The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 78:

“You’re kidding,” I said. I had not seen that coming. I had had a feeling when I’d read in the newspaper about a dead body being found in the alley behind Leatherman’s Club that somehow the corpse was going to be someone I knew. I did not expect it to be Craig’s lover.

“It’s not good, Chris. There’s an autopsy scheduled, but it looks like someone literally ripped him a new asshole.”

I hated to think what that meant. I had an awful mental image. “Please tell me that’s some sort of FBI speak.”

Scott sounded grim. “I think he suffered, Chris.”

I grimaced. “Has anyone notified Craig?”

“No. And you can’t. His apartment is under surveillance. And if he finds out Alan is dead there’s no telling how he’ll react.”

This was putting me in a terrible position. I realize Craig and I ended badly. I still hadn’t forgiven him for cheating on me by any stretch of the imagination. I was, however, involved with Scott now, and what Craig had done mattered a whole lot less to me. But on some level I did still care for him. I probably always would. And the idea that he was enslaved to Richard King and his lover had been found dead… in the alley behind the Club, of which coincidentally Richard had recently become the new owner…

“You know Richard is connected to this, right?” I didn’t so much ask as tell Scott. I knew Scott would try to convince me that Richard was not to blame for all of the evils in the world, but I knew Richard. He was a twisted bastard and the fact that Alan and Craig had been dancing at the Club was not lost on me.

“From what I can tell there’s no evidence of that, Chris. Look, I have to go. I’ll call when I can. I’ll understand if you don’t wait on me for dinner.”

Before I could reply he had disconnected the call.

I stared at the phone in my hand. If I thought he would have answered I might have hit redial. I sighed. I would in all likelihood wait for him for dinner. But I would not wait with sandwiches by the phone.

I sat at my desk and fired up the computer. If I had to kill time, I could at least get some work done. I checked my email, but there was nothing important. I should really do some prep for my next Psychology of Adjustment class. I was just opening the textbook when the front door opened and Wade and Andrew entered.

“I’ll be right down,” Wade was saying as he took the stairs two at a time.

“There’s no rush, Babe,” Andrew replied. He turned and looked at me, still grinning, his dimples on full display. “Hey, Christopher.”

I gave him the once over. No doubt about it, Andrew’s latest incarnation as a preppy guy was working for him. He seemed confident, well-adjusted and happy. I wasn’t sure if I should be waiting for the other shoe to drop with the shoe salesman I was hypnotizing to be somehow “different” or just hope we had hit on the right phase of his personality.

“What are you guys doing back already?” I asked good-naturedly.

“Wade forgot his wallet. I offered to pay for him, but you know Wade.”

I nodded. I did indeed.

I could hear Wade running down the stairs. He was breathless when he reached the doorway to the den. “I won’t be late, Chris. We both have early classes tomorrow. Will you be around tonight?”

“Scott and I may grab a late dinner.”

Wade grinned the same grin he always flashed when the subject of Scott and me came up. I had a feeling if Scott and I were together for twenty years Wade would still be grinning at his own matchmaking skills.

Andrew wrapped his arm around Wade. “Ready to go?”

Wade smiled. They said quick goodbyes to me and left.

I turned back to the textbook in front of me. I had no desire to do homework. I glanced at the clock. Too soon to call Scott.

Then I remembered about

I clicked the link in my favorites and watched as the site loaded. It was much worse than I had imagined. This site had been well-designed. It was not a cheap blog. From a cursory look at it I surmised that the site was designed to increase a man’s sexual desire while also increasing his need to visit the site in order to attain greater sexual pleasure. Hidden among the flash videos, flashing words, and subliminal messages were suggestions to induce said visitor to feel increased obedience, arousal, and desire to become fit. A series of linked pages also amplified a desire for a jock lifestyle and rewarded submissive behavior.

A feeling of dread crept through me as I read the pages. There was no telling how many men in this country, let alone the world, were visiting this site. While it might not affect all of them, it didn’t take much imagination to realize a whole host of men were likely addicted to visiting

Apparently there was a new Master out there. The question was: who was he and what was he going to do with all of these boys?

To be continued in Part 79…

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 79: Wade’s Journal.

I sat down at my desk and logged onto the laptop Chris had given me. I had to write this all out while it was still fresh in my head. There had been more that had happened with Austin today. Stuff I couldn’t bring myself to tell Chris.

It wasn’t that I thought he wouldn’t approve. I just didn’t want him to know I had almost cheated on Andrew.

Austin. I smiled. Austin St. James. He was really cute.

Anyway, I drove over to campus today, like I had talked to Chris about doing. But I was still sitting in my car in the lot, not sure if I should go knock on Austin’s door. I didn’t have his phone number. I had just reached to turn the key and start the car when Austin went jogging by.

It had to be a sign. I opened the door. “Hey, Austin!”

He kept jogging. I could see wires running up to his ears. He had on an iPod.

I ran to catch up with him and tapped his arm.

He whirled around, looking fierce. Then he grinned and reached up to take out his earbuds.

“Hi,” he said.

I looked into those warm brown eyes of his. “Hi.”

