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Kate’s new flatmate will do anything to make sure she is comfortable in her own home.

Kate was still getting used to having a flatmate. It had only been a matter of days since Sara had moved her things in, and Kate had always enjoyed living alone. But on her trainee nurse’s salary, she just couldn’t afford the place on her own any more. She had always been careful with money, but living in the city was just so expensive. Still, Kate had been apprehensive about giving up her precious space. So far though, Sara was seemingly perfect.

She had advertised on Flatshare Finder, and Sara was the first to reply. She said she was an aspiring musician, and Kate doubted at first that she would afford her share of the rent. Sara assured her thought, that she could pay up front for the initial six months. Kate was impressed. Perhaps she’s a trust fund girl, she thought. In any case, that sealed the deal for them both.

They made for quite a contrasting pair. Whilst Kate considered herself rather short and a little chubby, Sara was tall and leggy. With her straight blonde hair, she had a strikingly different look from Kate’s mousy brown curls.

In spite of herself, Kate began to feel a little jealous of her new flatmate. Whilst she spent exhausting twelve-hour shifts in the hospital, Sara enjoyed her days at home, creating her music solely on her laptop. Kate listened to her new pieces politely; they were mostly pleasant electronica. Who knew how she ever hoped to make a career out of it, though. Still, Sara kept the house nice and tidy, and even offered to cook dinner on the nights when Kate arrived home late.

“I just want you know know, Kate,” Sara said on the very first day she moved in. “This is your home, and I want to do anything I can to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.”

She really was very sweet, Kate decided.

* * *

Kate’s alarm had gone off as usual at 5.30, and she had spent the entire day on her placement in the hospital. Another long shift of bronchitic babies and overdosing addicts, and her overtime stretched long past her assigned handover. The sky was already dark by the time she escaped the ward and caught the subway home. Finally she was able to close her front door behind her and slump down into a chair, feeling utterly spent. She couldn’t help but yawn noisily. Sarah appeared from her bedroom, looking a little concerned.

“What’s wrong, Kate?” She asked.

“Oh! I’m sorry if I bothered you. It’s just been a long day in the ward. I’m exhausted, but I feel too wired to sleep. I often have trouble with insomnia.”

“You could try one of my recordings. I make ASMR audio to help people get relaxed enough to fall asleep.”

“ASMR?” Kate puzzled.

“It stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’.” Explained Sara. “Not everyone is fortunate enough to experience it, but it’s like a sweet tingle you feel all over your body when exposed to certain aural elements.”

“You mean like goosebumps?”

“Sort of. You’ll know if you feel it. Listen to my recording and you can let me know if it works.”

So when Kate retired to bed that night, she popped in her earbuds and cued up the track Sara had placed in her dropbox. She laid her head down on her pillow and listened intently. At first there was nothing but silence, but gradually she began to make out different sounds.

She could hear tiny crackles and pops, the swish of a brush being swept gently over the microphone. Slow, steady breathing sounds overlaid with gentle tapping and pleasing scraping noises. Chewing sounds, or perhaps the gentle swaying of branches in the breeze. Maybe it was both at the same time. Kate felt her scalp begin to tingle. Her skin tightened pleasurably, and she felt tiny prickles of pleasure tickle across her whole body. Wow! I can actually feel it! Sara is really amazing at these! Kate thought.

She heard Sara speaking into her ear, as though she were lying right next to her in bed, whispering words so softly she couldn’t quite make out the words themselves. All she knew was that they were nicely calming and soothing. She heard kissing and suckling sounds, and the sweep of lips across her ears. She could feel herself relaxing, letting go of all the things that had happened during the day. Sometimes things that happen are meant to happen, she thought, as she slowly drifted off into a marvellous slumber.

* * *

Kate woke up feeling rested and well refreshed. Her day in the hospital breezed by. When she got home she couldn’t compliment her flatmate enough.

“That’s wonderful, Kate! I’m so happy you like it. You’re very lucky to feel the effects properly.” Sara smiled. “Would you like me to make you another one?”

“Would you? I’d love that. But there is something else I have to talk to you about.” She rubbed her nose, preparing for her next sentence. She had remembered something very important that day, during her shift.

“What is it, Kate?”

“Well, this is my house. And I have to be honest, when I’m at home I prefer to be naked. I lived that way before you moved in, and I really feel like I need to return to my routine now that we’ve gotten to know each other. I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, but it’s something you’re going to have to get used to.”

“This is your home, Kate. I told you when I moved in, it’s important for me to know that you are as comfortable as you want to be. And if taking your clothes off makes you feel better, then please, don’t mind me.”

Kate’s spirits were immediately lifted.

“Good. I’m glad you understand.” Kate said. She had already slipped off her t-shirt, and was busy unclasping her bra. When she was fully nude she looked at Sara, but she seemed nonplussed at her nakedness. That’s such a relief, thought Kate. I thought we might have a had a problem there, but Sara is obviously happy with my rules.

