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DAY FOUR: Saturday

Christine awoke and thought she heard someone whispering to her. But, when her eyes opened the voice was gone and no one was in the room. She looked at the laptop and noticed that it was still on. “Oh, good.... Now I can work first thing in the morning.” Her eyes were instantly carried to the center of the spiral and they remained planted there for the next four hours.

“Miss Amundsen?” the nurse asked.

“Yes?” she blinked as she looked up at the nurse’s breasts. They were easily D cups and filled her vision while the nurse stood at her bedside. Christine felt the now familiar wetness build up in her pussy as she watched them shift in the nurse’s uniform.

“It’s lunchtime. The doctor wants you to eat well.”

“Okay. Hey? What’s your name?”

“Jennifer... here you go,” she said as she moved the laptop to one side and placed the tray on the table.

As Jennifer turned to go, Christine said, “Will I see you later?”

“Yup! I’m your night nurse tonight... I’m double shifting.” For some reason that really got Christine’s juices flowing and she watched the nurse’s ass sway as she left the room.

A short while later, while Christine was eating Dr. Jameson entered. “How’s my favorite patient?”

“Good. My boobs are sore, tho’.”

“That’s to be expected. Let’s have a look at you.” As he walked over Christine’s eyes focused in on the crotch of his pants and fixated on it. He lifted her carefully and massaged her breasts to see how the implants were sitting. Christine got wet again and let out a little moan. “Did that hurt?” he asked.

“No, sorry.” As he stepped back, she looked at his crotch again and thought, ‘I wonder if he has a nice big cock. Why did I just think that?’ Her head answered, ‘Because it makes you happy.’ And as she thought about it, it really did. “How am I, like, doing doctor?”

“Just fine! I’ll see you tomorrow. If there is any emergency, just notify the staff.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” As he left, she looked back at the screen of her laptop and completely forgot about the rest of her lunch. The rest of the day passed with her gazing longingly into the spiral and ignoring anyone else who came into the room. The most anyone could get from her was, “Can’t talk, working.”

She noticed someone lean in front of the screen and thought with a frown, ‘That’s not right. I’m supposed to watch the screen.’ She saw breasts fill her vision. They were large and beautiful, spilling through the slight gap in the top. Christine felt her arm move as she reached up with one hand to fondle one of them. She heard a gasp.

“Miss Amundsen, what are you doing!”

She shook her head and looked up to see Nurse Jennifer standing over her. Those beautiful tits were encased in the white uniform and she had her arms crossed over them. “I was just moving my arm,” Christine responded.

“What are you working on? It just looks like a spiral to me.”

“It’s very important,” Christine said.

Jennifer leaned over to look at the screen and felt her eyes pulled into the spiral. “It’s almost hypnotic the way it spins like that.”

“Isn’t it beautiful?” she asked.

“Yes, it is,” Jennifer responded. And she sank down to sit on the bed next to Christine and they watched the spiral go round and round together through the rest of the night.


DAY FIVE: Sunday

“Nurse! Nurse!” the voice from the hall, yelled.

Jennifer tore her eyes from the screen and looked at the doorway. “Huh?” She glanced at the sleeping Christine and thought, ‘Man, those implants look good on her.’ Then, she got up and stumbled to the hall. An elderly woman was walking down the hallway in a johnny and pulling her IV bag behind her. “What is it Mrs. Smith?”

“It’s time for my meds!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry! Oh my god, it’s 6 AM! I’ll get them for you right away.” The elderly woman walked back to her room as Jennifer ran to the desk shaking her head. ‘Wow, I must have fallen asleep in there...’ she thought. A voice in her head replied, ‘No you didn’t, you just stayed with Christine for a while.’ As she reached down into the medicine cabinet she saw her right breast fall out of the uniform. “What did I do with my bra?” ‘It doesn’t matter,’ the voice answered. “Oh, well. It’s more comfortable without it.” She grabbed the medicine tray and filled it with the meds for everyone in the post-op unit. As she continued her shift, she kept shaking her head trying to get the fuzziness out of it.

