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Clarrisa Becomes a Slut

(Mf, nc, mc, gr)

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Mike just moved into the little town of Clarkston. No one knew of him or of his power to control the minds and thoughts of others. Mike was just getting to know the area and get his plans in place for his new group of mind controlled sex slaves.

Mike decided to stop at a pizza place in town for a late dinner. He went into the quiet little place and grabbed a table. There were only two other tables with people eating at them. It was close to closing time.

A quite skinny girl about 20 years old came over to his table and gave him a menu and asked if he wanted anything to drink. Mike was impressed with her smile and friendly attitude. Her breasts were small but her legs and ass looked to have great potential under her tight black slacks. She had long read hair down to her ass.

He decided to make her his first sex slave, but to have some fun doing it.

He read her nametag “Clarrisa”.

“Sure Clarrisa, I’ll have a coke” Clarrisa turned and went in the kitchen.

Mike started on some of her changes while she was gone. She would feel attracted toward the new stranger. She would feel comfortable talking with him and telling her about her self.

When she came back to the table she took his order for a pizza, but instead of taking it back to the kitchen right away she stood talking. In the 5 minutes that they talked mike learned that Clarrisa was not seeing anyone and was living on her own wile she was going to college. She came from a rich family and her father had rented her a small 2-bedroom house about two miles from town. She said her dad thought it would be safer this way instead of having to room with other college kids. She was conservative and really had no desire for a relationship. She wanted to concentrate on school.

When she left to take his order back he began to get to the real work. He started to make some more changes. He worked slowly so she would not notice anything as being wrong. None of the changes would start until she went home and went to sleep.

When she came back with the pizza mike put all of the changes in place. The make some more small talk though out the night wile he ate. When he left he left her a large tip—$100. She didn’t want it—it was way too much. Mike told her that he won 40 million in the lottery a year ago and that he just wanted to help a hard working college kid. She accepted the tip and walked mike to the door.

“I’ll be back again,” he said as he left. You and count on it he said to himself.

After mike left she help clean up and close up for the night. She went home and studied for an hour, thankful that tomorrow was Saturday and she would not have class.

She took a shower and then went to bed wearing a big baggy nightshirt.

As she slept some of the programming mike had done began its work. Throughout the night her small breast slowly grew from her flat A-cups to Beautiful big D-cups. Her nipples also grew so that they where and inch long and hard at all times. At the same time her mind was being opened to a desire to want to show how sexy her body looked.

Clarrisa woke up at 8 am and groggily walked into the bathroom. She hated mornings and always had a hard time getting around. She brushed her teeth then took off her nightshirt, looked in the mirror. Her mouth dropped open and she screamed in shock and ran into the bedroom. She looked down at her new breasts. “My God, My God, My God” she kept saying. She slowly reached up and touched them as if they might explode or something. “Yes, they are real. How cold this have happened” she said.

She went back into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. “My God, I look GREAT. I can’t believe it. What am I going to tell my friends? HELL what am I going to ware?”

She reached up and started to feel her new D-cupped breasts. The where full and firm. Then she noticed her big nipples. “I cant hide these even with a bra on they will stick out like I’m some horny slut.” She shook her head, “Well, I can’t do any thing about it.”

Clarrisa went into her bedroom and started to change.

She started to look for a top. Finally settling for an old football jersey that her ex boyfriend had given her. It was the only thing that would fit. “I’m going to have to go and buy some new clothes today that’s for sure!” and laughed at her self. She put on a pair of shorts and sneakers and headed for the mall.

On the way she thought that she was glad that that nice guy had given her that $100 tip last night.

She went into a negligee store and tried on some new bras. They all made her new nipples hurt. She then tried on some bra’s that just gave some support from the under side of her breast. These made her breasts look even bigger. She decided to by a few pair of this type but the only ones that she liked where the sexy, lacy kind. Not the plane and functional kind.

She left that store and went to some clothes stores. The only clothes that caught her eye were the sheer tops. She picked out many different tops from tank tops to blouses, all made of sheer material that you could see her new big nipples though. She did buy a normal white blouse for work, but is had a low cut that would show off the tops of her breasts.

She spent more than her $100 tip, but she didn’t care.

She wore one of her new blouses home from the mall and through the football jersey away.

She looked at her self in a store window and was impressed with the sight. “Why have I been ashamed of my body before? Was I ashamed of my small breasts? That must have been it because I love the way I look now!” She turned around and headed home.

