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Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 67: Legal Briefs.

The next day seemed to drag on and on and on. I was excited that Brian would be coming back and I really hoped I could get him to contact Chris for me.

I hadn’t heard from Master at all today, which I did think was a little bit strange. I thought he would want to know how things had gone with Brian last night, but I guess not.

I was a little worried about Alan. He never came home last night. I was afraid maybe something had happened to him, but it was more likely that he was with Master.

Master. Mr. King, Brian had called him. I took the phonebook out of the drawer and flipped through the letter K. There were way too many Kings on the page to even have an idea which one might be Master. I didn’t even know his first name.

I returned the phonebook to the drawer. It wasn’t like knowing his number would do me any good. He had control over me and I wasn’t able to fight it.

I put on the TV but mostly watched the clock. Brian’s class ended at 9:30. He would be here shortly.

I had spent most of the day thinking about Brian and feeling guilty about what I was about to do to him. The only possibility I could see for escaping Master was to use Brian. I only hoped that if my plan succeeded I could undo whatever damage I inflicted on him. Alan had tried to commit suicide over what I had done to him.

Then again, with the way that all turned out, maybe it would have been better if Alan had managed to kill himself.

I shuddered. No, I didn’t want Alan dead. I loved Alan. I sort of still did. But I also knew Alan was the reason I was trapped here like this. And for that I hated him.

The bell rang and I buzzed Brian in, then waited at the door for him to come up. He stepped out of the stairway and gave a little wave.

I glanced him up and down. Brian was a tall guy, and in the slim-fitting jeans he wore tonight I realized just how thin he was. I wondered if that was by design or due to a lack of grocery money. What had he said about eating a lot of ramen?

I took his coat and hung it on a hook inside the door. “How was class?” I asked.

“Long,” he said, stretching a bit.

“You got your paper all done?”

He nodded. “Took me half the night though. Do you mind if we make this quick tonight? I could really use a few Zs.”

“Why don’t you sit down on the couch? You want a drink or anything?”

“I’m good,” he said, settling in on the couch. He didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands, fidgeting and moving them from beside him to his lap and back again.

I switched off the TV and sat down on the ottoman. “You look nervous, Brian.”

He grinned. “I guess I am a little. It was weird. I didn’t even realize you had hypnotized me last night when you did it.”

“All I did was help you to relax a little. It looks like you could use some more relaxation tonight.”

He shrugged.

I noticed he was wearing a pair of gray New Balance trainers and white socks. I sighed. Under very different circumstances Brian and I might have gone out. Instead I was about to…

I sighed. “Brian, just breathe in and out,” I began. I took him step by step through a pretty long induction. I wanted him to really let go and relax. After it was obvious he had been under awhile and I was sure he was in a trance I started giving him suggestions. The only thing Master had instructed me to do so far was to increase Brian’s suggestibility. That would work to my advantage.

“Brian, do you feel relaxed now?”

“Yeah,” he replied in a dreamy voice.

“Okay. Last night I told you that every time you hear me say Magician’s Assistant you would feel even more relaxed than you do. Do you remember that?”


“That only applies to when I say it. When I say Magician’s Assistant it will make you feel more and more relaxed. You find my voice very relaxing to listen to. You want to listen to me and do what I tell you to do. It makes you feel very, very relaxed. You find it relaxing to obey me. You will find that the more you obey me the more relaxed you feel. You will not want to fight what I tell you to do. You will want to follow every instruction I give you. You will want to follow every command I give you. Because you want to obey what I tell you, Brian. You are a hard worker, a good student, and a nice guy. And you are a very obedient boy. You know you are. You’re very obedient. You do what you are told. You like to do what you’re told. Can you understand what I’m telling you?”

His voice was breathy. “Yeah.”

“You will accept everything I tell you when you are in a trance, Brian. You will follow any instructions I give you. You will obey my voice. You will want to listen to me and obey me. It will make you feel very relaxed and very happy to obey me.”

It was then that I happened to look at Brian’s crotch and notice the bulge that had grown there. So Brian was aroused by the idea of being obedient. I could definitely use that to my advantage.

“Brian, remember that any question I ask you while you are relaxed you must answer honestly. What kind of underwear do you wear? Boxers or briefs?”


I had kind of figured based on how tight his jeans fit. This would be an easy test of his openness to obeying me. “Brian, tomorrow you will wear a pair of boxer shorts. You will not wear briefs. You will decide to wear boxers. Do you understand what you will wear tomorrow?”


“What will you wear?”


“That’s very good, Brian. You want to be very good and obey me. You will wear boxers tomorrow. Do you have class tomorrow night?”


“Until 9:30 again?”


“You will come here again tomorrow night after class, right, Brian?”


“Okay. Good. You’re a good boy, Brian. You’re a very good, very obedient boy. But now you should wake up and go home. I’m going to count to three and then you will awaken. 1…you like feeling relaxed…2…you want to obey me…3…you’re wide awake.”

Brian blinked a couple of times and then rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hand. He shook his head as if to clear it. “Wow,” he said. “I must’ve been out of it.”

“What do you remember?” I asked.

“Nothing really. Why? Did I do something embarrassing?”

I smiled. “You’re really worried about that, aren’t you?”

He gave a little shrug.

“I promised I wouldn’t embarrass you, Brian. I meant it. All we did tonight was more relaxation exercises. You were very relaxed. You’ll probably sleep great tonight.”


I nodded. “Can you practice again tomorrow?”

It was his turn to nod. “I guess so. I have class again, but I could come over after.”

“Great. I really appreciate you helping me out with this. I really want to work up a great act. How cool would it be to be able to tour the country hypnotizing guys?” I was bending the truth, but honestly that didn’t sound like a bad gig at all.