Christine yawned and sat up in bed. “Oh, goodie! My computer is still on!” she said. “What did I just say? Goodie?” She couldn’t remember using that word since she was a teenager. Her head said, ‘It doesn’t matter. You need to get back to work.’ “I should get back to work,” she said as she looked at the spiral and fell deep into it once again.

“Miss Amundsen? It’s time for your painkillers,” Jennifer said as she entered the room a half an hour later. She looked her patient over and couldn’t help but stare blatantly at the way Christine’s tits pressed against the sheet. The large orbs were easily visible from behind the laptop and seemed to rest against the table. When Christine didn’t look up, Jennifer said, “Uh, Christine?” As she walked around the bed she saw the spiral again and instantly felt her gaze pulled into it. “Maybe.... Maybe... I should, like, sit with you awhile....” She sat on the bed and stared at the screen for the rest of the morning.

Barry walked down the corridor thinking, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have initiated the Bimbo Mode, John might get upset. I hope she hasn’t noticed the training.’ He stormed into the room saying, “Hi Christine! How are you...”

He stopped in mid-sentence and realized that someone was watching the screen with Christine! ‘Oh my god!’ “Umm, hi, Christine? And nurse... um I didn’t get your name.”

Jennifer looked up to see a man in blue jeans and a brown leather jacket looking at her. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen! Her gaze trailed down his chest to the bulge at his crotch and as it lingered there she felt herself grow wet. “I’m Jennifer Crowley, like, who are you,” she said as she giggled.

‘Oh, boy... she’s been affected... What the hell am I going to do now?’ He thought about it for a minute as Jennifer stared at him vacantly. Christine continued to look deeply into the screen, because he hadn’t snapped her out of it yet. “Jennifer?”

“Yes,” she said eagerly.

“Step over here for a second.”

“Okay!” She said as she jumped off the bed and stood with him in the corner of the room.

“Jennifer, do you have a computer?”

Christine stared into the spiral and ignored the conversation going on in the corner of the room. She listened intently to the voice that was developing in her head. It said, ‘Chrissi is a slut. Chrissi loves to suck cock, Chrissi loves to fuck boys, Chrissi is a slut.’ While she listened to the voice occasionally a little bit of another conversation was leaking in... “Take this CD... install... watch... listen... learn to be....” She ignored it as best she could and eventually it ended and the two people left the room leaving her alone with her bright spiral and soothing words.

After a short while, Dr. Jameson came into the room and saw Christine feeling herself up under the sheet as she stared into the screen of her computer. He stood there for a moment stunned while she rolled her enlarged tits around with both hands. She seemed to be lost in the moment, but he couldn’t take his eyes away. Finally, he said, “Ahem, Miss Amundsen?” She didn’t respond, but continued to stare blankly into the screen. “Christine?” At the sound of her name her head turned and her eyes locked onto him. Well, a little below his belt actually.

She kept rubbing her tits and said, “Yes, Doctor?”

“Uhh, you’ll be able to go home anytime you want now. We’re ready to release you.”

“But, Doctor... my nipples are, like, still so sore... isn’t there anything you can, um, do?” she said innocently.

He walked over to the bed and her eyes tracked his crotch the whole way. “Here, move your hands so I can take a look at you.” She obediently dropped her hands to the bed and he began palpating her breasts to find the position of the implants. He said, “No, the implants are still sitting normally. You shouldn’t feel any pain within a day.”

She said, “Ohhh, thank you....” Christine slowly trailed her hand up his leg and whispered, “But, ummm, I don’t know how I can ever, like, thank you for these great titties....”

He mumbled, “That’s okay... It’s my job....”

Her hand had reached his cock and started stroking it through his pants. “Like, doctor? Is there, like, anything I can do for you? I mean it, anything...” she giggled.

“Um... um...” was all that he could get out before she unzipped his pants and was pulling his now rigid cock out of them. She rolled over in the bed and started sucking on it. “Uhh... oh, that’s good... but, but....” He looked down at Christine’s mouth wrapped around his dick and her 36 GG tits pressing into his thighs and thought he was in heaven.

“Mut, mwhat?” she said around his cock.