When she came home from the mall she took off her clothes and stood in front of the mirror playing with her new breast. “God I love ‘em” She was so happy that she left her clothes off for the rest of the day.

When it came time to go to work she got dressed and put on one of her new sexy black bras and her new worktop. You could see a hint of the black material through the top but she didn’t care. Her nipples stuck out like tent posts.

When she got to work she thought she would have to try to explain her new breasts but know one noticed. (Mike had given them all instructions to accept all changes both to her body and her personality)

Throughout the night the male customers could not help but stair at Clarrisa’s new big breasts and she liked it, A LOT.

At the same time as the night before mike came in for dinner. Clarrisa came over and waited on him. “Wow, what happened to you?” Mike asked knowing the true answer.

“You wont believe it, but I woke up with these.” She said looking down at her breasts.

“Well I guess I have to, the proof is right there.”

She took his order and returned to the kitchen. While she as gone mike again make some changes to her for the night ahead.

Again he left a $100 dollar tip. “I cant take this big of a tip again mike,” she said. “Go ahead, from the looks of things you probably need the money for some new clothes. Besides, I have more money than I know what to do with.”

That night Clarrisa underwent some more changes. As she slept all of her hair follicles below her neck died. The only other physical change was that her calf muscles shortened. All night she dreamed about sex. Not just regular sex but also giving blow jobs, and anal sex. She never saw a face though during her dreams. Her acceptance of her changes was also pushed into her mind.

In the morning Clarrisa woke up and stood. She immediately got a bad cramp in both of her calves. She sat down on her bed and rubbed her legs. She noticed that the cramp would go away if she extended her toes. Again she stood up. This time when her legs stared to cramp up she stood on her toes, the cramps left. “My muscles must have cramped up during the night.” She said to her self as she walked to the bathroom on her toes.

She looked at her naked body in the mirror and smiled. Next she climbed into the shower. As she washed she noticed that the hair below her neck was washing off, including her pubic hair. “Great, no more trimming or shaving my legs.” She said. As she inspected her pubic area she started to rub her clit. She felt a jolt of energy go through her body. She then started to masturbate her self with her fingers coming to an orgasm stronger than she had ever had before. She had slipped to the floor of the bathtub during her orgasm and twitched with left over micro orgasms.

“My God. Wow. I’ve never cum like that before.” She then stood and finished her shower.

After getting cleaned up she returned to her bedroom. She was getting tired of standing on her toes and found her only pair of high heal shoes about 2 inches high. Her calf’s still cramped a little but it was not too bad. She put on another pair of shorts and a new shear light blue blouse.

Clarrisa returned to the bathroom and looked in the full-length mirror. Looking at her self she admired her new looks and was happy with the way her big new nipples could be seen through the shirt.

She could not help herself and had to reach up with both hands and pinch and twist both nipples. “Mmmmm feels soooo gooood.” She then looked at herself again and was impressed with the way her legs looked when she wore heals.

“I need some more clothes.” She turned and grabbed her purse as she headed back for the mall.

Clarrisa went strait to the shoe store. She found that if she wore shoes no shorter than 3 inches her legs felt ok. If she wore 4 inch or higher they felt great. The only problem was that she was not used to walking in high heals. She bought 6 pairs of new shoes. Three pairs of 5-inch spikes, 2 pairs of 4 inch shoes and a pair of 3 inch that she wore out. All had ankle straps.

The next store she found herself in was a Victoria’s Secret. She decided to buy clothes that showed off her new body. She picked out an assortment of sort mini skirts and short dresses that also showed off her big breasts. As she was getting ready to leave she noticed the stockings. She picked out a large array of calf stockings and garter belts. The pantyhose that she normally wore looked uncomfortable. She walked out wearing a new shiny black mini skirt, her top she had worn from home and her new high heals.

When she got home she noticed that it was already time to go to work. This time she put on her sheer white blouse and the same black mini skirt. She also wore a pair of black sheer stockings with matching garter belt. She looked in the mirror and smiled. Her skirt just barley covered her ass cheeks. She would have to keep pulling her skirt down. She had a 2 -3 inch piece of tanned legs showing from the hem of her skirt and the top of her stockings. Instead of the 3 inch high heals she had on a pair of 5 inch spikes. “Man do I look good or what?” She then went to work.

Once again her friends at work did not notice any changes. But Mike did. He had arrived before Clarrisa and put out a field of invisibility around himself. Tonight was the big night.

