The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 27: Alan’s New Ties.

Alan’s apartment was a lot littler than Chris’s house. Not that he didn’t do his best to make room for me and make me feel welcome; he actually was trying so hard to make me happy and be the perfect boyfriend that it was a little annoying. I always thought I’d want to meet the perfect guy and live happily ever after. You know what? Happily ever after is bo-ring.

And, unfortunately, so is the sex.

Alan had brought home takeout and we’d eaten and discussed his day. Now, as I finished the dishes, I stood at the sink looking at him. He was a good-looking guy.

“What?” he asked.

I shrugged.

“What is it?” He crossed to me and drew me into his arms. “Tell me.”

Truth be told, something was on my mind. I’d been thinking about it for days. But I wasn’t sure how to bring it up. I’d barely moved in and now I was going to ask my boyfriend if he wanted to try something new in the bedroom. I frowned.

“Is there something wrong?”

It wasn’t like I was asking him to dress in high heels and perform humiliating acts. I’d already done that. So why was this so difficult?


“Oh, uh, Alan, I was wondering...would you ever consider tying me up?” There. I’d said it.

Alan’s face fell. “Oh.”


He pulled away from me. “I was tied up once.”

“You were?” I asked in surprise. “With who?”

He shook his head. “Doesn’t matter.”

Yes it did! “Were you into it?”

“No. I didn’t like it at all. I couldn’t use my hands. And she was kind of a bitch about it.”

Damn. He didn’t like it. “But you were the one tied up. I was thinking that you would tie me up.”

Alan shrugged. “I dunno. Maybe sometime.” He gave me a quick kiss. “Let’s not talk about it anymore.”

But I wanted to talk about it. I wanted to do it. Like right now.

Alan turned to walk away but I grabbed his arm.


I felt Alan’s arm grow slack and his breathing change almost immediately. I looked at the placid expression on his face.

“Alan, I want to talk to you. You know you want to tie me up. You want to see me tied down or bound to something. The whole idea of tying me up is very erotic. Thinking of my body tied, with me at your mercy will be very sexual for you. Knowing that only you can release me will arouse you. You will want to keep me tied up for sex. Understand?”

Just thinking about it was certainly arousing me! A quick glance at Alan’s pants told me I wasn’t the only one getting stiff.

“Yesss,” he said.

“When I wake you up you will want nothing more than to tie me up and have sex with me. Understand?”


“1...2...3.” I kissed Alan.

He looked at me with the lusty look in his eyes he usually gets when he’s horny. “Wanna go into the bedroom?”

I smiled and followed him.

He backed me toward the bed, kissing me all the while. His mouth was mouth, my cheek, my collarbone... He helped me out of my shirt before pushing me onto the bed. He kissed down my neck and chest, reaching down to flip off my shoes. His tongue flicked my left nipple.

“Tie me up, Alan,” I whispered.

“I want to,” he said throatily. “There’s no rope.”

Aw, hell. I slid my hands under his shirt over his strong back. He was biting my neck.

“What else can I use?” he gasped. He kissed my mouth, his tongue exploring mine. “I know!” he suddenly said before hopping off the bed and dashing to the dresser.

He returned dangling a pair of tube socks. He carefully took my right wrist and began tying it to the headboard with a sock. Then he tied my left hand, too. It was kind of different being tied with socks. Not as strong though.

Then he started kissing me again. His hands worked the buttons on my jeans. He worked my pants off, caressing my legs, tickling my thighs. Then his tongue was on my hard dick. He licked and sucked for quite a while. When I was ready to shoot he’d back off, drawing it out for longer. Alan had gotten really good at cocksucking.

I strained against the headboard. The socks held tighter than I expected. Alan kept at me, tickling and teasing and making me squirm. God, it was like being with Chris.

I gasped.

Alan stopped. “What? You okay?”

No, I wasn’t okay. This wasn’t anything like being with Chris. Why would I even think that?

Alan was straddling my stomach, propped on his elbows, his face over mine.

I forced a smile and nodded. “Everything’s fine.”

“Maybe I better untie you.”

“No!” I barked.

Alan looked surprised.

“I-I mean, please don’t do that. It’s fine. I love you, Alan.”

He smiled. “I love you, too.” Then he returned his attention to my dick.

To be continued in Part 28...

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 28: Mastering Marty.

Nick and Marty were both scheduled to put in an appearance tonight. Worked for me. I was up for some good old-fashioned Master/slave training. And Nick was soon going to find himself serving Marty.

This time, however, Marty would not be falling in love with Nick. No, this would be a purely physical relationship. Emotional connections would only cloud the issues.

It was possible I had been deluding myself right along in thinking that a Master and slave could have a loving monogamous relationship where they lived as equals. Fine. I can admit when I’m wrong and learn from my mistakes.

Nick arrived first. Once he had his sneakers off I commanded, “Beach Boy, strip!”

He was in his socks in seconds. I took a moment to appreciate both his obedience and his naked twenty-one year old body.