The extra vibrations started sending him over the edge. But, she stopped and raised herself up on the bed. She placed his cock in between her tits and started rubbing them up and down. Every time the tip peeked through her titflesh she licked it. She looked him right in the eye and said, “Am I making you happy?”

“Oh, yess...” he moaned.

“Yippee!” she yelled and she went to work even harder than before. Now as his cock squeezed through she took as much of it into her mouth as she could. She moaned as a voice in her head started repeating, ‘Chrissi loves her huge tits, Chrissi loves to suck cock, Chrissi loves being a slut, Chrissi loves to make boys happy, Chrissi is a good slut, Chrissi good slut, Chrissi good slut....”

The doctor moaned at the new sensation as he stared down at this beautiful woman sucking him off. “Christine... uh,... why... why... are you... uh... doing this....?”

She mumbled around his cock as it went in and out, “Because... Mrishi bood mlutt... Make doctor cum... Mrishi bood mlutt...”

With one long gasp he came all over her tits and face. “Uhhhhhh!” As it splashed onto her, Chrissi came harder than she ever had before. He held his position for a moment and then watched in fascination as Christine lapped up all of the cum covering her tits and cleaned it off of his cock. She then wiped her face with her hand and licked that clean too.

“Chrissi is a clean slut. Chrissi loves cum...” she smiled and locked eyes with him again.

The doctor suddenly realized that he had just tit-fucked a patient in the hospital and quickly put his clothes back on. “What did you say?” he asked when he looked back up.

CLICK “Oh, I just said thanks for letting me go,” Christine answered.

“Huh? Oh, you’re welcome. And thank you,” he panted.

“For what?” she asked innocently.

“For being, um, suck... I mean, such a good patient,” with that he left the room knowing he would have plenty to dream about for the rest of the month. As he walked out he murmured, “The guys are never gonna believe this...”

As he left Christine felt an odd sense of loss and watched him go. ‘I bet he has a nice cock,’ she thought. ‘Why did I think that? I know! Because I love cock!’ She smiled and got out of bed to put on her clothes. First, she tried on the blouse, but obviously that wouldn’t fit over her new tits. So, she just put on the grey sportcoat and squeezed her breasts into it. They spilled out over the top and would bounce when she walked, but she loved how her tits looked in it. Then she pulled on the miniskirt and looked at her pantyhose... ‘Nope, boys don’t like pantyhose, they get in the way. I should buy stockings!’ She smiled at the thought. Then she put on her three inch black heels and thought, ‘These are much too short. I should go shopping!’ Christine picked up the laptop and walked out of the room with a new sway in her step. Each time her hips shifted to the left her 36GG tits swayed to the right brushing her nipples against the fabric and eliciting a little gasp as she moved. The constant movement felt so good that she could feel herself get wet as she walked to the car.


DAY SIX: Monday

Ralph Smith had gotten into work early that morning. He did that sometimes so he could settle in with his coffee and watch the Today Show. It was about 7 AM when he heard someone key the front door open in a hurry. He looked up to see a blond woman in a dark knee-length fur coat frantically trying to open the door. He went around his desk quickly and jerked it open for her.

“Thank you so much,” she said.

He looked at her closely as she walked in. The coat swung open as she came through the door and he could see she was wearing some kind of yellow spandex minidress that allowed her breasts to easily spill over the top. She teetered past him on four-inch yellow spike heels and went to the front desk. “Um, what seems to be the problem, Miss?”

“I’m late for work.... Don’t you see that it’s already 7 AM?”

“I don’t think that you work here, miss.”

“Ralph! It’s me, Christine!”

He looked at her in shock. “Miss Amundsen? I’m so sorry!” He looked at her more closely now and he could see her face under the makeup and long blond whore’s hair. “Did you get a makeover or something?”