Now he watched as Clarrisa started waiting tables. He started making changes.

Clarrisa found herself walking sexily. Her hips swaying from side to side. She would try to walk normal, but it was like she forgot how too. She soon gave up.

About a half hour later she found that if she had to bend over to pick up something she couldn’t bend her knees. She would instead bend at the hips, lifting the back of her skirt so that everyone that looked would see her pubic mound tight under her panties. Again try as she might she could not bend her knees. Again she just gave up.

Mike was having a lot of fun watching the changes take place. He could have just instantly changed Clarrisa into the slut he was making her into. But this was much more fun. He already had decided that when the change was complete Clarrisa would know and understand what had happened to her. But she could only keep it to her self no matter how hard she tried.

A little wile latter she had to go the bathroom. Great a break from this terrible night for just of a couple of minuets. She went into the public restroom instead of the employees only and went into a stall. She immediately relaxed. As if her mind was on hold her hands removed her panties and then when she was done going to the bathroom she wiped with them and flushed them down the toilet. She never realized what she had done. At this same time words where removed from her vocabulary. She lost all politically correct words for body parts like breast, vagina, and penis. The only words she could think of and use where words like tit, titties, pussy, cunt, dick, and cock. She also had the ability to speak in the first person removed. She had to refer to herself in the third person. Her voice was also changed. It was raised and octave and she formed her sentences to sound like a little girl. She did not notice any of these changes while in the bathroom, but found out as she spoke.

Clarrisa left the bathroom and greeted a couple that came in. “HI, Can Clarrisa help you?” in a singsong little girl voice. She wanted to run away but instead acted normally. A look of confusion came on the faces of the customers, “Sure” the said. “OK, Follow Clarrisa.” She said as she escorted them to their table.

Mike was almost laughing. He had enough and sent out a message for every one to leave for the night including the staff except for Clarrisa. She stood in confusion as everyone left. Mike then took down his shield and Clarrisa noticed him. She walked up to him “Clarrisa’s scared, everyone left Clarrisa. Clarrisa is changing and doesn’t understand what is happening.”

“Oh, just set down. Maybe I can help.” Mike said and Clarrisa sat down.

“You see Clarrisa, I have special powers. I can change peoples minds and bodies to suite me.” Instantly Clarrisa was starting to panic. This is the man responsible for what’s been happening to her.

“When I moved her I decided to start a new group of sex slaves and you are the First of them.”

As he was talking, Clarrisa’s right hand started to masturbate her pussy and her left had opened up her blouse and she was playing with her tit with it. She couldn’t stop herself. Her will was broken.

“From now on you are my little slut. You even talk like a little girl now. You will constantly be horny. The bad news is that you can not cum unless I tell you to.”

“Why did you do this to Clarrisa? Why Clarrisa? Clarrisa’s a good little girl.” She begged.

“I did this to you because I wanted to. Now do a striptease for me on the table.”

She fought with all her might but she climbed up on the table and started to dance like a stripper to music only she could hear. Slowly she stripped off her top, bra, and then her skirt. She went to take off her panties and realized she didn’t have any on. She then went to take off the garter and stockings but mike stopped her.

“That’s enough. Just keep dancing and playing with yourself wile I give you the rules. After every rule you will answer “Yes Daddy” is that clear?”

“Yes Daddy”

“First you will always ware a garter belt and stockings, even when you sleep. The only time you will take them off is to shower.”

“Yes Daddy”

“You will never ware panties again.”

“Yes Daddy”

“You are a slut, whore, a bimbo to serve me as I wish.”

“Yes Daddy”

“If anyone tries to get you to go on a date or get you to have sex with them you will tell them that your “Mike’s slut, but if you talk to me I might let them rent you.”

“Yes Daddy”

“I will leave a list of some changes I want you to have done tomorrow and you will do them. I could just make them for you but I want you to understand just who is in charge.”

“Yes Daddy”

“You will expand you wardrobe as much as you can. You will spend all the money you make hear on clothes and such. I will take care of your other bills”

“Yes Daddy” She was crying now at the realization at what she had in store for the rest of her life.

“Stop crying and climb down here.” She instantly stopped crying and came down off the table.

“When you come before me in privet you will stand with you feet 2 feet apart and holding up both tits for inspection. You will remain like this until told otherwise. Now assume the position.”

“Yes Daddy” as she did as commanded.

