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It seems important to have one, so here it goes: disclaimer- If you shouldn’t be reading this, you know who you are. If you are too young or just not interested, leave now. This story has gay sex and mind control, both of which many object to. I don’t want to see this story on any web site that charges, etc., etc.

This is my first story, and I am a horrible typer, so bear with me. If you have any comments or questions, or praise, e mail me at


My name is Aaron. I am attending my junior year at a prestigious college, one of those where you are either so smart you don’t have to pay, or your parents are so rich it doesn’t matter. Admittedly I am the later. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid or anything, I just never really applied myself to my studies like other students did. After all there are so many better ways to spend time if you’re a hot jock like me.

Let me describe myself so you understand exactly what I mean. I am 6′2 and weigh about 180lbs of pure lithe muscle. I am a star on my school’s crew team, so my body is rock solid. I have blond hair that is always just a little too long and looks like I just rolled out of bed. Truth be told, I usually have just rolled out of someone’s bed. I have blue eyes that are usually described as either icy or piercing. Anyway all modesty aside, it all adds up to a package that scores me all the snatch my 8 inch dick can handle, and it hasn’t met it’s match yet. What can I say, I’m a pussy hound. So what if my studies fall a little behind, I’ve never had any trouble getting by with what I have.

So I have this regular fuck friend, Jean, this girl is a cock hound. I’ve never seen anything like it. My dick is like a matador’s red cape, I just let her see it and she comes charging like a hungry bull. Last night after we finished this greuling “study session”, Jean and I are lying in my bed completely spent, when she starts telling me some of her fantasies. This stuff blew my mind. She was saying how she always wanted some hot guy to tie her up and take charge of her. This shit blew me away, i’d never really thought about anything like that, but the more she talked, the more scenarios she outlined, the hotter I got. So she gets me all turned on with her talk, and then she leaves. What a cock-tease. She says she has to go home and study for real.

I coulnd’t even get to sleep without beating off.

The whole time I’m wanking, all I’m thinking of is how hot it would be to make Jean pay for being such a nerdy bitch. When I came, I got this great idea. I decided I would blow off some classes and do a little shopping to surprise her.

So, I roll out of bed at around noon, brush my teeth, pick some clothes off the floor, and head into town.

There’s this little store dowtown that I always walked past with blacked out windows, you know the kind, so nothing “questionable” can be seen. It just has this little sign over the door that says “Custom Leather”.

I park my car a block down the street and wait until no one is near and quietly walk in the store. God forbid any of my buddies see me go in here. I would never here the end of it.

Inside, faint light glints off rack after rack of black leather. This is my first time in a store like this so I’m a little shocked just by the quantity of the stuff. There are all kinds of harnesses for every part of the body. There are racks and shelves of hoods and collars and gloves and boots. I feel overwhelmed, like I’m in some sick perverted heaven of gleaming leather.

The shock must have shown on my face, because the guy behind the counter asks if I’m okay. I hadn’t even noticed the guy, but as he walked towards me I wonder how I had missed him.

This guy is huge. He towers over my not inconsiderable height by at least a head. He isn’t just tall though, he’s built like a brick house. He has more musle than I’ve ever seen outside of one of those muscle competitions. His muscle is somehow smoother than those guys though, but somehow he just exudes “big”. I’ve never been into guys or anything, but I have to give credit where credit is due , and I bet this guy scores more, with his black hair and blacker eyes, than I ever could.

“What are you shopping for today?", he asks in a deep, big, voice that matches his looks.

“Well”, I say shaking out of my awe of both this place and the behemoth in front of me,“I was looking for some straps to tie my girl up with, but I didn’t even know about all the possibilities until I walked in here.”

“Yeah, I figured this was your first time in this kind of store. So you want some straps, and judging by the way you were staring, a few of these other things as well.”

“This stuff is awesome, I just never knew ther was all of this out there.”

“Actually, out there, there isn’t all of this. Most of these are my own creations. I work out of the back of the shop. I just make whatever comes into my head.”

“Man, there’s some crazy shit in your head.”

“Yeah there is. So what crazy shit are you interested in?”