“Doing more work on campus?”

I shook my head. “I sort of stopped by to make sure you were ok.”

“You didn’t have to do that,” he said.

“I wanted to.”

Austin grinned again. “You want to come back to my room? I was on my way home.”

I felt butterflies. “Sure.” I followed him to his dorm. He unlocked the door.

Austin ran in, kicked off his shoes, and tugged his shirt off over his head. He twisted the cap off a bottle of water and took a long swig, then poured some water over his head. It was like watching some movie on Skinimax or something.

I should have left right then. I don’t know why I didn’t. We talked for a little while. It wasn’t really about anything important. It turns out Austin hasn’t declared a major yet. It was kind of hard to concentrate on what he was saying while he was standing there shirtless and sweaty.

I don’t know how it happened but Austin ended up standing right in front of me. He was still hot from his jog and sweating. And our clothes and bodies pressed together. I could smell his scent, so powerful, so hot and the next thing I knew I felt the heat of Austin’s lips. Closer.

I couldn’t take it. I was weak. I closed my eyes. And then it finally happened. Our lips met in hot sweaty lust. A switch was pulled, like something I had never experienced. I didn’t know what was going on. My body felt so electric, so sensitive. The feel of Austin’s warm body against mine, his skin against my skin, his scent filling my head—I didn’t want to stop kissing him ever.

But the little voice in my head started asking, what about Andrew? It was so hot with Austin there right now that the thought of Andrew seemed to fade quickly away.

Austin smiled as his lips left mine. “I though you were totally gonna push me off and run out!”

I was still in shock. I couldn’t move. I didn’t know why I hadn’t run out already.

Austin’s abs were so chiseled, still dripping from the water he had poured on himself, beads of water just falling off that smooth skin.

I couldn’t think. I just stared.

I started fiddling with my belt. I wasn’t thinking about it. Something in my head told me I should remove my clothes right now. There was something different, something new; so primal, logic was out the window. The dorm room already was filled with the scent of sex.

Austin was still there, smiling, wearing just running shorts and a pair of ankle socks.

I couldn’t help but force a smile, still so unsure on what ground I was treading. I just knew it was hot as hell. It had never been like this with Andrew. With Andrew it was slow and sensual and careful and loving.

This was hot.

Austin took a step toward me.

I jumped a little.

“Let me help you, Tiger.” He placed his hands on mine.

Again a shot of electricity went through me.

And slowly Austin unbuckled my belt.

What was I gonna do? I was in this guy’s dorm room that I only knew because he had run into me in a parking lot. And then he’d ended up unconscious!

And now he was steering me toward his bed.

I was starting sweat. Austin had my belt open.

I quickly removed my t-shirt.

Austin got on his knees. He began to unbutton my jeans. He bent down and inhaled, and it made him smile even more.

I looked down.

Austin just grinned. “I think you deserve some kind of thank you for checking up on me.”

Then before even finishing on my pants, he jumped on the bed on top of me, landing on all fours, pinning me.

He shook his head, water droplets landing on my chest and face, feeling cool against my skin. Still with that grin. He leaned in and kissed me and then just as quickly went after my right nipple.

I moaned so loud I couldn’t believe it came out of my mouth. This whole experience was so raw. So different. I could do nothing but give in.

We both kissed violently and wrestled each other. Pinning each other, moaning and kissing. Embracing, rubbing our cocks together, still trapped in our pants.

My cell phone rang and I suddenly pushed Austin away.

He landed with a thud on the floor.

“Oh God, Austin, are you okay?”

Austin was splayed out on the floor, laughing. “Yeah.”

“Austin, listen.”

“Yeah, I know, you probably got a guy already. But you didn’t have to throw me on the floor!” Austin was rubbing the back of his head.

“It’s just—It’s just I’m in a relationship. And I wanted to stop it earlier...but I couldn’t. You’re just so… So…” I tried again. “And this was so…”

Austin just grinned. He got to his feet.

“And you with the water...and the kissing...I just…”

“No, really, Wade. It’s okay. I guess I was a little forward. No biggie. Joggers high, ya know?”

I gave him a sorry pitiful look. My phone chirped and I knew I had voicemail.

Austin smiled. “Hey, I think you’ve got a phone call to make.” He winked at me.

I got off the bed and refastened my pants, then looked around for my T-shirt and pulled it on over my head.

“I’m sorry, Austin.”

“Don’t be.” He walked me to the door.

I started to say something, anything, but I didn’t have any idea what I could say.

Austin tugged on the front of my T-shirt. “Hey, come by tomorrow. You still have to make it up to me for ruining my jog today.”

I looked at him hopefully.

He pulled my cell phone off my belt and punched a number into it. “Call me.”

I smiled. “I will. I tend bar at Kampas, if you ever want to stop by.”

Austin nodded. “Sounds like fun.”

I have been feeling guilty ever since I got home. Andrew was calling to cancel our plans, after all that. But it was good that he called. I would have done something stupid that I couldn’t take back.

But I don’t know what I’m gonna do about Austin.

To be continued in Part 80…