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This story is just that, a story. It is a work of fiction and nothing at all to do with the real world or how to treat people in it. It contains descriptions of nonconsentual sex and other nasty things that should not be read by anybody under the age of 18.

Part 3 — Thrall R

Standing to attention was a toned female. Completely naked and denuded of all body hair, apart from the long lustrous red mane pulled up tightly atop her head and braided neatly, the Thrall was fresh from processing. Upon its chest, just above the slave’s left breast was a fresh scar; the letter Q had been incised deeply into the flesh and still glowed crimson. Completely expressionless, the new Thrall’s gaze was fixed upon a spot in the middle distance while its full lips were parted ever so slightly, which only served to enhance the object’s attractiveness.

Thrall R approached the taut mindslave and spoke. “Thrall Q, attention.”

The redhead’s eyes regained focus and stared directly at her controller, passively awaiting instruction.

Thrall R felt its own vinyl-encased sex throb beneath its thong as it considered the attractive newborn standing before it. Although the Thrall’s face was expressionless, the eyes that returned its gaze shone with Purpose.

“Thrall Q hears and obeys,” the naked slave responded in a soft monotone, eyes never waivering from Thrall R.

After commanding it to follow, Thrall R led its pretty charge along a short corridor before entering the chamber where Thrallgroup seven were housed.

They entered a large room; facing them were five tiers of black padded chairs, stations, some of which were occupied by Thralls under instruction. Differing in body shape and ethnicity, the fully enThralled slaves reclined passively in their stations, headsets firmly in place, minds glowing with Purpose.

Continuing onwards, the two Thralls threaded their way through the chamber before stopping in front of an empty station. The letter Q was embossed on the back of the padded seat.

Turning to the slaveflesh standing stiffly behind it, Thrall R met its blank gaze and spoke. “Thrall Q will now be fully integrated into the Community.”

Eyes wide, the new Thrall stood motionless. The woman who passively awaited instruction had once been a strong, independent, self-reliant police officer.

No more.

Rebecca was gone. A new Thrall had been born.

Gesturing towards the empty chair, it spoke. “This is Thrall Q’s station.”

The taut female stared calmly as it absorbed the words in silence. But the gleaming eyes and moist sex betrayed the pleasure that the naked newborn felt as it allowed itself to be subsumed deeper and deeper into complete and utter Thralldom.

Thrall R continued. “When activated, this station will link the Thrall directly to the Community. Thrall Q’s mind has already been fully conditioned to obey all programming it receives. New truths will be fed into the Thrall’s mind as it interfaces with the Community. Acknowledge.”

“Yes,” Thrall Q responded calmly, its slick thighs clearly glistening in the subdued light of the chamber. “New Truths will be fed into this Thrall’s mind as it interfaces with the Community,” it recited.

Thrall R felt a ripple of pleasure from its own plastic encased slit as it observed the redhead. The new Thrall understood and accepted its destiny. It was nothing more than an object, a toy to be used, a mindless drone that obeyed all instructions without hesitation.

Around them in the gloom, other Thralls lay splayed on their stations, utterly oblivious to the two slaves conversing in their midst, as the incessant brainwashing consumed more and more of their pliable minds.

Locking its gaze upon the smouldering eyes of the redhead, Thrall R sensed the sizzling sexual energy radiating from the slave and rejoiced. Just like its sister Thralls, it was destined to spend every waking and sleeping moment of the rest of its life forever devoted to serving Her Will.

Soon, Thrall Q would fully understand just how wonderful that felt.

Thrall R’s own pussy tingled in anticipation as it prepared to utter aloud the name of the One that it adored with every fibre of its being. “This will make Thrall Q more pleasing for the Owner.”

“Yes,” the redhead breathed heavily, its eyes now aflame with Purpose as the arousal claimed it. “This one must be made more pleasing for the Owner,” Thrall Q declared huskily.

Thrall R was satisfied with the response.

“Thrall Q, mount the station,” it now ordered.

“Thrall Q obeys,” the pretty Thrall replied eagerly, easing itself into the black chair.

Watching the attractive new slave obey, Thrall R felt the joy building inside it. The Owner’s Will was being served. Relishing the sight of Thrall Q’s dripping snatch as the redhead spread its legs before donning the headset on command, Thrall R’s entire body shuddered as a wave of pleasure coursed through it.

Recovering from the delicious thrill of obedience, Thrall R now took position at the manual controls located at the back of the station and initiated the test pattern.

Upon command the redheaded slaveThrall dutifully acknowledged that the audio and visual settings were functioning correctly.

Thrall R now keyed in the sequence that would initiate a full deep core programming session. This would take the new Thrall much deeper, allowing the training it had received since being acquired to be fully integrated into its freshly enslaved mind. As well as fully embedding the Owner’s Will deep into the Thrall, twisting its pre-existing memories, desires, lusts and needs to ensure they all conformed to its new existence as brainwashed property, it would solidify the split between the Persona and the controlling Thrallmind so they functioned seamlessly. The Persona would become just another layer of programming, a series of actions and behaviours that the Thrall would adopt when required.

Nothing more.

