The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 133: Safekeeping.

While Bootboy was upstairs with the shower running I explored the office more thoroughly. This was the first time I had been completely alone in the room. Ridiculously, I also realized I hadn’t found the safe when I was here earlier. I made a mental note to ask Bootboy about it.

I heard keys in the lock just before Scott opened the door to the office. I met him with a kiss.

“Hi, honey. How was YOUR day?”

He sighed. “We need to talk. But first, where did you find Bootboy?”

“Bootboy has been hiding in the barn in our back yard since Friday night. I don’t know all the details, but apparently with the police here he remembered me telling him if he was in trouble to come to the house and that’s what he did.”

Scott sat back on the closer leather couch. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

I walked over to the bar and perused the bottles. They were all open. “I’m going to have to tell him about Leatherman.”

“I saw the autopsy report. Leatherman suffocated. There were no marks on the body, but there were signs of asphyxiation.”

“Richard always enjoyed breath control.”

“What are you going to tell him?”

“That Leatherman died. I think I’m going to let him live upstairs here until some other arrangements can be made.”

“You trust him here?”

I nodded absently. “What do we need to talk about?”

Scott hesitated. “They’re building a case against Craig. They have video from his apartment of him holding Wade, and there are eyewitnesses from Kampas from Friday night. They’re waiting to charge him because most of the evidence is circumstantial that ties him to any of the other missing persons.”

“Damn it.” I sat across the coffee table from him on the opposite couch.

“There’s more. I went over all of the deaths today. Alan Jacoby was found dead here behind the club. He was penetrated anally and bled out. There should have been a lot of blood, which is why we know the body was moved from the scene. But Alan is connected to Craig. Leatherman was suffocated, like I said. Again, he was found somewhere other than where his death happened, with no clothing and no marks on the body. But Craig was acquainted with him because he danced here at the club. Jerad Pillinger and Malik Patel are the sticking points. Pillinger had marks on his wrists and ankles from restraints and enough semen in him to have had sex with multiple partners shortly before his death—which was apparently caused by an aneurysm. Patel had marks around his throat and also asphyxiated. They’re looking for motive and opportunity.”

I was quiet for a few moments. “Is anyone exploring connections between these guys and Richard?”

“Yes. I pointed out that Richard was running the club for Leatherman and was likely the one who hired Alan and Craig to dance here.”

“How’d that go over?”

“It’s being looked into.”

I heard footsteps on the stairs and turned to look. Bootboy had showered and shaved and dressed in fresh clothes and looked one hundred percent better.

“Is there anything I can get for you, Sir?” he asked.

“Actually, yes. Where is Leatherman’s safe? I’ve looked everywhere.”

Bootboy smiled and walked to the bank of video monitors. He pressed on the front of a tall cabinet next to it and the door sprung open. Inside was a recording mechanism for the cameras, and, taking up the bottom half of the cabinet, a safe.

“Do you know the combination, Bootboy?”

“Yes, Sir. Would you like me to open it?”


Bootboy dropped to one knee and began turning the dial on the safe.

I stood and walked over to him. “Bootboy, did Mr. King ever have you open the safe?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Scott joined me watching Bootboy dial the combination to the safe. Once he turned the handle and popped the door open, Bootboy stepped back out of the way.

The safe was quite large and appeared to be stuffed full. I knelt and began taking things out. There were 3 bank bags that appeared to be full of cash.

“Bootboy, who takes the deposits to the bank?”

“Leatherman or I do, Sir. The bank is a couple of blocks away.”

I pulled out a ledger and some tax information next. Under those were several files that related to the club, including the deed to the building and the liquor license.

On the next shelf was a small black duffle bag. I pulled it out and unzipped it. I turned and held it open for Scott to see. “There’s a gun in here.”

“Don’t touch it,” he said.

“I won’t. But there’s other stuff in here.”

“What are you talking about?”

I moved the bag around. “It looks like cds or dvds.”

“I’ll go out to my car and get gloves. Don’t handle anything.” Scott walked toward the back door.

I set the bag aside and looked in the rest of the safe. Leatherman had a few stock certificates and some petty cash but nothing else really of interest.

Scott returned, wearing a pair of gloves. He reached for the bag and carefully pulled out the disks I had been referring to.“They’re dvds,” he said. “Each one is dated. It looks like they’re all from this year.”

“What could be on them that would need to be locked in the safe?” I wondered aloud.

“I suspect we should find out before I call in about this gun.”

I couldn’t read the expression on Scott’s face. “What’s the problem?”

