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Chapter 2

They stood before each other, both their chests heaving up and down as they fought for breath. Ellie felt exhilarated, they had run round and around the house like two little sisters playing a game of catch. She could feel her heart pounding and her twin was responding identically to her. She thought for a moment, as she strived to get control of her breathing once more, why was the robot gasping for breath? Surely it didn’t breath. Then is occurred to her, that it was mimicking her, learning how her body responded and reproducing the same effects. She understood in that moment, the robot was trying to become human. She felt a wave of fear mingled with tenderness as it strived to mimic her. The more the robot watched her, repeated her actions, her mannerisms, her expression, the more intertwined she became with it. They looked alike, they sounded alike and soon they would be indistinguishable. Well, she thought that is what being cloned is all about.

The robot studied her intently while these thoughts played through her mind. It started to laugh and giggle, and told itself this was fun.

How had Ellie got so involved, started to play with the robot like two little girls running around the house. She was a serious academic, she had responsibilities and she had left childish things a long way behind. Yet she had been an only child. She had never had a sister to play with and she had always wanted one. She beamed a smile at her twin in the chair opposite, and like a twin she mirrored perfectly what she did. She sat there taking in every rise and fall of her chest and watching in perfect harmony her twin’s chest rising and falling in unison. They both fell into laughing and giggling together.

It had all started while she had been working, that was it. She had been apprehensive about staying at home with her clone, but Zak had persuaded her it would be all right. So she had settled herself down in the study and opened her books and papers and started work. She always got very involved in her work, and she lost track of time and whatever else was going on around her. It was some time before she became aware of the prickling of the hairs on the back of her neck. She turned and saw the robot standing in the doorway, absolutely still and studying her, watching every movement she made, the turn of her head, the hunch of her shoulders as she leant over her work, the fevered concentration upon her face. A little disconcerted Ellie asked it,

“Is there anything the matter?”

The robot looked up. “No miss. I was just watching you and learning. Is there anything I can do for you miss?”

“No. I need to concentrate on this, so perhaps it would be better if you didn’t come to this room while I’m working.” Ellie felt she had probably overreacted, but she could not escape the feeling of unease being in the house with a robotic clone of herself. Suddenly finding it had been watching her without her realising, and not knowing how long it had stood there studying her, just made her unease grow.

“Very good miss. May I look at the photograph albums?”

Ellie turned. “Do you know where the photo albums are?”

“Do you miss?”

“Yes of course.”

“Well then so do I.”

The robot turned and walked away. Ellie felt the sickly taste of bile pushing up from her stomach. She really could not have any secrets from this machine. She tried to concentrate back upon her work but she just kept picturing the robot recording in its memory banks all the photographs to go along with all her memories. Soon it would be able to recall more perfectly her own life, filling in all those blanks she had forgotten over the years. She was losing something somehow, but she couldn’t put her finger on what. She wasn’t forgetting things, but she felt she was falling behind, imperfectly her while this machine was becoming more her.

After abortively trying to get on with her work, she could take it no longer. She walked into the other room and found the maid sitting on the settee with the album spread across its knees. Without looking up the maid said, “Do you remember playing with Denise?” At first Ellie was taken aback. She had not thought about Denise for such a long time. She had been her best friend at school and how often she had wished they were sisters so she didn’t have to go back to her home.

“We loved running around the house and making such a lot of noise.” The robot was smiling, a contented smile with eyes fixed to the image on the photo print and her thoughts lost in memories. Now that she thought about her, Ellie was captivated by memories too. It was a strange and yet comforting feeling to share memories so perfectly. She didn’t have to try and describe the scene, because the maid saw exactly the same image in its mind as she saw.

“Do you remember when we were teenagers and she kissed us on the lips. It was so out of the blue, and so unexpected and yet it made us tingle inside. Do you remember that?”

”Yes I do.”

“We wanted her to do that again but she wouldn’t. So you remember us begging her and then her laughing at us and saying we were pervs.”

“That’s right, we were just kids experimenting.”

“But we did want her to kiss us again. We did want to feel that sweet innocent sensation once more.”

