crossed she placed the book on her lap and thumbed through it

“You know you freak ME out!” he said

She ignored him, engrossed in the pages.

“I mean…” he continued, “Some of this shit… I only did it for a laugh…”

She said nothing.

“Babe?” he asked.

She kept reading.

He sat up. “Babe?” he asked again. She was too wrapped up in what she was reading.

“Fine” he said, jumping up. “I’ll see you soon…” he said

She ignored him. He got pissed off. He stormed up the stairs.

He saw Kayla through the window out by the pool “Fuck!” he gasped. She was hot. He had to admit that.

He muttered to himself. Sue’s eyes seemed to glow as she continued to read. She didn’t even hear the motorcycle as it spurted to life. And then, Dan was away.

The following day Kayla came home from College. She didn’t notice her wardrobe door was sightly ajar. Sue stood inside, peering out.

She did notice the box on her bed; wrapped and with a ribbon. She saw a small card. It read “To the sweetest girl, love Dad”.

“Ooooo” she smiled, and of course she believed she deserved it. She ripped the bow off, and then the wrapping

Inside was a box with “Slectht Jewellery” on it. “Select Jewellery?” she said to herself misreading it.

She opened the box. “Wow” she gasped a the silvery necklace. It was a thickly made one. She thought it can’t be real silver, but as she felt its weight she couldn’t help smiling.

She unfasten it and drew it on and clipped it back around her throat. And then her head began to spin. Her feet wobbled. She felt like she was drunk

Sue emerged from hiding. She had a huge smile on her face. “Man you’re gonna be sorry” Sue laughed

Kayla stood there. It was as if a fog had descended over her eyes. She could see and hear her sister, but the voice made in her ears was so strange; compelling.

“You stupid bitch!” Sue smiled.

“What… is happening?” Kayla gasped

“You are in my control”

“I…” Kayla said, “I am in your control” she said. It didn’t seem right to say it… but she said it. She tried to fight off the feeling. She went to take off the pendant.

“Tut-tut-tut!” Sue said, catching her sister’s hand. “You don’t want to take that off, not yet…”

“I don’t…” Kayla said, “I…”

“You want to be my slave”

“I want to be your slave” Kayla said.

“Bark like a dog”

“Yip. Yip. Yip”

“Bark like a big dog”

“Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof…”

“Jeez you’re so pathetic” Sue smoked

“Woof. Woof. Woof….”

“Okay, stop…”

Kayla tried to think out the situation. She was never good at critical thought in the past… so she wasn’t playing to her strengths.

“I…” she began

“…want to be my slave…”

“I want to be your slave” she said again, only this time it seemed more natural.

“That’s better…” Sue said, “Once you’ve accepted it, I’ll let you take the charm off… it won’t matter the… you’ll be mine forever…”

“Hey, babe” Dan said as he went up to the front door.

“Come here…” Sue grinned…”I’ve got a surprise for you…”

Dan liked surprises. He went in the door to do a double-take as he saw Kayla there in black lingerie

“What the fuck…!?!?” he gasped

“Kaya…?” Sue smiled

“Yes, Mistress…?”

“You know what I want you to do…”

“Yes, Mistress” Kayla said. She turned, and smiled, and went to Dan. He stepped back uncertain. She closed in on him and embraced him and kissed him. He didn’t return the embrace… he looked at Sue

“Go on!” Sue urged, “Fuck her!”


“Fuck her…!” Sue said

“I want you to fuck me” Kayla said

“What the fuck’s going on here?”

“Oh, baby” Kayla purred, “I need your big hard cock….” As she said this she moved her hand down Dan’s pants. She cupped him.

He jumped back. “This is freaking me out…”

“She wants it…” Sue said, “And I know you think she’s hot…”


“She’s such a stuck up bitch!” Sue said, “She needs to be fucked…”

“I do, baby” Kayla said as her hand went for his crotch again, “I’ve been such a bad girl…”

Sue could see that her boyfriend was uncomfortable about this. After all the things he’d done with her she was sure he’d not have any problems getting into Kayla.

Sue was annoyed. She wanted to watch her sister get fucked.

Sue went up to Kayla grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her away. Kayla complied. Sue whispered in her ear. Kayla nodded and went upstairs, swinging her hips as she did.

Sue saw that Dan was watching. She was pissed off with him.

“What the hell’s going on here?” he asked

“Come..” she said, then realising he was not under her power… “Please…” she added. She took him by the wrist and lead him to her basement bedroom.

“Jeez, babe” he said, “What the hell’s the matter with you two bitches…”

“Kayla’s changed” Sue smiled as she peeled off her top. Her small breasts were topped by rock-hard nipples.

“She really wanted to show you…” Sue added. She noticed that Dan was not getting undressed. “Aren’t we gonna fuck?” she said

“I…” Dan said, “Look, this is just all too weird…”

“Shut up and fuck me…” Sue said… as she went to him and started to undo his fly.