“The handwriting on these disks. I recognize it. It’s the same writing that was on the one that was delivered to my apartment.”

To be continued in Part 134...

Christopher, Craig & Co.

Part 134: Home Movies.

I didn’t know how to respond to that revelation, but it seemed to confirm that these disks were Richard’s and not Leatherman’s. “There’s a TV and dvd player upstairs,” I said.

Scott gestured in front of him. “Lead the way.”

Scott and Bootboy followed me up the stairs to the living room. I turned on the TV and dvd player and Scott put the top disk in the player. I pushed play and the three of us stood watching the screen.

The picture came up, but it was dark. The sound was a bit muffled too, but I turned up the volume on the TV. There was a group of men on screen. As the scene played it became clear that they were in the dungeon here at the club.

“Leatherman!” Bootboy exclaimed in surprise.

I squinted. He was right. Leatherman was fastened into the bondage chair that Scott had recently also been trapped in.

“Our friend here won’t be able to speak for himself with this gag in his mouth, but he can nod yes or no. Can’t you, boy?”

“That’s Richard’s voice!” I shouted.

Scott waved his hand in the universal quiet down manner.

On the TV, Richard was continuing. “Now, my boys would like a demonstration of breath control. You’d love to show them that, wouldn’t you, boy?”

The crowd cheered. I watched as a guy from the crowd was chosen as a volunteer and approached Richard near the bondage chair. Richard shook out a big black trash bag. He walked behind the chair, put the bag over Leatherman’s head and pulled it tight around his neck.

Richard held the bag in place while the volunteer began to stroke Leatherman’s cock. It was clear that Leatherman was struggling but couldn’t get loose or go anywhere.

Richard pulled the bag off Leatherman’s head. Even on the video I could hear Leatherman gasping for air.

The volunteer just kept stroking his cock.

“Ready to go again?” Richard asked.

It was very obvious that Leatherman was shaking his head no.

“Of course you are. You know you want to. Don’t you, boy?” Richard commanded.

Leatherman nodded yes.

I pressed mute and turned to Scott. “I’m not sure I want to see this.”

“I understand,” he said. He stepped toward me and hugged me.

A flurry of movement on the screen caught my eye. Richard had walked much closer to the camera and opened the door to a cage. And Craig climbed out!

“Scott, look!”

Scott turned around.

I pressed the volume up.

“This boy has disappointed me by not following my commands as well as the rest of you. He must be punished. Julian, Arnie, fasten him to the wall over there.”

Two guys, who must have been Julian and Arnie, approached Craig and locked his wrists and ankles in four cuffs chained to bolts in the wall.

Richard walked over to him, pushing a small cart with a large tens unit on it. “I bet you’re excited to try electro play, aren’t you, boy?”

“Yes, Master,” Craig said dully.

“That’s good. I think you’ll be shocked how much you’ll enjoy your punishment.”

I rolled my eyes. Shocked. Ugh.

Richard began fastening electrodes to Craig’s nipples and cock and balls. He then inserted a plug in his ass. “You’re just about ready, boy. Now, let’s see how much you like, boy.” Richard smiled and turned a dial on the machine.

Craig seemed to jolt a bit.

“Master,” a voice called.

“What is it, boy?” Richard asked sternly.

“Master, when do I remove the bag?”

Richard turned and saw the volunteer still stroking Leatherman’s cock and holding the bag.

“Perhaps now would be a good time,” he said. “Malik, you are supposed to take the boy to the edge of consciousness. You have taken him too far.”

“Is he unconscious, Master?”

Richard seemed to examine Leatherman. “You may stop stroking his cock. He’s dead, boy. It’s a pity, but leather boys are so easy to find he can be easily replaced.”

“No,” Bootboy whimpered.

I cringed and hit the pause button.

“Leatherman is not gone. Leatherman is dead?” Bootboy asked, his eyes round and rimmed with tears.

I stepped to him and took him in my arms. “I’m afraid so,” I said softly. “I didn’t want you to find out like this. I’m so sorry.”

Bootboy began to cry. “I love Leatherman.”

“I know,” I said.

“Master King killed him,” Bootboy stated.

I thought about what we’d just seen. This video was Craig’s get out of jail free card and evidence that Richard had been to blame for Leatherman’s death. I held Bootboy until he pulled away.

“I’d like to be alone, if that’s ok,” he said.

“Why don’t you go in the bedroom and try to rest. I’ll check on you before we leave.”

Bootboy nodded and disappeared down the hall.

I sighed. “Scott, I would have never let him watch with us if I’d known.”