Once it had undergone this process, all lingering remains of the former individual would be erased. It would be Thrall Q forever.

Thrall R carefully observed the screen as the processing took hold. The readout showed Thrall Q’s brainwave activity shifting as the trance slowly dissolved what little consciousness remained. Now, with the entranced Thrall’s mind completely open for programming, Thrall R activated the next sequence.

Once more, the display registered a change in brainwave activity as the built in dildoes slid into the seated Thrall. A delicious mewling sound made Thrall R look up from the screen momentarily. Even from its position standing behind the station, it could see the redhead’s open mouth panting lightly as the twin intruders began to pulsate deep within.

Thrall R only outward reaction was to smack its lip-glossed lips, rejoicing in the sight of the Owner’s new property dissolving, before continuing with the task at hand.

In conjunction with the vibrators now thrusting in and out of the compliant slaveThrall, the headset was throbbing with noise. Endlessly spinning images were penetrating deep into the core of its defenceless mind. Every thought or action the new Thrall would be capable of ever having from this point on would be utterly dedicated towards serving its Purpose.

A trickle of sexjuice slowly made its way down Thrall R’s thigh as it focussed on the readouts, watching intently for any anomalies in the brainwashing process.

There were none.

Satisfied, Thrall R stowed the monitor screen and moved to leave the station. Suddenly it beheld a new figure standing directly in front of the enstationed redhead.

Heart racing, Thrall R shook silently as a surge of raw, uncontrollable, primal pleasure rippled through its entire body.

The Owner!

Elated, the Thrall stiffened. Eyes wide and locked upon its Owner, the pulsating engineering slave waited upon Her desire.

Ignoring the taut engineer, the Owner continued to observe Thrall Q. Deeply ensnared by the conditioning process, the red haired Thrall was utterly oblivious to Her presence. Vibrators rhythmically pumping in tandem with the humming headset, the new slave had sunk into deep trance. Panting lightly, the helpless Thrall Q spasmed weakly in its new station as its rePurposed mind submitted to the relentless programming that would splinter its consciousness.

“Tell me about her progresss,” the Owner instructed, eyes still locked upon the shuddering Thrall seated before Her.

“Hearing is obeying my Owner,” Thrall R responded in an even tone that did little to betray the passion that now consumed it.

“Thrall Q has succumbed to full enThrallment my Owner,” the erect drone continued. “The newly created Thrallmind has absorbed all obedience programming and has fully accepted its place within the Community. Deep core programming is being integrated at present. Base-memory recalibration and Persona formation is proceeding as anticipated. Thrall Q should be fully functional in approximately seventy-two hours.”

“Mmm, delicious,” She replied, reaching out to caress Thrall Q’s pert breasts, causing the slave to moan lightly as it responded automatically to this new source of stimulation. Smiling wickedly, the Owner changed position and pressed Her mouth to one of the redhead’s breasts, suckling gently. Another low whimper emanated from the mouth of the deeply entranced Thrall, oblivious to the attention the Owner was lavishing upon it.

Fixated upon the sole reason for its existence, Thrall R’s cunt simmered with unquenchable desire as it watched the Owner play with Her new property. Disengaging from the helpless Thrall’s breast, the Owner gently kissed the red scar above before directing Her gaze to the stiff form of Thrall R.

Utterly entranced by the mental conditioning, ravaged by the dildoes, Thrall Q resumed its insensible descent into mindless subservient bliss.

Smiling broadly, She turned and closed the brief distance to Thrall R.

“It’s important not to get so distracted by my new toys that I neglect my existing playthings,” She mused lightly, reaching out to caress Thrall R.

Electricity surged through the Thrall’s entire being as the Owner ran Her hands over Her property. Gently but firmly, Her long fingers danced over the soft throbbing flesh and cool black vinyl, probing Her possession.

Trembling with the slaveneed that boiled within, the Thrall melted at Her tender caresses.

“You please me a great deal Thrall R,” She purred, both hands now around the massive black collar that tightly encircled its neck.

The spellbound Thrall felt the pleasure build and build. Every word of praise uttered sent a lightning bolt of sexual joy directly into its brain.

“You were simply born to wear my collar,” She continued softly. “As is this piece of material you are brainshaping for me.”

“Yes, my Owner,” the enraptured Thrall breathed.

“You do so enjoy this Thrall R, don’t you?” the Owner teased playfully, stroking the Thrall’s face gently with the back of Her hand. “This is much more fun than that boring old research career you once had,” She chuckled. “Jennifer would still be scrabbling for funding to do ridiculous little experiments on the brainwave activity of gerbils and writing dull papers for equally dull academic journals that nobody reads. Obscure, timid little Jennifer would have gone unnoticed.”

Sex sizzling and burning with white hot lust the Thrall stared helplessly transfixed upon its Owner.

“But I noticed,” She went on, petting Her property. “I appreciated Jennifer’s potential. I remade you. I shackled your creative mind to my will. I gave you Purpose.”

“Ahh….” The Thrall gasped, its lips struggling to form the words that its befogged mind was feeding to them. “Y…yessss, my Owner,” it managed raggedly, shaking as raw desire surged through its body.