She said, “I guess you could call it that.” She flung back the coat to reveal the yellow spandex minidress in its full glory. But, what really caught his eye was the way her 36 GG tits stuck out over the top. As he trailed his eye over them he saw her nipples harden almost as if just having him look at her turned her on. He stammered and started to look at his feet. “It’s okay, Ralph... My body is meant to be looked at. Does it make you happy?” All he could do was nod. Christine felt a surge of pleasure course through her veins and setting her pussy on fire. “That’s my job here. To keep the staff happy.” She pressed her tits against him and felt his cock against her thigh. (Chrissi loves cock) She moaned at the feeling. Then, she shook her head and moved away. “Well, um, like, I have to get to work. But, I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that, she walked into the elevator leaving him stunned in silence.

Once the doors closed she sighed. “That was great. Maybe tomorrow I’ll...” she trailed off. “What was I going to say?” She thought about it for a moment. “Oh well, it must not have been, like, very important.” Christine looked at her reflection in the elevator doors and thought, ‘Goddamn, I’m hot! I wish someone else in the office had tits like these so I could look at them all day.’ She brushed her hand against her nipples and loved how sensitive they had become since the surgery. She could cum just by watching herself play with her nipples. Her breathing became more and more rapid as she vacuously stared at her own tits. She began digging her fingers into them to feel the implants underneath. She moaned, because they made her tits feel so fake. Suddenly she thought, ‘Chrissi is a good slut.’ She moaned even louder and came hard. The force of it left her sighing for breath. As the doors opened she giggled, “I am such a slut.” All Ralph could do was stare at the video monitor in disbelief.

Christine swayed down the hallway on her high heels. Then she remembered that she was late and ran the rest of the way taking mincing steps. Her tits bounced up and down with each step. It kind of hurt, but it kind of felt good too. She sat behind her desk and switched the computer on. She thought, ‘Don’t I have something to do for the Fri. meeting?’ Her brow furrowed for a moment, but as soon as the pretty spiral came up all thoughts fled from her and she stared vapidly at the screen.

“Good morning, Miss Amundsen...” came the voice from the doorway. With an effort she tore her gaze from the screen and saw Barry walking into the office. “I just need to install some software that I forgot to put on yesterday.” As he looked at her he couldn’t believe how quickly the laptop’s programs had done their work. ‘Look at what she’s wearing!’ he thought. In combination with the program he was about to install her “project” would easily be finished by the end of the week.

“Oh, okay, Barry.” She pushed back from the desk and rose. She made like she was just smoothing the dress out, but really she wanted to feel her hands run down her legs. She stood next to the desk and started getting uncomfortable as she watched him sit down and the bulge in his pants got larger. She said, “Um, Barry? Is there, like, anything I can do for you?”

“Not right now. Why don’t you go see if Kathy has any appointments for you today? She didn’t even know that you were here.” Christine nodded and swayed out of the room. Barry thought, ‘In a couple of days she won’t be asking... she’ll jump on anything that moves. It’s amazing... a week ago she would have screamed at me about telling her what to do.’ He shook his head and continued installing the next phase of the program.

“Hi Kathy!” Christine said.

“Miss Amundsen! Your surgery went well, I guess.” She looked at the dress that the Bitch was wearing and couldn’t believe it. She could never get away with something like that... as much as she might want to.

Christine looked down at her barely contained cleavage and said, “Yeah! It was so cool. You should really think about it. I mean, C’s are nice and all, but these are better!” Christine started getting wet at the thought of Kathy having tits like hers. Now she was staring at Kathy’s tits fully covered by the conservative grey blouse she was wearing.

“Well, I’ll have to think about it Miss Amundsen.”

“Oh, Kathy. Stop being, like, so formal... Call me (Chrissi) Christine.”

Kathy was completely taken aback by these sudden changes in her boss and couldn’t wait to talk to the other secretaries. “Okay, Christine,” she giggled.

Christine giggled as well and said, “Oh, right. Like, are there any, um... you know... meeting-like things today?”


“Yeah!” she exclaimed. “Why didn’t I know that?” she mumbled to herself.

“Well, you have a pretty light day. Barry’s doing your upgrade right now... and then Mr. Mason wanted to see you before lunch. Oh, and some guy called and left a message on your voice mail.”

“Thanks, Kathy. I should, like, try to get you a raise, or something.”

“Thanks Christine!” Kathy watched her go back into her office and sat there stunned realizing that the Bitch had just offered her more money.