Brian grinned. “Might be fun. But not for me. I want to finish college, get done with law school and, hopefully, someday make partner at a big firm.”

My own smile faded. Brian was a nice guy with goals and dreams and a life. And I was going to take that all away from him.

I suddenly felt very depressed.

To be continued in Part 68…

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 68: Compromising Positions.

Brunch with Scott, Wade and Andrew had been more fun than it had a right to be, but Sunday soon ended and the work week began. I had been a bit lax in the day to day breakdown planning of my class—due in large part to the amount of drama currently going on in my life. But Monday at quarter to ten I was in front of the classroom waiting for my students to arrive so I could take attendance and dive into the day’s lecture.

Today’s focus was on adjustments and compromises dealing with relationships and marriage. But as with most of my classes, I fully expected to end up on a tangent. I liked this group of students as a whole, which was good, but they had an incredible knack for getting off topic with class discussions.

I was shuffling through some notes I had made when Scott sauntered into the room. There were only a handful of students seated around and I took the opportunity to talk to my—my what? Not my slave. My lover? My significant other? My boyfriend? It had never occurred to me to worry about labeling our relationship. Today’s topic had me thinking though. If gay marriage was legalized would Scott ever be my husband?

Scott paused in front of me and grinned. “You’re a thousand miles away.”

“Sorry. I was just thinking. Oh! But I did want to tell you I ran into Del Markham this morning.”

“Del who?”

“Del Markham.”

“Who’s that?”

“He runs the Pleasant Valley Playhouse. It’s about a half hour from here. Anyway the point is they’re having some sort of local talent exhibition and I thought it might be the perfect opportunity for you to finally sing in public.”

Scott took a step back. “I-I don’t know.”

“Every time you’ve planned to something has come up. But I’m dying to hear you. I know you’ll be great.”

He smiled at me, his brown eyes sparkling. “Do you really think so?”

I leaned forward on the podium, dangling my arms over the edge. “Scott, in the time I’ve known you there is not one thing you’ve tried to do that you haven’t done well. It’s a little hard to measure up to that.”

“You have no problems measuring up to anything.” He reached out for my hand, then apparently thought better of it.

I, too, remembered where we were. Most of the class had arrived, including Wade, who apparently had been watching our exchange with interest.

He winked at me.

I rolled my eyes.

Scott turned and sat in the desk beside Wade.

“Mornin’, gang,” I said, pulling the class together. “Hope you all had a good weekend. And, I trust you’ve all read more than you ever wanted to know about the adjustments inherent in long term relationships.”

“You’re not kidding,” somebody muttered.

My gaze flickered to Scott. He opened his notebook and flashed me a smile.

Julian, the waiter from Belladonna’s, waved a hand at me, and as was his norm, did not wait to be acknowledged before he began speaking. “That reading assignment was bogus, Boldt. All that stuff about deciding what you’re willing to give up for a relationship might apply to breed—” he redirected “straight marriages, but to generalize it to all relationships makes no sense.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked. “All relationships, whether they be heterosexual or homosexual, platonic or romantic, involve trade offs. No matter what your level of compatibility with a partner there will always be conflicts.”

Scott raised a hand.

I nodded at him.

“I’m not sure I agree with that statement. Some relationships are based on conflict; there’s no denying that. But discovering differences between yourself and your partner doesn’t have to equal conflict. Compromise, yes. I may not always get my way about what my partner and I do on a given night, but as long as he and I are both getting what we want or need out of the relationship, I don’t view that as a trade off.”

I bit my lip. Scott chose now to have a deep philosophical discussion about our relationship?

Jeanette piped up, “That’s not only with gay relationships. My boyfriend and I definitely don’t see eye to eye on everything, but I wouldn’t call it a trade off, per se.” She swiveled around in her seat. “Julian, I did a little research on the subject of compromise and love and found a couple of articles that argue that compromise actually kills relationships—neither party ends up getting what they want and resentment or animosity results.” She turned back to the front of the room. “I’m thinking of exploring that in my term paper.”

I nodded. “Sounds like a terrific idea for a topic. But keep in mind that relationships and the compromises intrinsic to them often lead to growth for the individual.”

“Chris, are you saying that giving in to your partner helps you to grow?” Wade asked.

That comment could open a whole can of worms, I thought. In a Master/slave relationship especially, the compliance of the slave helps the slave to grow into the role of submission. In a more mainstream relationship, however… “In a way, yes. Follow: by a willingness to be open to try new ideas or activities suggested by a partner you expose yourself to new experiences which may lead to growth.”

I suspected Wade was thinking about all of the changes and new experiences Andrew had been subjected to this past year.

Katy raised a hand and tossed her red hair.


“My minister preaches about this. He says for any loving relationship the man and woman must grow together. He counsels couples to understand each other and for wives to attend to their husbands’ needs.”

I consciously avoided rolling my eyes. I thought teachings such as those went out with Father Knows Best. “You have to keep in mind if a relationship becomes all about you and you always get your way you will stagnate. And you run the risk of alienating your partner’s affections.”

Scott shrugged. “As long as each partner gets a turn being the one in control I would think having your own way would be fun now and then.”

I looked at him in surprise.

“I’m not saying anyone should defer to their partner all the time. I’m just thinking that an occasional night of attending solely to your partner’s needs without worrying about your own can also help build a relationship.”

Julian was grinning salaciously. “Are you talking about dominance and submission now?”

Scott glanced over his shoulder. “Maybe,” he said to Julian. He turned and looked me directly in the eyes. “But only with the right partner and only if both parties understand that turnabout is fair play.”

I swallowed hard.

To be continued in Part 69…