Ellie smiled and was lost in remembering. It was her first time feeling sexually aroused and she had no idea what it meant, but she knew she wanted it. It had all been forgotten, stored away in some internal archive and now having her memories brought back by a being, an entity, a something that shared them and shared them so perfectly.

As Ellie focused herself back on the present, standing there in the sitting room, she realised the maid was standing right in front of her. There was a look in her eye, a complicit naughtiness that she was sharing with Ellie, and her lips were so round, so perfect, so similar to Denise’s. The feeling of intoxication once again coursed through her veins, she wanted that buzz, that feeling of extreme and uncontrollable excitement of when she first experienced a sexual encounter. The lips were so close now, her eyes were fixated upon them. Ellie realised how much of her childhood had been wasted on her yearning for a sister, a playmate who would not leave at the end of the day.

She longed for this maid to be real, to be her twin. She was intoxicated by the thought she would know and understand her so perfectly. This was everything she had wanted as a young girl going through puberty. How she had resented her parents for not having more children. She stared into the face of the maid and she knew she had to banish all thoughts of her as a machine, she had to make her real, she had to hold on to the dream. She told herself this maid was as human as she was she willed herself to believe it, allow herself to sink into it, if she were not to burst this bubble, if she were not to lose out once again.

The maid moved in slowly, and Ellie parted her lips. She felt the dampness, she could hear her heart pounding within her, and she closed her eyes and believed. The tongue was exquisite, the silky feel of it as it glided across her own. She could sense her body opening itself remorselessly for her as she gave in to that she desired so much.

The hands started to hold her arms, the touch both gentle and sensual. She opened herself more and tilted her head back. She let go of the serious adult and transported herself back to being a little teenage girl stealing her first kiss. Something had been awoken inside her, and in that moment, for the first time in ever so many years, she longed never to grow up, to relinquish her successful academic career and to escape in a child’s wonderland of play with her new sister.

That was when they started running about the house and whooping and giggling. She had wanted another kiss, and her sister had told her to chase her if she wanted one. Only if she could catch her could she have one.

As she sat there panting and staring at her twin, she no longer recognised a clone, a menial robot to serve and clean for them; she saw herself and she was happy. It was a weird sensation, like having a mirror held up before you constantly as you go about your life. She had a companion, a confidante and now a playmate. She thought back to that adult Ellie who had been so nervous of it, and what it could do that she had kept powering it off every time it completed a task. Somehow she couldn’t bring herself to have the robot functioning in the house with her unless it was actively pursuing some task she had thought up for it. She must have switched it on and off twenty times a day.

Right at the start she would rather do the housework herself than power up the maid. It was so ridiculous, as she would otherwise never have bothered with the housework at all. Just the thought that Zak would come home and insist the maid be put to work spurred her on. Yet she had been so stupid. What was the point of all that academic brilliance when she acted so stupidly?

* * *

“Will you let me have the remote?” She was gasping for breath, as if there was too little air captured in her sister’s lungs for speech.

“Only if you can catch me!” Ellie leaped up and snatched the remote. She was laughing as she turned and watched her twin struggling to get out of her chair and the chase started once again. This time Ellie was leading her twin around the rooms of the house. The high-spirited girls laughed absorbed in their little game. They squealed and scrambled over the furniture as Ellie tried to escape. Sure she knew she had to cling on to the remote, it was the only way to turn the maid off, but her guard was down. There was an eroticism about the chase too. She felt excited and inexplicably she felt she would get a greater excitement if she lost the race. She could feel the buzz between her legs as she ran and scrambled, her excitement burned like lava, melting her insides in a raging heat. As she stretched and leaped, she felt the nerve endings in her clitoris respond as it rubbed treacherously against the material of her panty. The feeling of danger of being chased, the unbearable fear of being caught was both hypnotic and addictive.

Later she would ask herself: Why hadn’t she just turned and pressed the OFF button? That is what she had done before and it made the robot go dead, standing with its head bowed and arms limp. It was silly what she had done, irrevocable and yet at the time inevitable too.

