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This story is just that, a story. It is a work of fiction and nothing at all to do with the real world or how to treat people in it. It contains descriptions of nonconsentual sex and other nasty things that should not be read by anybody under the age of 18.

Part 2 — Thrall G

The waking tone sounded. Thrall G’s eyes fluttered open. Awareness returned. It was at its station, reclining comfortably in the familiar black padded chair that was the nearest thing to something Thrall G could call its own. Yet it was not; the station as well as everything in the Community, including the Thrall itself, belonged to the Owner.


Reaching upwards Thrall G carefully removed the headset that had spent the last several hours whispering new commands and directives into its pliable mind. Thrall G could feel the weight of new programming embedded within its consciousness although that remained inaccessible for the present. This was not a cause for concern. On the contrary Thrall G felt pleasantly contented and happy, certain in the knowledge that its thoughts and actions would be guided by the newly installed commands.

Thrall G would obey the Owner well. There was a pleasurable tingle between its legs at the slavethought.

Easing itself up out of the leather chair, Thrall G stood on the balls of its feet. Either side of it was a neat line of stations, about half of which were occupied by Thralls. Its eyes roamed over the naked form of its neighbour, Thrall H, a tall, flaxen-haired beauty of Scandinavian extraction. A faint, but pleasing, scent of sex reached Thrall G. The blond’s legs were parted and Thrall G could see the end of the long, thick stimulation device that was deeply embedded within the unconscious female. A slight sheen of sweat glistened upon the pale flesh as Thrall H’s lower body undulated steadily in time to the ministrations of the vibrator that was pleasuring it. The attractive Thrall’s features were obscured by the heavy black headset that partially covered its face; headphones clamped over its ears and a darkened visor over its eyes. Beneath the visor, Thrall G could clearly discern the full lips of the entranced woman in motion, whispering to itself complete acceptance of the Truths being branded into its receptive mind.

Its snatch throbbed pleasantly at the sight of a sister Thrall lost in the throes of ecstasy as the Owner bound it further to Her Will. Thrall G knew that it was looking at a mirror image of how it had appeared only a short time ago.

And that felt good.

But Thrall G had programming to obey. Such diversions, no matter how pleasurable to contemplate, had no place at this time.

Pivoting to the left, the Thrall marched steadily onwards, past its thoughtless companions and into a corridor. Other Thralls, naked and wearing regalia, strode alongside, silently obeying whatever instructions had been installed into their slavish minds. Thrall G found itself making another pivot and entering the tiled ablution area. A long communal shower filled one wall, while facing it were a line of sinks and mirrors. Seated in front of a mirror was a curvaceous Asian female, who it recognised from recent Thrallsex as Thrall M, who was carefully shaving between its legs. As interaction was unnecessary, Thrall G proceeded to the shower where the steaming hot water soon refreshed and relaxed its muscles, still slightly stiff from its time in the station.

After drying and neatly braiding its hair, Thrall G proceeded to the nearby dressing area. The touch of the black vinyl bustier against the Thrall’s skin was cool as it wrapped the garment around its body and tightened it to the point of delightful discomfort. Shuddering with arousal, it now proceeded to buckle the matching black undergarment to the bustier. Thrall G felt a sudden sharp pang of desire course through it as the vinyl bikini-bottom pressed firmly against its glistening snatch.

With its body clad in fetish black, pussy throbbing with devotion, the Thrall now removed the massive black collar from its peg. Holding the heavy collar, symbol of the complete and utter submission of its body and mind, Thrall G silently thanked the Owner for bestowing upon it the precious gift of obedience. Then it closed the stiff black plastic around its neck. The ensuing brief struggle to attach the wide bottom portion of the collar to the upper rings of the bustier only served to intensify the pleasurable pressure between its legs.

Moving to a mirror, the Thrall carefully inspected its appearance, looking for any flaws that might displease the Owner. It was not vanity that made the Thrall do this. Far from it. The Owner desired Her property to appear a certain way and every Thrall strived to ensure that they pleased Her in all things.

Standing still, the Thrall ran its eyes over the attractive ebony-skinned woman reflected before it. Prior to its enThrallment, the Persona that still resided within the deepest recesses of its mind had been proud of its physical appearance. Aiesha had particularly loved her naturally large well-formed breasts and had been quite adept at using them to full advantage. She had favoured tops that showed just enough cleavage to be alluring and drive a man’s imagination wild without giving too much away. Combined with her smouldering eyes, pouting lips and lustrous raven hair, Aiesha had usually gotten what she wanted.

Now the same eyes, lips, breasts, body and mind belonged to the Owner to use as She saw fit.