“Good. Now give me a blow job.” Without thought she fell to her knees and wrapped her mouth around his cock and started sucking. She kept rubbing her tongue around his shaft. She had never given a blowjob before but she was amazed at the fact that she new exactly how to give one like a pro. She felt him start to cum and she slid his member all the way down her throat as he shot load after load into her stomach.

When he was finished she licked him clean and said “Thank you Daddy” She could not believe it she thanked this Fucker for this.

“Your welcome Slut. Now mount me”

She quickly straddled her master—Yes her master. And lowered her tight pussy over his cock. She them started to hump him faster and faster. “Oh yes, fuck Clarrisa. Fuck your sluttttt. Ohhhhhh yesssss........ Please let Clarrisa cummmmmmm.” She kept repeating as he humped him harder and faster. Her mind was wild with desire to cum.

Mike shot his hot cum in her pussy. He smiled as she continued to fuck him, then he said, “Ok slut, cum.” At the word “cum” she screamed and thrashed. When she was done she started to lick and clean up her masers cock.

“You are to clean up the restaurant in the nude. Then go home and get some rest. First thing in the morning you have some things to get done, don’t you?’

“Yes Daddy, Thank you for making me your slut Daddy” She could not understand why she said that. She hated this man. She wanted to kill him but it was as if her body had a mind of its own and she was just along for the ride.

Mike left the restaurant and left Clarrisa to her duties. She cleaned up the entire restaurant only in her garter, stockings, and heals. Never did she bend her knees. She also found that whenever she had her hands free she would use them to masturbate. Try as she might she could not make herself cum. When she left work she went home and went to sleep. When she was sleeping she again dreamed of sex of all kinds with Mike’s face as her lover. When she awoke she found one of her hands in her pussy and the sheets covered in sweat and cum.

She took a shower and dressed in a shear black skintight tank top, short black mini with a slit on the sides that in a stiff wind would allow her naked pussy to be fully exposed. She also put on a pair of fish net black stockings and a garter with her 5 inch spikes. She took a long look at herself in the mirror. “I sure DO look like a slut.” As she ran her hands up and down her body. “Maybe I am nothing but a slut?” She grabbed her list and left.

The first item was only and appointment at an address with the instructions to tell the man her name and that Mike had sent her. She was shocked to see that the address was a tattoo parlor. She did as she was told and was lead into a room in the back. A big fat man came in and told her that she needed to strip and to hurry up, he didn’t have all day. She quickly striped and was laid down on a table. The first thing he did was to take a large needle and pierced both her nipples. Nipple rings where put in each one. Next he had her open her mouth and stick her tongue out. He grabbed it and pulled it out as far as he could. The again took a large needle and pierced her tongue, not once, not twice, but three times. One in the middle of her tongue and one each on each side. He then placed a tongue stud in each hole.

The fat man then brought out his tattoo equipment. First he took both of her nipples and tattooed them dark brown so that they would visually stand out even more. Next he placed a tattoo just above her clit hood on her lower abdomen.

He saved the most painful part ‘till last. Without warning her took a needle and pierced her clit. Try as she might she could not help but scream. He placed a ring in her clit which had a little silver bell attached. When he was sure all of the bleeding from all of her piercing had stopped he told her to get up and get dressed.

With every move she made her pussy bell would ring. “God I can’t believe I just let this fat fucker do this to me.” She told her self. When she had finished dressing she was handed a letter by the man and it read: “for payment for services rendered you are to ask this man if you can suck his cock and mean it. If he says yes than do it. If he says no. Than pay with cash. Mike.” She dropped the letter and looked at the fat man with lust in her eyes. “Sir, Clarrisa wants to suck you big cock for all you have done for her.”

“How can I say no to a sweet little girl like you. You go right ahead young lady.”

“Thank you Sir” she said as she dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly. She looked at his short little dick. He looked like he had not washed in a month. But with out hesitation she wrapped her mouth around his cock and massaged his dick with her newly pierced tongue. It only took a few minuets before her shot is small load of cum down her throat.

She stood and smiled at him, said than you one more time and left. As she walked down the street she wondered what the tattoo by her pussy said. But she knew that she could not look at it or mike would have said so.

Next she found herself at the next address on the list. It was a clinic. Again she told the receptionist her name and that mike had sent her. And once again she was lead to a room. A Dr. entered and told her to again lie back on the table. He took a needle and syringe and injected her lips with collagen making her lips pout out all the time. He then gave her mega doses of antibiotics so that she would not get any infections from her new piercing. After that he inserted her arm with a Norplant to keep her from getting pregnant. After she was done paying the doctor the same way as the tattoo man she left.