* * *

Time passed, and to her slight disappointment, Kate felt the effects of Sara’s ASMR recordings begin to diminish. Kate felt bad. She really wanted to keep experiencing that fantastic tingling sensation, but she didn’t want to criticise her flatmate for not making music quite as good as her original.

One evening, Sara couldn’t help but notice that Kate seemed very agitated as they both sat watching television.

“Are you comfortable, Kate?” Asked Sara.

“Well, no, to be honest.” Kate replied. “I just can’t seem to relax, sitting here. It’s no good, Sara. I’ve been listening to your tracks but I still feel like I have insomnia. I wake up in the mornings feeling more tired than ever.”

“Well, I have an idea. I’ve made a whole new recording for you. So why don’t you put in your headphones and come rest your head on my lap as you listen to it?

Kate considered this for a moment. Rest my head on Sara’s lap? It seemed absurd at first, but the more she thought about it, the better it sounded. If Sara was willing to be so accommodating, there really was no reason to turn her down.

Kate thought she might have to clamber up onto the sofa so she could lie Sara’s lap, but instead she simply pulled her legs apart. Kate knew somehow exactly what to do. She knelt between Sara’s legs and shuffled in closer until her head rested between Sara’s thighs. Kate couldn’t help taking a deep, satisfying breath. She could smell the deep, heady perfume her flatmate wore. Gently, Sara placed the earbuds connected to her phone into Kate’s ears and pressed play.

Kate listened intently to the satisfying scraping sounds, the pops and crinkles playing through her ears and across her skin. She heard the nurturing, placating whispers. Her eyes fluttered shut. The sighs and light rubbing of fingers across a microphone. She felt light and floaty as the smacking and brushing reverberated through her mind and into her body. They let her drift off into sweet droopy sleep, content and comfortable at last.

Suddenly Kate felt a shaking of her shoulder.

“Time to go to bed, sleepyhead!” Sara laughed. Kate looked at her watch. Hours had passed and it was dark outside!

Kate stumbled her way into her bedroom. Even though she seemed to have dozed completely between Sara’s legs, she slept a deep, contented sleep all night. The nightmare of insomnia had been exorcised, and the next day in work, she felt utterly content.

* * *

The two flatmates settled into a comfortable pattern. When she got home after a busy shift Kate immediately took off her clothes so she could feel perfectly comfortable. Sara was usually sitting on the sofa, reading a book or watching television.

“Can … can I rest my head in your lap again?” Kate would ask.

Soon enough, she found there was no need to say anything. Sara was so considerate. She seemed to instinctively know when Kate felt the urge to rest and relax. She would silently spread her legs, and Kate would gratefully walk over to reach her. She would lean in and bury her face in that sweet, sensational spot between Sara’s thighs. She could nuzzle in and smell Sara’s musk, and allow herself to drift off listening to Sara’s latest track, as Sara gently stroked her hair.

One evening, as Kate walked over to her, Sara raised a hand to stop her.

“Remember what I told you, Kate. You have to crawl to me.”

“Of course I remember!” She said.

Kate knew she was right. She always felt better being on her hands and knees when she was indoors.

* * *

And so they continued their enjoyable routine, Kate finding a peaceful cure for her insomnia in the lap of Sara, listening to her music. She would undress and crawl into the living room, and lay down her head. One evening, however, Sara gently clasped Kate’s head in her hands before she could lay down properly. She looked into her eyes.

“Kate, this is peachy and all, and you know I’ll do anything to make you feel comfortable.”

“But what’s wrong?” Asked Kate, suddenly fearful that Sara no longer wanted her to lay her head down on her thighs.

“Nothing is wrong, Kate. It’s just that I’ve been doing this for you. Don’t you think you should do something for me?”

“What would you like me to do?”

As an answer, Sara stood up. Kate craned her neck up from her kneeling position, the better to keep Sara’s eyes in view. She unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down and off from her feet. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“I really think I’ll be able to make you feel more comfortable once you’ve given me an orgasm.”

Kate’s face flushed with surprise. She had never done that to a woman before. But Sara was being so helpful. She had gone to the trouble of making all these new audio tracks just to help her relax. Wasn’t this the least she could do? Kate smiled and nodded her assent.

“Good girl.” Said Sara, sitting back down. She opened her legs wide, as though to invite Kate to crawl in further. Kate did so, and tentatively pressed her face into Sara’s pussy. Her scent is so incredible! Thought Kate. It’s so much stronger and beautiful now that there’s no clothes in the way.

She tongued at her slit, running her tongue intimately over her lips just the way she liked herself to be touched. She lapped gently on her clitoris, and then swirled her tongue around until Sara was groaning and thrusting her hips forward, grinding her pussy into Kate’s face.

“That’s it, right there … oh, good girl, right there, oh, ohh …” Eventually her moaning subsided.

“Did I do a good job?” Asked Kate nervously, wiping some of Sara’s juices away from her chin.

“It was fine, Kate.” Said Sara. “But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get better with practice.”

* * *

The nourishing sighing, the fluttering pops and crackles, slipped through Kate’s mind. She was smiling in her slumber. She was dreaming the most terrific dream, something warm and comforting just on the very tip of her consciousness, when suddenly she felt herself rousted back to wakefulness. Sara was standing over her, looking annoyed. Kate pulled the buds out of her ears.