Thrall G, an obedient mind-wiped Thralldrone whose every thought and action revolved around worshipping its Owner, stared at its reflection and felt joy knowing that it was just how the Owner desired it to be.

Everything was for the Owner.

After reporting to its controller Thrall G proceeded to the enThrallment level. The elevator ride was brief. Stepping out into a bare, brightly lit corridor, the ebony slave padded towards a Thrall with an alabaster complexion sitting behind a desk and stiffened to attention. The pale Thrall turned away from the monitor screen it was staring at, turning its gaze upon the new arrival.

“Thrall G reports to the controller,” it announced in a clear, emotionless monotone.

The Thrallcontroller paused for a moment as it recalled its own programming.

“Thrall,” it announced, “proceed to Storeroom 9 and sort the boxes of newly delivered supplies into the appropriate shelves. Then prepare Solution B-2 and deliver it to the overseer in enThrallment Chamber 12. The overseer Thrall will administer the medication to the material therein.”

“Understood,” Thrall G acknowledged.

“Thrall G will then proceed to Reinforcement Room 2. The programming already within its mind will direct its obedience. Obey.”

“It obeys,” the Thrall responded, purpose filling its empty mind and intensifying the vinyl-clad slickness between its legs.

Most of the third floor of the Community was entirely dedicated to the enThrallment of new slaves to serve the Owner. Numerous enThrallment Chambers for the initial brainwashing of newly acquired material were located on the right hand side of the corridor. Facing them were doors to the Reinforcement Rooms and Diagnostic Facilities, as well as ancillary areas containing computer equipment and medical supplies.

Thrall G entered the designated storeroom and set to work. There were a number of large boxes by the door containing assorted medical supplies which it efficiently set about placing on the relevant shelves. The task was dull and monotonous but Thrall G set to work gladly. Obedience was at the core of every Thralls existence.

That portion of its task complete, it retrieved a large clear, plastic fluid bag with B-2 written in large letters on the side from a shelf it had just stacked. Carefully, it placed the bag on a tray attached to a wheeled IV stand. Satisfied that it had obeyed correctly, Thrall G manoeuvred the cumbersome apparatus back into the corridor and trundled the short distance to the appropriate Chamber.

Opening the door to the small blank-walled Chamber, Thrall G was immediately assailed by a wave of humid air and the overpowering aroma of sweat and sex. Pinned to the chair-like station by strong restraints was a female undergoing enThrallment. The material was naked, apart from the tattered remains of a blue uniform shirt that had been cut open to bare her modest, but firm chest. A stimulation unit disappeared within the neatly trimmed auburn bush between her legs. Slowly, the red haired material’s head followed Thrall G as it entered. A headset was firmly clamped over her tousled and tangled red hair but the eyes that peered at Thrall G through the visor, although slightly glazed, still burned with the flames of resistance.

“I will get out of here,” the restrained material spat defiantly. “You can’t break me!” she continued, snarling with a combination of impotent rage and futile rebellion.

Standing over her was a chestnut-haired Thrall whom it did not recognise. The Thrall overseeing the treatment turned its blank face towards the door, hazel eyes shimmering with Purpose as it met the gaze of Thrall G.

“Here is your nourishment,” the overseer-Thrall announced with certainty, maintaining its gaze with Thrall G. The chestnut haired Thrall exuded power and Purpose; the Owner’s Will flowed through it. Relishing the delicious musk of the moist Chamber, Thrall G juiced beneath its plastic-wrapped thong.

Moving towards the seated preThrall, it noted that she writhed weakly in the restraints as it approached her. From her behaviour it was obvious that the captive had yet to fully embrace the orgasmic bliss of obedience and Purpose that every Thrall lived for. In spite of the blank, emotionless mask that it presented to the material, Thrall G felt emotion stirring within it. Knowing the Owner would soon have another Thrall to worship, serve and adore Her made it gush with joy. Seeing this naked piece of material, pinned helplessly to the chair, at the beginning of her journey towards obedience and Purpose only served to further stoke the flames of desire which licked against its enslaved pussy.

Thrall G positioned the IV stand beside the station as required. Its task complete, the Thrall executed a sharp pivot and marched out of the Chamber. The door shut behind it muffling the sound of the two female voices behind it.

Reinforcement Room 2 was a short walk away. Thrall G entered and paused momentarily as the programming already embedded within its mind bloomed. Two new Thralls belonging to the newly formed Thrallgroup seven had been created and were now undergoing post enThrallment processing. Although each piece of material had fully assimilated the new Thrall-mind that now controlled their every thought and action, the residual remnants of instinctive sexual response still required correction. The initial programming had created a new and all-consuming obsession for the Owner which had been combined with unfettered arousal at the knowledge that it belonged to Her. Any aspect of the new Thrall’s former sexual orientation that proved incompatible to utter and total devotion to the Owner had to be completely erased.

