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Cheerleader Slaves

Chapter 2—Enslaving Christy

Christy felt every boy’s eyes on her as she walked out to her car. She could feel herself work the mall as she made sure her ass was swaying like crazy. She even felt it when Bob made her ass get even rounder and bigger. Her newly enlarged C cup tits were really swaying as they strained against her blue top. She could feel her sensitive clit rubbing against her jeans and getting wetter and wetter. Christy could hardly wait to get to her car so she could drop her jeans and start frigging her cunt. She sat down in the car and really started working on her clit and her hole. She was so hot that she could not even stand to sit much. It was amazing that she made it home without a wreck. Christy was extremely frustrated that she was unable to cum—no matter how good she played with herself.

Once at home, Christy made her excuses for spending the weekend at her friend Heather’s house. Christy and her friends often did this so there was little to arouse suspicion. Christy went into her room to pack and get ready. She stripped off her sopping wet jeans and her top. She looked at herself in the mirror—it was the first time she could really admire her newly enlarged tits and her shaved cunt. She really looked hot.

Christy got her cheerleading uniform out. She got a sports bra out and put it on. Suddenly, her tits felt like they were on fire. She remembered what Master Bob had told her—that she had to earn the right to wear and bra and panties. She quickly stripped off the bra. She simply pulled her cheer top over her head and pulled it over her big boobs. It fit much tighter than before. The sleeveless red, white and blue form fitting cheer top was hot looking without a bra on. Christy then pulled her cheer skirt on. The short, pleated skirt pulled on and Christy zipped it up. The outfit was designed to bare the Cheerleader’s midriff leaving her belly button exposed. The skirts this year were much shorter than in previous years making the use of a cheer panty necessary to avoid flashing. Since Christy could had not earned Master’s permission to wear panties, she could not put hers on and that meant that she was going to have to be very careful not to expose her ass and cunt. Christy put on her cheer socks and tennis shoes. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail and secured it with a red, white and blue scrunchie. She knew how sexy a pony tail was on a cheerleader and wanted to look hot for Master Bob.

Christy quickly packed all the other items that Master had told her to pack. She packed a really short and sexy denim skirt, a pair of yellow shorts that were more like hot pants, a pink baby doll nightie, a couple of really small tops that would go with the skirt and shorts that had extremely plunging necklines, a pair of five inch stiletto heels and two matching bra and panty sets that she had got at Victoria’s Secret. Finally, she called her ex-boyfriend, Chad, as instructed by Master. Christy told Chad that she really missed him and that it was all her fault that they were apart. She begged him to take her back and asked that he meet her. She gave him Master’s address—she told him that they could be alone there. Chad readily agreed to meet her there the next morning. She packed everything up in a bag and headed off in her car to Master’s address.

Christy found herself in a very nice neighborhood in the next suburb. She got out of her car and walked up to the front door. Christy had followed Master’s instructions (orders) to the letter even if sometimes she didn’t know why she was doing so. She took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. She nervously awaited her Master’s arrival. Soon the door opened and Master Bob stood there. “You’ve done pretty good, Christy. You look really hot and sexy in your little cheerleader outfit. I love the skirt. But you have not followed all your instructions. Remember I told you to arrive like a bitch in heat. You know what a bitch is, don’t you?” Christy thought and then suddenly blurted out, “A female dog in heat?”

Bob said, “Of course. What are you doing acting like a human girl? You are a bitch in heat!” Christy resisted with all of her willpower. I will not debase myself any more than I already have, she thought. Suddenly, she felt Master Bob’s will force itself on her. Slowly, she sank to her knees and then to all fours. She found she could not speak but only bark or utter a growl. Master Bob told her to heel and she found herself trotting into the house following her Master. Christy could have cared less who saw her from the street drop to her knees and become a bitch dog for her Master.