Barry was just finishing up as Christine walked in. He hit execute and watched the spiral fill the screen again. “All done, Barry?” she asked as he stood.

“Yup. I have to run, but I’ll see you soon.”

For a moment that struck her as important... like she was supposed to remember something, but then the feeling was gone. “What did you do?”

“I installed a program I’ve been working on that should make your computer run faster. Let me know if the programs you run don’t seem to be working fast enough.”

“Okay... thank you so much Barry. I don’t know what I would be... er, I mean, like, do without you.”

He almost started laughing and then caught himself and said, “Your welcome. I’ll see you later.” He walked out of the room disappointed that there wasn’t time for another mode switch... ‘There will be time for that later,’ he thought.

Christine sat in front of the screen and was instantly delighted with how fast the spiral spun now. It seemed to draw her in faster than ever before and she needed to pay more attention to it in order to do her work correctly. Christine sat with rapt attention as she casually stroked her nipples and watched the spiral go round and round.

“Miss Am... I mean, Christine?” Kathy asked as she poked her head in.

She pulled away even slower than before. “Yes, Kathy?”

“I’m going to lunch. Don’t forget your appointment with Mr. Mason.”

“Oh shit!” she rose quickly and ran to the door. Her breasts bounced all the way and Kathy couldn’t help but giggle. When she got to the door, she shoved Kathy out of the way and ran through the office to Mr. Mason’s room. All of the men and women in the office looked up at she ran by their cubicles. The men in excitement and the women in shock... well, most of the women in shock. Kathy had started getting the word around as soon as Christine had gone back into her office.

Murmurs followed Christine’s heels as she ran. “It’s true... look at those tits... I can’t believe... I wish I could....” All of the attention directed at her tits caused Christine to start getting wet. She ran even faster in her little steps, which caused her tits to bounce even more. Finally, she reached Mr. Mason’s office.

As she looked at his secretary, she couldn’t help but notice how nice her tits looked in that low cut black Lycra top. She stared at them for a moment and then shook her head remembering why she was here. Christine was breathing so heavily that her breasts heaved in and out of her dress. “Mr. Mason’s expecting me...” she panted. As she said that, Barry walked by on his way out with a pause to glance at her cleavage. She didn’t even notice that he was there.

“Yes, of course,” said the secretary and sent her in.

Christine entered his office still panting and out of breath. She said, “John, you wanted... hah... to talk to... hah... me?”

“Christine, thank you for coming in.” He looked at her up and down and smirked at her. She felt her pulse quicken and her stomach flutter as his gaze rested on her tits. He continued, “So, Barry tells me that you’re doing very well after the surgery.”

“Yes, John... I don’t have, like, any pain or anything!” she giggled.

“That’s good! Why don’t you sit down.” He motioned to the chair as he sat behind his desk. When she sat she subconsciously bent over to give him a look at her cleavage. He smiled and thought, ‘It’s working just like he said!’ “Now then, Christine... How are the staff taking this change in appearance?”

CLICK “Sir, they seem to be taking things just fine. In fact, many of the, um, boys in the office were drooling while I was running to get here.”

“That must have been a sight. Well, Christine, why don’t you show me?”

For a brief moment she hesitated and then she stood and jogged from one end of the office to the other. Her 36GG breasts jiggled and bounced in the spandex as she ran. John had to restrain himself from laughing. But, the look was turning him on too. After a while he became aware that she wasn’t going to stop so he said, “That’s fine, Christine. Thanks.”

She stopped and sat back down. “Thank you, sir.” ‘What the hell just happened?’ she thought.

John said, “Well, Chrissi, that will be all for now.” ‘Oh shit!’ he thought. ‘I am such an idiot! I might have ruined everything!’

She looked at him quizzically for a moment and then said, “What did you say....”

“I said that we’re through here! Now get out so I can get back to work!” he yelled.

“I’m sorry, John.... I’m sorry...” she rose quickly and almost ran out of the room. He watched her ass with interest as she fled and he sighed with relief.

Once she was out of his office she swayed casually back to hers. On the way she mumbled, “It was almost as if he called me (Chrissi) something else. I’m so confused.” She made her way to her desk and sat down losing herself in the spiral in seconds.