“Well it’s all pretty cool, but I don’t want to freak my girl out with too much our first time at this. I think I should start out with something small.”

“Well the collars are no problem, I’ve got such a wide selection I know we can find something for you, but how about just a little bit more. I have this great set of collars that I recomend for beginners. Come over here and I’ll show them to you.”

He walks over to the counter and reaches underneath it. He comes back up with these two leather collars, one with metal letters that spell out “Master”, the other says “slave”.

“I like these for beginners”, he explains, “because they set the scene and the roles from the very beginning. Here”, he says, turning a collar over and raising it to my neck, “try it on. Turn arround these things can be tricky to clasp if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

I turn around and after a few secomds I hear a click, and feel the leather tight against my neck. I turn around and the man hands me a mirror. Light reflects off the black collar and the words glow silvery in the dim room, spelling out “slave”.

“Well it’s not bad, but I sort of intended to be wearing the other one.” I said.

“Oh sorry, I just grabbed the first one. Here, I’ll try on the other one so you can see what it looks like.”

“That’s alright, I can just take this one off and then try that one on.” I say as I reach behind my neck to take off the collar. I feel around, but can’t even find a seam. “You’re right these are tricky when you don’t know what you’re doing.”

I look up to see the man fixing the collar around his neck. I hear that, now, tell-tale click, and know that he’s done.

The man looks down at me and as my eyes meet his my collar starts to tingle.

“I like the way that collar looks on you. What do you think?” he asks me, his voice sounding more soothing, more deep, and just a little more commanding.

“Yeah”, I say as the tingling sensation of the collar increases, “, but maybe I should try the other one on now.”

“No, I think that one looks beter on you. And i know you like the way this one looks on me, right?”

I look in the mirror again, and then at him. The way the black lether hugs the muscles in his neck starts to look really good to me. “Yeah, I like that collar on you.” I hear myself say as the collar starts to distract me.

“In fact, don’t you think these are the right roles? Don’t I look like a Master, and you, let’s face it, look like a perfect slave.”

With his words now the only thing in my head but the tingling of the collar, his words are my new reality. The truth of his voice begins to hit like bullets to my brain.

“You look like the perfect slave for me, actually, and I know that you need me to be your master. Do you want me to be your master?”

After he says it, there is no question that I need him as my master. “yes, please sir will you be my master?”

“I suppose I could do that for you boy. So slave, you came in here to buy tools to use on some girl. Girls don’t hold any interest for you now though do they?”

Thoughts of women and pussy fade from my mind at my master’s statement, and I respond to him, “Yes master”.

“In fact the only person you can be excited by now is me, your master. I am perfect in your eyes. I am your only source of pleasure, right boy?”

I feel my cock throb to life as I look at my Master. How could I not have noticed how perfect my Master is, how much I need him. “Yes Master, you are perfect,” I respond, “I worship you.”

“Very good boy, Your obedience pleases me. I know it makes you feel good to obey. In fact you cannot disobey. All thoughts of disobedience, all shreds of will are now fading.”

“Yes master”

“You are such a good boy.” Master says as he reaches over and pats me on the head. A low grumbling purr comes to my lips, unbidden, at my master’s touch.

“Thank you master.”

“Follow me boy” master says and I follow him as he walks by the front door, locks it, puts up a closed sign, and then walks towards the back of the store. The whole time I stare at my Master. I love the way his muscles ripple in his tight white t shirt. The way his butt fills his black leather pants. Every aspect of my Master fills me with longing and causes my now painfully trapped erection to swell even more.

I follow him into a back workroom filled with bolts of black leater, metal rings and chains. One side of the room is a different kind of work table though. It is lined with old leather bound books, odd looking jars, and strange arcane tools.

“This is where I pratice my two arts, boy. I make leather for a living. I make magic for my pleasure. You are the first to experience my power, how does that feel boy?”

“Fantastic master! Thank you for letting me be the first.”

“I’ve just started, boy. By the time i’m done with you, you won’t need to wear that collar. You will be my slave forever. Do you want that boy?”