Master Bob told her to sit. Christy sat back on her ass with her paws in front of her. “Christy, you can understand everything I say but you cannot stop from doing what I tell you. This is part of breaking you and making you my slave. You must get to the point that you will do everything that I ask and anticipate my needs. You will love your life as my slave and will do anything to make your Master happy. But you must learn the consequences of disobedience. This is your first lesson. Disobey me and you could be transformed permanently into a bitch in heat. Now, bitch, do dogs wear clothes?” Christy quickly pulled her cheer top off over her head and reached down to unzip her skirt. She pulled it off and then removed her shoes and socks. Christy then sat back up, totally nude, like a good dog.

“Good girl”, said Bob as he reached down and patted Christy on her head. “I did say you were a bitch in heat, didn’t I?” Suddenly, Christy felt the wetness form between her legs and she could not believe how strong her scent was. Bob then walked over and opened the door to the room. In trotted two large German Shepards. “Christy, meet Duke and King. If you don’t learn to be my good slave, these two dogs will be your new masters. How would you feel about that?” Christy could only utter a low growl. “Just so you know what your life would be like, let’s spend a little time getting to know your potential Masters. Why don’t you get back up on all fours, girl”?

Christy found herself back on her hands and knees. Duke and King quickly picked up her scent and rushed over to her. Duke pushed his long snout between her legs and sniffed at her cunt. His long, wet tongue started to lick at her naked sex. Christy started to whimper like a dog. She found herself spreading her legs wide so that Duke would have easier access to her throbbing cunt. King walked over in front of her and started licking her face. Christy found herself responding to her dog master and began to lick him back. She was getting turned on licking the big dog’s snout and coming in contact with his tongue. In the back of her mind, Christy was screaming to stop. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. How could she be acting like a dog and letting these animals do this to her? She could not imagine anything worse! But she could not help her sexual reactions to the dogs as she responded to Bob’s mind control.

But it was about to get much worse for her. Christy felt Duke’s tongue leave her cunt. She felt him jump on her back. Duke’s paws wrapped around Christy and she felt a hard poke at the entrance to her vagina. No NO No she screamed inside while physically she felt herself push back into the dog’s thrusting cock. She felt the dog cock push further inside and finally felt Duke’s knot come in contact with her. With a mighty thrust, Duke pushed his knot into her and his entire cock was now inside her. Duke started to rhythmically fuck his new bitch and Christy found herself responding by thrusting and meeting Master Duke’s great cock. Her dog mind loved the feel of the big Shepard’s cock in her cunt—fucking her just like a bitch in heat.

King obviously was not content just to watch Duke have his way with the new kennel bitch. He lay down if front of Christy and rolled onto his back and spread his legs. It looked just like a dog that wanted to have its stomach scratched only Christy knew that this was not what King wanted. Inside her head, Christy was horrified by what was happening. Try as she might, she could not stop her body from reacting like a dog bitch in heat. With Duke still fucking her cunt hard with his thrusting cock, she bent over and let her lips touch King’s sheath. She began to lick it like the dog bitch she was and soon King’s great big cock began to emerge. Christy knew that Master King wanted her to suck on his throbbing cock and she was only too happy to do it. She took the big dog’s cock into her mouth and began to tongue it as she bobbed her head up and down the big shaft. She found herself panting and whimpering from the fucking she was getting in her cunt and mouth from the two dogs.

Bob looked down at his lovely Christy. She was enthusiastically fucking the two dogs. Duke’s huge cock was impaling her tender vagina while King was thrusting in and out of her warm, wet mouth. It was a highly erotic sight to behold. Bob knew she was repulsed on the inside yet unable to do anything but react like the dog bitch she believed she was. He knew that she would never want this to happen again and this was a huge part of converting her conscious mind to willingly accepting her fate as his slave. He was, of course, videotaping all of this. Imagine how she would react if he threatened to send this tape to her family and friends. She would not be able to bear the thought of them seeing her so enthusiastically fucking the two dogs.

