The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 111: Master’s Playroom, Again.

Master sounded angry when he summoned us all to the playroom today. And he looked angry after we got here. I didn’t know what had happened or who he was angry with, but I was relieved it didn’t seem to be me. So far he had been ignoring me completely. I could only hope that would continue. Master’s temper was harsh and his punishments were even harsher. Ever since I screwed up with Wade Master had been unhappy with me. Boys Master was unhappy with usually didn’t get to be happy either.

Master was standing next to the bondage table, surrounded in a semicircle by us boys. I stood in the second row, partially hiding behind a stocky guy I didn’t recognize. I was just hoping Master would be so busy with the others he wouldn’t want to talk to me today.

“I think we would all benefit from a demonstration today, boys,” Master was saying. “I will need a volunteer to start us off.” Master surveyed the crowd and his eyes fixed on a slender Asian boy. “You’d love to volunteer, wouldn’t you, boy?”

“Yes, Master,” the boy replied.

“You’re new here. What was your name, boy?” Master asked.

“Ryan, Master.”

“Ryan, I have a special treat for you. Have you ever worn rubber before?”

“No, Master.”

“You know that rubber is erotic. In fact, just the smell of rubber makes your cock go rock hard and begin leaking. You won’t be able to look away from it once you see it.” Master pulled a sheet off the table and revealed a rubber catsuit.

Ryan’s brown eyes locked on the suit and he stared, slack-jawed. “Step right up, boy.” Master watched as Ryan approached the suit, unable to take his eyes off of it. Master turned to two others. “Arnie, Gareth, you two will help him get into his suit.” Master picked up a large bottle of lube and handed it to Arnie. “Arnie, be a good boy and lube Ryan up for his suit.”

Arnie, who looked like if he was wearing a shirt and tie he would probably be a banker or a manager of some type, began to squirt lube into his hands and coat Ryan from the neck down. Ryan, for his part, just stood staring at the rubber suit without moving. Arnie looked like he was enjoying obeying Master. Probably rubbing his hands all over Ryan’s abs and tight ass were enjoyable too.

“Gareth, I want you to stretch the neck of this suit open so that Ryan can step into it.” Master helped get Gareth started. Gareth always looked to me like a college basketball player—tall, gangly and athletic—but he was having some trouble getting the neck of the suit wide enough.

Master stepped toward Ryan and blocked his view of the suit. Ryan tried to peer around Master. “Ryan, you know once you step into this rubber suit there is no going back. You will be a rubber boy from then on. You will never want to be without your suit.”

Ryan smiled faintly. “Yes, Master.”

“Good boy. Put on your suit.”

While Gareth held the neck of the suit wide open, Arnie squirted a healthy amount of lube inside before they helped Ryan step into the catsuit and pull it on. I didn’t realize at first that it had like socks and gloves built into it. Soon he was situated in it and covered completely from the neck down in rubber. There was a zipper at the crotch. But even from where I was standing I could see that there was a padlock on the zipper. Ryan’s cock wouldn’t be out of that suit unless Master allowed it.

Ryan seemed dazed. He kept holding up his arms and staring at the rubber on them, flexing his rubber-coated fingers in front of his face.

Master turned to Gareth and handed him a bottle and a cloth. “This is silicone polish, Gareth. Your job is to shine Ryan’s suit until it gleams. Of course, Ryan will enjoy the polishing. Each touch will feel like an orgasm shooting through you, Ryan. But you will not cum. Rubber boys do not cum. Ever. But that makes you happy, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Master.” Ryan sounded like he was dreaming.

“And, Gareth, you will do your absolute best to not miss a spot on Ryan’s suit with the polish.”

Gareth began to polish Ryan’s chest and Ryan moaned loudly. The moans continued each time Gareth touched him.

“Remain silent, boys,” Master instructed and the moaning stopped though Ryan looked like he was going to explode. Master turned his attention away from Ryan and Gareth. “Where is Malik?”

Malik stepped out from behind a few boys. I hadn’t noticed him before. He was dressed all in leathers just like the boy who died last time Master played with us. I still couldn’t tell who that was. The leathers looked familiar to me but Master had a lot of boys and depending on how much he was controlling me at different times my memories of being in the playroom and at the Club were often fuzzy. I kept trying to figure out who was missing today but it was hard to tell. I hadn’t seen Brian since the last time we were all here but I knew he wasn’t the boy in the leathers.

“Malik, I considered trying breath control with you again today, but the last time you cost me a boy. Luckily, boys are disposable. And replacements wander into the club every day.” Master chuckled, then his face hardened. “The boy you cost me complicates things, but I’ll take what’s mine.” I didn’t know what Master was talking about, but he was clearly angry. I ducked behind the crowd of boys. “Malik, you have always wanted to try suspension bondage, haven’t you?”

Malik smiled broadly. “Yes, Master!”

Master lead the way across the room. We all turned to follow him. Malik stood next to him. Master walked to the wall and used a fly rope to lower a suspension bar from the ceiling to the floor.

“Malik, you should lie on your stomach next to the bar.”