“What’s wrong, Sara?”

“You woke me up with all your moaning.”

“I was moaning?” Kate asked, surprised.

“And don’t your remember, Kate? You’re not allowed to touch yourself without my permission.”

Kate realised she had two fingers buried deep in her pussy.

“Oh God! I’m so sorry Sara. I guess I was just feeling so good listening to your music.”

“Well, I’ll forgive you this one time. But I’ll have to think of something to make sure you don’t do it again.”

“Of course. Whatever you say, Sara.”

“Good girl.” Said Sara, as she gently closed Kate’s bedroom door behind her. Kate slipped the earbuds back into her ears.

* * *

Sara stood behind Kate, stroking her body with her hands, carefully teasing and massaging her breasts precisely the way she loved to be touched. Despite the ecstatic shivers of arousal coursing through her whole body, Kate stood obediently still, just as Sara had reminded her she was supposed to do. She groaned a little as she felt her flatmate’s hands withdraw.

“I’ve bought you a present.” Sara said, holding up a something that looked nothing more than a couple of strips of leather.

“Thank you, Sara! But … what is it?” Asked Kate, bewildered.

“This is called a chastity belt. I know how awkward you’ve been feeling, asking me for permission to come so often. Well, when you’re wearing this, I’ll decide exactly when you get to orgasm.”

Kate sat up onto her knees and allowed Sara to wrap the belt around her thighs and between her legs, cinching it tightly together. As a final flourish, Sara affixed a small padlock and clicked it shut. She brandished the key before Kate’s eyes.

“Now, you can feel as comfortable as you like, knowing I have this key, knowing I’m the one in charge of your sweet little pussy.” Sara said.

Kate realised just what an elegant idea it was. She just hadn’t been able to stop herself from masturbating lately, and obviously she needed Sara’s permission to orgasm. She hated being such a bother to her flatmate. Wearing the belt was simply the best solution to both their problems.

“Now, do you remember what else you have to do tomorrow?” Asked Sara.

“Um … no. Sorry, what was it again?”

Sara sighed, as though she were talking to a wayward child.

“You’re to transfer your pay-checks directly into my bank account. We agreed you’d be more comfortable if I was in charge of the finances of the flat.”

“Oh, of course!” Said Kate, recalling that she’d decided just how silly she had been in the past with her money. Sara scribbled down a note and handed it to her.

“Here’s my account number, so you don’t forget again.” She said.

“Thanks, Sara!”

“Don’t forget your music for tonight.” Said Sara, handing Kate her phone.

* * *

After she had allowed her to come, Sara gently slipped the strap-on out of Kate’s pussy. She unscrewed it from its harness and let it fall onto the bed. Kate lay gasping for breath. Sara whispered into her ear.

“Do you remember how we talked about how much more comfortable you’ll be with a very special tattoo to remind you always of me?”

“Yes, Sara. Have you decided upon one?” Said Kate.

“Here is the design you’re going to get. Do you like it?” She held up a sheet of paper for Kate to view. In an elegant, flowery script was written the letters “SARA’S”.

“It’s beautiful, Sara! Where’s it going to go?” She asked.

Sara reached down and drew a delicate little circle right above Kate’s mons veneris.

“Right here, my dear. So you won’t have to trouble to remember to whom your pussy belongs.”

Kate felt a little thrill at that. She might have to ask for permission again soon.

* * *

The two flatmates walked hand in hand through the city’s south side, until they reached the tattoo parlour Sara had chosen. Kate was more than a little apprehensive, but Sara assured her that she had picked an artist renowned not only for her skill but for her discretion. She had visited her in the past, she explained.

They entered the parlour and were warmly greeted by Louise. She explained they had complete privacy tonight, and ushered the pair into a private booth. Once the curtains were closed in the hushed confines of the booth, Sara directed Kate to strip. Of course she adored being nude in the presence of her flatmate, but she felt a shiver of embarrassment exposing herself to this unfamiliar woman. Louise simply smiled at her as though this part of the job was completely routine. She directed Kate onto the seat and allowed her to place her feet into the stirrups. Once she was properly positioned with her legs spread suitably wide, Louise looked up at her.

“Now remember, this is going to be painful. I just need you to relax, okay?”

“Okay.” Said Kate, smiling at Sara as she did so.

Sara pinched her cheeks and pulled her head around so she could hold her face in her gaze. Kate knew instinctively that she wanted to watch the war between pain and pleasure in her eyes as she was permanently inked. Her mind was racing as she was held in place, allowing this most wonderful thing to happen.

Her head spun uncontrollably as she anticipated the next moment. Sara’s eyes are locked onto mine and I can’t look away and any moment now I’ll feel the needle pierce my skin and it’s going to hurt so much but when it does I just know I’m going to cum oh god I hope Sara won’t punish me but I’m about to burst and burst, her mind screamed.

Kate saw her Sara smile, and she abruptly remembered it was all going to be okay, as long as she remained comfortable.