Christy felt Duke speed up in her cunt. She could feel her dog master tense up and then felt him spewing his dog seed deep into her vagina. She felt so fulfilled as she took his semen into her body. She wanted to please Duke and was so happy that he chose her to be his bitch to fuck. At the same time, King began to twitch in her mouth. She speeded up her sucking motion. Suddenly, King began to ejaculate his semen into her mouth. Christy eagerly sucked at the dog cock, wanting to get every precious drop of his seed. It seemed like King spewed a gallon of his special fluid into her mouth. She swallowed every delicious drop, as she did not want to miss any of it. She felt so content now that she had Duke’s seed in her cunt and King’s in her tummy. King pulled his cock out of her pretty mouth. She leaned over and licked his beautiful dog cock clean. Duke walked around her and she similarly cleaned his cock with her tongue. Christy then began to lick her master’s faces to show her appreciation for them letting her be their bitch.

Bob laughed to himself. This was much better than he expected. He removed his mind control from the girl. Christy gained control of herself. She was licking the dog’s face. She pulled back in horror. Oh my god. Those dogs fucked me. I’ve got their cum inside me. Christy pulled herself into a tight tuck position and began to cry.

“I’m sorry I had to do that but I wanted you to know your only alternative to being my slave. I want you to embrace slavery voluntarily. Knowing that this is your alternative fate, I think you will make the right choice, won’t you darling?” Christy nodded through her tears. “Yes, Master.” Bob looked down at her. “Just to be sure, there is one more thing you need to see. Follow me to the dog’s kennel. You see, you were not the first girl that I selected to be my personal slave. The first one acted like she accepted her fate but then began to rebel against me. I had no choice but to punish her. If you do not enthusiastically accept your fate as a slave, I will change your mind and body just like I did hers.”

Christy looked in the kennel as King and Duke ran in. There was another girl who was probably a very pretty girl in the kennel. She was totally naked. When Christy looked closer, the girl was on all fours and had a dog collar on. There were four small German Shepard puppies in front of her. The girl was licking them—obviously cleaning them as a dog bitch mother would do to her puppies. When Duke and King entered the kennel, the girl turned to them and began to wag her ass—clearly excited to see the two dogs enter. She began to lick their faces and whine. She then sniffed Duke’s ass and then his cock. She began to lick at his cock to clean him. Two of the puppies came up to her and began to nurse at her tits. “This is or was Jennifer. She could have been a very happy and fulfilled girl. Instead, she chose to reject her life as a slave and to be insubordinate. She is now a very happy and fulfilled bitch. She is mated to both Duke and King. She gets fucked by each of them every day and she loves it. See how she is wagging her ass in happiness. I changed her anatomy a bit so that she could conceive puppies and carry them in her womb. This is her second litter of puppies that she has born. The rest of them were sold to a pet shop to get rid of. Her new puppies will be leaving soon and she will be getting knocked up again and having another litter soon. This is her new life—to be King and Duke’s bitch. It could be yours too if you are not accepting of your new role. And I mean accepting now!”

Christy looked on in horror at the poor girl. The girl continued to lick Duke’s cock as King began to sniff at her cunt. Christy would do anything to avoid this. She dropped to her knees and began to lick and kiss Master Bob’s shoes. “Please, Master. Take me as your slave. I will do anything that you ask me to do. I will be your most willing slave. I will please you in any manner you see fit. You can have my mouth, my cunt, my tits and my ass. They all belong to you now. I will only do what you tell me to do. I do this totally voluntarily. I love you Master and will make you so happy.” Christy looked up at her Master. When Bob looked into her eyes and into her mind, he could see that she was sincere. He knew that this scenario of being turned into a dog bitch would warp her mind enough that she would be totally accepting of her new role as his slave. He sent her up to the bathroom to get cleaned up and told her to come back down dressed in her cheerleader uniform.

When Christy returned 20 minutes later from the bathroom, she was totally cleaned up. Her hair was carefully combed and her makeup was impeccable. She had put on a deep crimson lipstick and matching fingernail polish. Her cute little cheerleader uniform complimented her beautiful body. As she walked, the short pleated skirt moved in a way to show just a hint of her shaved cunt. Christy was so excited to return to her Master. She wanted nothing more than to serve him and to have him make love to her. She immediately dropped to her knees in front of Master Bob and lowered her eyes. “Christy—you have pleased me. I want you to convince me that you really want me to take you. I am going to videotape this for our records so please remember to be the best most convincing little slut you can. Otherwise, you may end up spending the night in the kennel with Jennifer and her studs.”