Kathy poked her head in the office and said, “Miss... um Christine? I’m leaving for the day.”

Christine shook her head and looked up realizing that the sun had set without her even noticing. She said, “Okay, thanks Kathy. I should go too.” She stood and grabbed her fur coat. As they rode down the elevator together she couldn’t stop staring at Kathy’s tits. “They’re a little on the small side, but that’s okay,” she murmured.

“Did you say something?” Kathy asked.

“Nope! Just thinking out loud.” By the time Christine got to her car she was thinking, ‘You know, I should really get to know Kathy better.’ She drove home in silence feeling her brain mull over the incidents of the day.


When she got home she ran to her bedroom and knelt in front of her full-length mirror. She ran one hand up over her stocking-encased legs to her hip and then over the spandex’s smoothness to the large orbs of her tits. She slowly lifted the straps off of her shoulders and let her breasts hang free delighting in their weight. She wriggled out of the dress and stood looking at the way the stocking tops framed her pussy in its own little square. She lightly caressed the lacey panties that covered her and felt a thrill go up her spine. Slowly the panties came down over the stockings and off of her feet.

Then she knelt with her knees wide and moved one hand over her tits while the other played at her pussylips. She rolled one nipple between her fingers and felt herself instantly get wet at the sight. Staring vacantly into the mirror she opened her mouth into a perfect O and imagined what it would be like to have a cock there again. Slowly she ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth enjoying the sensation. Both hands moved up seemingly of their own accord and lifted her breasts. “So fake,” she whispered. “So large. Chrissi is so fucking hot.”

The thoughts careening through her head caused her pussy to start dripping again. She lifted her tits as though presenting them to the mirror and opened her mouth. Through half-lidded eyelids she watched her tits jiggle as she began dipping one finger inside of her. She couldn’t believe how sensitive she was down there and she almost came from the slightest touch. When her finger reached her clit she did come. “Ahhhh!” she moaned. She kept working her finger in a circle and caused the orgasm to continue. She looked vapidly at her tits and the one hand that was twisting her nipple. She came again and again throughout the night and right before she fell asleep with her hands still at work she thought, ‘John.’


DAY SEVEN: Tuesday

Christine awoke on the floor of her bedroom covered in sticky sweat and her own juices. Her heels and stockings were still on from the day before and her hair was a matted mess atop her head. “Oh my god!” she yelled as she rose. She looked at the clock and saw that it was already 8 AM and ran to her shower. She moved as fast as she could but it was still 8:30 by the time she had finished her hair and nails, thrown on a black bra, white see-through blouse, black leather miniskirt and new black stiletto heels. She ran out the door and down to her car throwing on the fur coat as she went.

She tore into the parking lot and saw that it was almost filled. She raced around and finally found a spot a good distance from the building. She ran through the lot ignoring the wolf whistles and catcalls of other motorists as they passed her. She ran into the building in a panic and shouted, “Hi Ralph!” on her way into the elevator.

Christine ran out of the elevator and to her office arriving at 8:45, shortly before Kathy was due to arrive. She slumped down into her chair and stared blankly into the screen. She was suddenly happy. She knew this was her place and had been frightened because she hadn’t arrived on time, but now the spiral had made it all right.

Kathy looked in on her boss and couldn’t believe what she was wearing today. “Morning Christine.”

Christine looked up from her stupor and said, “Oh, hi, Kathy. What’s up?”

“Nothing much. Just letting you know that I’m here.”

“Thanks, Kathy. Let me know if John wants to schedule another meeting.” When she said his name a jolt went through her.

Kathy said, “Sure thing, boss.” And she walked out leaving Christine to the glow of the computer screen.

Christine watched the spiral spin round and round for the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon. Barry came in and locked the door behind him. He had told Kathy that he needed to be with Christine and undisturbed for a while. He walked over to her quietly and whispered in her ear, “Bimbo Mode.”

CLICK She looked up from the screen and saw Barry standing there expectantly. “Like, hi Barry,” she giggled.

He said, “Hi Chrissi. How are you doing?”