“Oh yes Master, please make me your slave.” Panic leaks into my voice at the thought that these feelings for my Master could ever fade.

“Good boy. To start, strip for me, let’s see the body of my first slave.”

“Yes master”, I say as I rush to comply. It takes agonizing seconds for me to obey my master, but I finally stand before my Master naked.

He takes a slow walk around me, looking up and down. I try to read his face, to see if he is pleased, but his face is an expressionless mask. I long for his approval. I flex my ass as he watches and push my chest out to impress him. He finally stops in front of me and says,“Very nice boy. you have a big dick for a slave. I love your hot tight ass. It’s a virgin ass, isn’t it slave?”

“Yes Master.” I am so proud that my master is pleased with me.

“Let’s start off by teaching you your place. Get down on the ground and clean these boots with your tongue.”

I am on my knees before my master is done speaking. My tongue snakes out to ravish Master’s dirty boots. I slober over his huge feet until the once dusty boots glimmer with my drool. I become lost in my work as my vision and soul become absorbed by the black leather and the feet encased in it.

“Good boy,” Master says, patting me on the head. “Now remove my boots, and show the same attention to my smelly feet.”

“Yes master.” I lovingly untie his boots and pull them off. I am instantly assaulted by the foulest sweetest smeel coming from his stiff white socks. I instantly bury my face in his socks and take deep breaths of the intoxicating smell. This is my master, so this smell is perfect. It is what I need.

“Remove those socks and make love to my feet, boy.”

Using my teeth I tug the socks off Master’s feet. I dive into his rank feet tongue first, licking and sucking with every bit of my soul. I lavish attention on each toe and run my tongue lovingly up and down the insole. I am In heaven until Master kicks me away. I lay sprawled on the floor as tears come to my eyes at the thought that my master is dipleased with me.

“Don’t worry slave, you did a great job. I only made you leave my feet so you could claim your reward. Look up slave.”

I look up to see my master’s pants open and his beautiful enormous cock jutting out. It must be at least 10 inches of firm flesh with an enormous knob crowning it and leaking precum from its slit. His huge goose egg sized balls hang beneath it, full and heavy with his cum. Up and down the shaft are tattoos of letters I’ve never seen before. They flow before my eyes never quite settling on one shape.

“This is the means of your final enslavement boy. These words give my cum a unique power. Drinking from this cock will make you mine for ever. If that is what you want boy, beg to suck it.”

I want to be his more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. “Please Master, please let me suck you. My life is nothing without you. I need you and I need to be your’s completely. The thought of not serving you forever makes me want to die. Please master, let me serve you.”

“Very good boy. You have my permission. go for it.”

“Thank you Master.” I say as I throw myself at his dick. At the first taste of his precum I know that I made the right choice walking into this store today. I lick up and down the gigantic cock of my Master. I take it in my mouth and try to force it down my throat, but my rebelious body fights it and I gag.

“Don’t worry boy, you will learn in time how to take me with ease. Take your time.” My master is so kind to be so patient with me.

I lose track of time I could have been sucking for an hour, or it might have been five minutes, it didn’t matter, so long as master was pleased.

“Boy, get ready, your conversion is nearly complete.” I go at Master’s cock with renewed vigor and am rewarded with a rich full throated howl frow my Master as his cock begins to twich and grow even more in my mouth.

The head of his cock explodes deep in my mouth with the sweetest thing I have ever tasted. As it is greedily swallowed, my body begins to feel awash with liquid fire. I feel it start in my mouth and rush down my body like a wave. It is both agony and ecstasy at the same instant. When the wave reaches my dick it explodes with the most powerful load of cum I’ve ever shot. My head swims with pleasure and I black out. Master’s dick falling from my mouth as I collapse to the floor limply.

I wake up on the floor, Master seated above me. I look up into his eyes and feel a reminiscent wave of pleasure as I see him smile with pleasure.

“Very good boy. How do you feel?”

“Great Master, Thank you Master.”

Master reaches down and removes my collar, and I notice that his is already gone.

“Thank you for taking me Master.” I say with devotion as I curl up, exhausted, at my Master’s feet.

To be continued....