There were four padded chairs in the room, similar to the standard stations all Thralls were familiar with. The station on the right was occupied; a naked piece of Thrall-material wearing only a headset reclined on the chair, features contorted with pleasure as it moaned and gasped loudly. Between the female’s legs was the kneeling form of a regalia clad Thrall who was busily engaged in eating out the newborn slave.

Turning away from the spectacle, Thrall G approached the other occupant of the room. In its twenties, clearly of Middle Eastern descent, statuesque, with a smooth fresh olive complexion and a mane of shimmering raven-black hair braided neatly in the fashion the Owner approved of, the freshly minted drone stood rigidly to attention. Just above and to the left of the sultry enThralled female’s pert, firm breasts was the neat letter P freshly carved into its flesh.

The slave maintained her stance as Thrall G approached her.

“Thrall P,” it addressed the taut figure, observing how the use of its designation had caused the piece of Thrall-material to stiffen even more, “sex-conditioning will now be administered to ensure full compliance with the Owner’s Will.”

Its firey brown eyes widened as the reason for its existence was uttered aloud. “Thrall P obeys,” the exquisite female replied levelly as arousal bloomed within it.

“Mount the station Thrall P,” it now commanded.

“It obeys,” the Arabian slave responded as it eased itself into the padded chair. Unlike the enThrallment stations, restraints were unnecessary here; all those presenting themselves for sex-conditioning in the Reinforcement Rooms did so as eager and willing Thralls.

The station was designed with access in mind; the Thrall-material’s legs went into the stirrups, splaying them wide. Furthermore, the seat was set at a slight angle so that the occupant’s sex was fully presented and accessible for use, while the moulded and padded section directly in front of the station was specifically designed to provide prolonged support to the kneeling Thrall tasked with the sex-conditioning process.

Satisfied that the female slave had placed itself correctly, Thrall G issued another command; “Thrall P, secure the headset in place.”

Thrall G watched impassively as the black haired slave removed the heavy black headset from the nearby shelf and set about clamping it over its head, ensuring that the heavy headphones completely covered its ears and the tinted visor was placed directly over its wide and vacant eyes.

Satisfied that the Thrall-material had obeyed correctly, Thrall G activated the controls that would initiate the processing. It stood and observed the seated slaveThrall for a few moments watching as the impassive female sank into the deep trance initiated by the whispering headphones and the flickering lights of the visor. By this stage in its programming, the new Thrall under construction had been fully conditioned to enter trance quickly, easily and deeply.

No resistance remained within the new Thrall P’s mind. It had fully embraced the pleasure of obedience.

Thrall G prepared itself, donning a sleek pair of headphones designed not to interfere with its assigned task before assuming position beneath the seated female. It stared blankly at the dew-encrusted folds of the newly claimed pussy only inches away, savouring the heady scent of submission that assailed its nostrils. Linked directly via the headset to the programming being pumped directly into the conscious and sub-conscious mind of the docile Thrall-material, Thrall G’s mind sank into the trance-like state which best served to perform this sex-conditioning task.

Gently, as its programming dictated, Thrall G pressed its lips against the soft slick moistness of her sister slave and set her very practiced and talented mouth to work. Using its expert tongue and lips to lick, slurp, caress and tease the smoothly shorn sex of the Owner’s newest possession, the prostrate ebony-hued Thrall G took its time. Slowly but steadily it worked on the Thrall-material, building and building the pleasure. The low moan from the new Thrall P went unheard but from the way the slave’s hips began to respond in time to the oral stimulation, Thrall G knew that it was submitting fully to the Owner’s Will.

By now, as well as the audio programming, Thrall G knew that the mindless slave was being bombarded with images designed to send it into a frenzy of whorish lust. Pictures flashed before its unblinking eyes. A flickering procession of naked females, differing in body shape and ethnic origin, were being displayed to it as the programming set to work teaching the enraptured Thrall-material new Truths.

Lost in the frenetic bliss of orgasmic submission, Thrall P was fully receptive to everything being burned into its new mind.

New images replaced the old. The same females were now displayed dressed in fetish wear; tightly cinched into vinyl thongs and bustiers, their necks completely enveloped by strict collars. Overwhelmed by the intense pleasure coursing through its mind and body, the Thrall-material accepted everything.

It wanted them.

It desired them.

It craved to be just like them.



The epitome of Purpose.


Obedience to the Owner.

Screaming with pure joy, Thrall P nearly fell out of the chair as the orgasm consumed it.

Pausing for a moment Thrall G licked its lips, before beginning the cycle anew.

End Part 2