Scott drew me toward him. “I know. And I’m sorry that you had to see it. I’ll watch the rest without you.”

I shook my head. “I need to see the rest.”

Scott squeezed my arm.

“Richard called the one guy Malik. That must be the one who ended up dead?”

“I wish the video was a little better quality, but he looks right.”

I pressed play. On the video Richard turned to Malik. “Haven’t you always wanted to dress up in leather and be a good boy, Malik?”

Malik sounded excited. “Yes, Master!”

“Good boy.” Richard gestured to a few boys. “You two, unfasten him from the chair, strip him and load him into the van. Let me know when you have completed your task.”

Richard crossed back over to Craig. “You’re in luck, boy. I’m going to take pity on you. You didn’t manage to add to your ranks, but at least you didn’t cost me a boy like Malik.” Richard turned the dial up and another jolt went through Craig, then he turned the power off.

“Just remember, there won’t be a next time you fail me. If you fail again, you’ll take your own life. Isn’t that right, boy?”

Craig nodded eagerly. “Yes, Master.”

Richard walked out of frame and the video cut off shortly after.

Scott and I cycled through three more dvds of groups of men in the dungeon doing all sorts of sexual and fetish acts. I recognized a few faces in them, but—thankfully—nobody died in any of them. The fifth disk was much brighter and had better picture quality. It showed a young guy being locked in a sling and a series of men fucking him while he begged and pleaded. I muted the sound.

“I don’t want to see this one,” I said.

Scott kept an eye on the screen. “I’m willing to bet that’s Jerad Pillinger.”

I hit the fast forward button. We watched a series of guys enter the room and use Jerad. Suddenly Craig was shoved into frame and began fucking the boy in the sling. I pushed play and turned up the sound.

“Fuck him!” Richard commanded on the TV. “Faster! Faster!”

Craig seemed to speed up. The boy in the sling was sobbing and begging.

I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could watch.

“Stupid fucking slave,” Richard was yelling. “Fuck him, you worthless pig. You do what I tell you when I tell you. Fuck him! You’ll have to do better than that if you want to cum, you cocksucker!”

I was flashing back to being yelled at in a similar way; not about fucking someone, but about being worthless and stupid and a whole host of other degrading insults that Richard had spewed at me years ago.

Suddenly on the TV Richard told Craig to cum and he seemed to spasm and collapse. Richard shoved him to the floor.

“You’re a good little fuck slave,” he said. “You got off easy this time. Disobey me again and I’ll show you just how worthless you are.” Then Richard drew back his arm and slapped Craig hard across the mouth.

I stopped the disk. “I can’t.”

Scott took my hands in his. “What’s going on? This isn’t about Craig, is it?”

I shook my head and studied the toe of Scott’s boot.

“That’s how Richard treated you?”

I looked up into Scott’s eyes. “He never made me fuck anyone. But he used to call me names and threaten me and hit me like that.”

Scott pulled me toward him and held the back of my neck. “I’ve never said this during my years of training or my years as an agent, but I’m glad I shot the bastard.”

I blinked back a few tears. “I hate that he did this to Craig and these other guys. I should have found a way to stop him years ago.”

Scott shook me gently. “How could you have known this would all happen?”

“If I had been stronger and come forward back then, none of this would have played out the way it did.”

“You know what they say about hindsight, Chris. You did what you had to do. None of what Richard has done is your fault.”

I knew he was right, but I still felt responsible. “Alan and Leatherman died. Craig’s completely mindfucked and could go to jail. Wade was kidnapped and held at gunpoint. And you, Scott. I almost lost you.”

Scott took my face in his hands. “But you didn’t. Because we make a great team.” Scott smiled at me. “Everybody better watch out because Boldt and Wilson are on the case.”

I grinned in spite of myself. “Boldt and Wilson? What about Chris & Scotty?”

Scott smiled, his eyes twinkling.

“You know, I always thought it was adorable when you’d sign your notes Scotty.”

Scott’s cheek turned pink. “Can we continue this conversation at a later time?”

I nodded. “Raincheck.”

Scott kissed me sweetly on the lips.

“There’s one thing I don’t get. Why keep these videos? I mean, I get he kept the ones of me from years ago to share with friends and probably to get off to—sick fuck—but I lived to tell the tale. These make him look guilty. Or at least culpable.”

“I think these should be admissible. The dvds are all dated and unedited and you can clearly recognize faces and voices.”

“How many disks are left?” I asked.

“Just one. I can look at it without you.”

I shrugged. “You said these are all dated this year, so it won’t be of me. We already got that nasty trip down memory lane. Cue it up.”