She then entered a leather shop. The woman behind the counter looked at her. “You must be Clarrisa.” She said. “Yes” was all she could say. The woman came around the counter with a leather strap. She placed it around her neck and sealed it with a rivet. The collar had a tag on it that read: “Property of Mike”.

This time she was handed a letter that told her to eat her pussy until she came. She knelt down and started to eat her pussy. This was her first time with a woman but found the taste of the ladies pussy too her liking. She sucked and nibbled on her clit ‘till she came all over her face. Clarrisa sucked and licked up as much pussy juice as she could then left.

From her last appointment Clarrisa went to work. When she got there she tried to ask for help from her friends but all she could do was talk about how great she felt. Inside she wanted to cry. All night she waited on tables like she was working at a strip bar. Bending over at her hips, exposing her self to the patrons. With every step she took her pussy bell would ring. As the night the customers started to call her “Tinker” because of the ringing. One man asked her for a date and to her horror she replied like mike had told her to: “Clarrisa is Mike’s slut, but if you talk to Mike he might let them rent Clarrisa.” The man smiled and told her to send mike his way when she saw him next.

Clarrisa had to use the bathroom when she was done she stood at the mirror for the first time since she had left her house this morning. She was shocked at the sight. Her once normal mouth now had a permanent pouting smile. She stuck out her tongue and looked at the studs. “God help me.” She said out loud. Then she noticed her nipples through her shirt. They were so dark that It looked like she didn’t even have a shirt on. Plus her nipple rings pushed her shirt out even further. When she looked down at her skirt in the mirror she was shocked to see her pussy bell visible below the skirt. Slowly she raises her skirt to read the tattoo. “SLUT” was there in big letters. As she lowered her skirt she looked again in the mirror. “Clarrisa IS a slut. Clarrisa IS a cum sucking whore.” She turned and went back to work. This time she TRIED to look and act like a slut.

Later when mike came in he smiled and again put out an invisibility shield that also included Clarrisa. She came up to mike’s table and stood. “Ok slut, Strip and do it fast.” With no resistance Clarrisa striped down to her garter, stockings and shoes. “For the rest of the night you will work just as you are now. When you have a hand free you will finger your pussy. If you have two free you will play with your new tits and nipple rings. Understand?”

“Yes Daddy” She turned and went back to work. Clarrisa did not know that mike had put out a command to the patrons that they would not notice that Clarrisa was naked. Clarrisa worked throughout the evening naked, masturbating her pussy and pulling and twisting her nipples. After everyone left Clarrisa stood in front of mike with her legs apart and her hands cupping her tits.

“For the last time in you life Clarrisa I will give you control of you own thoughts and mouth only. What is on your mind?”

“Why. Why did you do this to me.”

Because I liked the way you looked. Nice ass, Nice legs. Your tits needed a little work though.”

“My body was fine. Now I just look like a cheep slut.”

“Exactly. You ARE a cheep slut now!”

“What are you going to do with me?” The whole time she did not move. She still was cupping her tits with her legs spread.

“Good question. Until I tire of you will be my personal slut. Your new job will be to take care of my household and me. You will awaken me with you mouth giving me a blowjob. When I get up you will bathe me and make my meals and the meals for my future sluts. Then you will take care of the house. Never to put on clothes again until I let you go. You wont leave the house. Your title will be house slut. When I decide to get rid of you I might give you partial freedom and let you live a semi normal life. Or I might make you my Toilet slut. What’s that you may ask? You will live in the bathroom till you die. Squatted down on your hunches with you hands behind you head. When I have to take a piss you will wrap you mouth around my cock and drink me dry. If I have to shit you will place you mouth around my ass and suck my shit for your food. The only time you will get to move is when you take your daily shower.”

Clarrisa was crying historically now. “You cant. I’ve never done any thing to you. Please let me go. You can make me never tell anyone. Please let me go. Please. PPPlllleasssee........make Clarrisa you slut” Mike put the final change into Clarrisa. “Clarrisa is you house slut. Please let me serve you master.”

“Get dressed slut and let’s go home.”

“Oh, Thank you Daddy” Clarrisa giggled as she got dressed and followed her new “Daddy” home with one hand in her pussy and the other playing with her tits and a big sluttish smile on her face. Inside she was screaming and screaming and screaming and . . . . . . . . .