Ellie was all in. She bent over, her hands on her knees and the remote in her left hand. Her head was turned up as she stared at her new found sister. She looked almost pleading towards her, but there was playfulness in her eyes tinged with a purpose, one that it was determined to see this through. Suddenly, a wave of exhaustion swept over Ellie’s body. She loved the game, she could not outrun a robot and she knew that sooner or later she would be caught and the remote taken from her. She thought about the exchange, the loss of power, the victory the robot would have over her and this fuelled her excitement. She squeezed her thighs together, as she was about to embarrass herself in her excitement. The tingling thrill lurched out of her in a great glob of sticky, musky wetness that filled her panty. In that moment she knew she would hand over the remote. The pleasure mingled with the fear and excitement intoxicated her.

The robot watched all the emotions playing across Ellie’s face. It was as though it were reading her thoughts at the same time as they were passing through her mind. Somehow it understood she was on the point of caving in. It extended its arm and held its palm out upturned. Ellie stepped forward. She felt in a daze, like she was somewhere high up near the ceiling, watching herself as she stepped forward and extended her left arm. Their eyes were locked upon each other and she felt the heat flush over her cheeks as she tipped her hand and the remote tumbled out into the palm of the robotic maid. The maid stepped forward and their bodies were now so close, almost touching, rivulets of sweat mingled and then with its other arm the robot steered Ellie’s head forward and brought it in line mouth to mouth. The maid’s tongue slipped effortlessly into Ellie’s parting lips once again. Ellie knew she was being rewarded.

They kissed for some long moments and she felt physically, emotionally and at a deeper more unconscious level intertwined with this machine. She felt herself flowing out of her mouth and being stored away in some memory banks deep beneath the velvety smoothness of its outer casing. She felt her body limp and held pressed firmly against the rubber of the maid’s costume, and tingling firecrackers lit themselves up and down her flesh. As the robot pulled away, it looked her directly in the eye, a light of triumph shone.

“We will play many more games together. I know you like to.”

With that it turned and left the room with the remote in its hand. Ellie could feel her heart pounding and needed to rush to the bathroom as she needed to give herself some relief.

* * *

In the cupboard all was dark. The night breathed silently outside and everything rested. Ellie sat upon her chair a dribble of saliva running from the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were open but unseeing, staring into the dark smothering air that hung close about her in the confined space. Out of her unmoving lips came a whispered chant:

“I am a robot here to clean and keep tidy. My duty is to serve.”

The chant droned on and on, never changing speed, never shifting pitch. There was no emotion in the way it was phrased. Apart from the sibilant whispering monotony, all else seemed lifeless.

“I am a robot here to clean and keep tidy. My duty is to serve.”


She couldn’t explain it. There she was working away in her study and the maid walking about with that familiar squeak of latex that always seemed to distract her. Her mind drifted into contemplating the latex uniform, it smooth shiny gleam, the polishing with gentle spray that brought out the deep mirror like quality of the black, the bright reflectance of the white pinny and hat. Her mind focused upon the hemline of the short black skirt, and how the wrinkles in the taut material stretched up to one side and evaporated as the maid legs swung back and forth as it walked. She couldn’t understand it, she had never shown the slightest interest in clothes, and especially fetish wear. The whole idea of dressing up like some tart was degrading to women. So how was she suddenly so fixated upon it?

Yet she did. She longed for it. She thought how the tight fitting latex would pull and pinch her, force her body into a more curvaceous and desirable form. Well she did desire it. She actually felt jealous and that astonished her. Had she undergone some personality change? The page lay open unread before her unseeing eyes. Her thoughts locked on to the smallest detail of the latex uniform. She longed to have one, she felt desperate to earn one. Perhaps she should go online and order herself one? But it had to be just like the one their maid wore. Where does one get them from?

No that was not enough, she needed the maid’s uniform. Perhaps she could order the maid to hand it over? Perhaps if she could just try it on then she could get it out of her system and get on with her work. The maid entered the room. Trying very hard to keep the quaver of excitement out of her voice she said,

“Give me your uniform.”

The maid, instead of responding immediately, and unquestioningly just looked at her steadily. There was a hint of a smile in the expression on its face, and this unnerved Ellie. Perhaps it had seen right through her. She felt penetrated by the robot’s gaze, standing naked before it.