“Something’s going on here…” he said

“Nothing’s going on here..” she said feelings his cock.

“Look….” he began

Kayla came in holding the pendant. Dan turned around just as she drew it up around his neck. “Hey!” he said

She clipped it on.

“For fuck’s….” he began then clutched his head. “I…” he began. His legs went wobbly and he fell back onto the floor on his ass.

Kayla watched impassionately. On a signal she began to undress.

“What…?” Dan gasped

“Dan?” Sue said


“You are under my control…”

“I…” he began

“under…” she urged

“Under your control…” he got to his feet.

Kayla began undressing him.

“Dumb fuck” Sue said, “She wanted you… and I know you’ve always wanted her…”

Dan passively allowed Kayla to undress him.

Sue got to her knees and took his cock in her hands. She always loved it, big and thick… like he was. She sucked it and as she did Kayla joined her and knelt there waiting for instructions. Sue turned to her sister and then offered the now hardening cock to her sister’s mouth.

Kayla took it and sucked. Sue got to her feet, dropped her pants and sat back on the bed. She rubbed her clit in large circles as she watched.

“Okay, boys and girls” she said. Dan and Kayla stopped. “Dan, I want you to fuck my sister…”

Kayla rose to her feet and went over to the bed. She bent over till her hands were on the mattress. Dan rose up. He could see Kayla’s virginal slit, it was like a dream… or a nightmare; the compulsion. He moved to her. He slid in.

“Owwww” Kayla cried.

“Fuck her hard!” Sue commanded as she slid two fingers into her own wetness.

Dan thrust in.

“Owww…” Kayla cried again.

“Fucking bitch!” Sue spat. “All this time you’ve been a stuck up bitch… now you’re going to take it…”

Dan methodically built up speed.

Sue sat up and with her went fingers she pushed them into her sister’s asshole. Kayla bucked again in pain.

“You will enjoy this” Sue said

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!” Kayla began to cry. “Oh, fuck me…!”

Dan was now thrusting in, balls deep and then he came

“Oh… ooooooooooo” Kayla groaned.

Dan emptied into Kayla.

He pulled out and Sue took his cock. There was a small amount of blood on it but she sucked it clean.

“Go clean up, you two” Sue said. She went back to masturbating as the two went upstairs to shower.

She joined them in the bathroom as they towelled. “Dan?” she said

“Yes, Mistress…?”

“You will forget you fucked my sister…”

“Yes, Mistress” he said


“Yes, Miseries?”

“You will forget Dan fucked you..”

“Yes, Mistress” she said.

“And, Kayla…” Sue added, “You will not notice yourself pregnant and you will want to keep the child if you do…”

“Yes, Mistress”

“Fuckheads!” Sue said chuckling

She took the pendant off Dan and put it away. The magic was limited and within a week it was just and ordinary piece of crap jewellery.

* * *

Jasmine sat on the edge of Kayla’s bed, doing her nails. She looked at Kayla who, in her stretch pants looked at herself in the mirror… checking her own ass.

“I don’t get it…” she said

“What’s that?” Jasmine asked

“I just keep putting on weight”

“Show me…”

Kayla spun around. Jasmine was shocked at the bulging stomach she was confronted with. But, she lied so as not to hurt Kayla’s feelings.

Pastor Kell loved his daughters, especially Kayla. He also made comments about her weight. But then, it slowly dawned on him… though he could not contemplate it…. that his daughter’s weight was not merely from lack of exercise.

The day Sue heard her father quizzing Kayla so harshly was one of the happiest days of her life. Kayla denied everything. As far as she was concerned she’d never gone all the way.

“Well I suppose it’s just a miracle then?” Kell said sarcastically

“Daddy, why are you so angry?”

“Tell me who’s the father…?”

“I don’t understand…?”

“How long have you been whoring like your sister…?”

“Daddy!!?!” Kayla cried stung be the words

She looked across the room to see Sue there smiling. Sue was expected to be the ‘whore’. She got nothing from her dad for it; she had to go out and work. The best he would do is let her live under his roof. But Kayla got everything! The bitch!

The next day Kell packed his daughter’s bags and took her to an institution for unmarried mothers… for her to spend the rest of her ‘confinement’ there.

Sue was at the top of the stairs to the basement when Kell returned. “I expected so much from her” he said, tears still fresh on his face. He went upstairs to undertake some quite contemplation; where had he gone so wrong as a a father?

That was the happiest day in Sue’s life.

“Come back to bed”, Dan urged.

Sue turned around and went down the stairs to her lover.

“So, your sister got herself preggers?” Dan said as he played with his thick cock

“Seems so…” she said as she pulled off her shorts. She wore a butt plug and she pulled it out and let him suck on it.

“Who do you think the father is?”

“Some dumb fuck…” Sue smiled as she mounted him and took him in her warmed-up rear end.

The End