No sooner had Master said it than Malik dropped to his stomach. I noticed he was wearing really hot boots with his leather pants and leather vest.

Master produced a chain with a set of wrist and ankle shackles attached to them. He fastened and locked Malik’s wrists then ankles to the chain. Next he pulled the chain toward Malik’s neck and fastened one more metal hoop around Malik’s neck. Malik looked fucking hot lying there hogtied in leather and chains. Master dropped to one knee and attached three clips from the metal bar to the chain—one at the ankles, one at the wrists, and one at the neck. Then he stood and walked to the wall. Master heaved the fly rope and Malik was lifted off the ground. Master continued to raise him up until he was suspended about 6 feet off the floor.

Malik’s back arched as his ankles, wrists and neck were pulled up and back.

“Feels great, doesn’t it, boy?” Master asked.

“Yes, Master!”

Several boys cheered.

Master walked under Malik and reached up and fondled his crotch. Then he unzipped Malik’s leather pants and Malik’s hard cock bobbed out.

“Rocky, come here, boy,” Master commanded.

Rocky, who I had met before, was a Filipino. He had buzzed black hair and he was probably a nice guy before Master made him start begging people to spank him all the time. Now he was kind of annoying. Especially since Master had commanded us all that we were not allowed to spank Rocky without permission. Rocky stood in front of Master, waiting for instructions.

“Rocky, I want you to stand here and suck Malik’s cock for him. But don’t let him cum. Keep him on edge and I’ll reward you with a spanking that will make you cry.”

“Thank you, Master!” Rocky was practically beaming. Rocky stepped under Malik and tipped his head back. He was a little too short to reach Malik’s cock, even on his toes.

Master walked to the wall and lowered Malik a few inches until Rocky’s mouth could latch on to Malik’s cock. Master locked off the rope and strode across the room to Ryan.

“How are things going here, Gareth?”

“I’ve almost polished all of Ryan’s suit, Master.”

“Did I forget to tell you to do two coats?” Master asked with a humorless smile. “You’ll be happy to use a second coat, won’t you?”

“Yes, Master!”

Master turned and measured the rest of us with his hard gaze. “I need one more volunteer today.”

Please don’t pick me, I thought, trying to hide behind a really hot Mexican boy who was a couple inches shorter than me. I had seen him before. He was really cute, with his neatly parted hair, deep brown eyes, and perfectly trimmed stubble. He was always dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt and some sort of fun socks. Chris would have loved his socks. I had been trying to get the chance to talk to him. I wanted to ask him out. Master was keeping me too busy to even get alone time with him and I was pretty sure Master would never let me date him anyway. But he was so damn cute…

Master’s eyes settled on me. Did he know what I was thinking? My breath caught in my throat.

“Miguel, step over here.”

I started breathing again when the cute Mexican boy walked over to Master.

“Miguel, you need to strip naked. Now.”

Miguel swiftly unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor. He toed out of his shoes and then pulled off his socks, jeans and briefs as quickly as he could move. He stood there naked, his fit body on full display. He was short and compact and I didn’t want whatever Master was about to do to him to happen but I didn’t know how to stop it.

Master pulled the sheet he had set aside earlier off the table. I hadn’t realized it was a rubber sheet before. With the flick of his wrists Master spread the sheet out on the floor.

“Miguel, step to the center of the sheet and kneel.”

Miguel dropped to his knees facing Master.

“Miguel, I know you have always wanted to try watersports. True?”

“Yes, Master, this is true,” Miguel replied.

“Do you know that once a boy is pissed on by a man, that boy becomes the man’s slave? Once I mark my territory you will serve me for the rest of your days. You want that to your very core, don’t you, boy?”

Miguel smiled and nodded vigorously. “Yes, Master!”

Master unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He stepped behind Miguel and smiled as he unleashed a stream of urine down Miguel’s back. “Whose slave are you, boy?”

“Yours, Master,” Miguel replied.

Poor Miguel, I thought. I was never going to get to ask him out now.

Master zipped his pants. “You have always known you would be a slave and serve other men, haven’t you, boy?”

“Yes, Master!” Miguel repeated.

“Boys,” Master called to the rest of us, “Miguel here will serve any and all of you that piss on him. Come here and enjoy our new slave.”

The boys around me began pulling out their dicks. I don’t know how or why but I pushed my way up to the front and began pissing on Miguel.

I knew now that I would never get to take him on a date. He was a slave to all of Master’s boys now.

From the glazed look in his eyes and the smile on his lips I knew he didn’t know what that meant yet.

Master ambled over to Rocky and Malik. “How are things going here, Rocky?”

Rocky let Malik’s cock slip out of his mouth. “I haven’t let him cum, Master!”

“That’s good, boy.” Master stepped over to Malik’s face. He reached for Malik’s neck and it took me a minute to realize he was feeling for a pulse.

Master walked to the wall, unlocked the rope, and lowered Malik to the ground. He handed a key to Rocky. “Unlock the cuffs and strip, Malik, boy. Then dress in the leathers.”

Rocky fumbled with the key. “Yes, Master!”

“When he’s done, Craig, take Miguel with you and load Malik into the van.”

To be continued in Part 112…