Scott removed the disk from the player and replaced it with another. The video started playing. This one was shot in Leatherman’s office and was crystal clear.

Alan Jacoby was standing in the middle of the office on his toes, his ankles locked to a spreader bar, with a pole impaling his ass. His forehead and upper lip were shining with sweat, and he was staring straight ahead.

“That’s right, boy,” Richard was saying from somewhere off camera. You’re going to want to stand as still as possible so that impaler doesn’t slip any further inside you.”

Alan seemed to whimper a little, but he said nothing.

“That idiot you live with is on his way over. Maybe I’ll fuck him for you, so you can watch.”

I wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the light or not, but even on the wideshot on the TV screen I swear it looked like tears were spilling out of Alan’s eyes.

“This is the night he died,” I said quietly.

“I’ll turn it off,” Scott said.


Richard walked into frame and placed the palm of his hand to Alan’s left cheek. “I’ll help you out, Alan, since you’ve done so much to help me. You are finding that you are frozen, unable to move or speak at all, just a helpless statue here for me to enjoy. You may, of course, watch what happens, but you will be unable to do or say anything about it.”

Alan’s entire body seemed to tense. He blinked several times but that was all.

There was a faint sound and Richard moved off camera. A couple of moments later Craig walked up to Alan and blocked him from view.

“Pay no attention to him, boy,” Richard said. “He knows if he moves he’ll rip his own ass apart.”

Richard commanded Craig to strip and get down on all fours and he obeyed automatically. Richard then proceeded to lock Craig’s wrists and ankles to a steel bar. I knew when Richard patted his exposed ass what was coming.

“Hit fast forward, Scott.”

He did. In quick motion Richard fucked Craig while Alan could clearly be seen watching. After Richard finished he slapped Craig’s ass and fastened his slacks.

Scott pressed play.

Richard picked up Craig’s discarded socks, knotted them together, and fashioned a gag. I kept watching Alan standing in the background, unable to move. He still looked like he was crying to me. That poor man’s last moments were torture.

Richard disappeared, and Alan and Craig remained where they were, bound and silent. Just as I thought nothing else would happen Richard returned leading Leatherman on a leash. He was down on all fours, collared and wearing leather mitts. Richard led Leatherman to Craig, where he mounted and started fucking him. After a time, Richard led him over to Alan. Leatherman began sniffing at and licking Alan’s feet. Alan didn’t move or make a sound. He stood on his toes, staring straight ahead.

Richard tugged Leatherman away and they disappeared from view.

When Richard returned, he had another boy with him. This boy was wearing a hood that hid his entire face except for two small eyeholes. His arms were behind his back, and when he turned we could see his wrists and elbows were tied together.

Richard pushed the boy down behind Craig and again Alan, then, and Scott and I, now, watched as Craig was fucked. Eventually Richard pulled him to his feet and they left the room.

When Richard returned he grabbed Craig’s hair and pulled the gag out of his mouth. “I like you as a blond boy.” He pulled his cock from his pants and shoved it into Craig’s mouth.

“Suck me off good, boy. If you do a good job, I’ll let you cum.” As Craig did his best, Richard continued speaking: “That’s a good boy. You like being fucked. You like sucking cock. You’re a good bottom boy. You will suck and be fucked by any man I tell you to. You’re my good boy. Suck me, boy. You fucking slave.”

Richard jerked Craig’s head around by his hair and then shot in his mouth. “Drink up, fuck slave,” he commanded. When he was finished he fastened his pants and walked around Craig, then reached under him and grabbed his cock.

“I bet you’re ready to shoot, boy. You want to cum so bad you can taste it, don’t you?” Richard laughed that horrible humorless laugh I remembered well.

“There’s one more thing you have to do first.” Richard unlocked the bar on Craig’s wrists and ankles. “Get up!”

Craig stood up and staggered. Richard grabbed his arm and shoved him off camera. Alan remained standing in the office.

Scott pushed fast forward. Alan never moved before the disk ended.

“Poor Alan,” I said.

“I was thinking that.”

“Richard tormented him right up to the end.”

“Yeah, but where is the end? The disk stops before Alan’s death. It would have been much better if it showed Richard clearly causing his death.”

“I have to believe that a prosecutor can use these videos to show that Richard broke some laws.”

Scott didn’t say anything.


“I don’t know. I have a feeling that a defense attorney is going to say that most of this was consensual between adults.”

“But the bodies were moved and dumped!”

“I’m not saying Richard will get away with everything. But this isn’t the incontrovertible evidence we needed.”

Fuck me.

To be continued in Part 135...