“Master, please take me and fuck me. I am your little fuck slave. I will do anything to please you. I want your big, beautiful cock in my unworthy cunt. I can’t wait to feel how good your cock will feel inside me—fucking my cunt. My tight little twat will be so good for you. Before you fuck me, I will get you warmed up by giving you the best blowjob that you have ever had. I will lick your cock lovingly with my warm, wet tongue and get you all hard. I’ll take your big beautiful balls into my mouth and suck them until they are all warm and the cum inside them is hot. I’ll then take your cock and deep throat it—swallowing your entire length down my throat. My tongue will play over your cock as you face fuck me. I can’t wait to taste your delicious cum as it shoots in my mouth and I eagerly swallow it down my slutty throat. I’ll then take your big cock and stick it in my tight cunt. I will give you the best fucking you have ever had. Your big cock will piston in and out of my tiny cunt—filling me up with your huge meat. I will love the feeling of your cock in my cunt—my master’s seed ready to spew into my vagina and womb. You will make me a complete girl—a real slut for you.” Christy had her skirt flipped up and was finger fucking her cunt as she talked. “Master, I then will take your cock and put it in my virgin ass. I can hardly wait for you to fuck me in the ass. Your big cock will split me in two but you will love the feel of fucking my big round ass. I will love the feel of you in my ass—fucking my shit hole and making me feel like a cheap whore. And when you cum in my ass, I will love the feeling of your seed in my ass.” Christy was now finger fucking her asshole. “Please Master. Let me suck you now and become your little cheerleader slut.”

Bob nodded and Christy quickly crawled over to him. She sat on her knees as she reached up and undid Master Bob’s belt. She undid his pant’s button and unzipped his trousers. Christy quickly pulled them down. She could see the outline of Master’s cock through his underwear. She began to kiss it and caress it like a lover. Christy reached up and hooked her fingers in Master’s underwear and pulled them down. Facing her was the biggest cock she had ever seen. It had to be nearly ten inched long and extremely thick. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She leaned forward and let her lips touch the end of the huge cock. She began to kiss the head of Master’s cock—slowly encircling it with tiny kisses. She then began to lick the shaft—slowly at first and then she was going up and down it. Christy knew that this would feel so good for Master. She continued to work her way down to his huge balls. They were enormous and she loved them. She licked them like a lover and then took each one into her mouth so that she could suck on them. She loved the taste of the balls!

Christy started to lick on Master’s shaft again. She reached the head and began to take his cock into her mouth. She knew that she could not swallow the huge monster but she was determined to do her best for Master. Unknown to her, Bob had removed her gag reflex and slightly rearranged her anatomy to accommodate his monster cock. Christy kept taking more and more of the cock into her mouth—playing her tongue over it as she swallowed it. Eventually, she was so happy that she was able to take his entire length into her mouth and suck it. She began to rhythmically bob her head up and down on the shaft—giving Master the best blowjob she could.

Bob looked down at Christy. The beautiful blonde cheerleader was so cute bobbing up and down on his cock. She was good—better than he had expected. Soon, Bob could not hold back anymore. He began shooting his semen into the slave’s mouth. She eagerly sucked all of it in and swallowed it without question. He knew it was an enormous load—he had altered his own anatomy to produce huge amounts of cum. Christy continued to lick and suck at Master Bob’s cock. She only knew how much she loved it. It was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.

“Christy- you have done well. You are now permanently bonded together. My cum contains an addictive substance. You are now totally addicted to my semen. If you do not get my semen in any of your three holes every 24 hours, you will begin to suffer the worst withdrawal symptoms that you can imagine. You are truly my slave now.” Christy was thrilled to hear this. This means that Master will have to fuck me every day. I love my Master so much to let me be fucked by him. I will make sure that he is always happy.

To Be Continued. . .