Smiling crookedly, the Owner now prowled behind the stiff Thrall. Her hands glided over its ass, sending another ripple of bliss through its deeply enslaved mind and body. Standing motionless on the balls of its feet, the Thrall felt its Owner unclasp the rear fastenings of the plastic thong tightly wrapped around its sex. With a touch of Her hands the Thrall spread its legs, allowing the thong to fall away until it flapped between the front of its legs, still attached to the front of the black bustier.

Emitting a low squeal of joy, the Thrall twitched as the Owner’s hand glided between its legs. Fingers now slid into its dripping cunt. Her other hand embraced the Thrall’s chest tightly, pulling it closely to the Divine Woman it revered.

“Yes,” the Owner continued softly, pressing Her mouth to the Thrall’s ear. “This is what you crave. Pleasing me is your only desire. You love me completely. This is your true Purpose.”

Moaning with joy the Thrall struggled to form the words trying desperately to bubble through the dripping puddle of cumlust its mind had become.

“Ahhhh…..” it managed to exclaim excitedly through the searing heat of obedient Purpose.

“Y..yyy…yesssssssss….my Ownerrrrrrrrr……”

Nibbling Thrall R’s ear, the Owner continued Her relentless assault.

“Look at my property,” She ordered, indicating the seated Thrall Q. Lost in the throes of mindless submission, the insensible redhead jerked weakly as it responded to the devices fucking its mind and body.

“See how beautiful she is now,” the Owner purred happily. “Her mind must be shattered and broken into a million pieces before it can be remoulded and reshaped to serve me. Only then will she truly understand the sheer magnificence of the fate I have bestowed upon her. Just like the rest of my possessions.”

She paused momentarily as Thrall R gasped uncontrollably before going on. “This is my gift to you all.”

Eyes fixed on the bucking slave in the chair, Thrall R groaned excitedly as its body began to grind on the fingers probing deep within it. Surging primal lust bubbled within. Every fibre of its being sang. Flames of white hot pleasure consumed everything.

“Owning these women turns me on so much my Thrall,” She murmured softly. “All those brainwashed minds throbbing with obedience, filled with the need to serve and worship me. And only me.”

It’s Owner’s hand continued the onslaught, driving the Thrall to the brink of insanity. Only the overwhelming need to fulfil its Purpose, along with the Owner’s controlling arm wrapped tightly around its chest, kept it upright.

Panting raggedly, weak, helpless, slutneed filling its mind, Thrall R’s pussy spasmed, desperately aching for the orgasm it so frantically craved. Its needy burning cunt was begging and pleading with the disciplined Thrallmind that was preventing release.

“You please me a great deal Thrall R,” the Owner purred.

Quaking, Her nimble fingers thrust deep inside it, the Thrall’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream. No sound emerged.

The Owner pressed on.

And on.


More and more pleasure.

Intense, addictive, sexual pleasure that owned it, just as She did.

Sending the Thrall into an absolute frenzy of pure adoration and fuckworship.

Face contorted with the pure radiant joy that now filled its mind and body entirely, Thrall R writhed helplessly in arms of the One it Adored with every atom of its being.

Humping and grinding on the fingers thrust inside it, a long streamer of saliva snaked slowly down from Thrall R’s gaping mouth.

“So obedient. So devoted,” She indulged Her property. “This is what I desire. This is what I need.”

Body now shuddering uncontrollably, muscles aching for release, Thrall R was on the cusp of a spectacular orgasm.

Slowly and deliberately, the Owner licked the side of the Thrall’s face.

Staring sightlessly towards the two women standing before her, body glistening with sweat, Thrall Q rocked in its station as the twin intruders continued to pound it. Eyes hidden by the headset that was busily reshaping every synapse of the former Rebecca, the erstwhile policewoman, now Thrall, surrendered completely to the pernicious programming that would utterly obliterate her former existence.

Purpose would be created from Nothing.

Cunt clenched tightly, riding wave after wave of ecstasy, Thrall R fixated upon the intensely erotic sight of the redheaded slave squirming in the station.

Two Thralls, mindless property, united by the fanaticism of obedience and Purpose they both shared.

“Wonderful,” the Owner smiled, Her glorious voice spiced with pleasure.

She was pleased! Yet another wave of unbearable, boiling lust crashed through the juddering engineer slave.

From Thrall R’s gaping mouth, drool streamed down on to the black bustier. Eyes rolling back into its head as its enraptured mind liquefied, the Thrall’s view of the red haired newborn faded. For Thrall R nothing else mattered. There was only the here and now. Its existence had been reduced to an endless procession of individual moments, each more intensely euphoric than the last.

Being used.

Riding the raw pleasure.

Spasming desperately with frantic passion.

Surrendering to the devotion of pure worship.

Obeying its Purpose.

Pleasing its Owner.

This was love that would never end. Pure, untainted and unconditional. Love that had been branded into the Thrall’s very soul.

Feeling the Owner’s warm breath tickling the flesh behind its ear, it heard Her breathe the words it lived for.

“Come now my Thrall.”

End Part 3