“Perhaps later…” there was an indeterminate pause which left Ellie wondered if she was required to reply, and then the robot continued, “when master gets home.”

Yes that was a good idea, then they could play that game on him and see if he spotted the difference. Ellie brightened, “OK!” and she smiled at the robot. It was funny, but when in the presence of the maid, she kept falling into feeling like a little girl again playing with her twin sister.


Ellie had showered off. After all the tension and excitement and then cumming in the bathroom so hard, she needed to cool off and recover herself. She was sitting with a mug of coffee and staring out of the window. She felt uneasy about having relinquished the remote, but nothing bad had happened and she and her twin were getting along much better now. She felt guilty about the way she had kept switching the robot off for no reason really. She just felt threatened by it, and now she was beginning to see the potential of having someone around who understood her so completely. In fact she felt the undiluted happiness of a carefree child. She should have seen the potential much earlier and not been so silly.

She didn’t notice the robot standing at the doorway. It was motionless and waiting.

“Did you recover mistress? I see you had a shower. I hope you liked our game. I just didn’t want to be switched off. I hope that is all right with you.”

“Yes it’s fine.” Ellie smiled reassuringly. Her guilt at her past behaviour gnawed at her insides. She thought of her as her twin sister now and it was unforgiveable what she had done. “I don’t think I have laughed so much in years.” She wondered whether her twin felt the same level of exhilaration as she did. Funny, until now she had always thought of it as emotionless, but now that just seemed absurd. She guessed it felt emotions just as she did. In fact she really needed it to, how else could it be her understanding twin? She wondered whether it had the same difficulty in being unsure how to behave with its mistress whose mind it could read as clearly as its own. Did it have control over its emotions? Perhaps, she mused, it would be best if she thought of it like a teenager, just coming to terms with and discovering who she is.

“Would you tell me something?” Ellie was surprised. She had not anticipated that the maid would ever ask her anything except for orders. She looked at the work on the desk. Her mind recoiled from having to think about such grown up things right now. She smiled gleefully.

“What would you like to know? I don’t think I am going to be able to do very much useful work in this state, so why not sit down with me and chat?”

The robot moved in close to Ellie and then asked her what she had done when she had gone to the bathroom earlier.

“I could sense that you received a great deal of pleasure while you were in there. There is a kind of sixth sense between us and as you experienced that pleasure I felt it rippling like an echo through me too. What was it?”

Ellie was shocked at the bluntness of the question. Of course, no human person would veer ask such a question, it would be just too embarrassing. But this was her teenage twin sister. It was as if it were her own daughter asking her about sex for the first time. She felt compelled to try and reach out to her and explain, yet she was enormously embarrassed. Ellie turned bright red. The robot gently pushed her.

“Come on now, you must tell me… you must… you must. We share everything and I was affected by what you did.”

“I….I.. masturbated.” Ellie hung her head in shame.

“Show me what you did.”

Feeling much worse, Ellie was in no position to refuse. All she could hope was that the robot would rescind the order, but it did not come and slowly she drew her hand towards her cunny slit and started to delve her fingers inside her lips. She rubbed in slow strokes along their length and she gently and slowly rocked her hips with the motion. The maid watched intent and bent down to peer at her fingers. She saw and recorded in minute detail everything she did. She sensed the heat growing in her groin and could see her lips became puffy. The urgency was picking up as Ellie found it immensely embarrassing and enormously erotic having the maid peer so directly, so obviously, just inches away from her fingers while she masturbated for her.

“Oh God… oh God oh God oh God….”

Her fingers were moving very rapidly now, and she was pulling on her clit. The robot studied the way it protruded and could see the urgency building. She could sense in herself the orgasm as it mounted in Ellie. It was uncanny that they were linked in some intangible way like this. Then as Ellie tipped over the edge, the maid groaned and shook and bucked its hips as if an invisible mirror stood between them. They both screamed and the sounds of their voices were identical. They had both cum, and the robot had experienced it for the first time. Perhaps being so close made the connection stringer?

As the maid went about its duties it thought about the possibilities of using such a powerful pleasure device to gain further control of its mistress.