“Nick, have you been practicing your flexibility?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good boy. You will continue to do so. In fact, why don’t you demonstrate right now?”

Nick balanced on his left foot and swung his right leg straight up in the air, grasping his ankle with his right hand. His balance was impressive. So was his display of scrotum.

“You will stand here awaiting instructions, Beach Boy. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

The doorbell rang shortly thereafter. I opened the door to Marty. He wore a leather blazer with jeans and boots. Looking pretty good, though his hair and beard desperately needed grooming. And maybe highlights, I thought with a shrug.

“Frat boy, come in. You will ignore the naked boy in the foyer and follow me to the den.

Marty shrugged off his coat and yanked off his boots before following me to the couch. You can’t beat good manners brought on by good training. He sat.

“Beach Boy,” I called. “You will come here and serve as footstool to Frat Boy.”

Nick hurried into the room, surmised the situation, then dropped to his knees in front of Marty and hunched over.

“Frat Boy, put your feet up.”

Marty leaned back on the couch, propping his feet on Nick’s back. He crossed his ankles, his big white-socked feet on display.

I wondered what either boy would think if they realized what they were doing. It didn’t matter.

“Good boys. Beach Boy, you are now going to find that it is you life’s mission to find ways to serve Frat Boy, whom you know as Marty when you are awake. You will not think of him as your friend, Marty, however. You will recall that you are a toy to please men, Beach Boy. You will use your body to please Marty. Marty’s every wish will be your command. You will serve his every whim. You will be his slave. He will be your Master. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Who will be your Master?”


“What will you do for Marty?”

“Serve him.”

“Good boy. Frat Boy, take a look at the boy at your feet. Do you recognize him?”


“Who is he?”


“He is no longer your friend, Nick, Marty. He has now made it his duty to serve you. You may ask him to do anything to serve you. He will cook, or clean, or run errands, or serve your body in any way you instruct him. Do you understand?”


“In return for his loyalty to you you must take care of him. Do you know why that is?”


“Nick is your slave, Marty. And you are his owner—his Master. Who are you, Marty?”

“His Master.”

“Good boy.”

“Now, as his Master you must train your slave. Nick is very flexible, but you must keep his body limber. Do you understand?”


“Nick is also a virgin. You will not use his ass for your cock. You may fuck his face, however. In fact, you will no longer masturbate, Marty. When you are horny you will use Nick’s mouth. Do you understand?”


“You will guard Nick’s ass. You will require him to wear a buttplug. You will increase the size of the buttplug every few days in order to stretch his virgin ass. Do you have any questions?”


“I received a box of assorted buttplugs recently. You will start small and increase the size until Nick’s ass is stretched wide open. Now, are you horny, Marty?”


“Have you been thinking of yourself as the leatherman in your dreams? Have you been wearing your leather?”


“Do you feel powerful?”


“Powerful enough to have a slave?”


“Are you horny now?”


“Tell Nick how to remedy that.”

“Nick, suck me off.”

Nick crawled out from under Marty’s legs and knelt between them. He unzipped Marty’s jeans and freed his cock before devouring it.

Soon Marty climaxed and sagged against the couch.

“Praise your boy when he pleases you, Marty,” I said.

“That was good, boy,” Marty panted.

“What would you like him to do next?” I asked.

Marty didn’t answer.


“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you reward him with a buttplug?”


“Nick, stand and bend over,” I commanded. I crossed to the desk and retrieved the box of toys Faking It had sent. I selected a small plug and handed it to Marty with a tube of lube.

“Shove it up his ass, Frat Boy. Carefully.”

I watched Marty lube his friend and frat brother’s ass and shove a buttplug in his tight little anus.

Nick moaned softly.

“When you both awaken your new instructions will take effect. Nick, you will serve Marty and use your body to please him. Marty, you will command Nick to serve you and you will continue to stretch his ass. Do either of you have questions?”

“No."/“No, sir.”

“Good boys. Nick, you will enjoy following Marty’s instructions. It will give you a sense of purpose and you will be happy to serve. Now, go to the foyer and dress, then return here.”

A moment later Nick was clothed and seated beside Marty on the couch. I looked at both boys and sighed. They would need more work to be self-sufficient.

“You will return here together in two days. 1...2...3.”

Marty and Nick awoke and looked at each other in surprise. Then Marty squared his shoulders and Nick looked at Marty expectantly.

“Nick, perhaps you should go get Marty’s boots and coat for him?” I suggested.

Nick shrugged and went to the foyer, returning with Marty’s stuff.

Marty watched him warily.

“Marty, would you like Nick to put your boots on your feet?”

“Huh?” Marty said. “Uh, sure.”

“Tell him.”

“Nick, put my boots on my feet.”

Nick smiled and happily set the coat aside before dropping to his knees and pulling the boots over Marty’s white socks.

I wondered what uses Marty would find for him in the next few days.

To be continued in Part 29...