“Well, like, um, this Christine chick, um she keeps getting in Chrissi’s way. Like, Chrissi keeps trying to, ya’ know, score, but she keeps showing up.”

“That’s okay Chrissi. In another few days she’ll be gone and you won’t have to worry about a thing.”

“Thank you, Barry! You make Chrissi so happy. Is there anything Chrissi can do to make you happy?” She playfully lifted her tits for him and opened her mouth.

He said, “You know what to do, slut.” When he finished the sentence she moaned and opened his fly. Carefully she pulled out his cock and wrapped her tongue around it. Quickly she started pistoning her head up and down as he grabbed her hair and forced her mouth onto him. He moaned in ecstasy and continued pumping. She took one hand and grabbed at her tits while she used the other to trail her fingernails over his balls. He came hard and pumped his hot semen down her throat. A little of it spilled over her lips as he pulled away and she smiled vacantly while cleaning them with her tongue.

“Master, can Chrissi come? Please let Chrissi come for you.... Please...” she moaned wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Come now.” With those simple two words she felt fireworks exploding in her pussy and setting her entire body on fire. The force of it knocked her to the floor and she lay there panting as he stood to go. When he reached the door he said, “Normal Mode.” And he let it shut behind him.

Christine awoke panting for breath and covered in sweat on the floor of her office. “I must have fallen asleep. What a great dream!” She sat back up in her chair and looked deep into the spiral once more.

A long while later Kathy looked in and said, “I going home, Christine. Are you sure I can’t do anything for you?” The Bitch hadn’t asked for any typing to be done for almost a week and that was very unlike her.

“Huh? Oh, no Kathy. I’ve, like, been so busy on Mr. Mason’s special project that I haven’t had time for my normal work.” She stood and followed Kathy to the elevator. Again on the way down she gazed at Kathy’s breasts and stood closer to her. She caught the whiff of her perfume and it smelled like the breath of angels. They said their good-byes and Christine went to her car.


Chrissi walked into her house and began rummaging through the closet for something to wear. “These are, like, all old woman’s clothes! Chrissi can’t wear these!” Then in the back she found a dress that she had missed on her first time through. She lifted it up and thought it would look great on her.

A short while later, she examined herself in the mirror. On her feet the four-inch high pink platform heels were offset by white bobby socks. Her bare legs looked long up to the swell of her ass covered by a flowy pink skirt that was just barely long enough. If it flipped up it would reveal the pink thong bikini she wore over her newly shaved pussy. Her 36 GG tits pressed out against the flimsy pink fabric of her dress and looked as if they threatened to fall out of their own accord. She snapped the gum in her mouth as she looked at her long blond hair pulled into two ponytails with pink scrunchies holding them out to either side of her head. She tossed them with a giggle and said, “The boys are gonna totally love Chrissi!”

She flounced down the stairs and to her car not really sure of where she was going, but knowing that she wanted to get there soon. As she drove out of the city she passed a bar with several motorcycles parked out front. She wheeled the car around and pulled into the parking lot to a jolting stop. She giggled as her tits flopped around freely in her dress. “Oopsie!” she exclaimed and she got out of the car grabbing her little pink purse. She swayed her hips to and fro and sauntered into the bar.

The bar was loud and raucous as a heavy metal band calling themselves “The Screaming Monks” tore up the stage. The bikers roared their approval and none of them noticed that anyone had come in. The bartender looked her up and down and shouted over the noise, “Hey kid! Get your ass over here!”

Her body thrilled that she had been commanded and she hastily ran to comply. This of course set her fake tits to bouncing and the bartender got an eyeful on her way over. He said, “You’re not old enough to be in here!”

She said, “Like, for sure! Shut up, old man! Chrissi’s, like, 18. Leave Chrissi the fuck alone.”

“Eighteen! No fucking way. You’re 16 at the outside and I won’t have no cops busting up my bar. Besides, you can’t be here at 18 either! Now get out!”

“Please, Mister,” she cooed. “Can’t Chrissi stay for, like, a little while? Chrissi will be a good girl.” With that she pushed her finger into her mouth suggestively and swayed her one foot on its toe.

He looked at her and said, “Well... I don’t know... The cops have been pretty hard on bustin’ us for minors. Hey, you ain’t a cop are ya’?”

“No, sir! Chrissi is a, like, a totally good girl. Chrissi will... um... prove it!” She walked behind the bar and rubbed her chest up against him. Then she ran one hand up his leg to his cock and said, “Please Mister... Let Chrissi stay.”

“I don’t know.... Hey, how big are these tits anyway?”

“36GG, sir. They’re fake too!” she exclaimed happily.

“How did a girl your age afford implants?”

“Ummm, like.... Chrissi has got this totally nice uncle who got ‘em for me. He said that Chrissi’s titties were, like, much too small, so he got me these. Do you like them?” she ground them into his chest again.

“Yeah, I can really feel the implants when you do that, tho’.” He heard her moan when he said that and could have sworn that she had come.

Chrissi said, “Yes, sir. Chrissi’s uncle said Chrissi was, like, jailbait and needed to look the part. Can, um, Chrissi please come in, sir?” She gave his cock a squeeze and rubbed against him again.

“You... you sure you’re eighteen?”

“Yes sir!”

“Then you can stay for a little, uh, while, uh,” he said.

“Thank you, Sir!” She quickly opened his fly and finished jacking him off with her hand. When he came she bent down and licked it all up. “Can Chrissi get a beer, sir?”

“Yeah!” he exclaimed and grabbed one and opened it for her.

She sat up on the bar and took a long pull off of it. “Chrissi thanks you and, like, hopes the boys will like her!” By now she had developed quite a crowd and they cheered when she finished talking. The cheer brought the rest of the crowd over to the bar to see what the excitement was about. As the rest of the crowd came over she slammed the rest of the drink.

As she slammed it a guy in the crowd pushed another into her hand and she slammed that too. After it was gone she sucked on the longneck bottle seductively. As soon as that beer was gone another was pushed on her. It continued on and on until...

One guy yelled, “Are those tits real?”

She looked back and yelled, “No! Chrissi loves her fake tits. Unkie John gave ‘em to Chrissi! He said that Chrissi’s old tits were, like, too small and Chrissi needed new ones.”

“Show us your tits!” another yelled.

“Fer sure!” she yelled as she stood up on the bar in her platforms. She lowered the dress off her shoulders and bared herself to the waist. The crowd cheered again. “Chrissi loves her tits,” she yelled as she pushed them together and leaned forward for the crowd of bikers.

Another guy yelled, “Take it off! Take it off!” And before she could blink the whole crowd was chanting for her to take it off. The rush of all those people commanding her ran straight to her head and she couldn’t wait to comply. She tore the dress in her haste and ripped off the thong. In an instant she stood before them in only her pink platforms and the white bobby socks.

A guy climbed up on the stage to the roar of approval from the crowd and forced her to her knees. “Now you’re gonna suck me off, slut.”

“Yes sir,” she smiled as she set her mouth to work. While she did so the frenzied crowd grabbed at her tits ass and pussy and she felt like a thousand hands were probing and pulling on her at once. She moaned and instantly sent him over the edge. While she swallowed him she felt someone behind her roughly forcing his way into her pussy. She gasped and backed into him to take it all in. Now a new man was grabbing her hair and forcing her mouth onto his cock. He started fucking her face and she moaned. Her body bucked as she was being fucked from the front and behind. The man behind her shot his load and she felt it sucked deep into her filling her up. Then, just as soon as he was done, another cock ripped its way into her ass. It felt like fire as it opened her up, but somehow it felt so good too.

When the man in her mouth came he said, “God, you’re such a slut.”

She came hard as he called her a slut and she replied, “Thank you, Sir.” Before the cock was completely out of her mouth another cock had rushed in to fill it. She felt an irresistible desire to suck his cum down and the cum of everyone else in the bar. She desperately needed it and couldn’t stop herself. A tiny part of her mind quailed at the urges, but could do nothing to stop Chrissi. She couldn’t hear the betting in the crowd on how many men she could take, but if she had it only would have pushed her harder.